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Re: [RP] Harroway Village (In the Night Lands)
August 12, 2013 08:09AM
Mountain road – Night Lands

The coach driver knew the rocky road that would take the couple far from Harroway Village and out of the reach of Selene’s parents. Joffrey looked back as the lights of the township started to fade into the distance, and he then sat back in the comfortable plush velvet seating, drawing the curtain closed, so it gave Selene and himself more privacy. With his Selene nestled close to his chest, and she was actually letting out a contented sigh, Joffrey himself started to relax at last. He knew this was a bold and outrageous move to be making, but in his eyes, he was just saving his parents the trouble, and once the union was sealed by the giant, there was little to nothing anyone could do. Joffrey reached for a fur that was laid on the opposite seat and draped it across them both, gently kissing the top of Selene’s head.

“I have so much making up to do, for everything I have put you through.” He said, loud enough for her to hear, as his hand rest upon her stomach. “Your parents may hate me all the more, but I care not for what others think now, only you.” Joffrey drew her closer to him, and kept her warm beneath the fur, as the coach trundled along the rocky road to Olaf’s temple at the top of the mountain.



Re: [RP] Harroway Village (In the Night Lands)
August 12, 2013 09:41AM
Mountain Road

Selene smiled softly and closed her eyes, reaching one hand down to clasp Joffrey’s. She knew they could spend hours begging forgiveness from one another, but that’s not what she wanted. Reaching down to caress her stomach, she murmured sleepily“You have nothing to make up for…I should never have doubted you, my love.” She fell silent as she recalled how angry he was and how he revealed his demon to her. The very thought got the baby within to go insane. Wincing in pain, she frowned slightly “Ornery little thing…” Turning her chin up, she smiled gently and began to nibble along Joffrey’s jaw affectionately. She did not want her love to worry about how he had treated her before. It was in the past and she knew she had forgiven him the moment he took her in his arms back at the inn. All she wanted was to be his alone. Sitting still once more so she did not provoke him sexually while he was trying to be a dutiful husband, she thought about her parents. Sure, they would be upset but at least they were married, right? Joffrey was the father of her child, they were in love, and they were engaged as it were. Now everything could work out. Squeezing her dark prince’s hand gently, she whispered “Father will forgive you. He wants what is best for me, and that is you.” With that, she fell silent once more and cuddled against Joffrey under the fur.

Re: [RP] Harroway Village (In the Night Lands)
August 12, 2013 02:03PM
Harroway Village Inn – Metia’s room

Metia remained quiet on the bed, she didn’t moved an inch, not even when Henry was out of the bed and already dressing himself. It was on that moment she knew she screwed it up. He was now looking at her in a different way, and for some odd reason that made her heart ache. Was he lying when she said she was the most beautiful woman? That he couldn’t adore or love any other woman but her? Was he just using her? She thought she would always have his love, and now she began to wonder why was she even caring about this. Why was she even caring that he loved her or not? Probably because he was the only person out there that could make sure she wouldn’t destroy herself by thinking she was ugly. It was actually thanks of him, that she always had this big confidence of herself at times. If Henry liked her and her body, she thought she could make any man fall in love with her, and that she would never look ugly. But now the tables turned, and Henry was upset.
When he said “Arrange for Selene to be taken home when you wake. After that…I may call for you.” a tear quickly fell down from her eye. And all she could hear next was the door closing, which meant he left the room. She pressed her palm against her face, covering her eyes. Why was she even crying for an angel? But she did had to fix this. She had to find a soul to take, and quickly. Then she had to talk out with her husband, and apologize him for her behavior, that she was just extremely tired and stressed due Selene’s situation. But little did she know her daughter right now was running away with Joffrey. But it was clever from Joffrey doing that, because Metia was certain she didn’t wanted Selene to have that baby. She allowed herself to fall asleep thanks to the crying and how tired she was.

She was probably sleeping for a hour or something, and whenever she woke up, she picked up the same old brown dress, and her fur. She dressed herself with those clothing, even tho there was a servant saying he had already her Queen dress, but she didn’t wanted such thing, for now. She went to Selene’s room, and began to knock the door. Nobody answered her, which made her open the door, and for her shock, her daughter wasn’t there. She just began to panic around, and yelling at the people inside the inn, wanting them to tell where her daughter was, but nobody knew. This was only making Metia’s dark heart to ache even more. First it was her husband leaving her, now her daughter? But maybe she went with him? Even tho he told her to bring Selene home after her waking up.
Metia was worried like hell, but the thought on going after a soul right now was invading her mind again. She quickly left the Inn, even tho some servants tried go after her, but she ordered them to leave her alone, and she would just use some horse that was there. She just ride the horse around the village, and after few minutes, she found a beautiful woman in an alley, of course she took that chance to kill the woman right there.
Jumping off from the horse, Metia walked closer to the woman, and with her strength, she was able to grab the woman’s neck tightly, and slowly lift her up from the ground, her feet wasn’t touching the ground anymore. Opening her mouth, we could see like some white cloud coming from the woman’s mouth and going into Metia’s mouth, that was basically the girls soul. It only took her seconds for do this, and she dropped the dead body on the ground. This was just enough for change her skin color, and not look so ill, of course she was still skinny. But she would get better, if she took another soul, however, that could wait for now, since the only change that was needed to be made in her body was her weight.
Jumping back on the horse, she just made her way back to her kingdom, so she could meet up with her husband again, and make sure if her daughter was with him or not.

