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Re: [RP] Rivet Condos
August 10, 2013 10:24PM
112-Amelia Reed

The movie had long since finished, and Amelia had fallen asleep on her vintage love chair, with the candles in her room having long burnt out. Waking up suddenly to see the credits rolling, and the lights out, Amelia woke with a start, and then realized just where she was. Course, it was her new apartment. The smell of all the new cardboard boxes and the rug freshener, set off her sinuses and she started to sneeze, before sitting up and rubbing her eyes. With feet planted on the floor, spread apart, and her knees together, she could only see the light that was coming from inside Rattle’s snake tank. It was getting late, and she hadn’t thought to ordering something from a local take out, nor did she even know where to start finding the boxes that were for the kitchen. Her stomach grumbled softly and she brought her arms around it, leaning forward and sighing.


“I’m hungry..” she thought to herself, mocking a pout. Just then, she could hear something just outside her door. Rising slowly, she tried to creep through the maze of boxes, and go to see just what was making the din. She couldn’t see anything through the key hole, and being brave, she picked up a bat, and then opened the door, armed and ready to swing. Course, it was just someone’s black cat, that had knocked over a bin. She wasn’t fussed with cats, preferring to keep snakes instead, but everyone has their own unique tastes in familiars. Sighing, she was about to go back inside and order some chinese.


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August 10, 2013 10:28PM
251 – Jennifer Wiles

“I think you’re right,” Jennifer said with a laugh as she finished off the cookie dough bite. She was proud of herself that they were so good and looked quite pretty as well. Before they ate all of them, she set out a few for later before wrapping the rest in plastic wrap after setting them on a plate. After looking around at the kitchen she made a face. “The mess can wait,” she decided, not feeling like cleaning right now. However, she decided to put away her laptop, since she no longer needed the recipe up. It seemed to be sitting there taunting her about the pictures of Galtem as long as it stayed open. Stupid, ridiculous, attention-seeking Galtem. She reminded herself it didn’t matter anymore and tried to let all her negative thoughts towards him leave her as she shut the laptop. She turned to William and smiled at him. “Ready to meet my new neighbor?” she asked, picking up the plate and looking at him excitedly.

112 – Ameila Reed

When they got to the house Jennifer couldn’t help but here the movie that was going on inside. She smiled to herself and rang the doorbell. She wasn’t really nervous since if she were weird or mean she simply wouldn’t try to see her again and it wouldn’t be a big deal, but she would be disappointed if that happened. Because Jennifer wasn’t in desperate need of another friend right now, but it would be nice. She was also glad that William was with her, but she didn’t want to overwhelm the girl either and look like the crazy welcome committee. Thinking about this, she turned to William. “Is this too much?” she asked a little concerned. “Would you be freaked out if you had just moved in and people came to welcome you with food? It’s what people do in the movies, but I just realized I don’t know if anyone actually does it in real life…” she trailed off because it was too late anyway. She’d already rung the doorbell, so she simply shrugged and smiled anyway. If it was weird and cheesy then it would be fun to laugh about later.


Re: [RP] Rivet Condos
August 10, 2013 10:47PM
112 – Ameila Reed

She was just about to put the bat down, and go help herself to another glass of wine, when this time there was a knock at the door. Now the last thing outside was a cat, disturbing the garbage cans, but this time whatever was out there, was human. (Possibly) Creeping up to the door, bat in hand, she yanked it open, armed and dangerous, only to see a lovely looking couple standing on her doorstep, one of which had long blonde hair, the male with her was roguishly handsome. She instantly hid the bat behind her, scared of what these people would think. She certainly wasn’t expecting company, not at this hour.


“I am so sorry, I keep hearing things outside and am new to the neighborhood.”

Amelia offered a wide smile, which only increased when she saw that the girl had brought food with her, perhaps a welcome plate to the complex. Well, if that isn’t the most neighborly thing to do to a new tenant. Amelia set the bat down and then opened the door in full and stepped back saying;

“Won’t you come in, just try to ignore the boxes and packing styrofoam. I only just moved in this afternoon. I’m Amelia by the way…Amelia Reed.” She hoped that they might come in, and she would get to know who they were, and if they were indeed neighbors.


