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Roleplay Live : Group : Lacardis Prime

Indecent Proposal

Players :


November 27, 2012 10:23PM

KlouseKusanagi: -Watching as the daggers sliced through the air nearing the wolf. The wolf remained still as it sniffed around, not knowing the danger that was darting its way. Only short seconds after Lucious tossed the daggers at the wolf. One dagger landed in the wolfs left hip, the wolf howled out in pain. Turning to try to get the dagger out, only to turn into another dagger that sliced his throat. Cutting it cleanly and precisely. The other daggers did not matter, even though they hit its mark. The wolf was dying from the cut of the throat. As the wolf slowly fell down on its side and whimpered softly before closing his eyes once and for all. Lucious scanned around after seeing the wolf fall, seeing if anyone would come to the wolf’s aid, none came to the wolf. Only ran faster away from the scene. It was done. As he sighed softly knowing he had to face worse than the wolf.. A mad, upset, sexually aroused lover..Lore. He shook his head as he reached for a near by for a vibrant red rose. The rose was a foot long, with a pure green stem, the rose smelt fresh and new. As he nodded in approval though this would not matter, it was only a fool’s chance calming her down. The chaos that was created, he would merely stay put, leaning against a wooden column as he knew Lore would come to the chaos. As he held the rose between his fingers, awaiting her arrival-

LoreleiRoseCarrendar: Having gotten redressed after Klouse had taken feedings from her, she knew she would have to face Lucious, and explain what happened. Making her way out of the meeting hall, and down into the courtyard, what occured was played over in her mind, again and again. Like an endless reel that couldn’t be turned off. Was she fearful of his reaction, that another would seek to lay with her after she had professed her love to him? But coming out of into the open area, she smelt the blood of a dead wolf. Davin’s wolf. Eyes wandered, searching to find that which was the corpse. Still fresh…the kill wa recent. Finally, she saw her love. Standing with a rose, the stem a foot long. Picking up her skirts, she ran to him and then tasted the blood still on her lips..”Lucious…what have you done?”<3>

KlouseKusanagi: -Finally seeing his love hurry to him, she looked rushed and overwhelmed for some odd reason. As she asked what he had done, he pushed his shoulder off the column standing straight up as he flung his hands out as if he was revealing something “I am helping the extinction of wolves..?” He did not know what to say but it was obvious what he had done. As he swung his arm to her with the rose in hand as he extended it to her “You seem in a haze my love..” As he questioned before walking toward her, edging her to move on before guards question both of them. His hands around her hips as they walked to a near by tavern. Glancing side to side as he made sure they were not followed. As he went in first, seeing the tavern as a wasteland. Tables flipped over, broken glass covered the ground, lanterns broken, and a drunken man sound asleep in the corner. As he glanced back at her, odour of blood fuming off her as he spoke “For the story you have..I need a drink” Chuckling softly as he made his way to the ale. Trying to decide which one he wanted to down first-

LoreleiRoseCarrendar: The extinction of wolves? Starting with the very one that she had bound in webbing? This was more than just that. but of course, she had her conscience to deal with, and it weighed on her so heavily. Swallowing as he place his arm to her with the rose in hand, he said words that she knew, meant he was suspecting something was awry. Taking the rose, she brought it to her nose to inhale its scent, but all the whiles, she could smell the blood upon her. Lorelei felt a twinge, then a pang of guilt. They entered the shattered tavern, tables over, a drunk man in the corner, and the barman brought over an ale, handing it to Klouse, and this was when Lorelei had to confess. “Uhm…I can’t keep up this charade. Lucious.”- she rounded on him, and then said what she had, to, drawing back her hair to show the bite mark. “Klouse….he came and..he….he…” she swallowed again and then it all tumbled from her mouth like a flood. “he..tried to lay with me…” <3>

KlouseKusanagi: -Reaching for a bottle of ale as he heard her words, his whole body froze except for his hand that smashed the ale bottle as he heard ‘lay with me’ slowly lowering his arms before turning toward her. As he walked up to her, his footsteps echoed through the tavern. His eyes locking onto hers as he seen the bite mark. Nodding as he grabbed a near by wooden chair, sitting down in it as he looked up at her. Playing with his fingers as he stared up at her, before chuckling softly “I suspect as much from him.. And from you..” going quiet for a moment “I know you wouldn’t” smiling slightly as he patted his legs almost regretting what he is about to remind her of.. “I think we have unfinished business my dear..For he tried..Where we need to finish” Smirking as he motioned for her to come to him “Come to daddy” Biting his lip for this was about to get rough real fast-

