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Night Lands Castle (9) – The Blood of Kings.


Re: [RP] Night Lands Castle
August 03, 2013 09:36AM
Joffrey’s chambershttp://shechive.files.wordpress.com/2011/06/a-eye-candy-russell-brand-2.jpgJoffrey stood in the center of his room, for what must have been a few minutes, his thoughts wild with that face of hers, and he reached up to brush his finger tips along his lips, even pulling at them slightly with a nervous tick. That girl had bewitched him, and yet done so out of goodness, which in itself was simply all wrong. He knew that this must be a sign of weakness on his part, and that he needed to reaffirm his standing as the dark Prince. Just as he tried to think of how to go about that endeavor, a dark voice called to him, and he turned around to see one of the vampire ladies in waiting, smirking at him. She was dressed in a light silken set of crimson, with her breasts barely covered, and a single strip of silk that covered her nether regions. She licked her lips then lowered her head, and whispered;


“Does Master seek to take his girl, Lia?”

She knelt down on a small rug and offered both hands upwards as to her side there were pieces of rope, so he could tie her up and then suspend her from the ceiling. A game that he enjoyed, and she knew it. Her eyes were as black as the night sky, and her skin so dark, that was offset by her silken black tresses. Her lips were full, practically stung to being ripe, and her breasts rounded and heavy, with the nips peaking through the soft silken folds. She was a Master’s delight, and smelt of exotic oils, though the truth of her was she was of the undead, and a dangerous toy at that. Her timing however, was impeccable, but then Joffrey started to see Selene’s face in his mind, and he let out a god awful howl. He brought up curled fists to the sides of his temple, and grit his teeth, saying;

“Why do she torture me so?”

Lia kept her head down, but her forehead creased, not understanding why he would say such a thing, when normally he would run at her to carry out his most wicked fantasies. Clearly confused by his question, she uttered;

“Master, tis you that is to torture me, remember?”

“No…not you, .you dumb bitch. The angel….UGH…why? What the hell did I do to deserve this?”

Lia slowly rose her head, and saw the Prince walking around in a circle, and then coming up to the wall, he slammed his right fist into it, blood pouring from scrapes upon his knuckles, as he panted heavily. The vampire Lady saw his distress, and rose to her feet, padding over towards him, and then she made the fatal mistake, of reaching to touch his back. Joffrey spun around and seized her by the throat, lifting her up off the ground, while she gripped at his wrist, and struggled violently.

“Mmmmaster..please…?” she cried, as her gargled sound was one of fear. Joffrey snarled viciously, and then threw her across the room, where she hit the wall, and collapsed in a heap. “NEVER TOUCH ME AGAIN!..Understood?” He bellowed, and then pointed to the door. “GET OUT!!” Bruised and with a blooded nose, she collected herself, and fled his room, just as a servant entered and bowed low, stating;

“The Princess of Casterly has taken ill, and will not be able to venture out this night. She gives her apologies, your grace.”

Joffrey stood, cupping his blooded fist in his left hand, and stared at the servant oddly, before nodding his head slowly.

“Very well…if she is ill, then let her rest. I don’t feel all that much like going out myself. That will be all.”

The servant bowed and then left Joffrey to his thoughts, and what troubled ones they were.


Re: [RP] Night Lands Castle
August 03, 2013 09:40AM
“Thanks. I know I have potential.”
She would say with a smile. Regina never doubted herself about anything. She knew that she could do anything if she put her heart and mind to it. She then perked a brow once more when he told her that he would teach her back on the training grounds and once taught everything they would fight till the death. But she wondered why the knight was willing to take her in like that. Regina was just trying to kill him. But that all soon left her mind when he stood there waiting for her response.
“I agree to these terms.”
She would say as she nodded her head. Once the knight removed his sword from above he collar bone she stood up and walked over to her horse Leo. Quickly she jumped up on her horse and looked back to knight.
“Show me the way.”

