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Firemarsh Castle (2) 
Re: [RP] Firemarsh Castle
August 01, 2013 02:09PM
Dining hall
Charles was in the middle of drinking his wine when he saw his wife enter the dining hall. This brought a smile on his face, seeing his son behind. His eyes shifted towards the food before grabbing a fork and started to cut the lamb meat.
Nice to see you too, love” he said, ignoring her sinister words.
Charles started to eat his lamb while looking at his son.
You can take a seat son, I don’t bite.” he said, chewing his meat in his mouth.
Charles looked around for his daughter. Who knew having a family dinner was such work? Charles’s green eyes shifted around the dinning hall before it stopped at his beautiful wife.
Hmmmm did you get dressy for me?” he asked.
Charles turned towards his son, he knew they needed to talk about marrying Raven and man stuff. Finally his daughter walked in looking as beautiful as ever.
Your food was getting cold, dear.” he said, but his daughter didn’t answer him.

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August 01, 2013 02:35PM
Dining Hall

Tira just sat there, she didn’t started eating, she was just staring down at her food. she saw it was meat, and people knew pretty well, she didn’t liked to eat meat everyday, she was basically going through a diet, and she didn’t felt like eating meat, not today. She ate that as a lunch and ate that yesterday, she didn’t wanted to ruin with her diet, and the meat was from a lamb, ugh, that was just disgusting. She even made an expression like she was about to puke, but she didn’t. The only good thing in here, was the vegetables they put, and the drink, other than that everything sucks, even the own rice. Then her mother and brother finally decided to show up, good, they wasn’t going to leave her alone with her father, things would get extremely awkward.
She watched her mother sitting down, and the words she said, about having a guy in her chambers, ugh, they saw Tywin, of course they did, that guy doesn’t know how to be sneaky when he needs to.
Tira took a deep breathe, as she rose her head and looked up at her mother, blinking, as her expression basically showed that between Tira and Tywin, nothing happen, but yell and throw things. She still didn’t felt like she would talk either, because the more they spoke, the more this dinner would last, and she would never get rid of this people and go back to her room.
Then her father was talking to her about the food getting cold, shes tared at him, from the corner of his eye, and still remained quiet. Then looking back down at her food, she just began to eat the vegetables first, and quickly placing the meat on the corner of her plate. There was no way, she was going to eat that. 

Re: [RP] Firemarsh Castle
August 01, 2013 03:33PM
Robert smiled softly. “Thats certainly true” He remarked when she said that he was her son. His smile grew a little brighter when she agreed to go. “Don’t worry, I’ll stand between you two” He said as every day since he was born he seemed to have been in the middle. Better him than his sister though. That he would never allow. “The joys..” He muttered as he followed his mother towards the dining hall where he was sure there was going to be a lot of love in.


Robert walked into the room, his gaze going to his sister first and than his father. “Father, I wouldn’t be so sure about that…’He murmured as he watched his mother sit down on the other end of the table. Oh dear lord, the dynamic of this table was like walking into a shark infested waters. He heard what his mother said and stifled a sigh. There we go with the harsh words. He sat directly across from his sister. “You had Tywin in your room?” He asked, not liking the sound of that what so ever. But more for her safety than anything else. “Ignore that” He said as he glanced down to the plate that was put in front of him. Lamb. Of course.

Re: [RP] Firemarsh Castle
August 01, 2013 06:38PM
Lily smiled down at her husband, a less malicious smile. She figured he was being on his best behavior, why shouldn’t she in front of the kids. Looking down at her dress, her smile broadened and she placed fingers at her necklace. “Of course, Charles. I prefer dressing up for you rather than down. Don’t you just love this necklace? Our darling Robert bought it for me. It’s been such a long time since I’ve had new jewelry…” The queen was fishing but she didn’t care. Tira was silent and that suited her just find. If she was speaking, Lily suspected it was only to bitch. She watched her daughter push food around on her plate with a raised eyebrow. “Really Tira, you ought to buy the lamb a drink before you man-handle it…” Looking to her son, she smiled slightly “Indeed she did. Though from the looks of it he managed to turn on the water works. Honestly, if meant aren’t fucking you, they’re fucking you over.” Smiling innocently, she leaned over to pat Robert’s hand. “Excuse the language, darling…” Looking at Charles, she tilted her head “Are you enjoying your family dinner?”

