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RP Scene: Mess
July 23, 2013 05:22PM

Re: RP Scene: Mess
July 24, 2013 06:48PM
-The morning after the night at the Club had left Clarissa with a bad taste in her mouth, and also a heavy conscious with regards to seeing Leon hanging out with some red head outside the club, after oogling the talented and long legged Ashley as she worked the stripper’s pole. Rolling over in her bunk, she had tried to sleep but insomnia hit home and hard. Staring at the ceiling, she exhaled loudly, blowing through her lips to make a raspberry sound. So…she fancied a ladies man. Great. If this was how it was out in the civilian world, he could have at it. She closed her eyes for a second, seeing him again in her mind, how he looked at her…judging her for walking in with Corporal Johnson.”It wasn’t even a date….I don’t have dates.” Clarissa said out loud, since she knew no one would hear her anyways. Slamming her hands down flat on her bed, she pushes herself up and then ruffles her hair, before sliding her legs over and rising to standing. She just felt tense all over, and needed to get it out of her system. She had half a mind to do a ten mile hike, but then decided instead to go do five laps of the training grounds, then shower and have breakfast at the mess hall. Taking the few steps to her locker, she takes out her running gear, laying it all out neatly, before getting dressed in the tank top, shorts, and matching khaki socks and running shoes. Clarissa ties her hair back into a neat pony tail, after brushing it through, and being happy enough with her look, she exits her bunk, heading down to the lift of her floor, and then out into the yard, where she sees Jacob pull up on his Kawasaki motorcycle. Turning off the engine, he removes his helmet, and then beams wide to see Clarissa come out of the officers bunk building.”Hey Clarissa…fancy breakfast with me at the mess?””Uhm….I can meet you there after I do a run, and shower. Surely you don’t want to sit next to me covered in sweat and grime.” She said jokingly. Jacob was one of the finest soldiers in all Echo base, and she deeply admired him, not only for his abilities, but also cause he had this way of making her feel more….like a woman.”You got it, Clarissa…gives me time to change and catch up on my emails and crap. I see you there, hun.”~Hun?~ She thought to herself. “Since when does he call me that?”

Clarissa took off on her morning run, as Jacob sat on his bike, and admired her ass in those tight shorts, as she turned the corner. “Mmmm…Mmmm.”

:: Later ::

The mess hall was chock full of every rank officer and soldier, one of the few places were basically everyone sat together. Clarissa had gotten back from her run, and showered, then changed into her uniform, which clearly showed her rank when it came to her position on the base. Those that passed her, made sure they saluted her, even though rumours had already spread about how she was seen at Club Echo with Corporal Johnson. Grabbing a tray of food, she turned around, only to see Jacob had actually smartened himself up, and was waiting at a table for her.


“Commander Grant….would you do me the honor of joining me for breakfast?” He said with a salute, then pulled out a chair for her as she sat down. Clarissa took her seat, and fiddled with her napkin, casting looks at those that were watching her and Jacob together. She leaned forward and said quietly. “Do I have something on my forehead?” Jacob stared at her intently then laughed. “Just small crease lines, the ones you get when your worried about something. Come on…everyone knows about last night.” Clarissa wanted to hide under the table, until Jacob said. “Yeah, you paid some stripper to get rid of Corporal Johnson’s advances. I think that shit is so cash.” He started laughing and then Clarissa finally found the humor in it and joined him by letting out a soft laugh. She didn’t want to bring up Leon, and his “women”, since that would have spoiled the moment.


