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Commander Spock || Zachary Quinto || Taken by CharlotteCarrendar 


Re: Shore Leave RP
August 10, 2013 01:21AM
Carol’s Apartment

Her leg was broken. It hurt. It hurt, but she didn’t feel it. She couldn’t feel it. She could only watch as Khan approached her father. He took the admiral’s head in his hands. The seemingly older man was slammed down into one of the console’s chairs. The sickening crunches started soon after. And then her father was dead. It wasn’t professional, and she wished she hadn’t. But within seconds, Carol screamed.


However, she also screamed in the real world as she shot up in her bed, her short blonde hair stuck to her face, which was coated in sweat. She’d had the nightmare every night for the past year or so. It haunted her. She couldn’t get away from it. She didn’t know why she felt so bad about it. Except she did. She did know why she felt so guilty.

It was because, deep down, she was happy. She was happy that Fleet Admiral Alexander Marcus had died in the events caused by Khan Noonien Singh. And that happiness was eating her alive.

Re: Shore Leave RP
August 10, 2013 01:36AM
Star Fleet Academy Hospital – Nurse’s Lounge


Christine was almost ecstatic to be out of this place. The other nurses were conversing so giddily about Doctor McCoy finally being on shore leave that it was driving her nuts. She finally spoke up to make them be quiet. “You realize you’re information is outdated, correct?” The other white-clad women looked at her, their faces not quite in shock but a little confused. “He’s leaving tomorrow. He probably won’t even come in for a second. I know I wouldn’t.” They all turned away from her, but she smirked. That had been the desired effect.

She stood slowly and left the lounge, her heels clicking as she went. It sucked working on her last day on Earth for the next five years. But it was better than doing nothing.

Re: Shore Leave RP
August 10, 2013 02:01AM
The Streets of San Francisco


Suka was ignoring Hudson, and Hudson was ignoring Suka. The woman had offered to drive the Irathient back to the academy after she had been caught illegally street racing in Mexico. She had almost laughed at how much Suka reminded her of Jim Kirk – but then she realized it was because Suka had absolutely no respect for the rules, and the laughter had dried up. “Y’know, if one more kid has to have an Admiral Pike save their ass from removal from Star Fleet, I think I’m going to have to start a pardon charity.” Hudson was trying to lighten the mood, but Suka wasn’t participating. “Are you giving me the silent treatment, or just being more quiet than usual?” “I don’t like it here.”


At this point in her career, Hudson didn’t understand why anyone would really join Star Fleet if they didn’t like it. Hell, even her brother had joined. He’d hated Star Fleet so much when they were kids. She sighed. It had been a year – she needed to stop reminding herself that she missed him. “The mission is a bad idea.” Hudson knew the girl wouldn’t see it, but she gave her a look that screamed ‘Of course it is, James Tiberius fucking Kirk was involved’.

Re: Shore Leave RP
August 10, 2013 04:39PM
Just Outside of Star Fleet Academy

“I can’t believe you’re doing this!” Zia’s oldest friend, and one of her few, skipped behind her as they made their way back to Star Fleet Academy. “Parker, I’ve been involved with Star Fleet for a while now. Why are you acting like this is news?” Zia rolled her eyes. Parker knew her when she had been different. She helped her get through her father’s death and was still her friend even though she was not the same person. “Because this time you’re going on a five year mission on the Enterprise! The fucking Enterprise! You do realize who the Captain is right?” Zia chose to ignore this. Of course she knew who she would have to take orders from. And, no, she didn’t like it. But it would be worth it for her. She was ready to do something big. She was done just sitting around and training. It was time to take some action. “You’re right.” She stopped in her tracks and turned around to face Parker. “I am going on the Enterprise.” Her face lit up into one of her rare smiles.


Regina’s Apartment


Regina sat on the floor of her room, throwing a ball against the wall to pass the time. She was very ready to be leaving. A change in scenery was exactly what she needed. Even if it meant having to deal with her sister on board. Even at a young age Regina hadn’t liked being involved in the same things as Carol. They were just naturally drawn to the same kinds of things. But that left people comparing the two of them and Regina felt she was nothing like her sister. But she was smart and talented enough to be put on the Enterprise. Sadly, so was her sister. But she didn’t care. There was no point in acting like she didn’t like something just because Carol did as well. Or her father. He’d been an asshole. She was not scared of becoming like him. There was no chance of it happening. So, needless to say, she was excited for this mission. Regardless of who she would forced to see for five years.

Re: Earth RP
August 10, 2013 05:42PM
Noonan’s Bar & Grill


Kirk raised his glass of romulan rum in toast to Uhura with a smile. Here’s to Starfleet having both the intelligence and the momentary insanity, to put Captain James T Kirk and the Enterprise at the wheel of the most significant mission in Earth’s History. God Bless em…I wouldn’t trust me. He took a drink with a grimace as the thick liquor burned its way down his throat. He almost didn’t come out, but he thought he’d enjoy some good old Earth fun, at least before he left. He looked around the Bar as if he would actually find whom he was looking for. Where the Hell is Old Pointy anyways? Aren’t you two attached at the hip these days?