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August 01, 2013 07:10PM
Charles chewed back his meat as he listened to his wife. His attention directed to his son. He knew he was about to be wed to Princess Raven soon.
So, son. Have you visited your queen to be yet? You know I’m not going to be around forever…” he said before grabbing grapes with his hand and threw it into his mouth. He ate like a beast, he was a messy eater. Always has been. Charles eyes shifted towards his daughter when his son said the bastard prince came to her chambers.
What did you guys do? I hope he didn’t deflower my daughter before her wedding day. I’m too good-looking to be judge over my daughter’s actions..” he said.
Charles can sometimes be a real asshole. He knew it, his wife knew it. So, did his children.
Now I need my family bloodline to stay strong. I need my son to be a man and go visit his queen, I need my daughter to be a lady and stop scaring off her husband to be. He said, stuffing tomatoes in his mouth having the tomato juice slide down his face. Charles’s eyes shifted to his wife, raising an eyebrow.
I hope you have been teaching our daughter, not our son to be pleasing a man. I will not have my house ashamed because my children don’t know how to reproduce the bloodline.” he chunged his wine back before looking at his son.
If I die, and you don’t put babies in that fucking harpy’s belly. I will haunt you until the day you die boy. You hear me!”

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August 01, 2013 07:29PM

Tira remained shut, and when her brother asked her if Tywin was in there, she just stared at him, like she was about to throw her plate at his face. She didn’t wanted anybody to talk about that, he showed up, out of nowhere. Its not like she wanted that thing in her bedroom, he annoyed her a lot, and she wanted to get rid of him as soon as possible.
But the conversation was still about him, her mother just continued the conversation, talking about men fucking and stuff. They really didn’t had anything better to talk about, right? What was wrong with this family?
Tira huffed out, as she began to eat bread as well, she didn’t wanted to eat the meat nor the rice. So all that was left for her was just the vegetables and the bread on top of the table. That would be enough for tonight. She still remained shut, not really mentioning a single thing. Her father was talking about the same thing again, complaining about the way their children acted, if he didn’t liked it, then he should never make them, right? Its thanks to him that they are in this world. But her father was going way too far, by yelling at Robert because he wanted Robert to get Raven pregnant, that’s just disgusting.
“Ok, this is ridiculous..”
She finally spoke, and of course nothing good would come out.
“First of all, we hate each other. So why in hell are we taking this stupid dinner and pretend? We can simple eat in different rooms, you know. Secondly, I don’t want to marry a guy that is always stalking Raven’s ass, and he’s a damn bastard. I don’t want to have children either. Have you ever looked at yourself, father? At your relationship with Mother? Its sad. Stupid, with no love and extremely depressing. You’re busy with your whores, and while mother, well..She keeps herself busy by being away from you. I don’t want to have a life like you both. Its a sad life.”
Tira finally spoke out her mind, she was going nuts by staying here so quiet, and letting all this bullshit being said. Her father needed to wake up and stop being such an asshole, the same way her mother should be more tough with him, and Robert be more a man of himself. While herself, well, she needed to stop caring so much about stuff, even tho she bitches a lot, but she cares, and she’s the one who end ups hurt mostly of the times.


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August 01, 2013 08:03PM
Cottage Mer Vue – Firemarsh lands

Night had fallen, and out in the forest just beyond the small Cottage of Mer Vue, three witches were dancing, as within the large black pot, a brew was bubbling. Dancing naked and stirring up the very leaves to dance about the air, the witches of Summer, did sing of dark desires and evil plots. Osha was the one making the most noise, as she had enjoyed an afternoon of wild sex with the lanky Lord who came to sew his oats within her.


“Another man, of blue blood, he does pay for me,
since his Lady can’t bring herself to spread her legs,
her pussy he shall not see.
But the Lord does come to seek my youth,
his tongue does dance within my folds,
and all his treasured secrets whispered,
within the sheets, he does divulge.””

All cackled, as the smoke that came from the fire started to change color and the shapes of those most hated by the Summer witches, came into formation. Ladies, Ladies, Queen and Princesses. Dames and Duchesses, they were all the same. Women claiming to be above the filth of sin, but they were lower than the maggots that feasted on bloated corpses of rats. Adultery is high on the card, when you are born with a silver spoon. The very reason her mother was burnt at the stake, and for which all royal women will pay. The fire danced within the eyes of Osha, who had her sights set on a King…afar.

“Show me my new delight…the one that holds the key to the downfall of all ladies of Firemarsh!” she cried, spreading her arms wide, as the bubbling pot released a large bubble, that within its glow showed none other than the King himself. Seated at a table with his family. What a happy family gathering….NOT. Osha laughed and threw back her head, as she sang an incantation and her form changed to that of a crow, that flew off in the direction of the Castle Firemarsh, where the start of her evil plan would commence.