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Roleplay Live : Group : Lacardis Prime

Lords and Ladies



KlouseKusanagi: -Was not long before the lovers tied the knot. In fact they were both so ready, they managed to scavenge up a priest and few witnesses to be there for the marriage that same day. Their love was finally laid out for all to know. Even though they married on a small farm outside their small castle. Word would not wait to spread, it spread like wild fire. Kids running to tell parents, parents to tell guards, guards to tell higher royalty members. It was only matter of time before they had to justify their marriage and fight for it. Both would gladly do without hesitation. After the marriage, Lore told Lucious to meet her in the meeting hall for future plans. Lucious did not waste any time making his way toward the meeting hall. As he returned to the castle, wearing the same old attire only without a mask, he no longer needed to keep his identity hidden. Entering the meeting hall, making his way toward the large table. As he looked around seeing other royalty members discuss topics amongst themselves, while others stared at him as if he just killed someone. Whispering between one another, as Lucious looked at each of them, nodding slowly. Stopping near the table, as he spoke loudly “Yes I am Lady Lore’s new husband..Thank you very much..any questions?” Pausing for a slight moment “Deal with it” Gesturing toward the chairs around the table “Now please..” Asking them to sit to begin discussing topics. Some sat around the table, but most stood up with papers in their hands, fumbling through one another. As one tried to sit next to Lucious, without even looking, Lucious spoke “That seat is taken..” The man quickly rose up as the seat was saved for Lore whenever she would arrive-

LoreleiRoseCarrendar:- A memorable affair, and by no means lavish for the couple did not need the trimmings and fuss of a state wedding. No, they did so in the quiet town of Tullywood, which was nestled within the farming provinces. Far out of the prying eyes of the Lords of Court, Lucious and his new bride, shared their first days as Husband and wife. However, coming back and the word having spread, things were not too rosy back at the Meeting hall in Arachne. Baldrick was of course, first to meet her Ladyship on return, and though he held a pained expression that she had married another, his duty of care was to ensure she remained happy. If this was what she wanted, then it was to be. On her return, she came back inside the meeting hall doors, dressed in travelling clothes, comprising of a full length velvet gown with metal trimmed bodice. A single droplet jewel hung between her breasts. She walked briskly up the corridor, Baldrick keeping two paces behind. She could see Lucious up ahead, and of course, he had a seat waiting for her. Rounding the large ornate chair, she nodded to all in attendance, then sat herself down, whilst there was quiet murmuring and whispers. “My good Lords and Ladies. Come now, do not hold back your words, I am sure…you have much to say.”- Lord Greeves rose to his feet and then pointed to Lucious, a look that could kill. “Care to explain this news you are wed and yet you did not seek the court’s ruling? Are you not the face of this nation? We know nothing about this man, and yet he is seated next to you, showing no respect to this court.” <3>

KlouseKusanagi: -Glancing over only to see his newly wedded wife approach. She was beautiful with her long dress, that opened up in the middle, along with a chain coming down to her breasts. He was indeed a lucky man to be with her. Nodding toward her as he heard her speak out, slowly glaring at each one around the table, yet it didn’t take long for one to begin to shout out disagreement with the wedding, the man jumped to his feet with a look that Lucious took offensive. As Lucious cleared his throat, looking at the man that stood up with a demanding glare, as he spoke “I was not aware that she and I have to ask permission for everything.. I will keep that in mind next time we need to eat.. I will come ask you if I can wipe my ass as well” Not a chuckle escaped Lucious as he glared at the man “Next time you wish to speak out, I highly recommend you speak with respect and lower your tone..Thank you” It wasn’t a suggestion, he was demanding him to follow his order. As he glared at everyone around the table “That goes for you all..We come for future plans of our own place we call home now..Not to bicker and batter about our marriage..If you wish to do that, please see me afterwards” Meaning to have a brawl after the meeting. As Lucious glare slowly was removed as he turned toward Lore, nodding to her for her to speak if she wished-

