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Re: [RP] Night Lands Castle
July 28, 2013 07:31PM
Nightland Village*Leon had managed to secretly get her from the castle with nearly no problems. True, he had to knock a couple guards or servants unconscious, hard enough to make sure they don’t remember what happened, but other than that, nothing. Not only this, but the horse back ride there gave no issues as well. Before long, Leon could see the gates approaching and he slowed his horse down to a gentle jog. He assumed the queen did the same and the two strode through the gates. Leon led her to the Stables that were not far from their entry point and he hoped off the steed, patting down the pieces of his leather tunic that were visible with a sigh, his rather thick and heavy steel shield hanging on his left arm, though he managed to carry it as though it were nothing. He turned to his queen as his eyes surveyed the area.* “Where to next?”
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Re: [RP] Night Lands Castle
July 28, 2013 08:10PM
Nightlands VillageRegina was on the edge of fury. She wanted to find this knight that the villager long ago has told her about. Regina roamed through different villages threatening innocent people to tell where this Leon guy was. The last place to check was the Nightland Village. Smacking the her heel of her boot on her horse sides, her horse started to galloped through the Dark Forest. Shortly, she saw a figure of a castle in the distance, it was Nightland Castle. A smirk would slowly stretch across her face as she knew she was getting closer to her destination. It was closer then she thought it would be. Yanking on the leash that hung around her horse’s neck made him slow down his pace, making him walk normal speed. As she rode on the horse, Regina eyes scan the area, looking at the people that were on the opposite side of the gate. Minutes passed as she continued to walk around the perimeter of the gate that surrounded the castle and village. She then realized a man on a horse that was standing by the entrance. Regina eyes narrowed as her horse continued walking up to where he stood. His appearance read off as a Knight, just by his armor and they way he was built.
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Re: [RP] Night Lands Castle
July 28, 2013 08:29PM
*Leon’s eyes held onto the Queen until his gut held an odd feeling within it. He got this many times, as others would, in situations that may not go well for him. Normally with him it happened when he was about to be attacked, when he was being watched for an unordinarily long period of time, or even at certain sounds around him. Call it intuition, seeing the future, or instinct. Leon simply appreciated the fact that his own body has kept him alive in many more ways and lives than one. He rose a brow, furrowing bot at the middle and turned his head, seeing a horse with a native looking woman riding atop it.
*In her hand, a spear, and on her face a grimace. He knew the look, and he knew it well. Over his many years, just as many people have challenged him to a duel, none succeeding. Each has met an end by his blade, and if his gut was correct, this one would end the same.* “Can I help you with something?” *He spoke the words loud and with authority, something a knight and grizzled warrior would do without even realizing it. As she looked upon him, she’d see a face born of war and raised in battle and blood. The face of a man who has face a thousand men with less than half that and survived with less even. A man who has trained the greatest of warriors in the land. A man who hunted Wolves and Vampires alike for years without losing a mark or dying or even being bitten. She would look upon the face of a man that was either her equal, or horribly more so. He had a hand on the steel sword at his hip, his shield arm at the ready held on his chest. He had a bad feeling about the look this woman was giving him, and would be ready whether he was right, or wrong.*((Don’t worry hun, I’m right with you.))
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Re: [RP] Night Lands Castle
July 29, 2013 08:45AM
Night land village”
Rose nodded her head amuse at his compliment. She rode towards the village near the castle. Her eyes shifted towards the knight and then the wild female on horse back. She couldn’t really do anything because she didn’t want to be exposed. Rose slipped past the knight and moved into the shadows leaving him with the female. Rose looked down at the ground so she wouldn’t be recognized by any guards or servants. Rose held a deep breath before mounting back up on a horse and riding off into the dark night to Blackstone village.
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Re: [RP] Night Lands Castle
July 29, 2013 01:16PM
Selene sat at the vanity, her servant tugging and ripping at her blonde curls. Wincing but always ever so polite, she whispered“Must you pull so hard…” The servant didn’t appear to hear and continued trying to pin her hair up. With a sigh, the princess sat patiently as she was plucked and preened so she could meet her betrothed. Selene was nowhere near calm, as she had heard the most ghastly things about her soon to be husband. Though she tried to see the best in everyone, she was finding it a difficult task to find some virtue in a prince with a hideous reputation. Still, she was always the optimist and knew that she would give her fiance the benefit of the doubt. Perhaps he just needed a sweet, gentle hand to help find the true prince within him. As one servant pulled at her hair, another servant offered two dresses for her to choose from: a simple yet elegant green dress that brought out her eyes or a darker more seductive dress of red and black lace. Swallowing slowly, she remembered what one of the more looser servants had told her. Best to be more seductive than innocent, otherwise the men would walk all over her. Shaking her head, she chose neither and went with a silvery white dress that shimmered when she moved. Selene wouldn’t change who she was.After what seemed like hours, she was finally ready. Arriving at the foreign castle, the princess couldn’t help but be afraid. Would he even like her? Her lady-in-waiting followed behind her, careful to hold the beautiful white lace of Selene’s dress as she walked. They made their way to the throne room, Selene’s nerves running rampant. She was led up to the thrones where the king and prince sat, and she found it hard to look either of them in the eyes. After taking a moment to compose herself, she dropped into a pretty curtsy to them both. Looking up at the king, she spoke in her soft angelic voice “Your grace, thank you kindly for inviting me to your home. I have been looking forward to this meeting so earnestly.” Slowly, she turned to meet Joffrey’s eyes with her own bright green ones. As she looked at him, her breath was taken away. Handsome and devilish, there was an instant attraction. So brash, so harsh looking, and yet with a cruel beauty that left her at a loss for words. This was the man she was warned against. Naive and innocent, she knew she was already in love. Smiling nervously, her eyes fell to the floor as she spoke even softer. M’lord, it is such a pleasure to finally make your aquaintance.” Looking down at her modest silvery gown, she immediately regretted not listening to that whore’s advice.