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Re: [RP] Harroway Village (In the Night Lands)
August 12, 2013 06:06PM
Mountain Temple


The Carriage finally came to a stop, with the driver pulling up hard on the reigns, and the horses snorting and braying, for they were fearful of what they could hear up ahead. Joffrey was awoken as the carriage shunted, and then stopped moving, and he pushed open the curtain, seeing the blazing torches of the Mountain temple entrance. They had arrived, and by the lit torches, it meant that Olaf was in residence. This was indeed a good sign. Feared by many of the people of Night Lands, Joffrey had managed to strike up an unusual friendship some years ago with the Giant. Since that time, Joffrey had often come to pay tributes to Olaf, and listen to the many tales, of those that had ruled the lands, before the dawn of the ages. Joffrey gently shook Selene, and smiled at her, his eyes showing a bright glistening of red, as he opened the carriage door.

“We’re here.”

Stepping out of the carriage, he offers Selene his hand, as from deep within the temple, there was the low roar of the Giant himself.


“Ahahahaha. witty as always Olaf. Tis I, Joffrey of the House of Brax. I have with me my future wife, and I wish you to do the honors to wed us.”


The Giant emerged from the Temple, simply enormous, and his appearance would scare away the bravest of Knights, but to Joffrey, he was simply adorable. The Giant looked down at Selene, and then sneered;

“Mind if I have a prod at her…I promise to be gentle.” he said, licking his lips. Joffrey chuckled and then wrapped his arm around Selene tightly and wiggled his finger at the oversized Giant. “No, I already did that and she is with child.” Joffrey was now as proud as punch about the fact he was able to prove his manhood, even if he didn’t get to…you know.

“Spoil my fun, wee Prince Joff. Hmmph. Well…alright, bring her in, and I do the ceremony. THEN I PROD AT HER!”


Joffrey laughed and then sighed as he led Selene inside the temple.

“He’s such a kidder.”


Re: [RP] Harroway Village (In the Night Lands)
August 12, 2013 06:31PM
Mountain Temple

Selene woke up gently as she was prodded, giving Joffrey a sleepy smile. “We’re there already…?” His red eyes were a bit foreboding, but she stepped out of the carriage calmly. “Where are we…?” Looking around, she then jumped as she heard a loud voice. Looking at Joffrey frantically, she stepped closer and grabbed his arm. As Olaf made his appearance, Selene could only stare at his massive form. She hid her face into Joffrey’s arm until she heard Olaf speak. Stepping away from Joffrey towards Olaf, she frowned and pointed a finger at him “I will prod you right between the legs!” Her stomach began to hurt and she winced, her eyes flashing a bright red. Glaring daggers at the giant, she put a hand on her belly and tried to calm down. Rounding of Joffrey suddenly, she shoved him “Oh that’s real nice! What a romantic way of putting it!” Spinning around on her heels, she stormed off towards the temple. Keeping her distance from Joffrey, she shot him another look “Where are your pretty words now…” The demon seed was clearly having his own fun within his mummy.

Re: [RP] Harroway Village (In the Night Lands)
August 12, 2013 07:11PM
Mountain Temple

Joffrey was positively giddy to see his wife with the daring red of her eyes, and how she shoved him in a manner that was aggressive. Yes, the baby was up and about, making Mummy into a very hot little angel. She positively emitted rage, as she stomped off into the temple, and in his delight, he skipped in off after her.

“Plenty of pretty words shall be showered upon you, along with my kisses, my Love.” He sang out as Olaf laughed at the pairs antics. “Oh these two are definitely in love.” he boomed, thundering in after them and as he passed the temple entrance, he took down a special glowing scarf and draped it around his neck. Catching up with Selene, Joffrey picked her up from behind and carried her the rest of the way to the alter, as Olaf thundered past and reached for the book of chants and ceremonies.

He flipped it open and then took out a dainty pair of spectacles that he just managed to place on the edge of his bulbous nose.

“Ahem…-cough cough- When you are ready.”

Joffrey placed his wife down and then the pair would stand before the Giant, who went into priest mode.


“Dearly beloved…blah blah blah…we are gathered here today in this thy temple of Ock, to witness the marriage of …Joffrey to his beloved…err…what is her name again?”

“Selene Casterly.” Joffrey whispered.

“Right right…ahem…Do you…Salene Casterly, take thee Joffrey Brax, to be your lawful wedded husband, in sickness and in health, to love…and all that other mucky stuff…till death you do part?”