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Live fire combat sequence (2)  – Avalonia.

Re: RP Scene: Live Fire Combat Sequence
July 26, 2013 02:38AM
Raven looked as Clarrisa walked in, yes she disliked her because of her relationship with Leon, but when it came down to it, she respected her. She nodded to her as she walked in then her attention was caught by Mack. Raven looked at him as he spoke , smirking a little at his comment about Pretty Boy. Accepting the shield generator she was handed she nodded harshly to say she understood Macks words. Raven knew she wouldn’t be the ‘best’ out of everyone here, but she could get out of impossible situations better than most. At Queen Bee’s comment, she smirked slightly. Maybe she would rack up more kills and take less damage with her special suit, but Raven had flexibility and stealth, so to judge them against each other would be pointless.

Re: RP Scene: Live Fire Combat Sequence
July 26, 2013 09:57PM
Roger didn’t bother with any fancy speech, he just smiled and shook his head, following Anna and Raven to the elevator. When they reached the top he was all business. He was always like that. The moments before leaving for a mission he was loose and even a clown, but like a light switch, it was off as soon as he got in the Hermes. His mind was running and re-running mental checks of his equipment and the first steps after boots on the ground. Find cover, return fire if necessary, or regroup and Charlie Mike(continue mission). He stood silent as the Hermes’ cargo doors closed behind them. He adjust, and readjust the shield generator so that it was in the best spot for him to reach it upon free fall. He looked to make sure Anna was doing alright. even though she had her helmet on. He remembered the com equipment in their helmet and linked to Anna privately. How you hanging in there? It ain’t even a thing. Don’t worry, it’s normal to be scared before a drop…tell you a secret, I’m scared before EVERY drop. But that’s good, because when you push through it, that propels you to do your best to stay alive. Then when you hit the ground and you’re still alive…you feel like you can do anything. He smiled even though there was no cam, just so she could feel the positive energy.

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July 27, 2013 02:15PM
Anna was doing well to keep as calm as she was. After all, she had seen the guys do this and with that, she’d seen one or two crash. She shook it off and went through her mental checklist instead and she’d done everything. She heard Roger’s voice and smiled even though it couldn’t be seen. Anna linked her com to Roger’s privately. “I’m not so much scared but, more nervous,” she replied with a shrug. A little nervous about the fall but, mostly nervous about screwing up in front of the others. They were all people she looked up too and respected. She didn’t want to look like a fool to them. No she wasn’t going to allow that to happen, not if she could help it. Keep calm and stay strong, she thought to herself. “But, I’ll be fine,” she added. Anna glanced around and then to Roger “How you feeling about performing for the commander?” She asked.

Re: RP Scene: Live Fire Combat Sequence
July 27, 2013 11:28PM
Mack hit the start button as the cargo doors closed and a loud alarm buzzed, turning the inside of the practice Hermes, blood red glowing with in flight stealth lights. The weather generators kicked in and the wind began to blow. The lights outside dimmed and starlight spread across the domed roof. Alright Ladies and Gents, this will be a night insertion, as most of ours are. We make the IP in 10 mikes. It’s a relatively clear night and we will be inserted just outside of where combat between Inglai and Alven Forces. is thickest. It is Spatacus’ priority on ground to decide whether we are establishing contact with them or conducting hostile recon. Which means we get in and observe the situation, report Intel and then extract. Sounds simple, but this is in the middle of full on battle and both sides are potentially hostile.

