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[RP] Harroway Village (In the Night Lands)
August 06, 2013 10:07AM
Harroway is the Village in the Night Lands and it is under the control of King Brandon. The village is built upon a tall moutian and is almost unpenetrable, making it one of the safest places in Eranor. The weather is mostly wind and rain, although there is the out bout of snow in the Winter. Harroways main export is Linen, wood and a dark red wine that is much sought after in Eranor.

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August 06, 2013 11:54AM
Harroway Village Inn
Imogene made it to the village in lightening time. Stepping up to the inn, she saw that King Henry was already there. She walked past him quickly unnoticed, as vampires were quite adept at being sneaky. Walking up stairs, she recognized the plump servant Rhonda sitting beside Selene. Walking up to the princess, she demanded “Any improvements?”Rhonda looked up at her with guarded eyes and whispered “None.” She held only loyalty to Queen Rose and refused to acknowledge Imogene as anything but another servant. “She calls for Joffrey often and is having difficulties dealing with the darkness within her. Perhaps if the prince were able to soothe her, her body would stop trying to reject the child and she could live.”Imogene ignored the fact that Rhonda didn’t pay the proper respects but looked down at the princess. Selene was covered in sweat and her skin was a deathly grey. Frowning, she looked back at Rhonda. “Then Joffrey simply must be found. Keep a watch on her, I must go do damage control to the king.” Rhonda nodded and Imogene turned on her heels and rushed down the stairs. Smiling gently to King Henry, she dropped into an elegant curtsy and spoke like a well-respected lady. “Your grace…I trust you are here to inquire about your daughter.” She allowed a sad frown to grace her lips as she continued“Her body is rejecting the demon seed within her, and she speaks only of her fiance. I am afraid that if he does not help to quell the angel, she will die.” Stepping closer, she looked up at him with fake caring eyes “Perhaps a visit from her father could help, though? She is upstairs, the last door on the left. Best of luck, your grace.” Imogene dropped into another curtsy and allowed room for the king to pass should he choose to visit Selene.

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August 06, 2013 03:59PM
Harroway Village InnKing Henry had not yet removed the black hood that covered his golden hair, but Imogene must have been up to speed on who the King was, perhaps by his godly aura, or his crystaline blue eyes. He had been standing in the foyer of the Inn for some time, as the other patrons went about their business, drinking mead and sharing in a tale or two of the Night Lands folklore.https://i0.wp.com/media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lesaplIzXp1qdubemo1_500.gif
As Imogene approached, she regarded Henry as you should a King, and dropped into an elegant curtsey, before rising and her tone was that of refinement.”Your grace…I trust you are here to inquire about your daughter.””Why yes. You have seen her? Is she here?” He asked, his eyes filled with the pain for his beloved daughter’s illness.”Her body is rejecting the demon seed within her, and she speaks only of her fiance. I am afraid that if he does not help to quell the angel, she will die.”The shock of what Imogene was actually saying, hit King Henry hard. “But she is a virgin..” he said, just above a whisper, then realized the demon prince had somehow managed to woo her and take her virgin flower. Imogene clearly expressed that Selene only wished for her fiance’ , by calling his name and that if he doesn’t come visit, she may well die. The King reached to grip his sword, in a shocking move, that you could only expect from a father that felt a man had hurt his daughter so.

“Why did my wife ever agree to such a marriage between demon and angel kind? Look at this mess. I shall find him myself after I visit with my Selene, and then deal with him myself.” The King said, in a voice that was now raised, his emotion starting to cloud his judgement.

Imogene, was careful in the words she chose to ask the King;

“Perhaps a visit from her father could help, though? She is upstairs, the last door on the left. Best of luck, your grace.”

“Yes…I will go see her right now. And I thank you, for everything.” He placed his hand upon her shoulder, then went to go up the stairs, where he would find his daughter, deathly ill.