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August 03, 2013 09:59AM
A servant came in to assure Selene that the message was delivered to the prince as she sat at the vanity fixing her own hair. Nodding slightly and offering a small smile, she fixed her hair to fall in loose waves around her. No need to get primped when she would be staying in the castle. Standing up, she had the servants dress her in a dark blue gown. Her pale skin complemented the dark blue silk well and gave her the impression of appearing as a sort of moon deity. Walking around slowly, she looked at the ground and fiddled with her evening gown. Was Joffrey terribly disappointed? Somehow she doubted it. She was sure that if he truly wanted to go, he would have fetched her. As she continued her slight pout, she overheard a servant whisper She fled right out of his room! Maria claims she saw blood and thinks her nose was even broken. The prince must be in a right foul mood tonight… Selene paused and stared at the servant in horror.Rushing over to the servant, she grabbed her by the arm and demanded “Who are you talking about? Where did you get this information?” The servant looked too stunned to speak, which only made her shake the poor girl. What was bringing on these actions from her? The servant was finally able to mutter The prince, m’lady. Just a rumor of the prince’s foul moods again… Again. So it was known to have happened before. Picking up her skirts, she rushed out of her room and stepped next door. Raising her hand, she thought of knocking properly. Instead, she banged violently. “Your grace. I must insist upon having a word with you!” The servants feared for the naive princess so they all huddled behind her in case the prince wanted to hurt her.

Re: [RP] Night Lands Castle
August 03, 2013 10:52AM
Joffrey’s Chambershttps://i2.wp.com/i271.photobucket.com/albums/jj124/xxminishaxx/Russell%20brand%20gifs/OH-SHIT-IT-BROKE.gifThe vampire submissive that fled down the hall and then shape shifted into a bat to leave the castle, left behind a small trail of blood spots in her wake, and was seen fleeing by some of the house staff. No doubt, this was going to get around the gossip circles, and unbeknownst to Joffrey, it was going to get back to Selene. Joffrey collapsed into a chair, and sat staring out his window, blood dripping from his knuckles and a foul look on his face. He closed his eyes and exhaled loudly, the throbbing pain of his hand giving him a sense of feeling, and he brought his fist up to his lips, licking at the blooded wounds. Everything about him, everything he once cared for, or didn’t was changing in a whirlwind of crazed emotions. He was infatuated with Selene. She was now something akin to what one does not touch, and yet she was betrothed to him. What on earth were his parent’s thinking? An angel and a demon? How was that ever to work? Why did kissing her just make him….melt? Why did it curb the very darkness within himself. His hand trembled and then he thought. “I know, I’ll play a few cords on my lute, belt out a tune…yeah…sing really badly and…cheer myself up.” He picked up his favourite lute, a classic from the nearby town, and rose to his feet, about to strum a few cords…when…..

“Your grace. I must insist upon having a word with you!” There was a god awful banging at the door, and in a fit of panic, Joffrey broke the strings to his lute. “Shit!” He really wasn’t having any luck, and now she was banging furiously upon his door. What on earth? She was supposed to be sick. He tossed the lute out the window, and then stomped over to the door, reefing it open, with his fist still bleeding. He took one look at her, and he thought he was going to be sick. He could see the servants in behind her, and then he snarled at them, before taking her hand and pulling her into his room. He slammed the door, and then seemed to lose it, pacing back and forth…then…it all unraveled.

“I’m…a demon, Selene. I’m all kinds of wrong for you. I’m dark…I’m broody…I’m evil. I’m…I’m…Selene, I’m in love with you!” he then looked like he was struggling to breathe. “Think I am weak…I am, I’m confused. You confuse me. You should hate me, I am…all wrong for you.” He then stood with his head bowed, his hands trembling…clearly hurt and lost at this moment.


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August 03, 2013 11:22AM
Joffrey’s Chambers
Selene gasped as she was pulled into his room, turning barely in time to give the servants a reassuring smile. As the door was slammed, she looked at the prince nervously. He was not put together as he usually seemed to be. He began to speak a slew of horrible things, all of which confirmed her fears. The rumors were true. His true nature was vile. But a demon? Why would her mother do this to her? Why would the queen allow her daughter to fall in love with a man whose very nature combated her own? Tears welled up in her eyes but she refused to let them fall. No, she wouldn’t cry for this man anymore. Stepping back, she pressed against the door and stared at him with a mixture of fear and disgust. This man had played her for a fool. The princess said nothing to him as he said he was evil. This much she knew now. When she turned around and placed her hand on the door, she paused. Did he just say he was in love with her?Turning around slowly again, Selene faced Joffrey. There was a look of amazement in her eyes. A demon in love? Was this just another game. She made her way towards him slowly, taking in his downtrodden appearance. Her eyes fell to his hands. They were trembling. This dark prince was truly as distraught as she felt. Joffrey claimed to be all wrong for her, but perhaps she was all right for him. Could she really make evil love? Walking closer so she stood in front of him, she lifted her head to look at him. His head was bowed so she stood on her tiptoes to press her forehead against his. With a soft sigh, she wrapped her arms around him carefully. The princess was silent for a few minutes before she spoke in a gentle loving tone. “If you were truly evil, truly weak, the demon within you would never allow such words to come out of your mouth…” She reached up to lift his chin slightly so their eyes could meet, hers filled with compassion and love. Selene felt the terrible need to take care of him, to cure him of whatever darkness ailed him. With a small smile, she continued to speak encouraging words. “Who would have thought that a demon could love…Oh Joffrey, you are not weak. You are much stronger than you think. It doesn’t have to be this way, don’t you see?” She felt hope for him and wanted him to feel it too. “You can fight, you can change!” Letting her tears fall, she looked down at the ground and whispered “But please…stop hurting people. It really will kill me…” After allowing herself more tears, she looked up into his eyes. Without any more words, she kissed him. What started out as a gentle kiss turned into something more, something fierce. There was a longing in which Selene could not explain. He just had to change. He just had to. Her eyes fell shut as she continued to kiss him, her lips moving slowly and passionately as she engulfed her fiance in her feelings of love and desperation.

