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Re: [RP] Harroway Village (In the Night Lands)
August 09, 2013 07:51AM
Harroway Village Inn – Metia’s room
Metia spent minutes in that room, trying to endure the pain, not making any kind of loud noise to alert her husband or daughter. God, psychical wounds was always this painful to deal with, but she always prefers a psychical wound than a heart one. Its always different, with a psychical wound, there’s always treatment, and soon the pain will subside, but when its a heart wound, it will kick you down to your knees, and keep you there permanently if you let it. Its always more harder to heal a heart wound, and Metia knows that, because she has that wound for years now. People always told her, for heal a heart wound, it will be with love, and not even with Henry and her two children, she was able to heal totally. So instead of crying around from heart broken of her past, she replaces that pain with hatred, wickedness, selfishness, any feeling more stronger than the emotional one.
After those minutes, Metia could hear a voice from a maid outside, telling the King to calm down and that he couldn’t enter in that room because the Queen didn’t allowed so. Luckily for her, her wounds was already healed, and she looked like her skin never got burnt, but she did have a tiring yet cold expression on. We couldn’t really blame the woman for that, she was tired from this all, tired because she needs a female soul soon to consume, tired because her daughter didn’t payed attention to Metia’s words about not trusting any men, tired because now she got pregnant, and Joffrey was being such a demon and not collaborate, she just hoped he would realize the problems he caused and take responsibility, because if she went back to the Night Lands Kingdom, the Queen Rose clearly would jump on Metia, and no cat fight is needed.
she had no dress to wear, but she still had the long fur coat, so she just asked another maid that was inside the room, for give her any kind of dress, it didn’t matter what it was, as long as it would help covering her body. The woman handed her simple brown dress. Metia before put it on, began to dry off her skin, because she was sweating from the all pain. Then she fixed her hair for not look so messy, and finally put on the brown dress, along with her fur coat.
Now Metia was finally dressed, and she could finally leave the room. Stepping closer to the door, she open it slightly, and saw her husband. She still had that cold and tired expression on, but she still could feel Joffrey’s presence around, so he did showed up. As long as he wasn’t her for make her rage again, everything would be fine.
“Where’s Selene?”
Metia asked, looking up at her husband with a slight frown. Her first concern would be her daughter, and believe it or not, she would do anything to kill the baby that would soon grow in Selene’s tummy. They was mixing races, mixing a demon with an angel, when Metia put this two together for marry was only for change Selene’s personality, and not start making babies when they wasn’t even married or had a kingdom to control. It disgusted her, and it left her upset. Her motherhood side was playing as well.

Re: [RP] Harroway Village (In the Night Lands)
August 09, 2013 02:07PM
Harroway Village Inn- Selene’s Room
Selene let out a squeal as Joffrey’s arms scooped her up. Smiling brightly, she closed her eyes as his lips met hers. Murmuring against his moans, her fingers threaded into his hair. She couldn’t believe what was happening. He loved her, and he was here kissing her. As his hands caressed over her back, she held onto him tighter as though he would disappear if he let go. When he pulled back to look at her, Selene’s green eyes searched her love’s face. She was glad she would never have to question him again. As they gazed at one another, the princess realized she had never told Joffrey that she loved him. Though she hoped her actions would say it all, she knew he had to hear the words out loud. Moving her hands to cup his face, she looked down at him with so much love. “Joffrey…I love you. I love you so much and promise to never doubt you again.” Shaking her head, she sighed and then pressed her forehead against his. “I don’t care about who you were before. I’m in love with the man in front of me and I want to be with you forever.”Giggling with glee, she leaned down to kiss him again while kicking her feet out behind her excitedly. He was here! After a few moments of raining kisses down on his lips, she pulled back to look at him. “Oh…my mother and father are here. Father says we will go home. I hope you won’t miss me terribly.” She smiled playfully and began caressing his goatee again. “I will explain everything to father and hopefully he will understand that it will be best for me to stay here. I can’t deprive you of your child, after all.” Looking down at him affectionately, she didn’t bring up the wedding. Joffrey had enough on his plate and she was just glad he was here.


Re: [RP] Harroway Village (In the Night Lands)
August 10, 2013 03:54AM
Harroway Village Inn – Metia’s room
The servants had shown the King to where he might find his adored wife Metia, but nothing could prepare him for the shock of seeing her. Wrapped in a fur to keep out the cold, and beneath a simple brown smock dress, that would have belonged to one of the inn staff. Her facial expression was one of concern, mixed with annoyance, and so unlike his fair Queen usually was. This was most unlike her, and the King nearly tripped over himself, to be before her, and take her in his arms.”My darling…what happened to you? Are you alright? Did the family Brax not treat you well?”

He was so full of questions as he gazed down at her and then kissed the top of her head, pulling her even closer into his protective embrace. But his wife had a question, and wanted it answered.

“Where’s Selene?”

“Why, I was just with her, and my darling please. I was able to drive off the evil that had plagued her, and I saw with my own eyes, the very essence within her subside. The poor girl. Her heart is broken, yes. But I know that as a family we are the ones that truly love her and will make sure she is taken home and cared for. Even if I have to steal Calypso away from you so that she might offer round the clock care. She deserves only the very best.”