Re: RP Scene: Mess
July 24, 2013 07:53PM
*Leon awoke within his bunk, his eyes opening to the mural he has painted on the east wall with his office. If you’ve ever seen a dying sun in action, then you know what this Mural depicted. It was a beautiful mixture of colors. IN the main portion, it was mainly a combination of blues and black, where on the outer rim of the half circle blazed spouts of blueish orange flames. In the background, the dark emptiness of space emphasized the image even more. It was done so well, that, if one looked hard enough and long enough, it’d seem to be moving. The spouts of flame waving about as though a wind was flying by them while the mix of blues and blacks swirled together like a giant melting pot of different ores. Leon enjoyed the Mural greatly as it calmed his mind no matter what plagued it, even more than Ashley’s dancing could. He looked to the ceiling of his bunk as the previous night flooded his mind with images. Of course, his night ended on a good note with a game of hoops, but the night previous to that was absolute shit. Today would be different.*He rose from his bed with a sigh, and made his way to his bathroom. Taking care of his morning usuals, brushing his teeth, loosing his bowels, showering, dressing, and checking emails, he dressed in his combat armor. He planned on gathering some men or women and going through a combat simulation with them. Of course he’d approach Mack with the idea, maybe even Kent from last night. He was looking at him for the Dire Wolves project after all, fighting with him in a simulation would give him a chance to test his ability before a true combat situation test was placed on him. He stepped from his Bunk, his weapons, all six, on each magnetized panel of his suit.**As he made it to the Mess Hall, those he walked by recognized the armor he wore as it gleamed in the bright sunlight. When they saluted, he’d nod, his helmet under his arm and a cigarette in his mouth. When he reached the step way leading to the Mess, he dropped the smoke, squashed it out, and opened the door to the building. Despite last night and his rather social gatherings at the club, he was an incredibly reserved person, and except for the company of Ashley, Raven, Mack, and Rissa…*”Shit.”https://i0.wp.com/24.media.tumblr.com/345358db6fe5044eedc492721943cb4e/tumblr_mn2ftdjERg1qaknqno3_250.gif*The word left his lips without his even noticing when he caught Rissa and Jacob at a table in the building. He lowered his eyes rather quickly, and a brow rose on his forehead as he made his way to the line of food. He took a tray, and headed to his usual table, excluded from the others in a rather far off corner. He removed his weapons, setting them neatly on the table, and sat, lifting his fork from the tray of food to his mouth and chewing gently, ignoring the sight he’d just held.*

Re: RP Scene: Mess
July 24, 2013 09:22PM
-Course, when Leon entered the mess hall in his specialized suit of armour, nearly everyone turned around to see their Commander and chief. He appeared reserved to all that were there, but there was no mistaking, he had spotted Clarissa and Jacob sitting together having breakfast. Jacob smirked and his eyes followed Leon as he went to get his tray of food, and then make his way to a corner that was far off from everyone else in the hall. Clarissa wondered what everyone was looking at, including Jacob, especially with “that” expression. If it was one thing about Jacob and Leon, it was their competitive streak. Turning to see for herself, she saw him…that solemn look on his face and she closed her eyes for a second, like she was plucking up her courage to do what she had too.”Jacob, could you excuse me a moment please?”Not waiting for a response, she gathered up her tray, and headed across the building, and made it to stand on the other side of Leon’s table, placing her tray down gently. Noting his attire, the helmet and weapons that were resting on the table, she swallowed and then forced a smile. Clarissa felt she needed to explain, wondering what he may have been thinking that night at the club. Instead, she decided to talk shop.”I wasn’t informed there was going to be combat training today, Leon.” *she paused a moment, then asked* “Should I go suit up after breakfast?”Was he going to press her about Corporal Johnson, and the night at the club? Or would he ask her why she was having breakfast with Jacob?<3>

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July 24, 2013 10:32PM
Raven yawned as she entered the mess hall, she had been unable to sleep much last night. Looking around she saw Leon in a quiet corner. About to walk over with a smile on her face she then noticed Clarissa sitting in the seat opposite him. Her expression soon changed and she qquickly got herself a tray and Sat alone at a table the opposite side. Raven positioned herself so he could see her, but she couldn’t see him.

