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Re: [RP] Harroway Village (In the Night Lands)
August 11, 2013 02:42AM
Harroway Village Inn – Metia’s room


That moment, that the Queen agreed that it would be a lovely idea to try for another baby, was the most joyous thing he had heard. She agreed, and then sealed this with a long kiss, that had him close his eyes and savor. Oh how he had missed her so. Seeing her, with the fur wrapped around her, and beneath he knew she wore the simple brown dress, it just wouldn’t do. He caressed her face gently, then stepped out sided to speak to the nearest servant in the Inn, to arrange for the Queen to have brought to the inn an array of dresses from the local seamstress, that she could choose from to where when she had awakened. The servant bobbed, and went to relay this to the inn keeper, so that the order could be done.

Stepping back in, the King then started to approach the Queen, and reached for her fur, that she had swathed herself in, his eyes refusing to leave hers, as he whispered softly;

“Tonight, my love while our daughter gets her rest, I am going to lay with you. Not to force myself upon you, for I know you have been through so much, my darling. I am going to hold you all though this night, caress, and simply keep you in my arms till the dawn pierces the window with its light. You are the Queen, and I am your King, and you should be treated as one, loved like no other, adored and cherished.”

All of his words were heartfelt, and he radiated pure love. His aura almost blinding, his goodness infectious, enough to snuff out the very dark in the room. As the fur would fall, he would start to remove the brown dress, blinded to her sickly skin and gaunt body. For the beauty he saw was within. Had her own heart that had been broken long ago, ever be healed, even by the love of one that held her on a pedestal and loved her with every ounce of his being?

If she allowed it, he would pick her up gently, and carry her to the bed, so that he may glide in beside her, once he had disrobed, then hold her in a spoon like embrace, keeping her warm through his own skin temperature.

“My love…I am yours always.”


Re: [RP] Harroway Village (In the Night Lands)
August 11, 2013 06:19AM
Harroway Village Inn – Metia’s room

Metia knew this was the most joyous thing he had heard for awhile. She never thought he would want another child, they already had two. Well, the good thing about being immortal or have more life than humans was that your body wouldn’t grow so old that quickly, so of course, Metia was able to still have another child. But god, it would be another struggle. Without being pregnant, she always kills one woman in three months, each three months she takes a soul, when she was pregnant of Selene & Derek, she had to take a soul every single month, or she would get more weak, and would be able to lose the baby.
The King left the room for a second, probably to speak with some servant, Metia just remained there thinking to herself. She had to search for a soul more quickly than she thought it would take. Maybe she could do that whenever they arrived their kingdom, because in here she isn’t able to do a thing without having her husband’s eyes on her, and if it isn’t her husband, its her daughter, or the other people around, that knows she’s in this inn, and she can’t disappear all off sudden without saying a thing.
Those thoughts had to leave Metia’s mind for now, because her husband was back in the room, and she simple stared up at him.
She looked so innocent, but deep inside she was just tired and worried. That’s why she wasn’t showing off too much expressions with her face. Her light eyes stayed focus on his, as she allowed him to remove her fur. His words, oh god, his words, would make her stomach turn so much if she was on her normal self, but she wasn’t. So this actually had no affect on her, she didn’t felt any disgust, but didn’t felt anything pleasant either, its like, she didn’t felt a thing. Well, she wished she was always like this, not being able to feel a thing whenever her husband was like this, everything would be easier for her. He was just the opposite of her, he was all pure and angelic, she was all evil and wicked. Her fur soon fell down on the ground, and now her King was removing her brown dress, she allowed him, not moving her body that much, only for help him remove her dress as well. But she was fearing if questions rained again, because her skin was horrible, the color of it, and we could see her bones on her back, arms, neck, ribs. She was too skinny, and she hated it, because she looked ugly, she doesn’t want to be ugly.
She allowed him to pick her up, and she wrapped her fragile arms around his neck, so she wouldn’t fall, even tho, she knows her husband would never drop her. They would soon be in the bed, and Metia was into her husband’s embrace, keeping her warm with his own skin temperature, and once again, she was enjoying it. Why in hell would she enjoy this? She needed to knock some sense in herself, so she would stop enjoying her husband’s touch, her husband’s love. She was basically making the same mistake her daughter did, fall in a man’s trap.
She slowly rose her head, and stared up at him, with some concern expression.
“We don’t have to do this..not now. I’m ugly, I don’t want you to have an ugly image of my body.”
Metia whispered those words, but her husband was able to hear. That’s what she felt, she didn’t wanted anybody to think she was ugly, and her body was ugly right now.

