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Re: [RP] Firemarsh Castle
July 31, 2013 09:47AM
Cottage Mer Vue – Firemarsh lands


The dark shadows could not hide the Lord who followed along behind Osha as she took her afternoon stroll, a few hundred yards from Cottage Mer Vue. The sound of his foot falls, as they crunched the leaf litter and snapped twigs, only brought amusement to the young witch’s face. Oh, he had taken her not a week ago, but his insatiable lust had brought him back once more, with a purse filled with coin, to pay for her favors. Glancing back through her soft brown locks, she could see his outline in the forest, and after another twig snaps, she grips her skirts, and turns around. Upon her chest, a ruby medallion, that was handed down from daughter to daughter. It captured the shards of light that broke through the canopy, and sparkled whilst it rest upon her dark skin.

“You really are a terrible tracker, Sir Lance. One would think you were riding an elephant.” She said with a delicious smirk upon her lips. Sir Lance appeared just out from behind a tree, and removed his hat as he gazed upon the temptress Osha. “My dear, forgive me, but I cannot get you out of my mind. I have come to ask…if I may lay with you once more. My wife….she is too poorly to give me rights in the bed chambers, and I fear of what I will do if I cannot release the inner demons that plague me.”

The look upon Osha’s face when she heard this terrible excuse by Sir Lance to ask her for sexual favors, was one of fascination and surprise. Either he was telling the mother of all whoppers, or he really did have a case of blue balls. A hint of smugness came over her, and she lifted her skirts, and glided across to stand in front of him, with her intoxicating scent of cinnamon and rose petals, filling his senses. “Oh, you poor thing. Those demons must really be a handful.” she said as she reached down and cupped his crotch with her right hand, and massaged it slowly, as her eyes darkened. Sir Lance released a soft moan, as his lips parted. His eye almost rolled back in his head, but he was brought back to earth, when she simply patted his growing bulge. “Osha…for all that I am…I beg you…let me carry you to the cottage, and make sweet love. I need you, more than you can imagine.” His hot breath was felt upon her face, as he looked set to take her right then and there on the forest floor. But if it was one thing she hated, was sex outdoors. She loved the luxury of clean sheets, and down pillows, not having grass poking up her ass. She stood on tiptoes and whispered in his ear. “For all your purse, I think I can squeeze out a demon or two.” Osha nibbled his earlobe, and you could feel his chest swell, as he swept her up in his arms, and carried her the rest of the way back to Cottage Mer Vue.

Thankfully, Osha’s two aunts were in the town buying produce, and so when he kicked open the door with his boot, there were not two old witches sitting in the living room to greet him. Osha giggled at the Lord’s exuberance, as he swept her up the stairs, and into her private chambers on the top floor. Once inside the room, he slammed the door, and took to her like a wolf does a lamb. Large hands fumbling as he tore away at her dress, and had it fall to the floor at her feet. She heard the jingle of his large purse as he tossed it on her dresser, and then he turned her around, and slapped her arse, before growling long and low. “Bend over on the bed, while I remove my pants.” She did as he asked, and with her hands splayed out on the fine sheets, Osha glanced back to see him completely naked, having taken off his shirt and pants in what must have been record time. He placed the palm of his right hand on the small of her back, then grabbed a fist full of her hair with his left. Without another word, he kicked her legs apart with his knee, and snorted loudly, as his hardened member was thrust into her, before she even had a chance to utter a sound. The Lord was like a machine, with all pistons firing, as his hips moved back and forth at a hard pace. He quickly changed his position, flipping her over and then diving on top of her, biting at her neck and licking her flesh, like a man who had been starved of sex for years. And it had only been a week. Why is it the quiet ones are so adventurous in the bedroom, she thought to herself, as he grunted in her ear, about to reach climax.


He drew his head back and roared like a lion, eyes the colour of pure black, as he came hard and heavy, only to roll off her and fall asleep. Osha laid there for a moment panting. “Well that was fast..” She propped herself up and stared at him oddly, his mouth open like a fish as he snored. Reaching for her red robe, she stood up and then crept over to the dresser, where he had thrown his purse. Sure enough, it was filled with coins, enough to get her a new wardrobe of fine dresses. She bit her lip as she glanced back at Sleeping beauty…or the beast, since he sounded like one at the moment. She tossed the coin purse, chuckling. “I’m going to have to start charging for breakfast if he sleeps like this every time he comes.”