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July 24, 2013 10:45PM
*Leon’s eyes were practically glued to Rissa and Jacob. The fact that Jacob watched him as he entered with a scowl or smirk or some other expression of attitude was no surprise to him, and was sort of expected after he’d walked in to the sight of him and Rissa. Their rivalry was also no secret as it began to grow. Leon himself had no real problem with Jacob except for when it came to Ashley, Raven, Alandra and especially when it came to Rissa. He knew what Jacob was really like, and though he was almost positive that Jacob showed interest in Alandra to get to him, he was not one hundred percent on his motives with Rissa or Ashley. This bothered him greatly, and it nearly drove him crazy sometimes. though when it came to combat, sports, really anything else he had Jacob beat so he hardly gave any attention to him in that. Seeing him with Rissa, however, tore him up with thoughts and the like.**His eyes caught Rissa as she stood from the table ,and they widened once she turned towards him. He quickly drug them to his food and dug his fork into the grits, dipping it in and scooping some into his mouth. He then slid the tray aside and tugged his M740 Light Machine Gun. The assortment of weapons on the table all together were: a Asymmetric Recoilless Carbine-920, a M395 Designated Marksman Rifle, a T-1 Energy Weapon/Sword, M6H Personal Defense Weapon System , a MA5D Individual Combat Weapon System , and a M740 Light Machine Gun which he was toying with now adjusting the sights and such to better suit him, acting as though he hadn’t noticed her approaching. Though the weapons were large in size, except two, and pretty large in number, his suit was built to handle it all rather nicely and neatly. On his upper bag were three slots. He placed the ARC-920 on the right socket, the M740 on the left and the M395 in the middle. on his lower back, there was a socket which he placed his MA5D rifle. On his hips, he placed his T-1 energy sword hilt and his M6H pistol. His HUD in his helmet usually held a visual display of the weapon tags and where they were located on his back as to more effectively aid in switching weapons depending on the situation.**When she approached and set her tray down, he turned his head slightly toward her, his eyes meeting hers, and he set his weapon on the table before him, turning to face her. He was curious as to what she had to say about Johnson and Jacob, but he wouldn’t ask. Not unless prompted. Her question, however, gave him a moment of pause with it being the last thing he expected, though he knew her well enough that it shouldn’t have. He rose a brow to her and pulled his tray back in front of him, digging his fork into his grits and pulling it out, answering her in a soft and subtle tone before placing it in his mouth.*”There isn’t. Not for you.” *He filled his mouth with the grits and held her stare within his, setting the fork down as he swallowed his food.* “I hadn’t planned on bringing you this time. Which is why it was not brought to your attention Grant.”*As he held his sight on her, he noticed familiar red locks in the distance just past Rissa’s blonde ones, and watched her sit. It was Raven, and of all the places and times, she came here and now. He knew how Rissa felt about dancers and especially the one’s around him. Saying ‘Their kind had no business on a military base.’ She was against his getting the club since day one. Despite the fact that it brought money in for the base. He brought his eyes back to Rissa’s, and then to his MA5D that he pulled off the table and began adjusting.*

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July 24, 2013 11:23PM
-Leon’s response to her question as to why she had not been informed of combat training that day, left her somewhat surprised and a tiny bit annoyed. He acted like he was more concerned over his weapons, than her standing there, and when she sat, he simply at his grits, staring at her with little emotion.”I hadn’t planned on bringing you this time. Which is why it was not brought to your attention Grant.”~Grant?~ Since when did he call her that. He always called her Rissa, or…at least he did. Clarissa’s brows knitted as she tried to understand why he was now treating her differently to all the other times they were together. Maybe the fact he saw her at the club with Johnson did the trick. Or maybe it was something else. She noticed him look past her, and Clarissa followed, by turning her head, and then she saw her. Raven. One of the Echo club dancers. Turning back to Leon, it was plain to see, that green eyed monster had reared its head within Clarissa.”Is that so?” Clarissa said with a look that could kill most on the spot. “Well then, COMMANDER, I will leave you to your…*she glanced back at Raven, then back at Leon*…other affairs.” She stood up and snatched up her tray angrily, and marched out the building, only to dump her tray with a fling of her wrist, as she strode out into the sunlight.<3>