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August 06, 2013 06:03PM
Harroway Village Inn
Imogene smiled slightly as the king touched her shoulder, turning her head to look over as he walked up the stairs. Turning back towards the innkeeper, she murmured “Show me your kitchen…” It was time to come up with a tonic that would make the princess strong enough to at least return to the castle. Picking up her skirts, she followed the innkeeper with a sinister smile. She would make sure that child survived.Harroway Village Inn- Selene’s Room
The fever was not breaking, and Selene was in a middle of one of her fits as her father walked up the stairs. There were red bloody claw marks running up and down her arms as she gripped her arms, dragging them up and down slowly as she murmured incoherently to herself. Rhonda was in the corner looking horrified. The servant had tried her best to stop the princess from doing harm upon herself, but she was cast into the corner and had a bloody cloth held to the wound. Selene rocked back and forth as she tried to make sense of the horrors in her mind. Joffrey. Joffrey as a demon casting things at her, stomping around, flames in his eyes and surrounding him. She felt so warm it was as if he was in the room lighting her on fire. Suddenly, a pain shot through her body starting from a pit in her stomach. Screaming, she clutched her stomach and fell back on the bed. Sobbing pitifully, her legs curled up against her as she began to writhe around in pain.Rhonda whimpered and walked up to her carefully, grabbing a fresh cloth and soaking it in water. Dabbing the princess’s eyes, she began to sing softly. The singing seemed to calm Selene down, but she still trembled and began clutching her arms again with fresh claws. “He won’t come….he won’t….Joffrey…” She sat up again suddenly and grabbed Rhonda. Squeezing her wrists so hard she cut the poor servant, she hissed in a deep voice that was not her own “Keep him…away…from…me…”Freeing one of her hands, she clutched her stomach “This is mine…he is mine!” Rhonda could only stare horrified at the princess.——————————
Imogene finished with the tonic and rushed up the stairs. She could sense that the princess was having a meltdown and she wanted Henry to have the tonic to keep her calm enough for her to recognize her father. Dropping into another low curtsy, she smiled at him slightly and pressed the tonic into his hand. “To help with the demon spawn.” Nodding encouragingly, she turned and walked back down the stairs.

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August 06, 2013 08:06PM
Harroway Village Inn- Selene’s RoomKing Henry stood in the door way of Selene’s room, and watched on the scene that was playing out, with a horrified expression. The damage that Selene had inflicted upon herself, and the poor woman who was trying to bring comfort to her. It was as though the devil had placed puppet strings upon his daughter Selene, and was making her dance to his twisted tune of evil. Clearly she was possessed by dark forces, and he could only imagine what had caused this. Naturally, it all came back to one thing. That her daughter, so holy and good an angel, had lay with the demon spawn of the House of Brax and now…was pregnant. That in itself seemed to be ridiculous to even contemplate, but the way she behaved…she was carrying something within her belly.He took a step inside the door, the floor boards creaked as his boot pressed down with his weight. His face was ashen, as he heard his daughter speak with a voice he did not recognize.”Keep him…away…from…me…””Selene….sweetheart, its your Father.” King Henry said, feeling sick from the aura of evil that his daughter was giving off.

“Please…don’t give into it. Fight it with all your worth. You are an angel. One of God’s favored. Don’t let it consume you.”

His words were said as he used his hands, both palms up in a manner to try and get her to calm, his wings starting to open out behind him, just as Imogene entered the room, and saw what was happening. She handed the King a chalice of tonic and said. “To help with the demon spawn.” King Henry looked at the broth, and then nodded, willing to try anything to get her to be rid of the demon that was growing inside of her. He came up alongside the bed, and held the chalice out to her.


“Selene…I need you to drink this. It will help you.” Question was….would it?


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August 07, 2013 08:16AM
Harroway Village Inn
Hearing the floor creak, Selene’s head turned to face her father. There was anger and hatred in her eyes as she gazed upon him, not even seeming to recognize him. She was not herself and this child was trying to figure out whether it was evil like its father or good like its mother. As Selene was heartbroken, it was easy to succumb to darkness. As he introduced himself, she stared at him and growled low. Climbing out of bed, she crouched as though she would attack him, madness surrounding her aura. But then he reminded her of who she was.His wings came out and Selene was frozen in place. His light seemed to shine around him and sent all darkness scattering from her. Fresh tears fell from her eyes as they regained their soft green appearance. Her skin was still pale but the deathly pallor had disappeared. Stepping closer, she looked down at her arms and gasped “Daddy…what have I done?” Falling back on her bed, she wrapped her arms around herself as her wings meekly made their appearance. Wrapping them around herself, she peeked through them as her father came close to her bed. Taking the chalice, she nodded slowly and drank it in one gulp. Imogene saw to it the broth would keep the child alive yet sedated within her. She had hoped it would lead the child to darkness, but Henry was doing a good job of keeping evil at bay for the time being. Standing up slowly, Selene couldn’t look her father in the eyes as she wrapped her arms around his waist. Burying her face in his chest, she whispered “Daddy, can we go home? I’m not wanted here.” 