LoreleiRoseCarrendar: – The sound of the bottle, the glass smashing on impact as she said those fateful words. Oh how she hated herself right now. His body froze, and she felt her heart sink. What would he believe? After all she was a demon. Lorelei’s face was wrought with guilt, of how she had failed him by letting Klouse touch her and feed. But when he tried to woo, with kisses and licking, she didn’t respond, for she could only return such touching to a man she loved. Lucious sat down in a chair, looking up at her with those eyes. How they made her melt on the spot. She wrung her hands, feeling small before him. Which says a lot for her. “I suspect as much from him.. And from you..” going quiet for a moment “I know you wouldn’t”- Calling her to him, she immediately responded, making her way to where he patted his legs. Straddling him, her skirts raised, she stared into his eyes, reaching into his soul. “Then finish me…punish as you see fit.” She reached up to her bodice, slowly undoing the fine strings, exposing herself to him. Not another word was said, as she awaited her fate. <3>

KlouseKusanagi: -Staring up at her as she stood between his legs, slowly lowering herself to him. As she spoke her words as he chuckled, watching her undress herself “Oh I intend to” finishing as he swiftly lifted her up, his hands tightly around her hips. As he tossed her down toward a wooden table, the table was weak and would crush instantly if she landed on it. Only using brute force. No special powers of the sort. If she crushed the table, he would quickly remove his body armor with one pull off. As he walked off, back to the bar, grabbing a bottle of ale as he gulped it down with one gulp. Knowing she would try something as he turned her back to him. Though that’s exactly what he wanted. Merely waiting for her to do so, standing idle awaiting for her move for he made his-

LoreleiRoseCarrendar: The table had already been weakened during the bar fight, and as she hit it, it gave way and she was sent down onto the floor, the pieces of wood splintering and with her skirts raised, it was quite a sight. Shocked, but half expecting it, she quickly gathered herself, and rose to stand awkwardly. Her hair a mess, and was in a crazed effort to correct her state of dress. Gripping her bustier that was now apart, her dress torn, she panted heavily, before watching him chug the bottle of ale. He turned his back on her. After she had just told the truth. Lorelei looked about the room, at the sleeping drunk. Thank the gods he was not awake to see this. Reaching for a broken piece of the table, a large splinter of wood, she held it in her hand, and then said. “That the best you can do?” <3>

KlouseKusanagi: -Turning slowly as he heard her speak. As he noticed her arm herself with a broken piece of wood. As he smirked slightly, taking the bottle and smashing it against the bar, shattering half the bottle. Making the tips ragged sharp, as he locked eyes with her and motioned once more for her to come to him “Come and meet your maker..Or I will find someone else who will” Smirking widely as he was paying her back, meaning he would find a whore that would gladly please him. He had no intention on killing her not even harming her.. well not harming with true meaning. Only pleasure, as he tempted her by throwing a empty ale bottle toward her, aiming for her shoulder. The strength behind the throw was not strong, it wouldn’t even break if it hit her. As he stared at her biting down on his lip-

LoreleiRoseCarrendar: Oh he was playing a dangerous game indeed. For one thing to throw her down like that, and then to smash a bottle, like he was about to cause some drunken rampage. Well…it was when he said, to come meet her maker, or he would find another who would, she saw red. The piece of timber fell from her hand, clattering onto the floor. He was smiling at her…mocking her. This was all a lie. The blood of Klouse in her veins. Pay back is a bitch. His words cut like the very knives, that she felt plunge into her heart. But one thing about Lorelei, she did not take to being treated like a common whore. He threw the bottle at her, and she held steady as it sliced into her shoulder, tearing her skin open. Feeling, the pain seared, and you could see it in her eyes, the glass smashing to the floor at her feet. She let the bodice of her dress go lose and then she roared at him. “YOU ARE THE SAME!” -she tossed a nearby chair out of the way, and then her claws in her fingers extended. Taking off, right foot pressed to the floor, she charged him dead on, glass embedded in her shoulder, and then with right arm drawn back, she thrust her clawed hand forward, straight for his neck, hand twisting as it did so. <3>

KlouseKusanagi: -Seeing the bottle break on her shoulder, glass embedded in her skin. Slicing it open as he thought ‘I need to watch how much muscle I use’ before he could think of anything else she roared at him and charged at the same time. Standing still as he watched her claws extend and reach for his neck. As he leaned to the side, letting her strike him, the claws sunk into his neck. As he grunted slightly only to wrap one arm around her waist, and thrust the broken bottle up toward her side. Causing bleeding along with minor internal damage if the broken bottle hit her. It was their way of forgiving each other and more, though many would see as it being odd. It was their own way of showing their love. What is not to love about blood and pleasure? Not much else. Their bodies meshed together as he stood tall. Her nails in his neck as he grunted more. Slowly looking down at her to see what she would do next-