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July 24, 2013 11:41PM
*He could feel her eyes pierce his soul and yank at it like a dog would their favorite toy, tearing it to bits and still trying to play with it. It sent a shiver down his spine, and he did exactly what he didn’t want to, realizing with that look she gave him, that he managed to piss her off. He wasn’t sure if it was what he said, his glance toward Raven, or a combination of the two.*”Well then, COMMANDER, I will leave you to your other affairs.”*The words stung him, visible by the sudden twitch in his eye. He opened his mouth and turned to face her, but she was already storming out with her tray. He slammed his foot into the ground, cracking the cement a little beneath him. He cursed to himself under his breath as he threw his rifle on his back. He quickly gathered his other weapons, placing them in their coordinated positions, and grabbed his helmet. This wasn’t the first time he forgot she was a woman. Yeah, she was tough, but in the end, she was more emotional and prone to flips than he or any other guy was.* “Rissa!” *He holared the word as he darted after her, not even noticing Raven as he left in haste.**Reaching the doors, he burst through them, and searched the area for her. With the glare of the sun, it was difficult to find her, with the bright hare she held on her head, so he placed his helmet over his head and secured it. The HUD activated instantly and with a single thought, the visor tinted to adjust to the sun. That’s when she caught his eye. He ran after her.* “Rissa! Stop!”

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July 25, 2013 12:11AM
-The sun had begun its ascent high into the sky, and its beams of light christened all with its intensity. Clarissa was angry, furious…but most of all confused and hurt. She knew she was better than this, to act so foolishly, just because he was not taking her out on a combat exercise. Maybe he was trying to punish her for the night at the Club, or thought she was more interested in her fellow officers, than her career. Clarissa kicked a stone from her path, arms pumping as she marched, still breathing hard through her nostrils, which were flaring. What a sight she was. But the further away she got, the anger started to seep out of her, as she looked to her right and saw a new group of recruits, that were being barked at by their superior. Suddenly she stopped, and watched, as one young cadet, a female was being blasted for her sloppy performance. Oh how she remembered her own trials and mishaps when she was a fresh faced newbie. Like a flood of memories hit her, she finally started to realize how far she had come, under her own steam. She made it, because she had a fight or die attitude. This realization hit her, just as she heard her name called out, and the heavy footfalls of an officer in full kit armor.”Rissa! Stop!”Clarissa turned and sure enough, it was Leon, who obviously felt the need to finish speaking to her, after her explosive exit from the mess hall.”Commander?” Clarissa asked, then…she decided to take that back. “Leon, you clearly had reasons to not ask me to partake in the combat exercises today. I overreacted in the mess hall. *she stared up at the visor and said firmly. “It won’t happen again.”She then took a step back and saluted, being exactly what she was born and bred to be. A soldier first…and a woman last.<3>

