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Roleplay Live : Group : Lacardis Prime


The Capital Arachne




KlouseKusanagi: -A crowd in the market district seemed to split in half, as Lucious was the cause of it. Only simply walking through only the reason why people avoided him was due to the fact that he was covered in dried blood. Overnight, hunting the one named ‘Davin’ down, interrogating townspeople to see if they had witnessed it. Or people who merely got in his way. As his face was smeared on both cheeks with blood, partially his chest was splattered with blood. The rest of his clothing only had spots of blood. As he glared at each of them that whispered about how terrible he looked and shivered in fear. As he merely smirked at the thought of being infamous. Nearing the chambers where Lore was resting, Lucious seemed to halt for a second as a thought shot into his mind. Back tracking slightly, as he leaned his head over to see one of the wretched whores laying on a nearby bench, seeming to be sleeping off the past night’s tales. Lucious glanced around him, as he went to steal the woman. Swiftly and slowly lifting her up, trying to keep her from waking up. Though she was knocked out to the point of snoring. She was dressed in rags that were covered in filth. However she was quite attractive, her blonde hair drooping down. No dirt seemed to cover her face. As he looked down at her as he carried her with ease as he whispered to his self “Shell due” As he made his way back toward the chambers, seeing the guards look toward him bracing their selves as he merely spoke “Move” With one command they quickly moved out of the way. One guard opened the door for him, as Lucious entered with haste. As he shut the door with his shoulder, as he sighed softly. Reaching the end of the bed, as he laid the woman flat down at the end of Lore’s feet. The woman did not stir. As Lucious slowly made his way over to Lore while examining her, she was back to normal. Only slight alteration to skin tone still need work. Which is what Lucious was planning. Still asleep from her slumber, as Lucious stared down at her with a smile. Slowly leaning down as he moved the hair from her face, leaning down to her ear as he whispered “I have brought you food..You need to feed from the vein” considering she is arachnid. She needs to feed to be fully back to normal. “Ill be waiting..” Softly pecking her cheek as he quickly rose and gave the guards in the room a signal to leave the room along with him. As Lucious and the guards exited the room, for what was soon to transpire-

LoreleiRoseCarrendar: – The night was long. Longer than she had ever remembered, and through it all, she walked through her darkness of the nightmares that plauged her. But as the man in the black hooded cloak approached her, she did not react in the same manner. Everything became slow motion, and she shot her arm out and gripped his neck, taking him up off his feet, as the demoness held him aloft. A scream, gut wrenching and the cloaked figure burst into a thousand ravens, feathers raining down all around her, blood trickling from the corners of her mouth. The long red tresses lengthened, to flow down to touch her ass. Lorelei looked up, eyes like fire, her dog teeth elongated, and in behind her, millions of spiders shot off webs, creating a huge web, massive. The scene then burst into fire, flames reaching up, higher and higher, as you hear a sick and twisted laughter…..but whose was it? Lorelei was bound in a black spider lace gown, and as she walked through the mass of chittering spiders, that spun their way up the walls, she could just see a being in front of her, shrouded, black, but his hand outstretched for hers. Slowly, she extended her right hand, and just as she was about to take it….“I have brought you food..You need to feed from the vein” – The voice. It belonged to Lucious. The image, the being with the outstretched hand vanished, evaporating, and her eyes opened slowly. Blink once…blink twice. There was a body at the foot of her bed, a bar wench…street woman…prostitute. She seemed out of it. Lorelei’s eyes darted back to Lucious, who gently moved her hair from her face. Deep etched eyes of jade, pitted with black halos, she zeroed in on Lucious, her hands gripping the edge of her covers, which she pushed back. “Ill be waiting..” he said, kissing her cheek, and then ordering the guards to leave the chamber. He too, left her alone, the door closing with a light click. Laying perfectly still, she wiggled one foot, then…..the other. It had grown back, but she found her mouth incredibly dry. Rising to sitting, she then drew her legs in behind her, and was on all fours, now observing the sleeping whore. Bringing her head back, she inhaled the scent. Sick, drunk, blood. A wry grin, and she crept across the bed, coming just before it, and she slowly picked up a wrist. Checking to see if the woman would wake, which she did not. Like a true spider, she patted the food first, then with a violent feraocity, she bit down on the wrist, and as her fangs pierced the skin, she drank the crimson fluid, that gushed out of her broken veins. The woman’s eyes shot open in alarm, and Lorelei was ready, using her free hand, she king hit the woman in the temple, knocking her out cold, and then resumed feeding, the spider demon, gulping, and making a sickening throaty growl, every time she snorted for breath, through her nostrils <3>