Re: [RP] Harroway Village (In the Night Lands)
August 11, 2013 06:52AM
Harroway Village Inn – Metia’s room


Henry heard his wife’s whispers, but he assumed that she said these things because she was so tired, and worn out from the trip to the castle Brax. He however didn’t agree, and even went as far to say to her;

“My love…I am not pressing you to try for a child this eve. I just want to hold you in my arms and protect you.” He turned her around so that he could look into her eyes directly, so there was no mistaking his intent. His naked body would be so warm to touch, and skin so supple and smooth, with the shaped curves of his muscular build. He was a strong man, but still there were parts of him that when he held Metia, she would normally be able to mould against his flesh.

“You are and forever more will be the most beautiful woman in all of the Vaas Plains. There is no one else, that I could ever adore or love. Please, never think that you are ugly, you are the opposite. A rose in a garden of thorns.” He bent his head forward to kiss her shoulder, and then brought his head back up to be eye level with her again.

“All you need…is love and tenderness, and I am never leaving your side. I am here to give you what you need.” His fingers started to stroke her side lightly. His intentions pure and wholesome. Any other woman would be crying tears of joy, to know that their man loved them regardless of how they thought they looked. Henry embraced her again, and brought her head to his chest, so there was no escape.

Would this break down the walls of her hardened heart?


Re: [RP] Harroway Village (In the Night Lands)
August 11, 2013 08:24AM
Harroway Village Inn – Metia’s room

Metia keep staring up at him, wanting to hear his words. She didn’t wanted stay here for long, she wanted to go back to her kingdom, so in there, she could start finding a new soul, and she would have her beauty back. She noticed all he wanted to was just holding her in his arms and protect her. He was being so caring towards her, and worried at the same time. But her mind was still on Selene, but since her husband told her she was going be fine and right now she was taking a bath, Metia didn’t wanted to interrupt her.
Then he began to speak about her beauty, one of the reasons why she was with him, was because he admired her beauty, and he complimented her for that, that made her ego grow, a lot, but it also made her get worried if one day she got ugly and he would get rid of her, like happen back then. She got ugly, she wasn’t good enough, and her last lover just threw her away like she wasn’t anybody, he treated her like a dog. That’s why she feared on getting ugly again. Because if the King Henry got rid of her, she was far from her wishes on having the kingdom on the palm of her hand.
She felt his lips down on her shoulder, as she looked up at the ceiling, and perked up an eyebrow, listening to his last words. All she needed was love and tenderness? But wasn’t that what she already got from him? But the question is, does she even takes that as love and tenderness? Her mind accepts it, but not her heart, a wicked person has a heart, and sooner or later they will get emotional about love, Metia already had her time with that, and that forced her to not trust any man.
“You were always that cheesy with words.”
She mumbled, with a small smile. He was always like this with his words, all poetic and cheesy, sometimes he could get too lame, and she would get tired of it, but she had to keep up with her acting. But not this time, she wasn’t feeling disgusted but not pleased either. She was normal, not feeling anything.