Re: RP Scene: Live Fire Combat Sequence
July 28, 2013 12:45AM
*Now, this was far from a normal Live Combat Sequencing Exercise. This was a test, something to show Rissa, Leon, and Mack what Roger had, what he was made of. If he did a good job, in a few years after his term with the Sky Runners was through, he’d offer the invitation for the Dire Wolves program. If not, well, Roger will be using parachutes the rest of his military career, while the big boys use the big toys. Shield Generators and Jet Packs. There was, however, one teeny detail Leon hadn’t mentioned. Which was, when everyone dropped, Mack was going to be stuck with Roger and Anna while he, Rissa, and Raven scouted the area, gathered intel, and decided whether to aid the Alven or destroy both forces head of command.**When Mack was done with the speech he practically gave every simulation, he spoke up.* “Warmachine, you’ll be dropping further from the action with China and Pretty Boy. Widow, Queen and I will scout ahead, figure the situation out. You wanted to bring the doll, you get to carry her in your purse.” *Leon turned from him and the door to the ramp of the Hermes opened up as wind generators provided a more than realistic vision of what reality would be. Leon stepped closer to the edge, peering down to the simulated jungle as bright lights of weapon fire lit the simulated night sky almost like a Christmas tree. Just then, the cabin of the HErmes began to rattle and shake, alarms blaring and a female voice hollaring over the inter come saying ‘We’re hit, can’t hold her much longer!’. With this, Leon looked back to his team and screamed at them as well.* “GO!GO!GO!” He’d then wait for the others to go, and make sure he was last, as a Team Lead should be.*

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July 28, 2013 02:09AM
With the red lights in the cargo jet swirling around and around, and Mack having hit the start button which closed the doors to ready for the simulation exercise to begin. Clarissa was already getting that rush of adrenalin, all too ready to do the jump with her shield at the ready, and her weapon held tight in her hands. Every so often, she looked up at the image of Leon’s face staring straight ahead, so full of determination. He was a truly remarkable soldier and for that she admired him greatly. But then Mack’s voice came through loud and clear.”Alright Ladies and Gents, this will be a night insertion, as most of ours are. We make the IP in 10 mikes. It’s a relatively clear night and we will be inserted just outside of where combat between Inglai and Alven Forces. is thickest.”Clarissa nodded in affirmation of the order, and then turned to hear Leon give his orders.”Warmachine, you’ll be dropping further from the action with China and Pretty Boy. Widow, Queen and I will scout ahead, figure the situation out.””Rodger that..Spartacus.” Clarissa said, then thought to herself “Get ready, you butt-kicking aliens.”

When the door to the Hermes opened and the ramp was shown to be jutting out into the night sky, Clarissa was about to follow Leon to the edge, when suddenly the cabin of the vehicle started to shudder and shake wildly, while below, you could see the fireworks like effect of enemy fire, that was lighting up the night like blazing flares, only more dangerous. The simulation had begun, with a woman’s voice heard on the comms. The alarm raised, and Leon screamed out; “GO!GO!GO!” She knew she was to stick close to Widow and Leon, but knew also that he would jump last, so she grit her teeth, and took off from the ramp, diving into the air, with her shield and jet boots the only thing to stop her from crashing to her death.


Re: RP Scene: Live Fire Combat Sequence
July 28, 2013 11:54AM
Raven listened to both Mack and Leon intently as she checked over her pistol. Once done she holstered it and waited for the speeches to end. She looked around at all the others, her eyes resting on China doll, knowing she hadn’t been in this situation before, giving her a nod before turning back to Leon. It was then the Hermes shook, she rolled her eyes unseen behind her helmet. Following Leona orders she jumped just seconds after Clarissa, clenching her jaw as she fell through the air, waiting for her shields to break her fall.

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July 29, 2013 05:58AM
Anna listened to what Mack said and nodded in acknowledgement. She glanced over at the others and saw they were all getting ready for the dive. She was ready and waiting to go. She heard Leon say she would be with Mack and Roger. However, what caught her attention was what came out from his mouth next.You wanted to bring the doll, you get to carry her in your purseThose were the words that hit her and she frowned, thank god it couldn’t be seen. That was taking her nickname to far. Her hands clenched into fists for the briefest of moments. Yesterday, Leon had been a gentleman towards her but, now he was being a d*ck, a jerk, an ass. She didn’t like it. She knew her having been sent here wasn’t to his liking but still, there was no need to treat her like he was.Now Anna was even more determined to prove that she was just as capable as the rest. Hearing the pilot’s voice and then Leon’s. She said nothing and after watching the other girls, she dived shortly afterwards.