LoreleiRoseCarrendar: In some macarbe and sickening display, they were to take each others hits, as though to pay penance. Lorelei’s claws embedded in his neck, the glass of the first bottle strike in her shoulder. She wasn’t about to pull out or let go no matter how awkward the position would become. A loud cry then grunt as he forced the bottle with its jaggard edges into her side, causing minor internal damage. More pain inflicted, but her eyes remained devoid of tears. He was looking down at her, as the blood seeped out his neck and onto her claws. She was angry. incensed…..in pain. She ripped her hand back, the claws slinking back, and then she lunged at the site where her claws had caused their wound, and started to feast on his blood, all the while reeling in agony from the multiple bottle strikes. <3>

KlouseKusanagi: -Staring down at her knowing she was in pain, some part hated his self for doing it. Though it was their fun. As he pulled the bottle out, blood dripping from it, as she lunged toward the same spot on his neck and began feeding. Letting her as he grunted out loudly, his flesh ripping as he dropped the bottle, wrapping his hands around her back. As he turned and slammed her on the bar top, her back would slam on the counter. His hands tearing at her clothing, ripping it off her piece by piece. Down to her bra and laced panties. Hands travelling up her back to her head, as he pulled her hair back, to quickly meet his lips in an erotic bloody kiss. Tongues fighting each other as their heads tilted side to side, following one another. The fun was just starting, for the two lovers-

LoreleiRoseCarrendar: Fuelled by anger, and the insatiable need to hurt him, for hurting her, this was turning into a blood feast. Hungrily, she bit down on his neck, and her tongue probed into the wounds, licking and then you could hear her swallowing his blood. Her claws cut and scratched at him, as the beast was well and truly out of the cage. The sharp ripping sensation as he tore out the bottle from her side, gave her the urge to break the hold on his neck, and cry out in pain, only to find he had turned her and slammed her back to the bar counter, his eyes showing such anger, mixed with divine lust. Clothes, shredded from her form, falling to the ground at her feet. A hard tug of her hair, reefing back her head, and he took her lips, forcing his upon her, showing no mercy, with his tongue delving into her mouth, and dancing with her own. She wanted to beat him with her closed fists, she wanted to hurt him all the more. Her body shuddered from white hot rage, and she resisted him, which would cause for all the more anger in his being. <3>

KlouseKusanagi: -Something was off, something was different. It wasn’t the blood or the pain. He sensed her almost resisting him. As he yanked off, shoving his self off her. Stepping back favouring his neck wound. Gasping for air as everything started to turn to real. As he stared at her with confusion though soon realizing something. She has feelings for Klouse. Rather that be true or false, it is what he presumed. His eyes looked off down at the ground near her, not at anything important, just in a trance it seemed. Slowly but surely.. His right knee seem to give way, eyes remaining where they were, breathing through his nostrils heavily. Before finally looking up at her, grimacing in pain though every word he was about to say was true “I love you..” pausing briefly as the pain sharpened for a moment.. Swallowing what seemed to be an apple, hard to swallow, as he spoke again “Lore..Will you marry me?..” Of course this wasn’t the best time, though it seemed needed. He was in deep love with her, and wanted to be buried by her side one day. Even than his love will never die. As he knelt waiting for her answer-

LoreleiRoseCarrendar: When he yanked off her, could he then see the true pain in her expression? She thought he no longer wanted her, pushing her away. Her heart set near to break, and her rage was due to misunderstanding. He was pulling away!…Her mind screamed and then the oddest thing, as she was in the midst of confusion, pain and loss of hope, he went down on one knee. Did she drink too much of his blood? Blood dripping from her all over…she then heard him say… “I love you..” Her jaw almost hit the floor, for all the anger simply melted from her form. Blinking, dumbstruck…she could not stop watching him. What was he saying? And then…“Lore..Will you marry me?..” Oh…this was the moment. Lorelei fell to her knees,and then inched to him, tears welling in her eyes. “I thought you hated me…Lucious. YES!…YES I WILL MARRY YOU!…I love you with every….oww!”- her side was killing her, but she went to him and began kissing him feverishly, riding out the pain. <3>

KlouseKusanagi: -Sighing relief as he shook his head “I could never hate you love” watching her inch toward him on her knees as he heard her answer ‘Yes!’ he smiled brightly as he returned every kiss as he wrapped his arms around her, careful not to hurt her any more than she is already. Slowly falling down onto his back, bringing her with him as he kissed her every bit on the way down. Not wanting to stop. As they hit the floor softly, kiss after kiss, as he broke the kisses for a moment “Forever and always I will be yours.. You are my friend.. You are my life worth living.. You are my soon to be wife…And I will gladly give my life to save yours” Smiling slightly meaning every word he spoke. Staring lovely into her eyes before kissing her passionately once more. This was the start of a new dawn. And they will take it all and more-