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August 11, 2013 06:28AM
112 – Ameila Reed

William left Jennifer’s apartment with her. He placed his palm on her back, while walking besides her. They soon reached the door from the new neighbor, and William was already preparing a nice welcome smile, but then Jennifer began to ask him if this was even a good idea, if this wouldn’t scare anybody, that she only saw this in the movies, and now she began to wonder if people do it in real as well. William chuckled, and tilted his head to the side.
“Now its already too late to think about it.”
It was already too late, because Jennifer had already rung the bell, now they just needed to wait for somebody come out from the door.
The moment the woman open the door, William’s smile quickly disappeared, because she was holding a bat and aimed dangerously at them. He stared confused at the woman, wondering what the hell was she doing, he didn’t wanted to harm her since she was new, but he would if she tried to do something with that bat. But she didn’t, she just got scared and since she’s new she didn’t knew what to wait at this hour. She explained her reasons, but William still remained with an expression that thought “What is wrong with her” He was just surprised she was different. He never thought the new neighbor could be like this, and he noticed by her scent she was a witch. Well, he didn’t hated anybody but vampires.
“Oh sure. I’m William Dunn, and she’s Jennifer Wiles. She’s your neighbor, not me.”
William said with a small chuckle, allowing his expression to change into some more comfortable and nice. He would only step inside whenever Jennifer got in as well.

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August 11, 2013 08:16AM
112-Amelia Reed

“I’m so sorry…the bat and all. Heh, the last neighborhood I lived at, they would steal anything that wasn’t bolted down, and I kinda got used to having a bat near the door.” Amelia said quickly, seeing the look of “what that f*ck?” on William’s face. Not exactly the best way to greet new neighbors, with that kind of reception. She made sure the bat was put well out of sight, as Jennifer and William entered. What met them was a Gothic inspired lounge room, and out the back there was the kitchen and dining room. Boxes were still piled high in the foyer, but at least you could move with a certain amount of freedom in the lounge and there was a three seater couch, with the coffee table closer to her vintage love seat. The theme of the room; Black. It was back and with a vengeance.


Amelia saw the plate of goodies that Jennifer had brought over and squealed. “Oh my goodness, chocolate covered cookie dough balls?!” It was the kind of excited expression you would see on the face of a girl at the fair, though she was a bit old to be called a girl. “So sweet of you to make them. Please, have a seat.” Amelia gestured for them to find a comfy spot, while Amelia cleared her lap top off the coffee table for more room. She picked up a desert treat and went to take a bite, a look of ecstasy coming over her face. “Delish!…so so good.” She swallows the bite, and then asks William; “So you don’t live with Jennifier? But you two are like dating? Sorry for all the questions, its one of my wicked traits. Probably why I got into the line of work I do. I am a forensic scientist at the local Police department, or better known as a lab rat.” She nodded away to herself, and then bit her bottom lip and asked more questions. “Does this complex have like a thing against pets. I have a pet snake, he is in the tank over behind me, and I swear, I only ever let him out to watch Jeopardy, but I would hate to lose this apartment, if the body corporate had a thing about pets that I didn’t know about.” She may have appeared to be babbling abit, but she only had Rattles for company, and not many friends, for reasons that would become clearer later on.

“So…tell me about yourselves. I kinda spilled the beans on me. Do you both work in town?” she asked.


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August 11, 2013 11:09AM
112 – Amelia Reed

Jennifer laughed a little when William voiced that it was too late to think about turning back now. The girl answered the door and Jennifer’s eyebrows rose. She could tell William sort of tensed up beside her, but he seemed fine especially since the woman quickly put it behind her back. It certainly took her by surprise, but this merely made Jennifer laugh a little for some reason. Being greeted by a woman dressed in dark clothing with a bat in her hand could be considered humorous. When she apologized she just smiled and said “Oh it’s no problem. I understand wanting to protect yourself.”
She nodded and led the way into her house as she introduced herself. Interesting would be a good word to describe the inside of her house. It was like going from a commercial happy neighborhood into some kind of lair. Amelia certainly looked like someone who would live here, but she did not seem to act like it. She was so cheerful and friendly while the room was anything but that. Jennifer exchanged an amused look with William and he introduced them. She nodded politely as she explained that the last neighborhood she lived in hadn’t exactly been a good one, but continued looking around the room. Amelia would definitely be an interesting neighbor that was for sure, but she was still pleased because she seemed to be incredibly nice.
Handing the plate to Amelia when she noticed what it was, she didn’t bother hiding how pleased she was that she was excited with what she had brought her. “We just made them. Thought we’d welcome you into the neighborhood. Didn’t know if anyone else would, but I assure you it’s a nice one,” she said, laughing as Amelia took a bite and enjoyed them.
She shook her head when she asked if William lived with her, but said “Yes, we are like dating,” with a smile. She always hated saying “my boyfriend” because it sounded so possessive to her. But dating was a good description of it.
“Wow that’s really cool!” she said, genuinely, when she spoke of her job. It was cool to have such an interesting neighbor. She must have been really smart. “Your snake should be fine. I’ve never heard of anyone having a problem with pets around here. Just as long as you don’t let him loose in the neighborhood or anything, but that’s kind of a given.” Jennifer laughed again and nodded when she asked if they worked in town. “William and I are both doctors at the hospital.” She wondered if she should mention that they were also werewolves in the local wolf pack, but figured with Amelia being a witch she might figure it out on her own.

