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Night Land Castle (6) – The Blood of Kings.

Re: [RP] Night Lands Castle
August 01, 2013 02:45PM
The Brax King knew the female vampire was his willing subject who would do practically anything for him. Given more time Brandon was sure to turn her into a puppet to dance upon command upon a moment’s notice. Subjugation of others and obedience pleased the Brax King to no end. Brandon flashed a wicked grin to Imogene, “Indeed. Joffrey has many of my traits, but he is too naïve in many regards. That winged bitch will be his undoing if he does not corrupt her and be quick about it. If my heir grows soft and in love I will beat him and the angel filth myself.” He glanced in the direction of Imogene’s gasping face. Well this was a rather remarkable day indeed. Finally after all these years his “beloved” wife finally decided to strip. This entertained Brandon to no end. His black silk and leather attire hid his rapidly stirring member upon the exposure of Rose’s flesh. Brandon did not speak to his queen but instead made a throat clearing sound to regain his personal servant’s attention. “She certainly has a body to show off. What do you have?” The Brax King smirked knowing this was a challenge to be overcome by Imogene. How would she interpret his words? As a command? As a question? Or another version entirely. Regardless the fun shall continue on for Brandon.

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August 01, 2013 03:36PM
Joffrey’s chambersJoffrey’s face was riddled with disgust when Nanny told him that he had fallen head over heels in love with Selene. He kept opening his mouth to state reasons why he couldn’t. but Nanny beat him to the punch every time, and even started to laugh at her charge’s inability to comprehend what love was. She knew that is the right girl came along, he could change his hedonistic ways, however Joffrey still had a lot of skeletons in the closet, and I mean, literally when it came to his life as a demonic Prince of the House of Brax. Picking up some of Joffrey’s dirty clothes, she started to hum the wedding march, and said she would leave him to his thoughts, heading out the chambers, while Joffrey stared out his chambers window, to see that his fiance’, Selene was taking a walk in the grounds, with the staff clearly awe struck and unsure of what to do about her. Seems that she was having this affect on everyone, but certainly not his Father, that was for sure. Rapping his blackened clawed fingers upon the stone sill of his window, he then realized that he would need to speak to his mother about setting up a shopping date with her and Selene. The very thought of having to walk behind the virign Angel with arms loaded with bags and boxes from various vendors and tailors, had him make an icky face. He would much rather be in the fields, taking liberty from some unsuspecting farmer’s wife. Clicking his tongue, the Prince knew he would have to face Mother dearest, who should be back from what ever important things she had to do.


Leaving his chambers, he was walking up the hall, when he spotted a figure up ahead, well the first thing he saw was a bare bottom, and he made a low wolf whistle sound, only to then want to gag, when he realized the naked beauty was none other than his own mother. “I am having the worst luck today. Eww.” Singing out, and probably being heard by much of the staff, Joffrey called, “No one sent me the scroll saying we turned the kingdom into a nudist colony, Mother.” He started to run to catch up with her, as he needed to ask her about Selene, but the closer he got, the more disgusted he was. What was with this woman? What if the King saw her? Maybe he had.

“Mother…you could have at least put a hat on.”


Re: [RP] Night Lands Castle
August 01, 2013 04:59PM
Rose’s head jerked over to the throne room as she stopped in the door way when she heard her husband..
Fuck off, your grace” she said while walking by the throne room.
Her hair swayed down her back as she continued to walk down the hall, she heard a whistling from behind her. She turned around and it was her son. Rose perked up an eyebrow at her little darling.
I hope you’re not thinking about trying incest. Because I will hang up by your cock” she said.
Rose looked at her son when he told her to at least put a hat on. Being nude was normal in the north. Because most people were werewolves and walking out from a long hunt.
I’m not shy, I was born a wolf, I shall walk in the skin god gave me. Besides you should feel honor coming out of a body like this…” she said.
Rose walked pass her son turning a corner to her chambers. Rose hated being queen couldn’t wait for Selene to take that title away.