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July 25, 2013 12:44AM
“It won’t happen again”*He’d finally reached her, and that’s what came to ear. Her apologizing. She was a soldier, yes, but also his closest friend and the women he held dearest to his heart. Everything that he was as a soldier, born, bred, trained, and even modified to be, she always helped him realize that he was not along in it. She was there, through literally everything. The only two survivors of the Eternium Project. The greatest soldiers Humanity has to offer, and simple things like who was on a date with who were getting between them. He wouldn’t have it. He approached her and lightly tugged her arm down. He closed the distance between them a little and looked to the female that had been getting scolded for performance. He removed his helmet, placing it under his left arm and he looked to her. The distance between them was about a foot at the most, and it might have made things uncomfortable, but he didn’t care.* “She’s nothing like you ya know….”https://i1.wp.com/24.media.tumblr.com/172a329e2574f2d7c2d403a7d4a44c05/tumblr_mlfhlxvr7X1qaknqno3_r1_250.gif*He laughed stepping back a bit, reminiscing of their days in training to ready their bodies and minds for the Eternium gene. Over two hundred years ago, and the memory was clear as day.* “If Greaves would’ve yelled at you like that, you’d have torn his jaw off and shoved it up his ass.” *He chuckled softly. Greaves was their trainer back then, a pain in the ass one at that. You fell an inch behind pace and you ahd to redo the lap at the end of training, losing valuable times of sleep. You missed lost a fight during spars and you got 200 push ups in cow dung. sometimes, even to this day, Leon wonders whether it was done for his amusement or to help them gain discipline and resolve…or both.**Straightening his face a bit, he swallowed hard, nearly choking on his tongue.* “Why were you with Johnson last night? He’s not even your type.”
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July 25, 2013 01:44AM
-Together they stood, with Leon having taken a hold of Clarissa’s arm to bring them closer together. Both watched the young cadet trying to cope with her superior shouting down at her for her clumsiness. This brought back such memories, and evoked feelings within Leon, he probably hadn’t given a second thought of for sometime.”She’s nothing like you ya know….”Clearly. The way the girl’s shoulders slouched, her head bowed down…so submissive to her superior. Clarissa on the other hand, stood and took it, with all the defiance and raw courage she had back in their day. Leon was right, for she would have fed Greaves his own jaw bone, and made him take it like a butt plug, jamming it so far, it would rattle his own brain. Oh the memories she had of Greaves.”How could I forget the cow dung…it got in places, it damn well shouldn’t have. But I got those push ups done, and in record time. Still smelt bad though.” This brought something of a smile to her face, and when she did smile, it was worth the wait. But the memories soon faded, as Leon asked her;”Why were you with Johnson last night? He’s not even your type.””You thought I was with him? *she slapped her forehead and dragged her fingers down her face. “I had been sitting in my jeep, parked out the front of that….place. *she meant the club, the one she had such a distaste for*…I guess, I got tired of sitting in my bunk, reading….and..well I thought I would come down and…see what all the fuss was about.” *at this point she brought her right hand up to the back of her neck and rubbed it.*…Johnson saw me sitting there, and offered to walk me in. So…I accepted, and next thing I know he wants to buy me a drink. I didn’t drink it…but I bought him something, just to get rid of him. I paid a lap dancer fifty dollars to do him a favour, and …yeah. So if you call that a date…it was anything but. Just two people who walked in a door together.”

Hopefully her explanation would suffice…since it was the truth.


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July 25, 2013 03:13AM
SgtMaj. Mack Steele was a very large and imposing Man, but also a very quiet one; so Rissa and Leon didn’t hear him as he was now standing looking down at them. He had heard and witnessed the display. If you two are quite done showing your asses.. He spoke freely even though technically Leon outranked him. He would not do it in front of Soldiers out of respect, but he was the more Senior Soldier and maybe the only Man on Echo who could whoop Leon’s ass. He stood with hands behind his back, his Fatherly deep tone, low enough not to be overheard by everyone. Do you realize the two of your bickering over there and you screamin her name after stompin like an irritated Child, then chasin’ after her…do you realize how that looks to the Enlisted Troops? It looks like weakness. And weakness, a Base Commander….let alone a Dire Wolf, cannot afford to show to his Subordinates. Colonel Petrelli….Major Grant. He punctuated their ranks to get his point across. He had seen Leon act out of character in public over Women, they were his weakness, but none more than Clarissa. And he hardly ever saw Clarissa act like a Girl, so he often forget she was. But, he did not like the sight of the two carrying on in front of the Soldiers like a Soap Opera. He took a deep calming breath, looking at the two of them, noticing Leon’s armor. Maneuvers? What time and who? The lecturing tone was gone from his voice and he was the cool collected Mack again.

Re: RP Scene: Mess
July 25, 2013 04:07AM
Raven wouldn’t notice Leon’s glance, having her back to him, only aware of the situation between him and Clarissa when he stamped his foot and ran out after her shouting.
She pursed her lips a little, why was he so infatuated with her?
Sighing, she could make out their figures at the door, watching them, like many of the people in the mess were, when she saw Mack approaching them.
She smiled a little, she hadn’t seen this close friend in a few days and half wanted to just run over there, but because of Leon and Clarissa, she decided against it. She pushed the food around her plate as she continued staring at the scene, wondering what was going on.