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August 11, 2013 12:53PM
112 – Amelia Reed

William noticed the way the house looked like, so dark and seemed unfriendly, but the woman was the opposite of it, she looked extremely friendly and a polite person. Well, witches was always weird people, wasn’t they? At least the all witches he got to know they were kind of weird, but most of them were evil if not they had something wrong with them, but Amelia was different she was a cheerful person, this was actually going to be a good friend for Jennifer, somebody like this is what Jennifer needs.
Now that they was inside, William remained quiet but always with a friendly expression on, he would let Jennifer talk, even tho Amelia was the one who spoke a lot, it actually made him chuckle lightly, he never thought Jennifer’s neighbor was actually going to be somebody like this, and if it was a guy, William certainly would make this meeting very short, but since its a woman, he will let it last.
When Jennifer said they was like dating, William just smiled and nodded his head, he knew Jennifer never liked to sound possessive so he didn’t took her words wrong. He didn’t liked to sound possessive either, and he would give her space whenever she wanted to, but if some guy was getting to flirty with her, of course, William would step in, he wasn’t that good boy when somebody was flirting with his girlfriend.
Now William heard Amelia talking about her snake, he stared at her with a curious expression, before look at Jennifer and back at Amelia.
“You have a snake? Badass.”
He said with a small laugh. He never thought somebody would actually have a snake as a pet, especially a woman. But if she wanted protecting around her house, using a bat as a first impression and then have a snake as her pet, was actually a good protecting to those who feared snakes. Then the conversation went back to what they were, Amelia worked at Police department, and was somewhat a lab rat. Interesting job, and that would also explain why this woman didn’t had so much fears, she certainly was forced to see extremely disgusting things from crimes, no?

Re: [RP] Rivet Condos
August 11, 2013 05:09PM
112 – Amelia Reed

When William expressed interest in Amelia’s snake, Rattles, by saying “You have a snake? Badass.” Amelia jumped up and skipped over to the tank, taking back the lid and then reaching in, to bring out the snake thinking that if he liked snakes, he would surely love to pat it. “Hold on, you can stroke my snake if you like.” She chirped, pulling him out, a metre at a time, then wandering over to drape the snake around William’s shoulders. Amelia was an expert snake handler, and the snake seemed to be content enough to start winding itself around William’s neck and shoulders, when suddenly Amelia’s cell phone started to beep. “Just a sec, let me take this call.” She turned to go find her cell phone in among the cushions of her love couch, finally digging it out and flipping it open. It was a text message, and then Amelia slid her finger across the screen to open it. What she read, made her stop in her tracks. It was from her ex-boyfriend, Lysander. Needless to say, she had no idea he even lived in the same apartment complex.

From: Lysander

Message: I’m sending this message, to let you know that sadly my wife, River died giving the birth of our second son, she lost too much blood and she couldn’t make it. Her funeral will be today at 1pm, I hope those who care show up at her funeral, and show her some last respect, and the last goodbye.


For a moment, you could see the blood running from Amelia’s face, as her chin started to wobble and her brow creased. Her grip on her cellphone became week and it dropped from her hand, falling onto the rug.

“River’s dead..” She whispered, her eyes brimming with tears.


Re: [RP] Rivet Condos
August 11, 2013 05:24PM
112 – Amelia Reed

Jennifer laughed at William’s reaction to her having a snake. A snake was certainly an interesting pet to have. When she brought it for him to hold she watched it move. They were very cool creatures and fun to watch move. Her phone buzzed at the same time that Amelia’s did, which she found odd since she didn’t see how they would have any mutual friends. Jennifer didn’t know this girl at all. But she supposed if she was a witch then she may know the other supernaturals in town. They hadn’t talked about why Amelia moved here or who she knew yet. So Jennifer held up a finger to William as if to tell him to wait a second and pulled out her phone. It was from Lysander. Was it something about the pack? She and Lysander hadn’t spoken much other than small talk and when they had to interact because they were in the same pack together, but she’d always liked Lysander. He was a good guy. She felt they had bonded a little without words when River and Galtem hooked up because only he knew the same pain that she had. But the difference was, Lysander got the girl anyway and they seemed to live happily ever after. Or at least that’s what she had thought. She read the text message just before Amelia said it out loud. She was glad that Amelia had said it so she didn’t have to. Jennifer was speechless. She didn’t know what to think. Of course she never liked River. But that didn’t mean she wanted her dead. “Poor Lysander…” she whispered. Her eyes were dry, but her expression was mixed with sadness and worry. She looked to William. “Will, I want to go to the funeral,” she decided. It didn’t matter if River and she had had their differences. She wanted to pay her respects. “But I don’t want to go alone.” Galtem would be there of course. Maybe he would bring Selene for moral support. She couldn’t do that by herself. She couldn’t do that without Will.


