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Re: Earth RP
August 10, 2013 09:22PM
Noonan’s Bar & Grill


As always, Jim had a way with using his sarcastic wit to call Spock, everything bar his actual name. “Commander Pouty lips?” Spock wasn’t terribly amused with Jim’s banter, but oddly enough he would was use to this game of “How to piss off a Vulcan” and used the same retorts repeatedly, rather than letting it show how he felt. Truth was, Spock was also nervous, especially since this was going to be a five year voyage, and a lot was at stake, including his reputation. Seeing Uhuru was there, and Jim more or less called her his ‘main squeeze’, he decided to at the very least show her some kindness. After all, out of everyone else on the crew, she was indeed the one he was closest too, just not joined at the hip, like Jim would like to think. Uhuru did agree that being joined at the hip would be awkward, and if Spock had been smug, to see her smile and rack up a point against Jim, he could have made a witty quip, but instead chose to sit beside her, and drum his fingers upon the bar top.

“You are looking lovely today, Uhuru. Did you do something with your hair?”

Clearly, chatty small talk was not his thing, but at least he was trying and did notice that she was wearing her hair down. She was indeed a very attractive woman. Jim though had to butt in;

“What? You gonna report me again…get my ship taken away again? Buddy, we gotta work on your Friendship Skills. Sit down, relax, pull the stick out awhile. I’m sure sitting will be more comfortable after.”

Hearing Uhuru to tell them to stop with the bickering, and then Jim telling him that they needed to work on their friendship skills, the Vulcan replied flatly;

“I have brought some human study texts with me for the voyage, I am sure I will have this thing called “friendship” down pact within the next forty eight hours, Captain.”


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August 10, 2013 09:41PM

Kirk held up his hands in mock surrender at Uhura’s request to stop picking at Spock. But with Spock having no reactions to anything, that was the best and only way he could get to him. He wanted to chuckle at Spock’s attempt at flattery, and then he dropped his smile at Spock’s mention of Human Studies to get better at Friendship. Yeah, sounds great Buddy…… He ordered three bottles of water from a passing Waitress, and when she brought them, he held them out to Uhura and Spock. Alright then…Let’s have a RESPONSIBLE toast to Commander Spock and his attempts at Humanity. He emphasized responsible for Spock’s benefit.

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August 10, 2013 10:11PM
Noonan’s Bar & Grill

Carol had to practically drag Hudson to the bar, after the older woman had spotted both of the commanding officers of the Enterprise. Hudson wasn’t exactly in the best of moods, and younger female had yet to hear why. Not to mention Kirk and Spock weren’t exactly the first people Ms. Pike wanted to see on her last space free day for a long while. “I told you I’d drop you off, I didn’t say shit about coming in.” Carol’s sort of business-like mannerisms had returned since the Khan incident, but very slowly. “Well, you’re already here, so you might as well have a drink.” Hudson looked like she was about to pull her new Admiral card, but Carol shut her down just in time. “It’s on me.” The brunette glared at the shorter woman, sighing and walking over to the bar, though in a slightly different direction. Carol was heading over to where Kirk, Uhura and Spock were, whereas Hudson was headed to a relatively clear area. Carol tilted her head in a “Get over here” manner, but Hudson just tilted her head the other way in a “When I’m dead” response. She ordered a something – God only knows what – and then pointed to Carol, whom smiled at the bartender to confirm that she was indeed paying, hoping that that’s what Hudson was telling him. Then she turned to her three newest colleagues, and friends, her smile becoming a little more genuine. “A little bird told me my Captain would be here. I guess it forgot to mention his friends.”


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August 11, 2013 06:34AM
Noonan’s bar & grill


Commander Spock gracefully accepted the bottle of water, that was ordered by Jim, since now there was going to be a responsible toast to Spock for his attempts at humanity. Taking off the top of the bottle, the Commander gave a nod of acknowledgement towards Jim, and then raised his bottle to clink against Uhuru’s saying;

“Feel free to come by my cabin later on board the ship, and we can read through some of these books on friendship with me, Uhuru.”

He meant it sincerely, but of course, with Jim listening it may have been said as a point that he indeed considered Uhuru to be a closer “friend” for obvious reasons.

Commander Spock placed the tip of the bottle to his lips and started to drink, as Carol approached the trio, and announced herself.

“A little bird told me my Captain would be here. I guess it forgot to mention his friends.”

The small spiel was clearly directed more to Jim then Uhuru and himself, so Spock watched on as he took another sip of water, to see what Jim would say.