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August 01, 2013 05:25PM
Outside Rose’s Chambershttps://i0.wp.com/25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m5li5dUYVJ1r0otfro1_500.gif

And Mother was in one of her moods. Yes, strutting about the castle, screaming obscenities at the King, and running around in the raw. Suddenly it did feel like home once more, the light of Selene was well out of sight, and Joffrey could return to being the sniveling brat he was. He hated his mother, just about as much as she hated everyone else, but in her rage and cutting remarks, he saw an opportunity to gain a few points on the board for Team Brax.

“I hope you’re not thinking about trying incest. Because I will hang up by your cock”

“No Mother, my cock withers at the sight of you, so you can put those feelings to bed….but enough about you and the weather. Princess Selene is here, not sure if you bowled her over in the garden, but she is. AND since you were the one so keen that I wed the girl, she has asked to go shopping.”

This was when he gripped the bridge of his nose, trying to not stare at his mother’s ample bosom. “I heard menopause strikes at your age, so my condolences.” Meaning that her bad temper and need to strip came from being…well old.

She was still on a rant, about how he should be honored to come out of her glorious body, and he snorted, at her egotistical remark.

“Yes, from the back I was sure I could see your flaps hanging down like awnings, but enough about loose lips, Mother. Selene needs clothes, and ..so do you.” He waved and called out as he continued on his march down the hall. “After breakfast…first thing…Selene…shopping..there’s a good Queenie.”


Re: [RP] Night Lands Castle
August 01, 2013 05:44PM
Regina eyes when the knight block her hit again, but this time his block made her spear split into two. At this point Regina was beyond furies. She wanted to kill this man now. That was one of her favorite spears. Regina had killed all the knight and warriors that she came against with that specific spear. But this one knight at destroyed it now. Before having the chance to use any of her combat skills the knight had already had his sword inches away from her neck again. She began to clench her jaw together when he was trying to talk to her in a romantic like manner. Regina never liked things like that. All it was doing was upsetting her more.
“Stop this now!”
She said piercingly. Regina quickly took a few steps back before grabbing two daggers from the straps that stayed on her thighs. Instantly after pulling them out she threw them both directly at the knight. A grin would slowly stretch across her face as she knew now that it was less likely this time for him to be able to block two objects coming at him at a very fast speed. The few seconds she stood there she quickly had to think of something else to do. Her eyes shifted to where the broken spear had laid. One piece of the broken spear still had a decent size blade that stayed attached. Regina eyes remained on the knight as she ran over to pick up the broken piece of the spear. She was fast enough to run around the knight. Now the knight’s back was facing her she held on the broken spear piece in one hand tightly as she quickly walked up closer to him only standing inches away. Now she moved her hand that held the blade around Leon’s neck and held the blade there inches away. She would lean to one side of his head and stop to where her lips leveled with his ear.
“Never talk to me like that again.”
She hissed out in a whisper tone.

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August 01, 2013 06:16PM
((Tisk tisk, two attack moves huh? Lol.))*Leon watched as the woman, rather quickly, drew back from him, drawing a couple of blades from her hips. In those moments, he readied himself for another attack. When that attack came, Leon was more than ready for it, even with the short distance, even a simpleton would know how to handle this situation. However, Leon was a veteran of battles that had arrows flying at him, and yet he has never died. Two flying daggers are a chance even higher than arrows. for instance, how do you know the bladed end will hit and not the hilt?*

*Leon lifted his shield either way and batted the daggers far off to the side, opposite of the bladed end of the spear he had just broken. He was no fool, however, and was anticipating that she’d go for the possible weapon, and grinned to himself the moment he saw her do exactly that. Being a demon who’s creator was combat, well, it aided in his ability to fight off really any threat, and this one was all too easy.*

*As he batted away the daggers he had already been moving as quick as possible toward the bladed spear end. Thanks to his greatly enhanced speed, this took no effort at all. Reaching the blade just as she would bend to pick it up(interrupt), he stomped his foot on it and placed the point of his sword at the crater of her collar bone, right above her heart. If she were to move in any direction, the blade would be in prime position to pierce her skin and most likely her heart with little to no effort at all. Thanks to Leon’s incredible speed and strength, it was likely this woman would fall to his blade if she did move.*

“What ever do you mean? I simply wish to announce my attractions to a beautiful woman, and apparently a talented fighter.” *His rather fun tone became deathly ill and cold, no emotion within it as he spoke his next words.* “A fighter who, if seasoned as I believe her to be, understands that this fight is over, with my move proving victor. Don’t be stupid, surrender your weapons and perhaps we can talk, I have interest in sharing words that I believe you’d like to bear witness to.”

