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Roleplay Live : Group : Lacardis Prime

A Knight to remember

Players :

LoreleiRoseCarrendar: – The Main meeting hall was abuzz with staffers and servants, going about their usual daily chores and affairs, whilst in the main chambers, where the lords often met from around the country, to discuss everything from trade to taxes, community works, water supplies, building permits, the crime rate, and of course, festivities, cause nothing makes the people happier than to know they have something gorey to look forward too. The usual execution on a Saturday afternoon matinee had been a bit low in attendance, as the line up of those to be executed, were not truly hated by the populace. Just your usual bums and vagabonds, that hadn’t paid their taxes. Baldrick and his associate, Sebastain Tuttle, were going over the latest parchments, in from the map maker. “Now..this looks promising!”- Baldrick said, holding up a new banner for the upcoming Jousting tournament in Arachne. “Lady Carrendar does so enjoy watching the men have at it on horseback. I always love the look on her face, when one gets their noggin knocked off.” Sebastain shakes his head, bringing up a hanky to his face, as if he is about to be sick. “You know how I hate…violence. Always makes my tummy turn.” Raising an eyebrow sharply, he shows the picture of one of the main contenders for the year, Lord Rames. “Check him out.” Sebastain took out his monocle and peered closer at the illustration. “I say….he’s a bit alright. So…when is this thing again? Might need to go to the tailors and get a new suit. Hate to put on a bad show.”- Baldrick stares at Sebastian, as if the man has been under a rock for the last ten years. “It’s tommorow. I thought you would have noticed, by all the carriages, out by the front gates.”- Sebastian leapt from his seat and ran over to the nearest balcony. “Oh my stars…its..its…the Lords. Quick, how is my hair?” <3>


KlouseKusanagi: -Sitting in silence, almost as if he is meditating. Klouse was in his old abandon mansion once more. As he made his mindset up that he wanted to see the woman he healed that was claimed by Lucious. His legs were crossed together, his hands resting on his knees. As his head lowered with his eyes shut, trying to concentrate on the woman. Now that she had somewhat of a blood relation with him by feeding off him, he could find her easier than most. Granted it wasn’t pinpoint, though it sufficed for his needs. As he locked onto a strong sense of her presence on one location. With a blink of an eye, Klouse vanished into a bolt of lightning, shooting through universes and galaxies. What felt like seconds, was actually days as he finally appeared bolting through a door, crashing it completely. As he merely appeared as whole, merely dusting off his jacket. Only to see a small little girl staring up at him with eyes of shock of what she just witnessed. Her jaw dropped as if she seen a ghost, she couldn’t scream cause she didn’t know how to reply to someone busting through a door with bolts of lightning. The small girl seemed at the poverty level, her rags were covered in dirt. Her hair in a twisted bun. As Klouse glanced side to side, making sure no one witnessed what he was about to do. As he leaned over, placing his hands on his knees as he stared into the girl’s eyes as if he was staring into her soul. He spoke in a low deep tone “You did not see anything, now go home” As he spoke, his eyes dilated, along with hers. She was compelled by Klouse, as she merely closed her mouth and walked off, skipping steps as she did. Klouse sighed as he rose up, wandering what hell hole he was in. As he traveled around, finding that people feared him now more than ever. As if they never seen his type before. Yet someone dressed cleaner and pale tone, yes it would rise suspicion. He could care less. As he followed the location that he felt was the strongest. Reaching an enormous castle, as he looked up all the way to the top. As he whistled “Impressive I have to say” Noticing guards every where like spiders in the castle. He smirked slightly as he ran through the entire castle, in a blur like fashion. The guards would just feel a rush of wind. As he arrived at the location, seeing guards run toward a commotion in the crowd ahead of them (The fight). As he merely walked to the door (Chambers) the door already opened as he peaked in yet saw no one. He sighed softly though his ears rang with voices, talking about a tournament. And the name mentioned “Lore” he whispered it to his self as he looked up at the ceiling, that they were just above him. Running with haste once more, up the stairs, as he arrived. Seeing two men chat away, as he merely walked slowly. Trying to act ‘normal’ as he spoke elegantly “I don’t mean to intrude..Though I was just outside and could not help but hear about this tournament?” He questioned trying to get information from them-