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July 29, 2013 06:42AM
*Leon watched as one by one, the others dived from the cabin as it sped along the length of the room. This meant that as they jumped, the members of the team would become seperated along the lower length of the massive simulation. Leon jumped last just in time for the simulated explosion, that, as the shards of metal flew past him, did not seem like much of a simulation. As he flew through the air, Leon focused, deploying his shield on the ground below him at one hundred feet, and activating his jet pack. He landed on the shield bubble and rolled to the ground, coming to his feat with his MA5D rifle leveled and his eyes down the metal sights. The main priority of the mission currently: Regroup.**Leon patched everyone together on one radio frequency, however holding Rissa’s image at his upper right hand corner of his HUD. He watched as everyone’s Call Tag appeared at the bottom right corner, with a red light beside it, signalling none had checked in as of yet. As Leon secured his own landing zone, finding no hostiles in the area, he spoke to everyone.* “Alright people, our mission is to regroup, and figure out why the fuck that simulation pod just went up in smoke. We meet at the coordinates I’m sending now. Flash green and speak up if we are all alive and the mission priorities are understood.” *Leon had hardly just finished the sentence when the fight came to him and two Inglai charged him. He aimed down his scope, firing off a full clip into one of the towering aliens and once he broke through the shield finally, the bullets caused blood to splatter all over the place. His shields took the few shots that hit him, and he threw the weapon aside when he heard the click as he tried to fire at the second Inglai. The blood that landed on his suit from the other Inglai brought concern to Leon, but not enough to take his mind from the combat at hand. The other Inglai activated an energy sword and swung it from Leon’s lef should and down diagnaly. Leon simply sidestepped the attack and leapt onto the back of the alien, grabbing hold of the mandibles that were his lower jaws and ripped them clean off his face with ease, stabbing the sides that carried the sharp teeth into his eyes. He pushed from it’s back as the alien screamed in pain and agony, but also rage. In a movement swift and smooth, Leon grabbed one of his sword hilts, activated it med sweep and swung it at the Alien’s midsection, effectively slicing it and causing blood to splatter just before it cauterized the wound from heat.**The seperate pieces of the Inglai fell to the floor slowly, and Leon stared at it’s form, deactivating the blade and placing it on it’s holster at his hip. He tried to contact the team to warn them after this before looking to Clarissa.* “Warmachine, Queen Bee, China, Pretty Boy, Widow, you people copy this?” *No answer* “I repeat. Warmachine, Queen Bee, China, Pretty Boy, Widow…do you copy?” *Still no answer, that’s when he noticed that Rissa’s image was showing a black screen. Cursing to himself he made his way to his MA5D, and reloaded it after picking it back up. The all forms of contact in this area, both outgoing and incoming was cut off. This did not bode well, seeing as the sequence room was built to keep everyone in unless someone used the over ride button in the control room, which had likely been disabled or cut off from access. The video link with Rissa probably cut off as he was mid combat with the Inglai, and all he could do now was head to the rendevous coordinates and await his team. So, putting boots to ground, he took off running in that direction with his rifle loaded and in his hands. As he ran, he could only think one thing. <This ain’t gunna end well.>*

Re: RP Scene: Live Fire Combat Sequence
July 29, 2013 07:44AM
Whilst Anna was in the air, she waited for her shield generator to kick in but, so far nothing had happened yet which was making her worry. She could see the other girls nearing the ground, if not having landed. Why isn’t the generator working? she asked herself. Being a pilot, she always carried some mini screwdrivers. Taking one out, she began undoing the back to get into the generator though it was quite tricky to do since she was plummeting through the air towards the ground. She had to keep calm and act quickly otherwise she’d be dead soon enough. She saw what the problem was, a lose wire wasn’t making the connection and so she dealt with it, almost losing the screwdriver as she began fastening it back up. Switching it back on, the generator activated and the shield came up as she landed.Anna could feel her heart racing within her chest. She looked up and couldn’t believe that had she not have brought her mini kit, she would be dead, splattered here on the ground. Once her heart had calmed down, she glanced around and had heard Leon but, she never got the co-ordinates. Was that normal? Had he forgot her or was there now a malfunction with the HUD? Either way, she wasn’t liking this and unless Roger or Mack landed near where she was, she was going to in search for the others on her own. Knowing her luck that would happen.Anna heard movement and grabbed her MA5D, she spun round and saw the Inglai charging towards her. She shot him and jumped as blood splattered. “Bloody hell,” she muttered to herself. That was really well simulated. She walked over to the alien and used her foot to make sure it was really dead and it was. Her eyebrow rose, was this really a simulation? Anna was surprised as someone jumped onto her back and tried shoving a knife through her helmet screen. She moved her head, she tried to shoot but, the alien kept dodging. she allowed herself to fall back and felt him jump off as she hit the floor. she saw him stood over her, he was about to drive his sword into her and so she shot the alien straight in the face. She felt him fall on top of her and frowned. She pushed the inglai off of her and got up. Looking around, she made sure the coast was clear. She tried using her radio, “Pretty boy, war machine, widow, queen, Spartacus, can anyone hear me?” She asked but no response. She knew it wasn’t wise to stay in one spot so, she began walking hoping to come across one of the team and not more inglai.

