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| James "Honey Badger" McElroy | Age: 33 | Non-Modified Soldier |

| Wasp Squadron Commander |OPEN
RP Relation:

Captain McElroy aka “Honey Badger, because Honey Badger don’t give a shit, is Commander of the Wasp Squadron and it’s best Pilot. He has flown long and wilder than any other Pilot in the history of the Squadron. McElroy is alleged to have flown 3 inches of the ground for a fly-by rescue mission. He flew into a fight just barely off the ground so that Troops could jump in and be extracted without stopping in a combat zone. This is just one of the many stories of crazy flying that earned him the nickname of Honey Badger.

Character : James “Honey Badger” McEloy

Why do you want to play this character? : Love the actor, think he is perfect for the role as the Commander of the Wasp Squadron, and yes, another asshole. Something I am good at playing, it seems.



The Wasp Squadron were gathered in the Echo base hanger, at 0800 hours, to be briefed on the latest installations in radar technology and new interceptive missiles that had been fitted to the new Wasps that had been sent in from outside Echo Base.

Two rows of chairs were all facing the outer doors of the hanger, as a leggy Officer, came trotting through, with the call sign “Cougar” Blonde hair that was pulled back tight in a bun, and a total desk jockey, that had been sent out to give the latest scientific analysis of the Wasps, to be relayed to the members of the Squadron.


Captain McElroy, or Honey Badger as he was known to his men, twirled his pen as he watched the official drop her folder file of papers, and they scattered across the floor of the hanger, much to her dismay and embarrassment. One of the higher ranking officers face palmed, as her bun came loose, when a blast of hot air, came from one of the landing Wasps, just a few hundred feet away. Now paper was going in all directions and the poor woman was bending over trying to pick up each stray piece, as the head officer reached to help, he accidentally touched her backside. Well, the leggy Officer stood bolt upright, ready to slap the General, when he raised both hands and tried to say he was innocent.

-Cough- “Bullshit!” –Cough-

Course the one to make the comment, was none other than Honey Badger, who had many of his squadron chuckling at the fail of a display by what were supposed to be the top brass of the Military Air division. Captain McElroy rose from his seat, and strutted through, picking up all the last of the papers, and then handed them to the officer, who was practically beetroot red from embarrassment. She stuttered nervously as she asked. “I thank you…err…Captain..?”


“They call me the Honey Badger, Ma’am, and might I say, the name Cougar sure applies to you.” He gave a firm nod, and then spun on his heel going to sit back down, his sunglasses hiding the delight behind his eyes, as she was struck dumb by his comment. Just when things were about to escalate, their Major, Eisenhour, marched in and shouted. “No time for drinks, gentleman, you have a hop to take. Go no lower than fourteen thousand feet. That goes double for you, Honey Badger.” He said with an accusing look, as Captain McElroy rose from his seat and grinned broadly. “I’ll do my job, Major…but er..you got a Cougar waiting for you, Sir.” The Major grumbled as the woman gasped, at the fact he knew she was having a romantic interlude with the Major. “Don’t worry, Cougar. I won’t tell his wife.” <3>