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August 11, 2013 08:05PM
Halloway Inn- Selene’s Room

[center]Selene smiled tenderly and nuzzled into Joffrey’s neck. He was being so gentle she could hardly believe he even had a demonic side. And then he had nipped her ear. That sent her body into a spiral of sexual desire as it seemed to be her lust button. Wrapping her arms more securely around him, she brushed her lips along his ear in a teasing manner. Now that he was here with her, she wanted nothing more than to have him completely…Bringing her fingers up to caress his neck, she began to nip his skin from his ear down to his throat. Then she paused. He suggested to elope. Pulling back to look at him, Selene’s green eyes were wide as she wondered if he were serious or not. “Truly, my love?” She wondered if it was just the excitement of seeing her that had him in such a tizzy. Getting married would be a rash move, but it was something she had wanted since she had laid eyes on him. Torn between her sexual desires and her desire to remain composed for him, she pulled her hands away to stop touching him. God, he was being too distracting. Looking up at him, she smiled sheepishly. “You make it hard to think with your pretty words and gentle caresses…” Searching his face, she knew he was serious. After considering it for a few moments, she nodded and leaned in towards him again. Standing on her toes, she murmured against his ear “I would follow you to hell and back if you asked me to….”

Re: [RP] Harroway Village (In the Night Lands)
August 12, 2013 02:37AM
Halloway Inn- Selene’s Room

Selene’s kisses and nips were tempting Joffrey to just take her back to bed and let his lustful urges take him over. But instead, he had just asked her if she would elope with him, escaping the clutches of her foul mother and all too nice father. He had already experienced the wrath of the witch Queen of Casterly, and he sure as hell was in no mood to have to wake up and find her standing over their bed, and trying to rip Selene out of his embrace. This was the perfect plan, and would make them virtually untouchable by either side. When she drew back, and appeared shocked by his suggestion, he could not help but see the wide eyed expression and took her hands from him, Joffrey truly had to wonder just what was going through that pretty little head of hers.

“You make it hard to think with your pretty words and gentle caresses…”

“Tis the same for me, my Love. But I would feel better if we were wed before we continued our physical relationship.”

This was starting to sound like they had almost switched roles, for is it not the girl that is reluctant to lay with a man before wedlock, and yet here is the Dark Prince, asking her to marry him first? Course, it was all for good reasons, as he had explained. But then she gave into his wish, and said;

“I would follow you to hell and back if you asked me to….”


Joffrey grinned from ear to ear, and picked her up, spinning her around, before planting her back down and kissing her forehead. He knew what he had to do, and that was arrange a carriage. It was a late hour, but being he was the heir to the throne, that shouldn’t be a problem.

“I shall arrange our transport, for my future Queen should ride up to the temple, in style.” Joffrey finally left her alone, as he went to arrange a carriage, drawn by four horses, all black as night, to take her for the ride of her life.


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August 12, 2013 02:57AM
Harroway Village Inn – Metia’s room

The King had given everything to his Queen. Love, children, his Kingdom, his devotion. He showered her endlessly with words that would melt the heart of any other woman. He was not unattractive, he was a true romantic. Perhaps in that lay his fault. He gave and only ever asked for a child in return. But when she whispered;

“You were always that cheesy with words.”

The King heard something in her tone, he had never heard before. Perhaps he was blinded by his own love for her, that had failed to let him see fault or reason not to believe in her sincerity. But he drew back his head, her face said a thousand words. She looked like she was just laying there, saying what she truly thought. There was no joy, no love….nothing. And here he had been, giving her everything he thought she needed. It was a shock, so much so, he started to see her in the stark reality. Her skin….her bones, that made her appear to look so gaunt and sickly. The beauty seemed to have been siphoned from her somehow. What was worse, the cold stare in her eyes.

The King started to withdraw from her, and then actually got out of bed. His expression was one of shock and hurt. His mind was racing, the new found doubts started to seep in and it was almost like he could feel the plunge of cold steel into his chest. How long had she been like this?


The King had always thought he knew how to solve anything that came his way, but then he was lost on what to say, probably for the first time ever. He silently made his way to pick up his clothes, and dressed himself, without looking at her again. When done, he simply said’

“Arrange for Selene to be taken home when you wake. After that…I may call for you.”

And just like that, he left the room.