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July 29, 2013 09:00AM
As Anna was fidgeting with her comms, an Inglai Assassing arose from the brush behind her with a power blade. Just as his stealth generator powered down and he raised his blade to strike, there was a loud buzzing of Roger’s shield coming to life and he landed smack on top of the Assassin’s head, crushing him with dark purple blood spattering all over. Roger stood there for a moment letting himself regain composure. He saw Anna’s predicament from the Hermes and lept after her. He spotted the Assassin and had to open his shield a bit later to have enough accuracy and momentum to kill him. So he absorbed a great deal of impact, but was ok. He was tough and the armor absorbed half of it. I got you China Doll. Warmachine is hot on my tail. We regroup here then move on. He spoke over Team Comms, between Mack, Her, and Himself, then he switched to private for just one message. Are you alright? I saw your malfunction from the Dropship; I got here as fast as I could…..it wouldnt’ve been fast enough. He was still thinking about that Inglai Assassin; that Class of Soldier wouldn’t be in a Civil War Simulator. It was odd and out of place.

Re: RP Scene: Live Fire Combat Sequence
July 29, 2013 09:17AM
Clarissa felt the pressure sensation as she would free fall from the cabin, which was nothing now but a dot in the night sky. On the inside of her helm the read out was showing the estimated time till her boots punctured the earth, and the time was counting down for her to activate her shield and jet packs. Her eyes darted from what she could see beyond the visor, and what the computer was feeding her. But she was seeing pieces of debris, and even felt them hit the outside of her armour. “Did they up the level of the simulation?” she thought to herself, as the clock was counting down and she launched the shield to be deployed as she fired up her jet packs and this combination caused her to land and bounce within the shield’s membrane, before rolling to a stop. The jet pack shut off, and slowly she rose to her feet, as the shield bubble withdrew from around her. With her MA5D held out in front of her defensively, she could hear the echo of her own laboured breathing within her headset, but not the sound of her fellow soldiers. A quick glance up at the viewer where she had seen Leon’s face was now black, and every so often there was a static flash. Could it be that the communications driver was disabled by something that hit her suit from the outside? She tried to activate the safe radio frequency that would alert all of each other’s position, but that wasn’t working either. “Shit..” Clarissa growled, turning sharply left, then right, as she tried to gauge if anything was in her drop area. But when she turned back left, a massive roar was heard and not five feet away, an Ingali came barrelling at her at lightning speed. Quick reflexes as she already had the gun primed and aimed, she depressed the trigger and then fired off rapidly, over and over, but the Inglai was not reacting to the hits the way it was supposed too. Horrified, as she realized that these were not sims, but real Ingali, she had to think fast, and dropped her weapon, instead ripping out her energy sword, and slashed at the oncoming Ingali across its midsection, causing it to rupture. The look on its face was sheer horror. Blood spewed from its mouth, nose and ears, as it dropped to the ground. Clarissa was just catching her breath, when another came up following from the dead one. It swung one of its arms with its fist curled and smashed into the side of Clarissa’s helmet, causing the computer system in the visor to shut off completely. Clarissa was knocked clear off her feet, being sent barrelling into the scrub, as the roar of the angered Ingali was letting others know of its position.Clarissa quickly scrambled to her feet, and then she did a crazy thing. She went for a full on charge of the Ingali, as it took out an energy sword, and made for a swing to decapitate, only she bent forward and did a full on rugby tackle, that knocked it off its feet, as she fired the jet pack simultaneously, sending both Clarissa and the Ingali flying through the bush and smashing the Ingali into a tree, cracking his head open, with his brain matter seeping out his ears and smearing on the tree. Clarissa wasn’t done, using the edge of her energy sword she brought it up to smash across its head for good measure, as within her helm, blood was pouring out her nose. She was now breathing hard, and pushed herself off the dead Ingali, and staggered a few paces, covered in its blood.In her helm, all she could hear was radio static, and try as she might, to say the call signs of her team, no one answered.“Warmachine….China…Pretty Boy…Spartacus…Widow…do you copy?”Again nothing but silence and the odd electrical static. She couldn’t even get her coordinates, since the visor computer system had malfunctioned. Clarissa was on her own. “Something about this…was not right. This is supposed to be a simulation, but they were never like this.’ Clarissa thought, now certain that the mission had been sabotaged. But by who…and why? Trying to get her bearings as best she could, she looked up to the star constellations, and using these, she judged her position, and ran to where she thought the rendezvous point was. <3>

