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Town of Bleu (2) – The Blood of Kings.

Re: [RP] Town of Bleu
August 01, 2013 09:17PM
Terren entered the quaint little Seaside Village with his good hand in his pocket, whistling to himself. The smells of the Sea air were still close enough that it put him in high spirits. The Village was small, but he could see by the refined artistry, that there was money to be made here; which also put him in high spirits. He of course noticed awhile back that he was being followed, but decided that it was no threat and even welcomed the company. He grinned, suddenly stopping and spun on his heel to face the direction of Amber. Well were you planning on havin a chat eventually, or will lurking in the shadows behind me suffice?….Come now..I don’t bite…..often. He leaned his head playfully to the side, beckoning the Girl with his hooked hand. His smile grew even wider, realizing what he was seeing before him. One of the upsides to his former Angelic status was that he had the ability to see People’s true selves. He was intrigued immediately by what he was seeing.


Re: [RP] Town of Bleu
August 01, 2013 09:47PM
Lady Amber had been keeping a measured distance between herself and the ship’s Captain that she had followed from the shoreline. Beneath her skirts, her feet were bare, but it was hard to tell unless she raised her skirts a touch off the ground. From market stall, to behind a wagon of produce, the mermaid crept after him, timid of the humans that were going about their daily lives. The cry of vendors, holding up large fish and squid, had her looks at them with a wrinkled up nose. How terrible these humans were, to kill the treasured creatures off the deep, and keep them piled up in such a grotesque fashion. But as she passed one portly man, the Captain had sensed he was being followed, and turned sharply to face her direction. With no one to run and hide behind, she bit her lip and lowered her head. A true fish out of water. But then she peeked up and spotted he was grinning at her.

“Well were you planning on havin a chat eventually, or will lurking in the shadows behind me suffice?….Come now..I don’t bite…..often.”

His voice carried across to her, and she felt her shyness slip away, ever so gently when he tiled his head and regarded her with such a flirtatious manner. With a hooked hand, he beckoned her over, and looking left and right to see if others watched, she crept towards him, her blonde hair tied with small shells, and the scent of sea salt strong on her skin.


“I cannot lie..I do follow you, Captain. I fear I am lost….and out of my depth.”

Her eyes, the colour of the ocean’s waves shyly looked up into his, and she clasped her hands together, her fingernails the colour of mother of pearl.


Re: [RP] Town of Bleu
August 01, 2013 10:13PM

As the Girl approached, Terren regarded her with a look, that was appraising, but not in a lewd way. His smiled widened a bit, as if the larger the smile, the warmer and safer she felt. He carefully too her tiny hand in his good hand and brought it to his lips. He may be a Scourge on the High Seas, but the Man knew how to exude Charm and Chivalry, however false or true it may have been. Think nothing of it my Lady. This old Sea Dog is all the better for your presence. Terren Avery’s my name and the “Fall from Grace” is my Lady Love at Sea. He leaned in a bit as if a Friend sharing a secret. And I assure you a Mermaid is far from out of Her depth with Captain Terren Avery. Gracing his words with a winking smile. He almost fooled himself into thinking he was a Gilded Gentlemen sometimes.


Don’t be too impressed at my recognizing what you are…let’s just say that ‘Once Upon a Time’, the Heavens shown ther light down on this Poor Soul. He made flitting hand gestures to show light raining down and imply his Angelic past with a joking tone. So…..what exactly brings you to this gorgeously decorated den of debauchery? He was curious as to what would make a Mermaid travel this far from the Sea, Hell, he hardly even liked being this far from it.

Re: [RP] Town of Bleu
August 01, 2013 10:54PM
The Captain was as suave as he was handsome, taking her hand in his good one, and bringing it to her lips in an act of chivalry, that left her almost breathless.His hand was so much larger, and skin weathered by the Sun and salt air. He truly was a man of the sea, and she knew well of his ship, the Fall from Grace, as it was the talk of many merpeople. Amber’s eyes darted to see if others were keen to see the Captain be so bold, and she bit her lip, then gasped as he said he knew her secret. She thought no one could tell if a woman was not a human, but in fact a fish. So grateful that he had not said it loud enough for the villagers to hear, she whispered back;

“I fear what the two legged would do, if they knew. You are kind to keep this secret safe, Captain Avery. I am truly in your debt.” She tried to curtsy, but her legs weren’t exactly up to the task, and she appeared to stumble a little, with her cheeks flushing a sweet shade of pink. But it was the question of what brought her out of the deep, that had him intrigued. Oh this was the greatest of secrets, and she wiggled her finger to come closer, as she took out a locket, that she kept upon her person. It snapped open, to show a picture of a Prince. Prince Derek of Casterly, to be exact.


“A man…a very beautiful man. I have seen him in my dreams, and found this locket, in a box of treasure that came from a ship wreck.” She spun a fanciful tale, of how the mermaid was in love with a man she had never met. “I seek to find him, and express my love.” So naive was she and bound to be in for a terrible shock, when she discovers, he already has a love to call his own.