The King then smiled at his love, as his aura began to increase, and he attempted to warm his love with his angel like ability to provide light into the darkened room

“Selene will be fine. A bath and she is resting. But I wish to care for you now. I have missed you my darling. And…I have been thinking. I know this is a lot to ask, but I would like to try again for another child. Only if you are willing of course. Think of it…like you and Selene can have your babies at the same time. Isn’t that a nice way to bond with her?”

King Henry did often come up with weird and wonderful ideas, in which to make for a happy family life. What on earth would Metia think?


Re: [RP] Harroway Village (In the Night Lands)
August 10, 2013 05:50AM
Harroway Inn – Selene’s room
An embrace that was one of two lovers that desperately needed the other. A kiss of truth to steal their breath, and Joffrey let himself fall once more. For all his wickedness, there was at the very center of his heart a yearning to be loved. Everyone has this, regardless if they are evil or not, and in Selene’s arms, he found that love, and he was not going to let it go, now or ever.”Joffrey…I love you. I love you so much and promise to never doubt you again.”

Her words were so soothing to the demon Prince’s troubled mind, and he could only kiss her lips again and again, then nip at her earlobe, whispering;




“I have sinned, I can’t lie, but when I met you, the demon within me is almost put to sleep, so that I may for once experience what love truly is. All my life I have wanted nothing more than to be loved, and allow me to love that person in return. That is you, Selene. I did change for you, and not because I was forced or told too, but because I wanted too.”

He drew back and then said as he gazed into her eyes

“You make me want to be a better man.”

But then his love teased him, though these words were said in truth; “Oh…my mother and father are here. Father says we will go home. I hope you won’t miss me terribly.” Joffrey’s brows creased, at the thought that she was now going to be taken away from him, after everything, and he almost looked stricken till she said; “I will explain everything to father and hopefully he will understand that it will be best for me to stay here. I can’t deprive you of your child, after all.”

It was then, Joffrey had a cunning plan, and one that he knew would seal them as more than just lovers, or simply betrothed. He took up both her hands in his, and asked;

“Let’s run away…tonight. Elope in the mountains, I know of a wise man, and he can perform the ceremony. No need for royalty or big weddings. Just the two of us. I mean..” -he placed his hand upon her belly and then whispered “..the three of us.” His reasons were simple. Once they were married, nothing and no one could come between them. Not her family, nor his. He was afterall the heir to the Brax house, regardless of who he wed.

“Say you will come with me?”


Re: [RP] Harroway Village (In the Night Lands)
August 10, 2013 06:32AM
Harroway Village Inn – Metia’s room
Metia was just waiting for her King to tell her where was Selene, but he just stepped closer to her, and took her into his embrace. Believe it or not, Metia enjoyed it, she was enjoying having her husband closer and holding her, and she clearly was hating herself at this moment for being able to enjoy such thing. She was just tired and having somebody else holding her was actually good.
She placed her palms softly against his chest, but didn’t pushed him away, she remained closer to him, and closed her eyes for a second, like she was resting. Then questions from him began to rain, asking her if the Brax family treated her right. Well, if you think her future son-in-law just ate a part of her skin was actually treating well, then yes. She couldn’t really tell him that she faced Joffrey’s demon form, and herself was raging back in the mountains. Sometimes you can’t control a over-protective mother. Even if she’s evil, Selene is still someone she thinks will change and be more like herself, about her son, he’s kind of distant, so there isn’t much she can do.
Metia soon open her eyes, and looked up at the King, listening to his words about how Selene was, so she was indeed pregnant, and god, she was going to carry that baby? It seemed wrong, even in Metia’s mind that was wrong, Selene was just too young. Wouldn’t that be a struggle for her? It was already a struggle for Metia carry angels in her womb back then. Her husband was able to drive off the evil within her, and that her heart was broken, that meant Selene fell in love, a thing that Metia warned her, but she didn’t payed attention to her mother’s wise words. But she was glad at least her daughter was going back home, and in there they could take care of her. She really needed to start think about other man to marry her.
“Well, I’m glad. And yes, Calypso is the best person out there for support.-”
While the Queen was trying to say those words, she noticed the darkness aura was disappearing, and the King’s angelic aura was taking its place, so calmly. That wasn’t the problem right now, the problem was what he was telling her next. She clearly went breathless for awhile.
What? Did she heard him well? He wanted another child? What for? She might have “lost” the other one, but then they had Selene so it wasn’t a need to make another, right? Then she heard his reasons, wanting her to make some bond with her daughter. Well, Metia knew she could be a strict mother when she wanted to, but that’s only for show her daughter the evils this world holds. But getting pregnant? Well, could she even go against the King’s words. Her job here was please him, not herself, but him. Closing her eyes for a second, Metia took a deep breathe, thinking about the matter. This had so many ways to go wrong, but so many ways to go right. Maybe this time she would have a child as evil as her, maybe she would have some support in her family that thought like her.
The moment she open her eyes, she stared up at her husband, and a smile slowly grew upon her face.
“That will be..lovely.”
Her voice was soft like it should be. But she had a hard time on trying to find the best word to describe this. She placed her fragile palms upon her King’s cheeks, and tip-toed, pressing her lips softly against his. As she gave him soft yet a bit long kiss. Such acting she was doing just for get what she wants. But maybe this all might change Metia, she’s already hating herself for enjoy having her husband closer, so getting pregnant of another child from him, was just what she “needed” for change into a good person.
Let’s just hope she doesn’t.