Re: RP Scene: Live Fire Combat Sequence
July 29, 2013 09:29AM
Anna heard a buzzing sound and she turned, just in time to see Roger land straight on another Inglai and for her to get covered in purple alien blood. She wiped the blood from her helmet but, was relieved to see she was no longer alone and the fact he’d just saved her. After hearing him on the team comms, she switched to private with him. Thanks Pretty Boy. Are you alright? My radio seems to be down, is yours?” She asked. She then nodded as to him mentioning the regroup. She just hoped the others were alright. Then she heard the latter, she glanced up at the sky and then back to him. “Yeah, I’m fine. Luckily enough. Trust me to get one that malfunctioned,” she replied lightly. “Mmm-hmm but, lets not dwell on that,” she added. It was hard to believe she could actually be dead right now. She looked at the bodies. “My guts telling me these guys aren’t part of the sim,” she said as she looked at him. “I mean, I could be wrong but still… Are you getting the same feeling or is it just me?” She asked as she glanced around.

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July 29, 2013 03:07PM
As Raven hit the ground, she immediately drew her gun looking around. Spotting no enemies in her near vicinity she touched the side of her helmet to try contact the others.
“Warmachine….China…Pretty Boy…Spartacus…Queen bee…does anybody copy? I repeat…does anybody copy?”
Silence. That was not good. She sighed, about to begin a search when a pair of Inglai came charging at her. Using her enhanced dexterity and flexibility she dodged the first, flowing around him like water. The second however used this as an opportunity to slam into her, knocking her back. As soon as she touched the ground, she flipped back up, firing her gun, killing them both. As soon as she knew they were dead, she ran off, activating her tactical cloak as she searched for the others, though unbeknownst to her, she was the farthest away.

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July 29, 2013 08:01PM
Mack was a bit banged up as he was thrown into a tree on his way down. He stepped out of the brush, looking down at a dead Inglai, then up to Anna and Roger. This Sim has no Assassin Class. Find cover and don’t move a muscle til I get a lock on the Commander. He did a quick search of the area and climbed a bit up on a large boulder to get high ground. He switched his comms to a private channel with Leon. Spartacus, this is Warmachine, come in over…..I say again.Spartacus this is Warmachine, come in over…. He cursed under his breath and climbed back down. He looked to the two of them. It seems we have a few Party Crashers….Inglai Assassin Class have infiltrated the Sim. We are using sim rounds, so we will be relying on hand to hand and plasma blades. Stay close and do precisely as you’re told. He held up a gauntleted arm and a holo display showed a tiny map. He checked it a bit then looked at the sky. Spartacus dropped a kilometer in that direction. Follow me and don’t fall behind. He shoulder his rifle and drew the plasma blade; it shimmered to life, glowing purple. They began to walk fast but quietly. He set his comms to send a constant burst signal to hail any nearby Dire Wolves. It would automatically tell them that someone was nearby trying to speak and open a chat.

