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[RP] Law firm
August 01, 2013 10:59AM
Lawyer – Galtem

Re: [RP] Law firm
August 06, 2013 06:03PM
Shane Williamson’s office

From behind the frosted glass wall of Shane’s office, you could see the night lights were burning bright, as Shane had decided to do most of his unpacking into the new office, while the rest of the staff were finished for the day. He had cut a deal with the night watchman, that allowed him to use the whole office floor and then would lock up when he had finished. Already having walked past Galtem’s office with a gleeful smirk, he found his own office to be spacious and with opulent fittings, that came with a partner in the firm.


The office blended well with the rest of the law firms interior design, and was a comfortable setting, in which Shane could practice law. Shane had just finished placing out his trophies and awards, for the service he had done for other law firms, he looked around and inhaled sharply, placing his hands on his hips, and a cheeky grin.

“Oh what cases will be thrown at me first. Or will I have to fight Galtem for them. Hmm….maybe he is too busy with his social life to worry about making it big.” He brought down his hands onto the edge of the desk, and licked his lips, feeling that insatiable hunger he always did this time of night.


“Right…might go see how things taste….down at the local bar. Should I go for a red…or a white platinum?” he tapped his lip as he thought. You would think he was talking about wines….when he was actually talking about women, that he might drink from.


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