Re: [RP] Night Lands Castle
July 29, 2013 04:13PM
Nightland Village“You can help me by finding Leon, the knight..”
She would say in her thick Russian accent. Regina tugged on the leash again making the horse stop a few feet away from the man who stood on the opposite side of the gate. Her eyes shifted to the women that slid through the entrance of the gate and walked off into the woods. She could tell that whatever the knight and women was doing was something bad on their part, but she didn’t really care about that. All she wanted was to find this knight and end his life. Regina eyes then flickered back over to the man that sat high on his horse.
“..and you are?”
She said sternly as she perked a brow. Regina was feeling the tension building in the air. Maybe this was the guy that Regina has been searching for the past few months. She gripped onto her spear tightly as her eyes stayed narrowed as she waited for his response. If he was the Leon guy that the villager had told her long ago, she would attack right that second and not stop this his body laid lifelessly on the ground.

Re: [RP] Night Lands Castle
July 29, 2013 05:23PM
Nightland Village
*When the woman mentioned his name, a brow rose even further. What could this woman, of seemingly native life, want with him? He had made enemies across the land in his many years, though most of them were dead by this point. Either by his blade, or another. He gripped the hilt of his blade even harder, ready for practically anything at this point. He heard the shuffling behind him, but paid it no mention, figuring the queen would have left his side when they got there one way or another. Though, he did sigh softly and shake his head at the royal woman, brave and partially ignorant to what’s around her, like almost every royal.*”..and you are?”*The words came to Leon’s ears and rang through his head. He grinned softly, and decided there was no point in lying to figure out what it was this woman wanted with him. Partially unsheathing his sword, coughing to cover up the sound, he spoke.* “I am Sir Leon Dire. Apprently, you have found who it is your seek and your quest has ended.” *He stepped to the side of her horse, being sure to stay away from the legs of her horse, knowing it’d be difficult to come back from a hit to the head by such a beast. Though his Dragon Bone Plating would protect his other body parts from such a hit, due to the incredible strength of the natural object, he would rather not risk it if his gut feeling about this woman was correct.**He took a few steps backward once he managed to reach the side of the woman’s horse, and placed his back against the wall. He always had a plan, even if it seemed reckless.* “May I ask who YOU are?”

Re: [RP] Night Lands Castle
July 29, 2013 07:01PM
Joffrey was positively bored, now that the main act had been carted off, to have their hands and feet removed for failing to amuse the King. Drumming the fingers of his right hand upon the velvet arm rest of his smaller throne chair, he leaned over and picked up another grape, then started a game of ‘toss and catch’ with his mouth agape like a fish. This was fun for all of…two minutes, finally catching one and chewing heartily, when the court chamberlain announced the arrival of the betrothed to Prince Joffrey, the fair Princess Selene of the House of Casterly.
‘What…the devil was she wearing?’ Joffrey thought to himself. Was she dressed by nuns this morning? ‘Ugh…Silvery white…how ghastly.’ His facial expression bordered on disgust and mild interest, like he was about to dissect a toad or something of that nature. His eyes followed their way down from her eyes, right down to the hem of her skirt and then slowly went back up till he started to show a rather bemused expression. ‘Oh.hell…she looks like she’s a virgin.’ And then…she spoke.”Your grace, thank you kindly for inviting me to your home. I have been looking forward to this meeting so earnestly.”