Re: RP Scene: Live Fire Combat Sequence new
July 29, 2013 09:21PM
*The Inglai charged with two energy swords in his hands, his armor resembling that of a commander in color and helmet design. However, he had also recognized the insignia on the other bodies he’s left behind him in his wake. These were assassin class Inglai’s. Specializing in stealth and melee combat. The commanders were even more deadly than the grunts, but their platoons were normally headed by an Overlord. Someone who’s skill in combat, both ranged and melee, and years of it is enough to even give Leon a run for his money.**Leon’s eyes fell to his hands quickly, realizing he was out of simulator rounds and cursed as he threw the MA5D rifle down to the ground. Knowing his ballistic weapons were useless now, Leon reached for his own Energy blades, but when he rose his eyes from the weapon he threw to the ground, the Inglai was upon him. The alien swung his right handed energy blade towards Leon’s throat in a sweeping motion, commiting the same attack with his left. Leon caught both arms, matching the Inglai in strength and slowly beating him. The alien roared with spread mandibles, spitting clobber all over Leon’s visor.*
*The elite made a last ditch effort to force Leon to the gorund on his back, succeeding in it’s effort. However, Leon used the momentum to flip the beast over his head using the pure strength of his legs and it landed on it’s back with a thud. In one smooth motion, Leon rolled backwards, grabbing both his energy sword hilts then using his fists to push off the ground when he reached a point in his roll that brought his head level with the ground. Using this momentum and the push of his hands, his body effectively landed over the Inglai’s chest. Now sitting on top, Leon activated his blades and just in time to deflect a swing for his neck. He roared and removed the Inglai of his arms in a smooth motion. Then brought one of the blades up as the Alien cried and squeeled loudly beneath him, wiggling about, then brought the pointed end into it’s head, melting away brain matter as it cleanly pierced the skull. the matter slithered from it’s ear and nostril holes, and the Inglai stopped moving.**Leon stood, lifting his blade from the body’s head and deactivated them both, but made sure to keep the hilts in his hands. That’s when Harver, his suits AI, spoke up within his helmet’s speakers.* “Picking up a hailing signal from…the Sergeant Major Steele. figuring it’s location aaaand….” *Leon waited a few moments, hearing the roaring of more Inglai as they came to investigate the silenced screams of their commander, or one of them.* “Got it. East of our position, moving towards our landing place. Bringing up the radar holo on your HUD and marking their signal.” *Leon took off in the direction of the green dot on his radar moving quickly and skill fully through the trees at intense speeds.* “Activate ours. It’ll let him know we read and he’ll likely figure to just wait for me.”

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July 29, 2013 10:16PM
Roger was about to shoulder his weapon and follow, when a glowing pink spike jabbed into his shoulder pad. Luckily it missed the actual shoulder underneath by maybe a hair. He could feel the heat coming off it, but then he realized what it was and quickly yanked it free after a couple tugs and tossed it in time for it to explode into sharp shards against a tree. He drew his blade and activated it, looking around for the Shooter. Anna was already ahead, following the Sergeant Major he assumed. He noticed the shimmering outline just then, moving in front of his face, and he sidestepped just in time to miss the fist that appeared with a plasma blade activating simultaneously. Squatting down under the Inglai’s punch, he came up and locked his arm around the wrist, then jammed his elbow hard into the arm, pushing it out the wrong direction. The Inglai who seemed larger than the Assassins and in more ornate armor, growled in pain, then spun around backhanding Roger. Instead of the fighting the fall, Roger kicked himself back, effectively rolling backward back onto one knee with his left arm up in front of his face for defense. This proved to be a smart move as the Elite; he finally realized it was, charged and kicked at his head, instead hitting his guard arm. The impact still pushed ROger back nearly a foot. He spun around on his inside foot and swept the legs out from under the Elite. Without hesitation he dove forward, leading with the blade. The Elite caught him by the chest and tossed him powerfully over. Roger rolled into a tree hard against his ribs. The impact hurt but the armor kept him from being truly injured. This Inglai was obviously an Elite and they were larger and stronger than the others. He was a non-Modified Human, so he was in for a fight. Very few NonMods fought one to one with an Elite and walked away. But he had no other option; we wouldn’t give up.
The Elite charged at alarming speed. Thinking quickly, Roger knew he had a sore rib and wouldn’t match the Elite in strength head on, so he dropped to his belly and did a pushup tripping the Elite inot the tree head first. There was a loud crack and some sparking on the Elite’s helmet which was now split open. It roared something unintelligible in Inglai language and tossed the helmet aside. Roger’s helmet was bothering him, but might be the only thing to let him survive a punch from an Elite to the face. He had lost the plasma blade, but then remembered that in his boot he had the antique K-Bar. The Elite had already recovered and was charging again. This time Roger wasn’t fast enough and caught a hard knee to the torso, coughing and tasting the copper taste of blood in his mouth. The Elite grabbed him by the collar of his armor and lifted him to it’s face. There was a sickening clicking sound from it’s mandibles just before Roger mustered his strength for a hard head butt. The Elite screamed in pain and frustration, dropping his grip. The Elite hammered a fist down on Roger’s head, sending a crack down his visor and splitting the helmet completely off his head. Roger’s bell was rung for a moment and everything went white. But he didn’t need to see for this part. With the ringing in his ears still, Roger used being hammered down to his advantage as he slipped the K-Bar from his boot and bounced back up in the same momentum, driving the blade all the way up to the hilt in the Elites chin. Dark purple blood poured down Roger’s arm as the incredibly heavy Elite sagged against him and he nearly fell with it. He managed to pull the K-Bar free and throw the dead Elite aside in a single fluid movement, and then stood there a moment regaining his senses and breathing heavily.