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August 08, 2013 02:50AM
Harroway Village InnKing Henry’s aura was one of majesty and divine power. The angel King gazed down upon the wretched creature his daughter had become, and his striking blue eyes showed pity and unconditional love. If it was one thing that could be counted on, it was that the King never lost sight of the importance of family, in particular, the love for his sweet Selene. The darkness that was consuming her, was fed by the thought that she had been tossed away and discarded by the Dark Prince Joffrey. That and the fact she carried the demon spawn seed within her womb.As Selene rose from her place on the bed, the King witnessed the change that started to take place. Her eyes softened to that of the colour of jade, and her skin lost the deathly appearance, as the darkness receded from the light that the King shone upon his daughter. Practically illuminating the room with his presence. The child was so lost, and questioned her transformation. Gasping she turned back to her bed and fell on the mattress, crying out; “Daddy…what have I done?”

The chalice offered by the King, was taken and with cupped hands, she drank its contents in one gulp. The King tilted his head and you could see the sadness etched into his facial features.

“You fell in love. That is not a crime, nor a sin. But I take it that the union between you and Joffrey did not go well, and that the natures of you both clashed.”

Selene embraced her father, unable to meet his gaze, burying her head into his chest, and the quiet words, were barely audible.

“Daddy, can we go home? I’m not wanted here.”

“Sweetheart. First we get you well enough to travel. Then, we wait for your Mother, and return to Vaas Plains. We are after all, a family. All for one, and one for all.”




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August 08, 2013 08:03AM
Harroway Village Inn

The Queen was finally flying through the Village from the Night Lands Kingdom, she lost Joffrey’s sight, but she was more concern about on finding her daughter, she tried everything she could with Joffrey, and if they had a serious fight back in the mountain, she was sure she would be the one getting more injured, due the fact not being able to show off her true self, her true magic, her true power. Not like her husband would even believe Joffrey, her husband doesn’t believe in anyone’s bad words about her wife, till he sees it with his own eyes, and that’s something she won’t allow to happen. While her crows was flying around, she was trying to gather information if anyone had notice some Angelic Princess, it wouldn’t be hard, she’s the only angelic pure person in this kingdom, right? She heard some villagers talking about some Inn a princess could be, since it was the only angelic force around here. Metia knew quickly it was her daughter, so she went directly to that Inn. On the way, she was able to pick up some medical herbs for heal her own skin, and make the spell. But she was also aware she couldn’t face her daughter and husband with this look, first of all it was terrifying and disgusting, and secondly questions would rain all over her, and she didn’t felt like facing questions, that she didn’t had answers. https://i1.wp.com/i44.tinypic.com/f0tgrc.gif

(Imagine this face but with a few burnt wounds)

Her crows landed in front of the inn, and they was forming into a female figure, which would be Metia. There was a poor maid in the door, and she jumped slightly when she noticed those crows was forming into Metia, but then she quickly got worried about the Queen’s physical state.
“My Queen..” The maid mumbled, gasping.
“Give me an empty room, and don’t allow anybody get in.” The Queen ordered.
“Y-Yes, ma’am.” The maid quickly nodded, as she rushed in, finding an empty room, and once she found it, she open the door, waiting for the Queen get in. Metia rushed inside as well, going upstairs to the room, she passed by the room where Selene and Henry was, but she hoped the only view they would have from her would be something blurry. She got inside the room, and slammed the door behind her, staying inside with a maid, as she told the maid to lock the door. This one did what the Queen Ordered. Metia used the herbs she had collected, and quickly began to prepare everything, this took her six minutes, then she mumbled some latin words, and the herbs that was already into some sticky green cream, began to growl, for couple of seconds and went back to the normal color. It was ready, all she had to do was just apply this upon her wounds, and it would heal, not leaving any kind of scar.
“I will need you to put this cream against my wounds, and do it quickly, even if I tell you to stop, don’t stop.”
She removed her white dress, leaving herself with her white corset, she ripped a bit of the cloth from her dress, which now was burnt on the edges. She had already destroyed two dresses today, gosh. The cloth she ripped, she put it in her mouth, basically for her to bite onto it, and scream against it, while enduring the pain. Because this was going to be a painful treatment, but it would be worth of it.
She sat down on a chair, and placed her arms over the arms of the chair, gripping onto it, as she was already waiting for the pain to come. The maid nodded and simple done what the Queen told her to. Metia just bite down harder onto the cloth in her mouth, making her screams of pain sound like mumbles.
The Queen probably stayed in there for 15minutes.