LoreleiRoseCarrendar: – Practically drooling on the stone balcony as he saw some of the favoured contestants arriving on horseback, through the large main city gates, Sebastian went into something of a tizz. Excitedly, like a child at the carnival, he spun around, his velvet long coat, lifting upward, and his large white powdered wig actually set back a bit, and he had to reach up and straighten it. “So many Lords…so little time. I need to find my beauty spot, I think I stuck it above my bed the other night.” Fussing, he minced back to the table, to look over the list of lords that were expected to be in attendance. “Are you sure Lord Rocksburg is coming? I thought he died in the Battle of the Marsh. Heard there was something about, a misguided drummer boy and a swamp.”- Baldrick shook his head, reaching for his mug of ale and taking a good sip, before setting the chalice down again. “No my dear Sebastian, turns out he had Clydesdale, that didn’t get bogged. He is expected, and many of his fellow Lords. SO, we need to check kitchen on the planned feast and ball. I had planned this a while back, but you know how Lady Carrendar has been.”- It was a small reminder of how Lady Carrendar dealt with her grief in the loss of her child, six months before. Sebastian sighed, thinking that he didn’t have enough time to get something new made by the tailor. “Guess I have to wear the flamingo, with white pantaloons. Course, Baldrick was too engrossed in the list, to listen to the fashion issues of Sebastian. It was then that a voice was heard, a man coming up behind them. “I don’t mean to intrude..Though I was just outside and could not help but hear about this tournament?” Both men turned around, Sebastian, cooly giving the guest a once over with his big blue eyes. “Not intruding and in fact, we were just discussing the tournament. I do say…nice jacket. I have one similar in fushia. So, are you a Lord? ” <3>

KlouseKusanagi: -Watching the men scramble as if something important was about to occur. Or yet someone was about to enter of high importance. As Klouse watched them scurry, talk amongst each other hearing names be called out yet none mattered to him except for ‘Lady Carrendar’ the name peaked his interest simply it was a woman from mere hearing. As he put two and two together, it must be her. Though he wanted to be positive so why not stick around and see what can go wrong? As he watched the men stop ice cold, staring at him oddly, Klouse merely glanced at both awkwardly. Than one of the men answered his question, following with a question of his own. Klouse looked down at his leather jacket, indeed it was ‘royalty’ like he could guess. Though he was none of the sort. Though he processed the though through his head quickly. If he was not a ‘Lord’ than how could he get in and dress so fashionably? It would arouse suspicion. As he nodded slightly “Indeed I am..” He smirked slightly to his self, as he walked closer, circling the enormous round table. Filled with maps, plans, sketches, etc. As he glanced at the table constantly, than at the men as he questioned “In this tournament, who is capable of participating along with viewing the games as far as Lords such as ourselves” Chuckling loudly trying to lighten the mood up and cover his lie. It was a good cover up, though how much would they believe before they would catch on-

LoreleiRoseCarrendar:- You could hear the great doors of the Meeting hall open and the sound of a horse galloping, along with a rather annoyed woman’s voice. “I say there…you stop that this second. No riding your horse in the damn building. We have stables. COME BACK I SAY….That Keg on legs shits on the floor, you are going to be eating it….do you hear me, Lord Rocksburg?!” Sure enough, as the men were about to welcome the mystery Lord to the tournament, a large grey clysdale came charging up the main passage followed by Lady Lore in hot pursuit. “Woaaaah Nelly…Woahhhh.”- Lord Rocksburg sung out as he brought his horse to a stop right before the meeting room hall table. The men of course, had heard Lady Lorelei, and cringed, when they heard the fast click clack of her boots. “Her…she comes.”- Sebastian was looking for a place to hide, whilst Baldrick rose up out of his chair, and marched around it, not before giving the newcomer a sideways glance. “Hope your wearing a cock plate.” The crazy Lord Rocksburg was struggling to remove his helm, while his horse’s tail was rising from behind, and not to shoo flies. Baldrick looked to the ceiling and prayed, then smiled brightly at his Mistress. “Ah. Prime Minister. Impeccable timing as always.” Lorelei fumed and pointed at the horse’s ass. “One lump of horse doo hits the floor, I am going to make him eat it.” Sebastian popped his head out from behind a chair and uttered as he pointed to Lord Rocksburg’s helmet, that was still on his head. “Be a bit hard if you have to feed it through his small grill.” Lorelei then noticed Klouse and said..”You…I remember you. What on earth are you doing here?” <3>