Re: RP Scene: Mess
July 25, 2013 04:20AM
And just when you thought the morning couldn’t get any worse…” If you two are quite done showing your asses.”The great shadow that now appeared to block out the very sunlight, was none other than SgtMaj. Mack Steele. The one man above Leon that Clarissa did look up to…literally. This must have been pretty bad, to have him come over and need to remind them of their rank, and position within the base. Clarissa actually bit her lip and looked down to the ground, whilst taking out her sunglasses and quickly putting them on, so she could hide what her eyes would reveal. She placed her hands behind her back, and listened intently to what Mack had to say.”Do you realize the two of your bickering over there and you screamin her name after stompin like an irritated Child, then chasin’ after her…do you realize how that looks to the Enlisted Troops? It looks like weakness. And weakness, a Base Commander….let alone a Dire Wolf, cannot afford to show to his Subordinates. Colonel Petrelli….Major Grant.”On hearing her name, she stood upright, with shoulders back, her hair falling back down over her shoulder, and she kept her eyes trained on Mack through her shades. She chose her moment well, and said in a clear and concise voice, one he would know and well.”As I was saying to the Colonel….it won’t happen again. If you will excuse me.” Clarissa then saluted, turned on her heel, and marched back towards her officer’s bunk building, to get ready for the day.


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July 25, 2013 05:08AM
Anna had been in the Mess Hall sat at a table eating her breakfast. She had considered sitting with Raven but, she noticed Raven had been watching Leon and Clarissa and therefore decided not to disturb her. She had finished her breakfast and was just sat there sipping her drink when Sgt.Maj Steele made his presence known and had approached Leon and Clarissa. She had, had a good nights sleep and was now ready for the day ahead. Wondering where she would be flying the Skyrunners today. She snapped out of her thoughts as the two Elites from the basketball game walked past and wolf whistled jokingly. Anna then noticed Clarissa leave and hoped she was alright. Question is, would Leon go after her or not?


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July 25, 2013 05:21AM
*Just as Leon was going to speak, the day shoved it’s ass further in Leon’s face when the shadow of a man he both respected and looked up to, came at the two of them with that fatherly tone of his. This was not the first time he’s had to remind him of where he was, and though it likely wouldn’t be, he’d always say it’d be the last. The Sergeant Major stood over them like a father, with that same disappointed tone a father gave his children as they bickered. Somehow, he always felt small when he did that…like a little child with no home and no place to go…it made him sad…honestly. The expression on his face as he stared off into the distance showed he was thinking these things and rather intently, hardly catching Rissa’s little show. As she walked away, Leon watched her, deeply and intently.*”Mack, why can’t they just be like puppies?” *He looked up to him, a seriously confused look on his face and tone on his voice.* “Puppies are so easy to understand. They piss all over the place and you always know what they want. Food, water, fun times.” *He looked back in the direction and imagined it, watching in the distance as imaginary women began pissing all over the place, with no thought of where they were.* “On second thought….maybe cats….or at least trained puppies.”*He inhaled and exhaled, turning to look to his friend with renewed vigor. He placed a hand on his upper arm with a heavy pat, and turned to walk away before answering his question.* “It’s 0700 now. I’d say 0800. Get that Sky Runner fella, Roger…Kent, I believe it was. And Raven. I need to make sure she isn’t getting squishy, and one more you see fit to bring. If anyone. I’ll go set up the simulation, meet there.” *Immediately upon finishing, he slid his feet together, placed his arms to his sides in fists, and turned on his heel to face Mack. He looked him in the eye, and threw his hand to the edge of his eyebrow.* “Sergeant Major.” *Without waiting for a return salute, he made his way to the Combat Simulation room, muttering to himself the many different opportunities the room gave for simulation.* “Jungle against Alven….? No…no….Inglai and Alven conflict, neutralize enemies…..Alven betrayal….Irathient join with Inglai…yeeeessssss……”*Before getting too far, he turned to face the man, holding up a hand in pause.* “One more thing….thanks pops.” *The name practically none other would ever hear or call him by except in moments like this when Leon found it necessary…or funny. It was in a hushed tone, so none would hear, and once done, he turned and began his rambling again as he walked.*((Thread Change: Combat Simulator))

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July 25, 2013 05:21AM
Roger slapped his tray on the table next to Anna to snap her out of her day dream. Mornin Sunshine. That looks bad huh. I wouldn’t wanna be in the middle of that convo. He was looking over at Mack, Leon, and Clarissa. He sat down and poked at his chow. It’s a sad state when the hot wings at the Gentlemen’s Club are better than the stuff cooked for us. He smirked at her.