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August 03, 2013 11:48AM
Joffrey’s chambersJoffrey had crossed the line as the rant of words tumbled out of his mouth, leaving him a quaking mess. He had just admitted the truth of his feelings, and the fact he knew he was too much of an evil influence upon the Princess angel, his betrothed. Their situation was brought about by the wills of the monarchy, and yet this unlikely union had brought about the most unexpected gift, which was love. A stolen glance, and he could see she was backing away from her, like he was a foul monster, a beast that should be locked away from the sun and the rays of light that shine from Selene’s soul. She would run, yes, and go back to her lands and that be that. How could she ever love someone as evil as him? But he underestimated her…completely.https://i1.wp.com/24.media.tumblr.com/1b53998faae41b3e72454e13c8ac2ad2/tumblr_movoc3K1vn1so99a9o1_500.gif

Before he could look up again, she was in front of him, her forehead pressed to his, raised up on her tip toes to reach him. His watery eyes looked down at her, and she would be able to see the torment and inner conflict that had him in such a state. He hurt the vampire for he could not touch her, due to feeling the way he did for Selene. She was the one he wanted. Selene wrapped her arms around him, and he let his balled fists loosen, as he timidly brought his arms around her.

“If you were truly evil, truly weak, the demon within you would never allow such words to come out of your mouth…”


He could only say her name, for his thoughts were filled with her beautiful face that gazed up at him. Her own tears were falling, as she told him he could fight, and overcome the evil, and that he was strong, much stronger than he realized. And then, she kissed him, not a simple one, but one of yearning, desperation. Joffrey released a moan, as if she was what he had always needed,and he brought his hands down from her back, and cupped the cheeks of her arse through her gown and picked her up, so she would have to wind her legs around him. His lips hungered for her, kissing her with more intensity, and his tongue entered her mouth, now wanting to taste her sweetness for himself. Everything about her felt and smelt so good. Was that rose petals, he smelt? Joffrey walked her the few steps to his bed, and laid her down, his lips moving to her neck, sucking and nibbling at her flesh, while within his pants, he could be felt hardening in his desire. He shouldn’t be taking her, but he just had to feel the warmth inside of her unopened flower. His breath scorched her cool skin, and his hands traveled up and down her sides, wanting to remove the dress she wore, and see her as nature intended. For Joffrey…this was as gentle as he could be.


Re: [RP] Night Lands Castle
August 03, 2013 11:54AM
Camphttps://i0.wp.com/data.whicdn.com/images/30411572/actor-alexander-skarsgard-boy-guy-handsome-Favim.com-239185_large.gifRodrick was still getting used to the cold temperature of the water, after having such heat inside him with the Queen, of course the huge change on the temperature was kind of hard to deal on the beginning. He heard her words, saying that she should have her guards escort him to her chambers, and all he did was just point his two fingers at her, and move his hand, like he was saying “You got it.” He really couldn’t believe he was going to have more of this with the Queen, with the Queen from the Night Lands kingdom, its so odd and weird, but she still remained like a forbidden fruit for him, if anybody found out about the two of them, Rodrick would end up finding his head on a wall. He just needed to be more careful with his moves, but when something he wants is hard to get, the more he will want. Its challenging, and he’s a man who loves challenges, and loves win against them, to prove how he can get whatever he wants.
He began to wash his body, by using the soap and the water around him. He wouldn’t take more than ten minutes to finally finish. Stepping outside from the lake, he picked up the towel and began to dry off his skin, and his hair as well. He wrapped the towel around his waist, and picked up the soap, with his clean t-shirt, as he just headed back to his tent. While he walked, he noticed many knight’s eyes on him, like he was having something they wanted, or that he done something that was like a sin, he just stared at them with a confused expression, trying his best to pretend like he done nothing, and acting was a thing Rodrick done it pretty well. A man like him needed to know how to act, or he would never get what he really wished.
Once he got inside his tent, he removed the towel, and threw on some simple and thin clothing, it was only for him to go to sleep. Now that he was dressed, he sat down, picked up a beer and began to drink it while thinking about what had just happen between him and Rose, and the thoughts forced him to grin.