Re: RP Scene: Live Fire Combat Sequence
July 30, 2013 12:39AM
Clarissa ran back and picked up her MA5D rifle and slung it on her back, all the while keeping an eye out for more enemy Ingali. The one she had just killed was pretty darn loud in its battle cry and she had no doubt at all that more were coming for them. Completely separated from the others, and without radio communication, Clarissa knew that she would have to rely on her wits, and her training to make her way back to the others. Though the simulation had started as a clear night, now she had to wonder if the rendezvous point was even secure. As Clarissa powered her way through the undergrowth, she had flashes of memory of the Ingali attacking her. She frowned as she realized that they were not wearing the usual combat fit, but they had the insignias of the assassin class. “No wonder they came at me to attack in a full on assault.” Clarissa came up to a huge boulder, and then in a fit of anger, bashed the side of her helmet, as the stream signal started then stopped. Gritting her teeth, that were now stained with blood from her nose, she bashed her helmet against the rock, and then it was flooded with light, as the signal stream came back on.https://i1.wp.com/data.whicdn.com/images/50810239/tumblr_llgfelxPaP1qia6h6o1_500_large.gif
Clarissa let out a laugh, almost amazed that her frustration paid dividends. “Who knew bashing my head with a rock would make it work?” She was a bit dizzy however, from her effort, but it was worth it. Just as she righted herself, a loud growl was heard and then drool ran down the front of her helm.“Uh oh.”Spinning around she was confronted by a massive Ingali who roared at her loudly, showing off its teeth and foul face.


Clarissa found herself doing the same. “RAAAWWRRR!” back at it, as she went for a full on punch to its stomach, causing it to double over.



Bringing both her fists up, she slammed them down on its head, so it would fall further forward, then her right knee came up swiftly, to knock it flying back, right into another Ingali that had charged up behind it. “Two for two..” she said breathlessly, taking out her dual energy swords and swinging them in a double rotation as she spun around, eyes glowering within the helm. A sound of static came into her ear piece and then she heard a voice that she had been aching to hear. “Got it. East of our position, moving towards our landing place. Bringing up the radar holo on your HUD and marking their signal.” It was Leon, and Clarissa activated her radar halo within her HUD, as her own signal would have been illuminated.

No time to waste, she took off at speed, running through the forest like jungle, sprinting and then leaping over fallen logs and rocks, in a bid to reach the others. She spoke in her mic, in between breathing hard. “Queen Bee still buzzing…copy? Had some bad company. On route to the Landing place, out.”

The figure of Clarissa’s suit darting through the jungle could be seen by the enemy, and the question was, how long could she out run them?