Re: [RP] Town of Bleu
August 01, 2013 11:16PM

Terren couldn’t help but instantly like the Girl. Aside from her obvious beauty Her Dreamer mentality, however naïve it may be, was endearing. He himself wasn’t much of a Romantic, but he adored the idea of Romance. He nearly bounced with light, beaming from his smile.Well now…there is a lovely tale if I’ve ever heard one. Well if it’s one thing Captain Terren can’t resist, it’s a good story…..of course I’ll be glad to see you on your way to this Adventure of the Heart. I’m sure the booze and coin purses can wait another while for me. He half bowed to her, mocking a Gentleman Knight to a Lady. Thank you my Lady, you’ve given this old Sailor a purpose. These roads are far too dangerous for a Lady on her own, but thankfully you’ll have me to protect you…..and should the Gentlemen of your dreams, be greatful enough to part with a few coins……who could be mad? He didn’t recognize the Man, but he looked rich. It had been many years since Terren had been in these lands, so all the faces had changed. He welcomed the opportunity to separate a Rich Man from his gold.


This was turning out to be a fruitful visit ashore. Besides, how could a Man say no to the chance to have a bit of an adventure…accompanied by a rare Beauty..and delivering her into Love’s arms? He exuded pure excitement at the thought of what could be. Hopefully this Fellow would be so happy to receive the Mermaid that he’d pay up. As a bonus he would be helping a lovely Girl. A few selfish good deeds weren’t going to tarnish his reputation as a Swashbuckler after all.

Re: [RP] Town of Bleu
August 01, 2013 11:54PM

What a kind and wonderful man, the mermaid had found. A friendship forged over the tale of a mermaid that loved a prince, and wanted to have her happy ever after. She had what she thought was the key to his heart; the sweet locket that she found in the ship wreck, and though she didn’t know his first name, she knew he was a Prince. For there was an inscription on the back of the locket, that said HRH Prince D of Casterly. She offered the trinket to the Captain for him to have a look at, if it did help her on her quest. His face became radiant and he practically bounced with enthusiasm, that left her giggling like he was her new bestie. A man that understands a mermaid, and willing to help her find her true love. When he bowed, and acted such like a grand knight of the realm, she didn’t know where to look, for she was not royal, and not at all used to being bowed too.

Perhaps some traders might see her as a lost little Princess, stolen from the pages of the fairy tale books of the brothers Grimm. She quickly checked to see if anyone was pointing, or whispering at the sight of the pair, but most seemed to be more interested in their trade. Returning her gaze to the Captain, she could not believe the Captain could be so so kind, and yet be a rough and ready like Pirate. He truly was a man of the sea, and protected those that sailed or swam in it.

“How can I ever thank you, this is a dream come true.” Question was, would he know the name on the locket and be able to work out the direction on which to travel to reach the House of Casterly?


Re: [RP] Town of Bleu
August 02, 2013 05:57AM
Terren took the pendant, turning it over and over in his hand. Casterly sounded like one of the Prominent Families, he heard of before. Well perhaps his reason for coming to Bleu would help with this after all. His thoughtful look turned back to a smile. Well it seems I may have a solution to our current endeavor. I just so happen to be here looking for an old Friend. He is a Knight… He wriggled his fingers bouncing his eyebrows up and down playfully in feigned excitement. Don’t be too impressed….He’s just an old Pirate like Me, who kissed enough backside to get a title. Or so that’s the word around the rumor mill…..at any rate, he has lived here long and if he IS a Knight, he would know where to find important People. He clasped his hand around the pendant and was about to slip it into his pocket out of habit, but then he stopped himself; handing it back to Amber. Oopsie…..old habits and all that. Well…..shall we my Lady? He half bowed then offered her his arm to loop Hers into and walk with him.


If I know the Scalawag……and Boy do I…the first place to look is the Tavern…

Re: [RP] Town of Bleu
August 02, 2013 09:57AM
The Captain was indeed suave and rather flamboyant by most standards. For how he appeared on the deck of his ship, to this happy go lucky chap with such dainty like ways of speaking, it was very easy for the mermaid to find herself taken in. If he was to bait the girl into trust, he had surely made his catch, as she searched his eyes when he said he may have a solution into finding the Prince, whose face smiled from the locket. Terren knew of a Knight, that naturally would have toured all the lands, and be in the know on who sits upon what throne throughout the land. And old friend to boot.


But a warning came to be, that the Pirate friend, had been one to kiss the backsides of those of silver tongue to get where he is today.

“He must have awful breath, Captain.” Amber said innocently, taking him at his word. She was truly that green, and no clue how social climbers rose in status. Butt kissing, and the real actual thing. Taking back the locket, that held the Prince’s picture, she placed it within her bodice, and nodded repeatedly that in order to find the “scallywag” they should first try the tavern. Amber’s head bopped up and down, and her large doe like eyes of blue, scanned the signs on the shops, seeking one that said “Tavern.” She figured if there was a tavern close by, then the sailors surely would be singing up a storm, as they often do on their ships when drinking rum.