This was of course directed to his Father, and Joffrey shot him a sideways glance, wondering what he thought of the angelic creature that had ventured into their dark domain. One could only imagine and this in itself was amusing to say the least. He half imagined that his father would be more interested in the Queen, Metia, then this offering from the House of Casterly. Then again, Joffrey started to wonder what an angel sounded like when she screamed for mercy under the pain of being deflowered violently, and then tortured for days on end. Joffrey did have an insatiable appetite for sex and women, mostly whores or those maids who became smitten with his devilish looks. He tilted his head back and forth, and started to imagine what it would be like to have his way with her, over and over, and every position under the sun. Hell, he would probably invent a few new ones.


When Selene finally turned her attentions away from the King, and lowered her gaze towards the floor, almost submissive in nature, he suddenly sat up and became…well perky, as she addressed him with that angelic melody to her voice.

“M’lord, it is such a pleasure to finally make your acquaintance.”

Joffrey rose from his smaller throne, and inhaled sharply, as he gave his coat a light tug, then descended the steps and sauntered over to her. He was of course much taller, and with his dark brooding eyes, that had a strange lustre to them, he reached for her hand, and brought it to his lips, kissing it so gently. He then said in his…nicest voice possible.

“My dear…believe me…the pleasure…is all mine.”


Re: [RP] Night Lands Castle
July 30, 2013 03:42PM
Nightland Village
A smirk would slowly stretch across her face when he told her that he was the knight that she had been looking for. Stepping off of the staddle she would jump to the surface of the ground. Still holding on to the spear she had in one hand she quickly untied the cloak that she wore from around her neck and threw it onto the horse. Quickly after, she turned around so she could face Leon as he leaned against the wall that stood behind him. Now, Regina was gripping onto the spear with both of her hands having it pointed towards him. The blade on the end of the spear was only a few inches away from his face.
“I am Regina, and I am here to put your life to an end!”
She would say loudly, still having her Russian accent come through.
“Come on!”
Regina took a step forward as she swung the spear downwards, attempting to make a hit as she did so. Regina was going to put all her strength and power in this battle so she could end this knight’s life, she very determined to do so.

Re: [RP] Night Lands Castle
July 30, 2013 04:07PM
*Leon was not affected by her show, and his face held a calmness to it that was rather unsettling. His eyes emptied the moment the spear was pressed close to his face, and they simply held hers within them. The key to winning a fight against someone of her nature of obvious rage: remain calm and push her to get angrier. When she rose her spear up and then attempted to bring back down on him, he lifted the shield on his arm and pulled his silver sword from it’s sheath all in one smooth motion. The spear would clash with the steel of his shield, and his blade would press to the woman’s throat gently, so that all Leon would need to do was push his arm forward lightly, and the sword would cleanly and smoothly pierce the skin. Thanks to his demonic speed, strength, and combat ability, especially his long reach thanks to the 2’3″ long sword, he had no problem clearing the gap between them for the blade to reach her.**His head tilted as he held the shield up to the spear with ease, and he spoke.* “You’re not from here.” *He smiled and chuckled softly, still holding her eyes within his in an empty stare.* “Well, since you have found me, mind explaining what it is you want to kill me for? I have made many enemies in my long life, though yours, are not a face I recognize. Trust me, I’d never forget one of your…beauty.” *He winked to her, assuming this’d rile her up even further, which was what he wanted. Though, the words had rung some truth in them. She wasn’t bad looking…for a savage.*
Re: [RP] Night Lands Castle
July 30, 2013 05:13PM
Regina eyes widen when the knight had pushed away her spear with his shield and pulled his sword in time to press it along her neck. She would admit that he was pretty fast. Regina assumed at first that he was some sort of different species. But she would soon forget about it when he started talking to her. Saying how she wasn’t from around here and how he wanted her to tell him why she wanted to kill him. The way he stayed calm frustrated her more. The fact that he wasn’t showing any type of anger back towards her made her feel as if he wasn’t taking her seriously at all. A low snarl escaped from between Regina lips when he winked at her. Instantly she took a few steps back, getting a good distance away from his sword. She gripped back tightly onto her spear with both of her hands, and pointed it back towards him, but this time towards his sword. Her eyes still remained on his.
“I’ve heard stories about you from other villages. Villagers saying how great of a knight you are. I thought of you as competition. So to get to the top I have to beat the best to be the best”.
She would say in a annoyed tone.
“But enough with thee talking! I came here to fight!”
Regina this time charged at the knight. Swing her spear over her head this time onto his sword, making it echo through the dark forest.