LoreleiRoseCarrendar: – Lorelei was more than pleased with how Lucious handled himself against the gathered Lords and Ladies of the court of Lacardis. Eyeing Lord Greeves with a critical eye, she waited to see if he would have the balls to face off with Lucious in kind. You could see the veins that were now bulging on his neck, his hands curling into fists, which he dropped onto the table, like some large baboon. “M’lady…I ask of you. What manner of man is this that speaks with such air to the court. He was not voted in by the people.”- Lorelei decided it was her turn to say what was on her mind. Rising to stand, a challenging look was on her face. “As my Husband has kindly pointed out, you are hereby advised to hold yourself in good grace. My affairs, and that of my Husband, are not that of the court, nor is our personal life. I certainly do not wanting you, or any of you for that matter, entering my bed chambers and telling me how to fuck. SO…”-she said with an authoritative tone. “Lets get down to business. Lord Mason, what news do you have from east, am I to understand there has been some squirmishes between the townsfolk and bandits?”- An older gentleman rose from his seat, and nodded to all in attendance. “Aye, M’lady. Word is that there are highwaymen, and a band that are against the raise of taxes in that part of Eastern Lacardis.”- There were more words said quietly to others, whilst Lore folded her arms. “And what exactly has been done to qwell the unrest, Lord Mason?” Lord Mason cleared his throat, and then uttered. “We need a team, from the Legion to go down and flush out the woods.” <3>

KlouseKusanagi: -Raising his right hand to his head, as his index and middle finger held up his head. As he listened to his wife speak. Smirking slightly as he heard her remarks, nodding in with agreeing with her never the less. As he kept listening, staring at the man that was spoken to, hearing him nervous on to give the report. Lucious gave a soft chuckle shaking his head “So in meaning, we need to send men to help?” Nothing wrong with that, only a waste of men for some bandits that all they want is money. As he turned to his wife “I believe we need to put that on our to do list..” Glancing at each of the members before staring back to his wife “Why use violence when they will just regroup and attack again and again?” lowering his hand to his chin as he rubbed it softly for a moment. “I suggest we send someone to negotiate with them, rather cause more chaos. Or we should take a ride through the country some time soon love?” Proposing that they could handle themselves as well. As he gestured his hand to his wife “What do you believe my dear?” As he waited patiently for her to reply-

LoreleiRoseCarrendar: – Lowering her arms to her sides, she then sat back down and allowed her Husband to address the court. It was only fair, since Lucious had it in his mind, the right way to be dealing with the likes of bandits and highwaymen. A slow grin was forming upon her crimson lips, as she tugged at the pleats of her gown. Keeping up with what was being said, only appearing not to be. She felt this was her Husband’s time to shine, and shine…he did. “Why use violence when they will just regroup and attack again and again?” A few of the lords seemed to take this on board. Why spend more money on many men, going to beat up a few rogue rebels, when you could send in someone, to act…as a go between, to negotiate terms that would be for the betterment of all. Lord Mason softened his appearance, finding favour with Lucious’s idea. “You do seem to have a knack for dealing with this sort of issue.”- All looked to Lady Lorelei now, to see what she thought of the proposal. “Smashing idea, if I do say so myself.”- she then turned to reach for her husband’s hand and squeezed it saying. “Nothing I love more, than to go ride….with my love. Hard and fast, if need be.” <3>