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August 11, 2013 01:41PM
Kirk made a face at Uhura and Spock being intimate, or at least the version of intimate you got from a Vulcan; like a Child seeing Adults kissing. Soon Carol Marcus was standing over him and Kirk was happy to break that third wheel feeling that was rising. Doctor Marcus, glad you could join us….. He spotted Hudson over at the bar and was lost in memory of Chris Pike all over again as he shared a knowing look with Spock toward Hudson. He and Spock were the last ones with Pike when he died. He had only met Hudson in passing, and Pike had talked about like this frustrating little Girl who was too much like himself when he was her age. She was beautiful, but all he could see was Pike’s face when he looked at her. The Kirk smile was gone from his face as he snapped out of it and looked back to Carol. She uh…She with you? Well, never mind, sit down. And like that he switched it back on.Have a drink…we’ve got water….yep, been drinking it all night….we’re responsible Starfleet Officers. He said with slight sarcasm meant as a friendly jab at Spock.


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August 11, 2013 02:39PM
It wasn’t lost on Spock, the way he reacted to the arrival of Carol Marcus. There was the way he welcomed her, pretty much how you would another officer of rank, though there was none of the usual boyish remarks he saved for Spock. That in itself meant that Jim felt he could truly be himself around Spock, or just liked to see if he could get the stiff Vulcan to finally snap. Spock observed the facial changes in Jim, in particular when they both spotted Hudson, who had arrived along with Carol, yet she sat apart and appeared forlorn. For a moment, Spock and Jim shared a knowing glance, of their lost comrade, Chris Pike, and how he had brought up the younger sister, who always tried so hard to catch up. Both men appeared solemn for a moment, till finally Jim’s face changed again, much like turning on a switch. From night to day. Spock often found this fascinating about the Captain. For all his jokes and quick wit, there lay beneath a caring soul, one that cared for his crew, and those around him. He just had an odd way of showing it. Much like Spock had a hard time doing anything with a lick of emotion.

At the Captain’s friendly remark with a twist, at how they were being responsible officers of the Starfleet, Spock added;

“Nothing like H2o to bring people together.” He did this with a dead pan expression like always, but that was about as off the wall as he could be. Raising his bottle, he took another sip, giving Jim THAT look. Their friendship was an odd one at best, for they had been together for the worst of times and the best. What now lay ahead of them was surely to test that friendship.


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August 11, 2013 02:48PM
Noonan’s Bar & Grill

“Let it down, thank you,” Uhura said to Spock with a laugh as he commented on her hair. She didn’t mind his compliments were more like statements. It was just another thing that came with a Vulcan “boyfriend.” “I’d be happy to come by and read some of your books and friendship with you,” she laughed and leaned closer to him, but gave Kirk another amused look as if they shared an inside joke because they both were very acquainted with how Spock spoke. Sometimes it could be very amusing. Uhura looked up at Carol when she showed up and smiled, nodding at her as a greeting. Her eyes followed Kirk’s gaze when it went to Hudson. She wondered what was going on in his mind, but she only looked at him curiously for a moment before turning away. She nodded in agreement with Kirk about Carol having a seat and gestured to the one in between she and the captain.


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August 11, 2013 03:13PM
Noonan’s Bar & Grill

Carol smiled and nodded to Uhura as she sat, though she looked slightly uncomfortable. “Well, that’s good. Too bad I’m in the mood for a real drink, or I’d join you on the responsible front.” Her smile turned into a slight smirk, but it was more directed at Jim. However, her eyes trailed back to Hudson, who looked like would literally rather die than spend more than another minute right where she was. However, she looked back to Jim, smiling, then turning the smile to Spock and Uhura before looking at the bar so as not to seem like she was excluding anyone from the conversation. She did sort of feel a little out of place, considering the only reason she even knew these three wonderful people was because she lied to them about who she was. “She might not have said it yet, but the new Admiral is really thankful for that promotion, Jim.” She knew it wasn’t the time to bring it up, but she felt that she needed to say it before the five of them were aboard a starship and several light-years away from Earth.

Re: (Earth) San Fransisco RP
August 11, 2013 09:14PM
All RP up til now is ended and we are preparing to board the Enterprise. Captain James Tiberius Kirk will be the first aboard as soon as I can.

Re: (Earth) San Fransisco RP
August 11, 2013 09:53PM

Nobody was supposed to board the ships officially yet, but Kirk flirted with the Dock Officer alittle and was able to get in early. He sat in the Captain’s Chair, still in his civies, running his hands along the arms. It had been a year since the events with Khan, and a few months worth of repairs that kept him out of the Enterprise. He remembered feeling empty and lost without her. He would wake up early nearly every morning and walk out to the Docks to stare at the Enterprise and even held conversations with her. Thank God nobody else was there to witness. She was his Lady and nobody seemed to be able to take that place. Even after all that they went through, he and Carol never went anywhere with it. He was still too raw about Christopher and she about losing her Father. He dated here and there, but nobody could hold his attention for longer than 24 hours…if that.


He closed his eyes and took in her smell. It was almost spiritual, the connection he had developed with the Enterprise. Alright Baby, let’s go out there and show em what we can do…. He whispered to the Starship with his eyes still close, smiling.