KlouseKusanagi: -Suddenly the enormous room roared with voices of anger and multiple footsteps echoing through the room. As he turned to the commotion, seeing a horse gallop through the huge room. With a prideful man rearing the horse back. As he did, his eyes locked onto the woman he helped heal. He was shocked to see her in this situation and this time. As he merely looked around hearing her roaring out to all punishment if the horse excreted itself. Chuckling softly as he saw her look toward him, hearing her question, as he looked around as if he was trying to come up with a genius idea. So he did what he does best..Lie.. “I am just.. wandering around meeting new people who I should get to know” As he smirked slightly at her as he glanced at each man “So where do I sign up for this tournament?” he questioned as he glanced at the woman he wanted to know more about. Asking out loud knowing she would question why he would enter. Though Klouse was not entering the fight, he was signing Lucious up for the fight without his acknowledgement. Than turning to the man on the horse, as he shook his head knowing that the man on the horse seemed to think quite highly of his self. “Why don’t you get down from there? Your ego is not going to get any larger” Chuckling loudly as he was having fun with each of them. Toying with their minds as he loved every second of it-

LoreleiRoseCarrendar:- Hearing Lady Lorelei’s proclamation about the horse defecating on the stone floor, two young lackies, came running in, one to place a bucket behind the horse’s ass, the other to assist Lord Rocksburg from his mount. “Confounded damn blacksmith, made it too tight for my head.”- Lord Rocksburg echoed from within his helm. Baldrick went to grab the reigns of the horse, while Lord Rocksburg, slid off his horse and fell with a loud clatter to the ground. It was then the helmet, popped off, right as his horse let go a loud fart and dropped a few large rounds of dung into the bucket. “And this is last years champion?’ Sebastian asked, astonished by this fellow that had brought such comedy into the meeting hall. Lady Lorelei, was far from amused. Course, her temper was qwelled, by the sight of Klouse,and she wondered where Lucious could be. Had he run off to kill the wicked Davin? Klouse, happily answered her questions that she had asked earlier. “I am just.. wandering around meeting new people who I should get to know” Right on cue, Lord Rocksburg rose to his feet and made a sweeping bow before Lady Carrendar. “Ah, tis the fair Lady of Carrendar. I am hoping to be your date at the banquet, since I am after all….the reigning champion of the tournament.” -he held out a bent rose stem, and the rose bud fell off. “Oh…it broke. Never mind, shall we…walk out the balcony? I can show you my newest medals from the tournament in Gilsvane.’- Lorelei had this “help me” look on her face, and stammered at Klouse. “Oh..you’re entering this year? Wonderful. *she gestured to Klouse, to show Lord Rocksburg, the new competition. “This is…uhm…his name is …Lord Klouse.”- The leaping Lord Rocksburg scowled down at the new arrival and said. “Aren’t you a little, short to be a lord?” <3>

KlouseKusanagi: -Watching other men scurry to the so called ‘champion’s’ horse to take it away. As the man boasted to ‘Lady Carrendar’ as he ‘hmm’ to his self as he would imprint her name in his memory. Staring at the Lady, seeing she was begging for help, as he watched the ‘champion’ turn to Klouse with a scowled look on his face. Klouse heard his remark, as he merely looked down and chuckled at his remark. Shaking his head “Lady Carrendar..You are better off dealing with this peasant..I would break him from limb from limb” as he slowly looked up at the so champion “I highly recommend you walk away and save your breaking for later.. Lady has more important things to worry about rather someone trying to enlarge their ego” Slowly breaking eye contact to face Lady Carrendar. “M’lady may we go some where more private? I wont take long, I know you have duties to fulfil” Smirking slightly as he offered his hand for her to take, to walk to where ever they might wander off to “Or simply order everyone out? Either or..As long as this one goes” glancing at the champion as he spoke-