Re: [RP] Rivet Condos
August 11, 2013 06:09PM
112-Amelia Reed


William tilted his head to the side, and began to chuckle when Amelia told him he could see her snake. Oh wow, he was really going to pet one? He never feared snakes, so he always wanted to know the feeling of touching one, and how it is on having them around you. Soon Amelia showed up with the snake, and placed it around Williams shoulders. One hand would be holding the end of the snake, and the other, its neck, staring at the snake’s head. The snake was actually something weird to touch, it was actually a nice feeling, but at the same time weird. He was having fun, hell, he even started to make the snake making out with Jennifer. Well, “making out”. He was just poking the snake’s mouth against Jennifer’s cheek.
“Its adorable, look at it. It loves you.”
William said with a smile, till Jennifer told him to wait a little since she got a message at the same time as Amelia? Well weird, but William was more distracted with the snake. He soon made the snake turn its head and stare at him. The snake stretched out its head, getting closer to William, and all he felt was its tongue touching his cheek. Other weird feeling.
“Oh god, it licked me. I think you have competition Jennifer.”
William said with a playful tone, as the conversation sadly had to become serious, Amelia mumbled that River was dead, and right now William was trying to remember who was River, the only thing he knew about her is that she was the girl who Galtem tried to hook up with, basically his brother’s fiance, well that sucks. His head turned at Jennifer, and she was asking him she wanted to go to the funeral but not alone, certainly Galtem would be there, and William himself didn’t wanted leave Jennifer alone while Galtem was alone.
“Sure, I can go with you.”

626-Lysander Manzenli


Lysander remained quiet staring down at his son, while rocking the chair, so the baby could remain calm. His eyes stared down at the coffee Melinda had gave it to him. Now he knew he was going to change lots of things in his life, especially his daily routine, now it would only be work, home, home, work. He would have no time for friends, and he certainly would need to stop drinking alcohol, he has kids to take care about now. Those kids was going to drive him insane, because when one sleeps, the other one is crying, and he will never have some decent peace at the end, he knows Melinda will help him, but he doesn’t want her to think he can’t do anything alone, nor he wants to bother her forever.
“I’m going to warn the others about the funeral, I know its not through texting. But I’m not able to go see them all and tell him in person.”
Lysander said those words to Melinda, as he grabbed the phone and began to text. Texting this only made her death more real, and it actually forced him to start crying again, but quietly, and the tears was less. He needed to put himself together, and he had the perfect idea for it. He took one of those anti-depressing pills. It would be enough for him to feel kind of numb, but he woulds till be aware of what was going around him, it just would stop the all crying and make him feel so depressed. After sending the text, he pushed himself up from the couch, and went upstairs, taking Eric on his arms as well, he needed to get himself ready for the funeral, and the kids as well, even tho he didn’t felt like waking up Halle.

(Ignore the male’s face)

Melinda still keep on playing origami, since it would be enough to make her distracted for awhile, she wasn’t in need for pills, the alcohol would be enough, and she was taking it so she could feel slightly numb. She soon pushed herself up from the couch, and began to walk around the living room, having her arms folded in front of her chest, as her eyes looked around. She was trying to keep her mind busy, so it wouldn’t start thinking about her daughter, but whenever she noticed that Lysander began to cry, she allowed some tears to slid down as well. It was so quiet, yet inside there could be a voice screaming in pain, inside the both of them.
Melinda’s eyes laid on the window, as she noticed that they was having some new neighbor, but it wasn’t a simple one, she felt a strong scent of magic in the air, and it was so familiar, she was trying remember where she had already felt like this, this magic was way too familiar, and she finally remembered it! It was younger sister, Amelia. She was their new neighbor? Lysander probably sent now her a message about River, so she certainly got the message right now. Melinda was curious and she wanted to face her sister after all those years, they haven’t seen each other in awhile, and of course she missed her, but she hoped her habit on having snakes were gone, Melinda always feared those things. Lysander went upstairs, so Melinda took that chance to meet up with Amelia.

112-Amelia Reed

She left Lysander’s apartment, and hugged herself since it was kind of cold. Walking up to Amelia’s door, she just began to knock on it. She hoped it was really her sister, because then this would be a very awkward meeting, since she had no clue on what she would say if it wasn’t really Amelia, and it was just some random person.