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July 29, 2013 01:04PM
Derek watched Violet, clearly bemused at the entire situation. As she came at him, carrying a sword and hitching the skirts out of the dirt Derek grinned and gave her another little bow “Very well then…”. He glanced her over once, blue eyes lingering on the gown before being cast up to her own pale eyes. “I cant see under the dress…as much as I’d like too” he smirked, winking yet again. “Keep your feet apart, like this”. Derek fell into a stance, feet pointed at her but legs apart. He pointed the sword at her, eyeing violet down the steel. “Let your sword feel like part of your arm”. Derek began to circle her, his sword still pointed at her face. He was light on his feet, his arm out stretched and his eyes fierce. “Don’t…whatever you do, take your eyes from your opponent…” he said softly, casting her another cocky smirk. As he continued circling her, he got closer and closer until he was standing almost beside her. At that, Derek drew his sword to the side and brought it across in a smooth, sweeping motion. He caught her back with the flat of his sword and laughed slightly “Come on My Lady, don’t hold back”. He cast her another cheeky glance before stepping away and raising his sword over his head in a point at her.

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July 29, 2013 01:22PM
Violet grinned back at him, but did as he said, her sword in one hand the other picked up her skirt so he could clearly see her boots taking the stance he told her to take. She watched him eagerly as he pointed dawn star at her. Dropping her skirt she held out her own arm in front of her, looking at the sword until he told her to not take her eyes from her opponent. “Well, that shouldn’t be a problem then,” she said flirtatiously, biting her lip as she smiled at him. She turned her head as he circled around her, spotting him, but left her back to him, causing him to hit her in the back. Her layers made it so she hardly felt it, but she playfully glared at him anyway. “Don’t hold back? No problem,” she said and with that she literally ripped off her outer and under skirt so that she was just in her under shirt, outer corset, bloomers, and tall black boots. Mimicking how he held his sword and himself, she started to take things seriously. “Can’t say I mind you pointing your sword at me though,” she said, flashing him another flirtatious smile, but raising her own sword back at him, prepared to block him this time.

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July 29, 2013 03:39PM

Jimeon wrang his hands together, and snivelled when he saw that witch of a woman, Metia wink at him, his eyes reverting back to their clear blue, after his sense picked up her true nature. Jimeon was not just some simple servant, or country bumpkin, oh no. But of course, that will be revealed later. He actually felt a choking sensation, as the wave of bad energy balled into a black manifestation, and he spat it out on the ground, being rid of it now she was out of their view. The King of course, did not have such keen senses as Jimeon, and he happened to notice Jimeon spit the black lugey onto the ground.

“My good Jimeon, what ails you this day?”

“Tis just the chewing tar, M’lord, forgive me, for I could not swallow it.”

“Ah…perhaps it’s not a good thing to be chewing.”

“Of course, M’lord. Oh, and the Bishop is in the chapel. He waits to share a word with you.”

The Bishop was a man that King Henry felt was a stellar example of one that was truly devoted to God and his flock, and not only that King Henry shared a special bond with Bishop Mckenna, one that had stood the test of the years of his marriage to Metia. A man who was devout to God, but he was not so blinded by love that he couldn’t see through Metia’s facade. For little did Metia realize, there was many that knew all too well about her past, her true nature….and her biggest lie of them all.
On entering the chapel, the King felt the spiritual presence of those that were on bended knee, giving thanks and prayer to God, and he swept up the main aisle, to where the Bishop was giving communion to some of the house staff. The King got in line, with his head bowed, just like everyone else that waited to partake in the body and blood of Christ. Bishop McKenna glanced up and saw the heavenly visage of the King, the Angel of Vaas Plains. He also noticed Jimeon at his side, and then when he looked past them to see Metia was not in attendance, he nodded to himself and then smiled at the next parishioner, as he placed a small wafer of bread upon their tongue, and said softly. “The body of Christ is within you.”

King Henry moved along with the line, till it was his turn, and he knelt down, with his golden hair capturing the light that shone down from the coloured windows. Though he did not have his wings open out in full in such a public setting, there was a distinct aura of where they would be if he had. Bishop Mckenna took the wafer of bread, and then placed it on the King’s tongue, repeating the words; “The body of Christ is within you.” , before leaning forward and whispering in his ear.

“I have a message for you, please take this.”

He then slipped the King a small roll of parchment, that was tied with a black ribbon. Stepping back, he took up the wine chalice and held it aloft, as the King pocketed the parchment in his coat.

“This is the blood of Christ, may it keep you free from the sins of those that seek to harm the Lamb of God.”

He then blessed the chalice and offered it to the King to drink…which he did with his eyes closed.