Re: [RP] Night Lands Castle
August 03, 2013 12:35PM
Selene let out a surprised gasp as the prince grabbed her ass and lifted her up. She wrapped her legs around him immediately to keep herself from falling, her arms locking around her love tightly. Her eyes widened as his tongue found his way into her mouth. What an unusual feeling, but not at all unwelcome. Closing her eyes slowly, she tentatively pressed the tip of her tongue in his mouth to explore. In a whirlwind of passion, Selene found herself now laying on Joffrey’s bed. She felt an instant feeling of fear and uncertainty as she knew where this was heading. Her fears were soon melted away by the feel of his mouth sucking and nibbling at the sensitive area of her neck. The princess let her eyes close shut again as she savored the feeling of this dark handsome prince worshiping her body. This was all new territory for Selene, and as much as it scared it, it unleashed a hunger she needed satisfied.
She couldn’t think still, all she could do was feel. Pulling his lips back up to hers, she continued to kiss him with a ferocity unknown to her. Selene even surprised herself by biting down on Joffrey’s bottom lip and nibbling gently. As they continued their passionate kiss, she felt the growing feeling of expectancy from the prince. He wanted to take her. Lifting her hips, her thoughts were confirmed as she could feel his growing manhood. Again she felt a feeling of uncertainty. Pushing Joffrey away so she could meet his eyes, her own looked up at him with uncertainty. “Joffrey…? Are you going to take my maidenhead?” She could feel his hands on her sides pulling at her dress, and all she could do was close her eyes as she felt the fabric lift over her body. It seemed it was what the prince wanted and she feared telling him no after she was the one who offered him comfort to begin with. She may have started this, but she didn’t think she could end it.

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August 03, 2013 03:44PM
Joffrey’s chamberWas all this in a dream? To reach out and kiss an angel in this way? Had he ever truly been in love before? So many questions that raged through his mind, then he felt her response to him, that made him feel whole. The way she wrapped her legs around him, and the soft moans that rippled up her throat, and he felt this burning need, tracing through him to complete her, by joining with her in amongst the sheets of his bed.https://i0.wp.com/s2.favim.com/orig/36/couple-cute-kiss-love-photography-Favim.com-291989.gif

Each kiss got deeper, their tongues danced against the others, and then he started to take to her throat, kissing and nibbling her neck, wanting to cover her body in his kisses, suckle her breasts, that for now were hidden beneath her bodice. His hands traced up and down her sides, eager to tear away the fabric, so he could touch her bare skin. He drew his head back, and stared into her eyes, searching for her to say he could go further. But…she pushed him away saying;

“Joffrey…? Are you going to take my maidenhead?”

Selene had that look of uncertainty in her eyes, and then he remembered, she had never done this before. It would make it her first time. But it felt so right, and the demon inside him was truly suppressed. He wanted her so badly, and had he been himself, he would have tore the dress right from her, and started to plough into her mercilessly. Joffrey caught his breath, and then realized that she can’t have been ready. In a first for him, Joffrey just smiled at her, and then said;

“No..a few stolen kisses, and I had gotten carried away. Forgive me, my Love.”

He stayed on top of her, and then kissed her forehead, then stared at her, and asked;

“Am I the one you truly want?”


Re: [RP] Night Lands Castle
August 03, 2013 04:01PM
*Sir Leon sheathed his blade, and stared the woman in her eyes as she stood. He had an eyebrow raised since she first thanked him. She THANKED him after just trying to kill him for no good reason. Perhaps this would be even more fun and productive than he originally thought.**Realizing he hadn’t known her name, and there were yet to be introductions made, he smiled rather charmingly and bowed his head slightly, his right, unshielded hand held on the ball of the hilt of his blade.* “I am Sir Leon Dire. I realize we have yet to make formal introductions, and thus, I ask your name. Seeing as you shall be at my side for some time, I believe it best I know it. Or at least something you are called my allies.”