KlouseKusanagi: -Standing at the door with some guards, as he listened in. Leaning his head toward the door slightly trying to see if she was awake. As he heard a slight scuffle than ending shortly after, though all he heard after, is the sound of someone drinking like they haven’t in weeks time. A wide smirk as he leaned against the door more, his shoulder leaning against the door. As he crossed his arms to his wide chest. Waiting…Waiting..Hearing constant gulps..Waiting..and waiting..Almost half an hour before he finally heard the noise come to a stop. As he reached for the doorknob, though stopped shortly before gripping the knob. As he thought of the last time he interrupted her, as he shook his head, not being massacred this time. Pointing to one of the guards, as he ordered him to enter the room to see if she was finished or not. Speaking in a low whisper, not to alarm her “You.. Go in there and check on her.. You come back out, she is finished.. You don’t? Well it will be over soon” Smirking slightly as he patted the guard’s shoulder to enter the room. Hesitantly the guard would slowly open the door, the hinges of the door squealed loudly, like nails on a chalk board. The guard halted as he closed his eyes, knowing Lore knew someone was entering now. Lucious merely grinned his teeth together before trying to peak in. Though saw nothing as of yet. The guard took a few deep breaths as he closed his eyes, and finished entering. Keeping his eyes closed, the guard stood shivering as he asked quickly “M’lady Lucious is wishing to know if you are finished?” The man stood tall, only his face was visible due to all the armor. Lucious on the outside, gave a shocked expression, covering his face wandering why the hell would he mention him? Lucious wanted the guard to ask her, if he wanted to ask her, he would go in and ask. Though he felt like keeping his limbs today-

LoreleiRoseCarrendar:- Within the darkened shadows, the scene that was going on behind the sheer spider lace of the four poster bed drapes, would show shadows, of one woman, hunched over another, feeding upon her arm. When the door to the chambers opened, and the hinges squealed, and scraped, as though they had not been oiled in a century, Lorelei’s head instantly shot up, you could even hear the crack of her neck bones. Glowering eyes peered out from the sheer veil, and she pushed the body from the bed, so it rolled off and out onto the cold stone floor. Eyes, wide, but there was no movement. The soul had taken flight, the body now as cold as the room itself. The guard spoke, but briefly, fear easily recognisable in the manner of his tone. “M’lady Lucious is wishing to know if you are finished?” Stepping off the bed, her gown fell to the floor, the edges and hem covered in blood, in fact, it was suprising to see her up, since she had basically completely grown back a new limb. Her skin tone, seemed different, and there was a look in her eyes, haunting, but there was a new depth to them. She brought up her hand, twirling her wrist, seeing the change in her veins. Finally, she lowered her arm, and then said, calmly. “Tell his lordship, I am indeed finished. Just need someone to clean up my …..mess.” She stepped over the body of the whore, and wiped her hands, “Grubby, aren’t they?” -she smirked- <3>

KlouseKusanagi: -Hearing her voice, Lucious slowly walked in to survey the damage. As he saw the woman bloodied to a corpse. As he smirked slightly, looking up at Lore, as he locked eyes with her. Reaching out to the frozen guard, as he patted his shoulder, pulling him back “Put that on to-do list for later” Pushing the guard out, as the guard slammed the door behind him. Eyes still locked into hers as he walked slowly toward her. As he examined her slowly, from the smeared blood on her chin, to the blood at the ends of her gown. Smirking slightly as he merely took her hand in his, walking over to a near by tub of water. A rag on the side, as Lucious reached for the rag, swishing it with some warm water Before turning to face her, their bodies mere inches from one another. As he stared down at her with a smirk, their nose touching, as he slowly rose the rag up to her chin. Firmly wiping the stain blood from her chin, as he lowered the rag down to her neck, even to her chest. As he slowly pulled it back, their eyes never breaking contact. Pecking her lips softly before breaking the kiss “Remove” talking about her night gown that needed to be wash. As he turned to remove his armor that also needed to be washed. As he splashed his face off, refreshing his self as he glanced back constantly. Speaking in a soft mumble as he put a dry rag to his face “You know..” lowering the rag down his chin “I still owe you some pleasures” Smirking widely as he turned slowly waiting to see what she had to say-

LoreleiRoseCarrendar:- The guard, who was frozen in fear, could not speak, nor hardly move, when Lucious entered the room, placing a hand on his shoulder, and giving him the old “your services are no longer required” speech. Watching the pair intently, she wiped her hands on her soaked nightgown, that had seen better days. Blooded, and torn, but hell, it was a classic. Lucious’s eyes locked on hers, and she inhaled sharply, the swelling of feeling within her bosom, causing the gown to tighten around her bosom. Lucious’s eyes trailed up and down the length of her form, mentally undressing her no doubt. Her lips parted, just slightly, as he took her hand, and she walked the few paces across to the basin. The sound of the water, sloshing in the bowl, as he dunked the rag in and then swirled it around, to thoroughly soak the cloth, had her break eye contact. A quick look at the bowl, before raising her head and staring at him, eyes focused only on him. On reaching up to dab the stains of dried blood from her chin, and then run the rag down her throat, the trails of dirty water, trickled down over the edges of her gown, staining it further. The word, Remove, was all that was said, in between the lightest of kisses. Lorelei reached up and seizing the straps, she drew them down over her rounded shoulders, and simply let it fall to the floor. Droplets of stained water, ran down her body, over her breasts, one drop hanging precariously from her right nipple. Down lower, a small line of hair, led to the warmth within her legs, that got even hotter, as he washed himself, and removed his armour. Unashamed, she stood before him, clearly at ease with her natural form, no clothes, no cover. Hour glass shaped, full hips, ripe breasts with dark aerolas. Even though, the room still had a chill factor, she did not complain. His words next however, brought a smile to her face. “You know..I still owe you some pleasures” She took a step towards him, her hand running down his chest, like a spider crawling down a wall. As it reached his groin, her fingers locked around his shaft, and she nodded, with an impish grin. “Why yes….yes you do.” <3>