Re: Earth RP
August 10, 2013 07:54PM
Noonan’s Bar & Grill

Entering the bar, Commander Spock surveyed the patrons that sat in a row along the bar, and sure enough, he overheard the voice of Captain Kirk, raising his glass and toasting to the Star fleet for putting him at the wheel of the Enterprise. With a dead pan expression, he crossed the floor, shaking his head to the bartender who wished to serve him a drink, and instead stood in behind Jim, as he asked;

“Where the Hell is Old Pointy anyways? Aren’t you two attached at the hip these days?’


“Negative..Captain. I don’t believe that we are attached at the hip, as you say. It would be difficult to function freely.”

Spock could see that the Captain had been at the bar a while, by the number of empty glasses and asked;

“Should you really be drinking prior to the mission, Captain? It could end up on report.”

As always Commander Spock was a non nonsense Vulcan, and had a disdain for Jim’s behavior. In fact being in this environment had the Commander unsettled. Humans and their strange habits. Commander Spock nodded firmly towards Uhura and then waited for Jim to speak.


Re: Earth RP
August 10, 2013 08:08PM
Kirk drained his glass and plopped it down with a sigh. There’s the Man of the Hour. Come on now, stop being a Robot and have a seat with your Captain and your Main Squeeze… He looked at Uhura with shrug. Don’t worry Commander Pouty Lips, I’m not flying the ship. I’m actually drinking to You Buddy. You admitted to having a Soul, that’s huge! He of course was referring to a year back when He nearly died and Spock had an actual emotional reaction. But it seemed he forgot so easily and was back to the usual Stick in the Butt Vulcan.


He leaned back in his chair to look at Spock. WHat? You gonna report me again…get my ship taken away again? Buddy, we gotta work on your Friendship Skills. Sit down, relax, pull the stick out awhile. I’m sure sitting will be more comfortable after.He teased, pushing the empty glasses aside. He was done drinking. He only drank because he was nervous about the mission, even with years of leading the Crew of the Enterprise through some wild events.

Re: Earth RP
August 10, 2013 08:54PM
Noonan’s Bar & Grill

Uhura shook her head and rolled her eyes as she toasted with the rest, but she had a smile on her face. This five year mission would be a long one, but she would be lying if she said she wasn’t eager to begin it. She was about to answer the captain that she did not know where Spock was at the moment when he appeared next to them. Her smile grew and she reached out for him to come sit with them. “You’re right, being attached at the hip would be very difficult,” she said to him before looking at Kirk in amusement.
She moved her long dark hair that was actually down for once behind her so it was out of the way as she looked around at everyone else in the bar before turning back to Kirk as he spoke about Spock. She raised an eyebrow, but kept her mouth shut. The two of them had a very interesting friendship that she didn’t fully understand, but clearly supported. After all, she knew better than anyone that Spock really did have feelings. Even if they weren’t always as “logical” as he tried to make them sound. “No bickering,” she warned, looking from Spock to Kirk and giving Kirk a pointed look. “The rest of us have five years to listen to it all,” she said with a laugh and took a drink.

Re: Earth RP
August 10, 2013 08:57PM
Star Fleet Academy Student Entrance

Hudson’s vehicle glided to a gentle stop. She really hated this “modern” inner city “cars”, if you could even call it that. She would have preferred something from the pre-Federation era, something vintage, albeit ancient. Unfortunately, that kind of car usually attracted a lot of unwanted attention – and it was a royal pain in the ass to keep in a functioning condition. “Alright, have fun on your last day. And by the way, you’re really lucky that they didn’t take whatever you earned from you. It can’t hurt to have a little extra to go around.” Suka didn’t look like she was going to say anything at first, and she didn’t look like she was going o get out either. Hudson leaned over slightly toward the wheel, having turned sideways in her seat to look at Suka, who was also facing that same way. “Hey, kid, you know that it’s really an honor to serve aboard the Enterprise.” Suka didn’t look at her as she picked up the small sack she’d had at her feet. “Not when the captain could easily say ‘Hey let’s go to Voltan, I’m sure it’s a nice planet, let’s get half the crew killed and break the Prime Directive while we’re at it even though that’s the number one thing that we’re taught in the academy not to fucking do’.”


Hudson locked the door before Suka could open it, tapping her finger on the wheel until the girl turned. “You do not know what it’s like to have to make a decision like that, to have to choose between your colleague and friend or-” “Neither do you. You don’t know what it’s like to choose between a single life and-” “-but I do know what it’s like to lose someone you love to something as stupid as an archive bombing!” The older woman’s breathing was a little heavy, and she turned back forward in her seat and let Suka out.

Mere minutes later, she was so ready to just go back to her apartment and sleep until someone came to get her, but a call from Doctor Marcus changed her plans. “You want to go where? Are you shitting me? I am not your chauf-” She sighed and told the younger woman she would pick her up in five minutes, cussing under her breath as she turned her vehicle around to head to nearly the other side of the city.