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July 29, 2013 05:46PM
The Queen stayed on the gardens for like ten minutes or something, till she had the wonderful idea on having a nice bath, that would be even more relaxing, and she always enjoyed being on warm water around her naked body. Pushing herself from the bench, she picked up the sides of her dress, and walked out from the gardens, heading inside the castle. While she was walking through the hallways, she noticed a maid, and spoke.
“Prepare me a warm bath, quick.”
After saying this words, the maid nodded and just left, going to prepare her bath, on the huge bathroom, they had, if it wasn’t the stuff necessary in a bathroom, it could be certainly some living room. Metia walked slow towards the bathroom, since the maids would still take awhile. She first went to her bedroom, so she could remove her dress, and put on some white robe.Royal Bathroom

After ten minutes, Metia finally reached the bathroom, and saw her bath all perfect, with that beautiful tub, with some small angels on the edges of the tub, it was indeed the design her husband wanted, because if it was her, she would put some lion, or something, nothing like that, that’s for sure. She stepped closer to the tub, and waited for the maids leave the bathroom, and once they did, she open her robe, and let it slid down from her naked body. She had a beautiful body shape, nothing that big, but good enough.
She pressed her palms against her own breasts, as she walked on the small chairs, and then step inside the warm water, she keep walking, and the water would always be the weight of her waist. Slowly closing her eyes, Metia allowed her body to slowly go down inside the water, till her head was under water as well. She wouldn’t take long, since all she wanted was just get her body wet. Moving her head back up, she remained on the middle of the tub, on her knees, so the water was now at the weight of her breasts, being able to cover them. She passed her hands through her long blonde hair, before place it over her shoulder. Right now, Metia was staring at her body, it was on that moment, she noticed how awful she was getting, she looked sick. Ugh, she hated this curse she had, her body when was weak, would become like this, like she was sick, she grew more paler, and skinnier, we could see her ribs and spine from her back. She needed somebody’s soul to take over, but she couldn’t do it that now, her husband was still around and she had no female for do that. Now she had to make her best to make sure nobody would notice the changes from her body.

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July 30, 2013 04:13PM
Lady Dana Frey & Axel Frey ChambersLady Dana was just waking up from her beauty rest. Using both of her hands, she popped herself up and yawned softly. Looking over to her side, she seen her husband still asleep. Lady Dana knew her husband was staying up later now. It was because he wanted to keep and eye on her from when she snuck out of their chamber. Not making a sound, Lady Dana got out of bed and walked over to the bathroom so she could go shower and get ready for what was planned for her today. It only took about 25-30 minutes for her to get ready. Usually it never took her that long for her to get dressed and stuff, but she was now taking longer due to the fact that Syrio Cassel now lived in the Vaas Plain Castle. She wanted to look nice every time she was around him. Once Lady Dana was finally finished with what she had to do she left the chambers and headed to where the training arena was. She knew at this time of day all the knights that stayed in Vaas Plain had to go to training. Lady Dana walked down the long narrow hall till she came to the balcony the stood over the arena. Pushing the curtain to the side her eyes scanned around the arena till she found Syrio Cassel practicing his sword fighting against other knights. A soft smile would spear slowly across her face. Just watching him made her happy inside.

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July 30, 2013 04:50PM
Forest near Vaas Plains Castlehttps://i1.wp.com/25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_mamx9eoflH1r6du08o1_500.gif

They say the arrow of cupid does strike but once in our lives. For Sir Arhold, this occurred so long ago. The fair Ambrosia, daughter of Marmuke, a trader who lived in the lands of Vaas Plains, but far from the realm of royalty and court. To the angel, she was his true love from the moment he caught sight of her, washing in a spring pool, her long tresses having been loosened from their keep, and the sensual shape of her hourglass frame, as she glided through the crystal waters. To this day, he remembers the feeling of love, the bolt of cupid striking true through his heart. Her eyes, the brilliance of jade when she turned, and saw the rugged knight, wearing furs and leather. His long brown cape blanketing the leaf littered ground. No modesty, as she rose from the waters, with the trickling of fine droplets that ran down the curves of her bosom. God’s light did break through the canopy, and illuminated her frame, so she indeed was blessed with the fairest skin.

“What nobleman does watch a maiden bath in the afternoon?”

She spoke with the refinement of a lady, and yet she was but a commoner. Wayne turned his head away, a ripe blush forming upon his cheeks. She was so bold, and yet he found himself mesmerized by her beauty.

“Forgive me…I am overcome by your beauty. Please, let me get your clothes.” He fumbled, trying to pull down her dress from an overhanging branch, but she closed the distance between them, and placed her hand upon his cheek, cupping it. Wayne’s hand held the dress, but he turned his head back, as her face was inches from his.

“Why not join me to bathe? The cool of the water is invigorating to the skin.” Her lips formed into a smile that illuminated her face, and he seemed to lose all sense and reason, as he wrapped his arms around her, and brought her into a passionate embrace. This would be the first of many meetings by the rock pool, but that was so long ago. Now he stands in the same place, but to his left a small cross that stands true upon a pile of rocks. A single red rose to show that she had lived and favoured this first place of love. Ambrosia lived a long and wonderful life, though barren for she was not able to have children. Wayne stood solemnly, staring into the glistening pool, imagining she was still gliding through the waters. The curse of the angel, to live so long and never change their youthful appearance, while those that they love, live and die…to be one with the Lord, while this Servant of the Cross continues to walk the planes of mortals and demons….till he meets his fate.


He withdraws his sword and kneels before her grave, his head bowed as he says a final prayer. A single tear rolls down his cheek as love is to become a memory…one most cherished. Wiping away the tear with his gloved hand, he rises and sheaths his sword upon his back. His horse snorts when Wayne turns away from Ambrosia’s grave, and he takes up the reigns, starting his long journey back to the Vaas Plains Castle, to fufill his role once more to serve the Crown.