KlouseKusanagi: -Watching his wife’s hand reach out for his, extending his hand to meet hers, feeling her squeeze. As he rose her hand up with his, as he placed a soft kiss on her hand. Smirking as he does whispering to her “Even all night” Winking at her meaning a completely different topic rather the one at hand. As he nodded, speaking loud to everyone “Than my lovely wife and I will ride out to negotiate with the bandits soon to come” Keeping hold of her hand only by the fingers, as he continued to speak “I actually have a topic that I would like to discuss..” Scooting up in his seat slightly to view the map, as he pointed toward enormous empty space in the castle “I think a Arena would be lovely to have..”immediately the members saw problems with that yelling one at a time “To much money!..To violent!..Chaotic!” shaking his head to each of them as he rose his hand for them to quiet down.“Yes it would take some money to build the damn thing, Though we would double if not triple our profits once it begun… Violence? I believe everyone wants to get some anger out of their day, why need beat someone to a bloody pulp?” Smirking slightly glancing at his wife “Chaos? Chaos is what is outside, people starving, stealing, fighting, and causing trouble for all… Why not let them have some free will on what they love to do? Fight and watch people get hurt” Glancing at the members as they seemed to whisper amongst themselves, some nodding, some sat in silence. As he looked to his wife “Of course that is up to you.. You have the final say” Smiling slightly as he rubbed her fingers softly-

LoreleiRoseCarrendar: – The affection shared between the newly weds, was nothing short of beautiful. Romance is to be treasured in this day and age and while there was disquiet in the room between some of the Lords and the new Husband of Lore, she had only eyes for him. The announcement of Lucious’s idea, was one that brought a huge reaction from those around the table. Oh the shouting, the remarks. It was like watching toad races at the Sneaky Dick Inn. Lorelei’s eyes went from Lord to Lady, as each had something colourful to say at the idea of an arena, for games of violence and gladiators, to be in the fair nation of Lacardis. “To much money!..To violent!..Chaotic!” The cries created such a din, that this had Lorelei actually burst out laughing. Imagine what this lot would do if in the stands of an arena. Lorelei bit her lip, whilst she crossed her legs under the table, actually getting aroused from the proposition. Blood, violence…Chaos. Oh what fun. Money spent would be an investment, for so many would want to see the best of the best, go blow to blow with swords, maces, and of course the jousting. Course, Lucious gave his wife, the last word. “Come now, my Lucious has a wonderful plan. Think of those, that tire of the executions. They are over way too fast, and barely enough time to throw a rotten tomato. THIS…this would be a place to come, gather. Socialise, and cheer on their champion to victory. I order that this be made a reality. It is in the best interest of the people. And I know….they are going to be voting for whoever thought of it.”- she said, slyly looking back at her husband. <3>

KlouseKusanagi: -Members began signing papers and sending messengers off to begin the task. As Lucious seemed locked with his wife. His eyes staring into hers with love, as he chuckled softly, biting down on his lip seeing her get aroused. As she stared back, they seemed trans with one another. The man that Lucious first spoke to sighed, growing tired of the meeting as he rose again “If you will excuse me, I will be taking my leave now” Though Lucious did not reply as the man looked at them waiting for an answer. None answered, as he sighed once more, before taking his leave. Slowly but surely they all begin to leave, feeling the attraction between the lovers. As the hall soon to lower to silence. Slowly standing as he rose her hand up to stand with him, moving her hand around his neck, as he placed both hands on her hips. Leaning back on the table as he looked into her eyes “I love you” Nothing else was said only a passionate kiss followed. Along with multiple ones, back to back. As he bit her lower lip on one, pulling back slightly whispering “Let a new dawn begin my dear” Smirking widely as he kissed her once more-

LoreleiRoseCarrendar: – And so it was done. The members had more or less agreed to follow the orders of the Prime Minister, and of course, her Husband who would be pleased to see that the inner workings of parliament, were well oiled and efficient. Lord Greeves, who was still not impressed, but ended up bowing to the sentiment of all, signed his papers, and took his leave. “If you will excuse me, I will be taking my leave now” Lorelei made sure to give a quick wave, more or less being cheeky, then found herself behind wrapped around her love, and pressed to the table. The touch of his hands upon her hips, sent a fire like charge of electricity through her being and she shivered with excitement. Eyes only for him, she could barely get out the words of love, to respond to his, before being taken into a passionate kiss, that would have the chamber maidens stop and gasp. Pulling back, he whispered, “Let a new dawn begin my dear” Lorelei smiled back, as enjoyed yet another kiss. “Let the games begin.” <3>