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Re: [RP] Harroway Village (In the Night Lands)
August 13, 2013 06:53AM
Mountain Temple

Selene let out a shriek as Joffrey scooped her up, her legs kicking wildly as she flailed in his arms “Joffrey stop it! Put me down, this isn’t funny!” As she was placed down, she gave him another shove and glared at him “You are not taking this serious. I will eat you…” Her eyes still glowed red as her inner demon/bridezilla began to shine through. Looking up at Olaf, she raised a finger again “If you forget my name again, I will castrate you and keep your testicles as a wedding present.” Clearing her throat, she smoothed her hair down and looked around. Picking up a flower, she placed it in her hair and spun around to give her fiance a sickly sweet smile. Leaning close, she whispered wickedly in his ear “I will have to give you one of your own famous spankings later…” Pulling back, she looked into his eyes and as the priest began to trip over the vows, she could feel her love for the crazy prince warming her body. Her eyes faded back to green as she smiled softly. He may not have been taking it as seriously as she imagined, but she enjoyed how carefree and wild he was. Just part of the dark prince package deal. Placing her hands in his, she continued to look up at him adoringly and murmured “I do…”

Re: [RP] Harroway Village (In the Night Lands)
August 13, 2013 07:10AM
Mountain Temple

Selene was a changed woman. The demon spawn within her had given her a new lease on life; an evil one. And Joffrey, was madly, hopelessly….and deeply in love. It was one thing to love an Angel, but when that same angel, threatens to spank you, well, he oddly felt that he was getting aroused, and…it was showing. All the shoving and the angered words, was not only making Olaf the Giant teary, for his own lady Giant used to do exactly the same thing, before she fell off a beanstalk.

“If you forget my name again, I will castrate you and keep your testicles as a wedding present.”

“Oh, no…never Little Princess. I like my meat and two vege where they be hanging, and not in your parlor.”

Joffrey made a cooing sound and tilted his head over to rest just atop of Selene’s, as the Giant continued with the ceremony, not before giving his crotch a good pat, just in case she ever carried out her threat, and he wanted to remember what they felt like.

“Right right…ahem…Do you…Salene Casterly, take thee Joffrey Brax, to be your lawful wedded husband, in sickness and in health, to love…and all that other mucky stuff…till death you do part?”

“I do..” Selene said, placing her hands in Joffrey’s, and he squeezed them tight, unable to look away from her. She radiated fire, passion, and such love.

“Marvelous. Right…Prince Joffrey Brax, do you take the Little Princess Selene Casterly, to be your lawfully wedded wife..”

“I do..”

“I haven’t finished the words…in the book..”

“I do anyways…I do..I do…I DO!”

“Psh..fine. By the power vested in me, and under the Temple of Ock, and the magic words of Beackencrack. I hereby pronounce you…Husband, and wifey. You may …”

But before Olaf could even finish his sentence, Joffrey, had bent his head forward, and pressed his lips to his beautiful bride, Selene. He had at last found the joy of love in his bundle of angelic goodness, with the tiny core of evil, that was soon to be their first born. Cupping her face in his hands, the kiss would be one for the record books. It just went on and on…and on.


Olaf wiped a tear away, and sniffed loudly.

“I always cry at weddings…”


Re: [RP] Harroway Village (In the Night Lands)
August 13, 2013 09:22AM
Mountain Temple

Selene began to giggle against Joffrey’s lips as he kissed her for so long. Shoving him away playfully, she laughed “Save it for the honeymoon…” Her eyes were lit up with love and happiness at his eagerness to finally be her husband. Turning to the giant, she waved at him daintily and with an approving nod “That was excellent, dear. You are just a big teddy bear, aren’t you?”
Turning back to her now husband, Selene pulled him in for another kiss. Wrapping her arms around his neck, she jumped up off the ground and deepened the kiss. She was so excited to finally be his, and she felt nothing could tear them apart. After groping him naughtily while giving him a very passionate kiss, she pulled herself away to look down at him “I think I owe you a pleasurable experience, love.” Her eyes flashed wickedly as she smiled impishly. This demon within her was driving her inner most pleasures to the surface, and she was having a very hard time behaving.

She began to ignore the giant’s existence as she murmured into his ear “I love you, Prince Joffrey Brax. I will love you til the end of time.” Snuggling into his neck, she couldn’t think of what could be more perfect than this moment. They were finally husband and wife, and she wanted nothing more than to ravage him.

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Re: [RP] Harroway Village (In the Night Lands)
August 13, 2013 09:14PM
Mountain Temple

The Giant Olaf knew that the couple deserved some privacy, after watching them with a tilted head, as they practically made out at the alter. He looked at the ceiling, then he started to read the book and found that he was now a third wheel and really should make himself scarce.

“I think I hear my magic harp calling me. You two feel free to use the small guest room to the right. The maid cleaned it after the last horde came up to celebrate their rugby win. Heh. That place was hard to get the stains of, from what Bertha said.” He knew they wouldn’t be really listening, and he shrugged and thundered off to go enjoy the lyrical sounds of his harp.

Now alone, Joffrey broke the kiss and could not wipe the smile off his face. They were married. Maybe not the big fancy wedding that Selene may have hoped for, but it was certainly a lot less stressful. He had overheard the Giant speak of the “small” guest room, and knowing his version of small, it would probably be huge by their standards. Picking up his love, as she professed her love for him, he said softly as he carried her through. “And I forever more love you, my beautiful Wife. I did say the wedding night would be one to remember.” And he was sure to make that a reality.

Entering the plush quarters, that was like something out of an exotic Shiek’s chambers, with scattered cushions, incense, candles, and in the center a massive bed, that was covered in rose petals and littered with pillows, he sat his new wife, down on the foot of the bed, and slowly started to take off his shirt. Button by button, making her watch, as he started to do a small strip tease for her benefit. If the first time they made love was anything to go by…this was going to be long and drawn out for maximum pleasure. He slowly slipped off his shirt, and revealed his bare chest. He reached for her hands, and placed them upon his abs, letting her explore him, for she saw the hunger in her eyes, and he was going to be her meal.