Re: [RP] Night Lands Castle
August 01, 2013 06:26PM
[center]Imogene was painfully aware of how aroused the king was by his arrogant wife. Frowning sternly, she stared at her with haughty eyes as she passed. Her lips tightened as Brandon gave her a compliment. She was hardly deserving of one as she paraded her foreign body off like it was nothing. The queen made the servant sick to her stomach. She should be queen, not that disgusting wolf creature. Her head did not move but her eyes looked to the side at the king’s question. It seemed as though he were goading her on, but Imogene would bide her time. Smiling silently, she answered coolly “I have something that I would only allow my true love to behold. Only he should be able to enjoy it, not all the bloody kingdom.” Looking at Brandon full on, Imogene continued. “And if he should see it, what a sight to behold. A servant learns many a useful things lurking the dark corners of this castle.” With that being her final comment, she faced forward again and folded her hands in front of her. Someday he would be hers. She would die before she allowed that woman to hold his fancy. Deciding to change the comment, she murmured innocently “It seems Selene has quite the effect on your dear son. She seems very…influential. Half the servants seem to be flocking to her.”

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August 01, 2013 07:21PM
Rose didn’t want to talk with Selene, she didn’t have time to mingle like she was suppose too. Rose didn’t want to do anything, she looked at her son. Rolling her eyes it was hard to say no to her son. Her true son. Rose quickly walked back to her son looking at him.
Fine. But I will not be in my form.” she shouted.
A flashing glowing light appeared and Rose turned into her huge dark wolf. Her eyes were blue as she trotted down the hall to the garden where Selene was at. Rose didn’t feel like speaking, not to a woman who was already prepared by her own mother. Rose had nothing to say to the girl she was just doing this for her son.
Rose saw Selene in the garden, she was beautiful. Rose was happy her son was getting pretty woman. She sat down right in back of Selene while she picked flowers or what ever the hell the princess was doing. Rose looked at Selene with her big wolf eyes, there was no denying this princess may scream after seeing a huge wolf in back of her. Rose growled lightly to gain the princess attention.
Rose didn’t move until the princess turned around.

Re: [RP] Night Lands Castle
August 01, 2013 07:45PM
Selene was indeed picking flowers for a bouquet for her darling fiance. She was humming softly to herself so she did not hear the wolf approach her. The princess did pause when she heard a noise and whipped around to see a large wolf. Letting out a surprised scream as she backed away. “Get away from me!” She was rooted to the spot whimpering, the flowers falling around her. The growl had sent her into a spasm of fear which in turn made her turn around and flee for the castle doors. Ripping them open, Selene bolted down the corridors until she bumped into Joffrey. Tears of fear streamed down her cheeks as she clung to him, her arms tight around his waist as she buried her face into his chest. Gasping, she could hardly get the words out.“There is a large wolf outside the castle! Oh your grace, please save me!” The princess didn’t loosen her grasp but looked up into Joffrey’s eyes with pure fear and desperation. “I was so afraid it would kill me!” The more she held onto him, the more safe she felt. What was that creature doing there and where did it come from? After the trembling began to slow down, she began to nuzzle into the safety of Joffrey. She really had that damsel in distress thing down…

Re: [RP] Night Lands Castle
August 01, 2013 08:14PM
(you should totally try to undermine Rose with a scandal and assert your place as Queen)
Brandon Brax smirked and let out a laugh. “And as your King I can order you to give me anything, regardless of your preferences or desires to save things for others. Disobeying a direct order from your King is treason which is punishable by death.”Brandon’s face returned to his normal cold tone and his cruel tone, his brows furrowed“Indeed that hateful creature is trying my patience. I would rather eviscerate her body and decorate the Grand Hall with her internal organs, but she is a political tool to be utilized. As for the servants, I will have to…discipline them. Control through fear is the most efficient way to subjugate the masses. Should things progress, more drastic measures will be taken. I will not have my heir become a soft hearted fool blinded by the damned light or have disloyal servants.”Brandon’s words were strained and almost growled through his clenched teeth.