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Re: [RP] Harroway Village (In the Night Lands)
August 12, 2013 06:28AM
Harroway Village Inn- Selene’s Room

Selene let out a small squeal as her fiance picked her up and spun her around. Wrapping her arms tightly around his neck, she burrowed into him and sighed. She wasn’t ready for him to leave. He had only just got there. Sighing softly, she looked up into his eyes and caressed his goatee as she so loved to do. She knew he had to go, for they would have to hurry before her mother found out. Her parents were somewhere in the inn and this was going to prove to be difficult. As he set her down and pecked her forehead, she felt herself longing for a kiss. Selene wouldn’t allow herself to be clingy though. Joffrey was on a mission and he was in a hurry. Turning to watch him go, a large smile covered her face. She was going to be his wife, and nothing would separate them.

As her fiance walked out the door, she felt something stir in her belly. Looking down at her stomach, she placed a hand on it and murmured “Hush now…there need be no fussing from you. He will return, I just know it.” Looking back up towards the doorway her lover had passed, she felt a feeling of anxiety. “Please hurry, my love…” The last thing she needed was for her mother or father showing up to take her home. Turning back towards her chest full of clothes, she began to sort through them in hopes of finding a proper dress to become a wife in. Her long blonde hair cascaded down her back as she began to hum while packing a smaller trunk.

Re: [RP] Harroway Village (In the Night Lands)
August 12, 2013 06:41AM
Harroway Village Inn

Out in the village, Joffrey’s eyes turned to the darkest red, as he marched to the nearest stables, where out the front was parked the ideal carriage. The driver was asleep inside the velvet lined coach, and Joffrey rapped on the door with his heavy knuckles. Spluttering and coughing, the driver woke with a start,and then peered through the small window, to see the Dark Prince himself standing there, wiggling his fingers.

“I need to hire this coach, to take my bride to be up to the temple mount to see Olaf the Giant. I will pay for all your expenses, but I want it…and I want it now.” His tone was one of no nonsense, and he sneered as the man clearly understood that this was going to be made his worth while.

“Temple mount, that is a few hours from here. But if its what you want, your Grace, I have her ready.” Handing the driver a large bag of coin, he gave directions, to have it ready outside the Harroway Inn, where he was going to whisk Selene off into the night. The two men shook hands, and Joffrey powered his way back to the Inn.

Harroway Inn – Selene’s room

Joffrey didn’t even knock, he simply opened the door wide, and then strode in, taking up a fur that was hanging over a chair and draped it around his Selene. His eyes were dancing with merriment at what he had organised, and you could hear the tell tale clip clop of the coach’s horse team being pulled before the Inn. Time was now of the essence, and he brought his beloved Selene into his arms and said softly’; “Your carriage awaits.”


If she allowed, he would escort her down the stairs quietly, so as not to wake her parents, and lead her to the entrance of the Inn, where just outside the carriage waited. The Driver tipped his hat, seeing Selene, and Joffrey opened the latch to the carriage door, and assisted her inside. Looking about for signs of life, if there were none, he hoped in after Selene, and the carriage driver would crack his whip, and the carriage with its precious cargo, would steal away into the night.


Re: [RP] Harroway Village (In the Night Lands)
August 12, 2013 06:48AM
Harroway Inn

Selene turned around just as Joffrey placed the fur around her. Relief flood her face as she threw herself into his arms “That was fast, my love.” Laughing softly, she looked towards the window as she could hear the carriage arrive. “Very fast…”Picking up her small trunk, she laced her fingers through Joffrey’s and crept out of her room with him. Excitement tingled through her body, sending every nerve aflame as she hoped to not wake her parents. Grasping him firmly, she allowed him to lead her down to the carriage. Seeing the driver, she bowed her head shyly as Joffrey opened the door to the carriage, and her freedom. They were really running away, and Selene could not wait to be bound to Joffrey eternally. Slipping into her seat, she looked out of the window into the night at the Inn. She had hoped her parents would not be too upset with her, but she had to do this for herself, Joffrey, and their child. Turning towards him, she snuggled close. Looping her arm through his, she snuggled closer to his chest and sighed contently “This is wonderfully romantic, my love…”