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July 25, 2013 06:08AM
Hearing someone slap their tray on the table, Anna looked up and saw Roger. She heard him day ‘morning sunshine’ and she smiled. “Morning Roger,” she said. “Mmm–hmm. Then again, I wouldn’t wanna get on the wrong side of sergeant major,” she added. She then caught sight of Leon leaving. She shrugged and looked back to Roger, she chuckled a little at his remark about the club. “I’ll have to take your word on that, Roger” she added since she’d not been in therr. “But, it’s typical really.”

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July 25, 2013 06:10AM
*As if on cue, in walked the other part of Trydent’s most attractive lady killers. Though, not known for his looks, at least not as much as Kent, none can deny the fact that when he entered, beauty and orgasms followed suit. a bit cocky and overly charismatic, he’s that guy that buys everyone a round at the bar just because he got a woman’s number. Not because he was stupid or desperate or showing off, but because the simplest things made him so happy. He could find entertainment with a ball and string for hours on end if needed. This morning, he entered Mess without his shirt, seeming to have lost it again. Lead of Trydent Squad, one of if not THE greatest Sky Runner squad in service, he was well known for his combat ability just as much. So when he grabbed a shirt one of the men had over his shoulder, nothing was said. He walked over to the food line, and grabbed a tray, searching for a buddy to sit and eat with. His eyes fell over Anna and Roger, of course. He smiled, and made his way over.*
https://i2.wp.com/media.giphy.com/media/iJjCllXor7CQo/200.gif*Reaching them, he set his tray down, and smiled brightly at Anna, that same and normal overly burdening smile that made just about anyone melt as he sat. His eyes then found Roger.* “How goes it gorgeous..” *He looked to Anna and winked* “and gorgeouser?”

Re: RP Scene: Mess
July 25, 2013 06:19AM

He mocked an innocent face. Hey I’m a Sky Runner, it’s like a obligational duty to attend social functions. He laughed. So how’s the World’s Prettiest Sky Runner this morning?Technically Gertie and Anna weren’t Sky Runner’s but Roger insisted that they deserved it, since they pulled their asses outta the frying pan and made sure they got home. So he referred to Anna as a Runner anyway. He tossed a fry in his mouth, seeing that the convo with Mack and Leon was over and he overheard his name. So today he would get to show his stuff to the Dire Wolves, things were on track for him since arriving at Echo it seemed. First the Sky Runners, now he caught the Commander’s eye.

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July 25, 2013 07:34AM
Anna laughed a little and shook her head, “Whatever you say, you know you love the view there as most men do,” she said teasingly. Hearing him call her the ‘prettiest sky runner’ made her smile. It always did. However, she technically wasn’t one but maybe that’s why it flattered her more when he referred to her as one. “I’m fine, thank you. How are you today?” She replied.

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July 25, 2013 07:48AM
https://i1.wp.com/i154.photobucket.com/albums/s273/Phaedon7/Luther%20Barrows/tumblr_mq85bl1npK1qlhpnxo2_500_zps9aff0068.gifMack watched Leon walked off, then switched to business mode. He quickly made his way to the table where Kent and the other sat. Pretty Boy, Papa Bear, stop making out for moment. Kent, Col. Petrelli requests your attendance in the Sim Room, no later than 10 from now, understood. Apparently you got his attention Fly Boy…..don’t fuck it up. He was informed to bring one more and he knew that Anna was always trying to prove that she could keep up with the Boys. He respected her hustle. China Doll…you ready to get messy with Big Boys? Kent here is always goin on about you bein a Sky Runner, but I personally don’t think you have a head full of cement…. He didn’t even break a smile at his Sky Runner joke and knew neither of the Runners had the balls to say anything about it. Breton, you just stay pretty. Laugh and I’ll give you a combat boot tonsillectomy. Carry on….see you two in 10 mikes. Don’t make me regret putting you in front of the Commander. Without awaiting response, he turned on a heel and marched off to get changed.