LoreleiRoseCarrendar: – This is when the ever dutiful Baldrick stepped in to rescue this fair Mistress from a fate worse than death; having to listen to one of Lord Rocksburg’s tales of the wars. “My Dear Lord Rocksburg, I must interject. You see, the cook has been working on a ..a..*this is when Sebastian came up alongside Baldrick and pressed his hands together as though to pray….”Cake…he made you a cake…in your honour.”- Baldrick gave Sebastain a sideways glance, as if to say..”he did?” Sebastian grinned broadly and nodded furiously. ‘Great big cake…but he was working on the top teir and..needs…you to …model.”- Baldrick quickly chimed in, “Yes…model for the…top little statue…of..YOU.” The Lord Rocksburg looked between both men suspiciously, then snarled at Lord Klouse, and then pouting at Lady Lore. “Sorry, M’lady, but it seems I am needed, to bless the Cook with a moment or two, to capture my …awesomeness.”- Baldrick led him to the kitchen, as Sebastian trotted along behind them wringing his hands. “I so hope Cook doesn’t gut me for this. His knives are so sharp….oooo.”- Lady Lorelei was now able to attend to Lord Klouse, breathing a sigh of relief. “Shall we?” she directed to the balcony, where they may speak in private. <3>

KlouseKusanagi: -Listening to the men race to make up some bold lie, Klouse knew it was one. He tells lies all the time, he knew liars when he saw one. As he smirked widely at them, nodding toward them in thanks. As he than saw the champion give him a snarled look. Klouse only smirked widely toward him more like a ‘Ha ha’ look. Seeing the Lady offer the balcony as he offered his hand toward the balcony as well “After you” He smiled at her, keeping up her pace just slightly behind her. His hands crossed behind his back. As they strolled along toward the balcony, as Klouse spoke “So how is my good ole friend Lucious?” as he questioned “I hope he is keeping you satisfied? Keeping out of harms way? Pleasuring in bed?” He smirked at the last one as he darted his eyes down her body, as he bit down on his lip, knowing he would love to do things to her that Lucious could never dream of. As they reached the balcony overlooking the town in its whole. As he stared off into the distant land “I hope I am not interrupting..I just had to come say your welcome for saving you” Smirking slightly knowing that’s the last reason he came to her. He wanted to confess his want for her though it had to be silent for now-

LoreleiRoseCarrendar: – Left alone for now, Lorelei was escorted out to the balcony, with Lord Klouse, knowing there had to be more to his visit, then just popping in to say hello. But he came for another reason, to say you’re welcome, for saving her limbs. She reached for the railing and gripped it tightly, staring down at the colourful caravans that were arriving for the tournament the following day. Musicians, Knights, huge swells of people from all over the country, coming to the capital, for this festive event. Klouse, didn’t waste any time, getting right into the nitty gritty, of wanting to know about Lucious, and if he had been keeping her happy in the bedroom. Turning her head, she gazed at him through narrowed slits. “I am indeed grateful that you were able to heal me faster than I can naturally. As for Lucious…..I..*she stammered, then looked back down through the crowds, hoping to catch sight of him, but he appeared to be evasive. “Not…really had much time with him to enjoy…secrets beneath white satin. I know, he wishes to end Davin. As for where he is now, I do not know.”- she looked away for a moment, and felt something stirring inside her. Unsure of it, she swallowed, and placed a hand up to her chest. “Is it hot, or is it me?” <3>

KlouseKusanagi: -Hearing her talk about how grateful she is on him healing her. As he nodded “It was no trouble..” Seeing her turn though made him quirk an eye brow as he listen to her almost stumble words. Putting them two together, made him chuckle lightly. Slowly stepping behind Lady as he leaned into her right her, whispering “You want…more..” Leaning over to the other ear “You want it all” Whispering softly as he slowly reached for her hips to grab as he than whispered behind her “Lustful sin” as he whispered almost seductively. His body aching for her, as he spoke more “Blood..sex…and intoxications all in one” he smirked slightly as he waited to see how she would reply to his seduction. If she would follow through or reject him in full. Even though Lucious was away-

LoreleiRoseCarrendar: – Now, it wasn’t lost on Lorelei, that Klouse was suppose to be Lucious’s friend, or something to that extreme, and yet, here he was, whispering in her ear, “You want it all”- grabbing her hips, to which she pulled back. “Lustful sin.”- The blood he had given to her, awoke something inside of her, and she fought to control it. “Blood..sex…and intoxications all in one” He was selling his wants. Clearly he desired her, but to what end. “You know I am with Lucious, yet you tempt me, to lay with you. Surely, you could have any woman you fancy…why me?”- She gave him a direct look. Locking eyes with him. “What do you truly want?” <3>