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July 25, 2013 07:56AM

Roger was sitting silent and dumbstruck as Steele spoke. That was the only reaction anybody gave when he spoke to you. He turned finally to Alex, then Anna. Gulping down his coffee. This was real now. He would show Petrelli what he had. He would still need to fulfill a term of service with the Sky Runners but if it all worked out, he’d be starting the Dire Wolf Program in the next few years. Well I guess that’s our queue….Daddy’s calling. Hey Alex, how about we hit the courts after, unless I get killed or something in Sim.. He was only half joking. He and Anna would be training with Mods, so it would be rough. They would go easy on em in comparison to Dire Wolf Training, but it would still be something.

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July 25, 2013 08:05AM
Raven looked across to the table with the crowd, pursing her lips a little as she wasn’t requested. She knew she was stealth ops, but did everyone really have to treat her as though she were invisible? Raven sighed picking up her tray and walking past the group to place the items in the trash. She practically threw her tray on top of the others before walking out of the hall. She paused a moment outside the door thinking about where she wanted to go.

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July 25, 2013 08:13AM
Mack was standing behind a lost looking Raven, with his arms behind his back. Got some plans Widow Maker? Well no, no you don’t. Get suited and meet at the Sim Room in 10….. He was a sneaky Bastard for such a big Man. He was about to walk away, then stopped and turned with a almost a smile.…Good morning by the way. Don’t be late. His tone now lighter and more friendly. He wasn’t going to very well hug her in the Mess Hall, but it was enough to get a light greeting from him for the moment.https://i2.wp.com/i154.photobucket.com/albums/s273/Phaedon7/Luther%20Barrows/stringergif_zps8d25ba0f.gif

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July 25, 2013 08:14AM
Anna then saw Alex enter and he was shirtless once again, she smirked as it seemed it was becoming a habit for him. She wasn’t complaining though, nice view after all. She watched as he joined them and smiled, “Hey Alex,” she said. She heard him call Roger gorgeous and laughed a little. She nodded, “just fine and how about you?” She replied.After that, she heard footsteps and saw none other then the Sgt.Maj stood at their table. Her smiled faded and she became serious as he spoke. She found it amusing how he asked the boys to stop making out but, didn’t show it. They’d make a cute couple. Papa bear and pretty boy, she thought to herself.

However, she was completely surprised when Steele asked if she was ready to mess with the big boys. She heard him and simply nodded. Watching him walk off, she sat there speechless. She thought she had a flying mission today unless it was later today but, doing this first… She shook it off. Hearing Roger joked, she hit him at his half joking. “Not funny,” she said as she got up. What the hell had Roger got her in to? “Sorry to cut this short, Alex but, we’ve been given orders,” she added, a little disappointed that their chat had been cut short.

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July 25, 2013 08:40AM
Hearing Mack behind her almost made her jump. She raised a brow at his comment ‘Oh so I am joining in after all’ She thought to hherself. Raven tilted her head narrowing her eyes slightly before he turned and flashed her a smile. Raven smiled in return, knowing that at least for now that was the most she would get from her friend. “Right away sir..” quickly turned on her heels and headed to the simulation room after getting suited up((Thread change))

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July 25, 2013 11:11AM
*Alex had hardly taken a bite from his grub when Steele came. He smiled confidently as he spoke to Roger. The day they both had awaited finally came, a chance to show off in front of the commander. However, when the large man turned to Anna, and not him, his smile quickly became a smirk and his brow furrowed. As the man left, and the two stood, Alex rolled his eyes as Kent’s request.* “Yeah, what ever.” *Alex stood as well, feeling the steam build within him. He needed to hit something, or someone…hard.* “Alright ladies…make us proud Pretty Boy.” *He managed to kick his charismatic self back in for that moment, until he left the mess headed for the Gym.*