KlouseKusanagi: -His gaze was caught from her gown dropping to the floor, as he grinned slightly. As he bites his lower lip, his wondrous eyes scanning her body. Her breasts were very rounded shape, as water slid down to her nipples. Thinking the sinful and forbiddon things he was about to do to her. As his eyes continued down to her toned abdomen, that he could feast off, and finally down to her mother hood where he has eaten before. Chuckling softly as he watched her step closer to him, looking down at her, as he felt her hand crawl up his chest. As he felt the other hand grips his shaft. His knees grew weak suddenly as he lowered down, biting his lip “Oh and I don’t waste time on the second time” Smirking slightly as he spoke, though before she could even reply. As he immediately pushed her toward the wall, their lips meeting in an erotic kiss. His tongue sliding into her mouth. As his hands traveled down to her toned thighs,lifting them up with ease, as he wrapped them around his waist tightly. As he swung his hips side to side, to lower his trousers, his shaft slowly coming out. As it flung out, slapping her pussy. Biting down on her lip, as he was gonna make her wish she stayed asleep. As he shoved his shaft into her walls, not wasting time on speed or roughness. He just went full out, his hips thrusting toward her against the wall hard enough to make frames on wall collapse to the floor. Their hips smacking together as he groaned with pleasure. His hands raking her back, up to her shoulders as he gripped on tightly-

LoreleiRoseCarrendar:- Whereas most love affairs, involve, candles, dinners, soft spoken words, whilst touching each other, fingers searching, light, feather light. All the time in the world, to taste and savor the devine sins of the flesh. Well, maybe that is how the humans do it, but when it came to the demoness, with the new lease on life, the blood of Klouse in her veins, and the feeding, she hungered even more, for the man that stood before her. She took to his shaft with skilled fingers, and took her hand down to the base, tightening her digits, she proceeded to use her slender digits, to cause his member to grow even larger, just for her. Course, he….had other plans. “Oh and I don’t waste time on the second time” Hell to the no, he didn’t more or less lifting her up and pinning her to the wall. A shock wave tremor, rolled beneath her skin, pins and needles, crackling, coming alive like sparks from a fire. Kisses, rich in taste, his tongue searching hers, and finding its mark, coiling around hers and then it was on. He plunged into her depths, like a fired piston, working in and out, oiled by her own juices. She broke the kiss, gasping for air, her back being scratched by the stone wall, red welts, that would be a mark she would have with pride. Her legs entwined around him and with the vice like grip of a cobra, she became his prize, rising and falling at his will, while biting his neck, her hot breath warming his skin. <3>

DavinPortOlesias: Davin had spent the whole day and some of the later afternoon out. Both he and Narra had dedicated their final day of recovery hunting game out in the wild woods. They didn’t expect typical creatures like deer, squirrel or whatnot…rather mutated looking things. Either they were mutated or the night had proven quite the hindrance to their eye sight. The strong string on his bow pulled back from the pressure and he held his arm stable for a few moments before a sharp ‘btang!’ was released. The arrow whistled through the dead of night, striking the animal dead in the thigh. The sound of flesh splattering could be heard along with a heavy thud into the pile of leaves and twigs. Narra had her turns as well, sprinting through the moonlit woods, weaving through the demented trees and tackling down prey with her vicious claws. The main aim of the hunt was the master his more physical ability to expand his stamina when it came to hand to hand, melee and range weapons such as a bow or crossbow. Magic was a strong point for him but he wanted to increase his defence against melee, he had vulnerable points but Davin believed he could strengthen them. The trip back to the town was short and cold. Narra’s howls were lost in the winds and carried across the mountaintops and through the rustling trees. Just as they passed the guards one of them mumbled, “Be wary. Someone be lookin’ for ya.” His voice remained low. The guard was almost afraid to peep a word but what’s done is done. Davin tightened the butchered and bloody skin over his shoulder, his finger was slipping. Narra remained cautious and alert by his side, her ears reaching for the starry nightsky just like Davin’s ears. The other sense now became their eyes, they were prepared for the unexpected but the expected…that’s something they weren’t in preparation for. The inseparable two ventured to the leathersmith in hopes to bargain coin for game.

KlouseKusanagi: -Feeling her body tremble to him, as he gripped her harder, her moans muffled by his mouth. As their tongues sparred off, wrapping around each other and pulling off one another. As the kiss was soon broken, her gasping for air, as he merely smirked. Leaning in on her ear whispering with deep breaths “Already tired my love?” Nibbling on her ear roughly “This wont take long” his tongue grazing her ear. As he lifted her up slightly, his shaft still in her walls. As he carried her to their master bed. Throwing off the sheets with one free hand, as he laid them down at an angle. Lucious was behind her, as he lifted her leg up as high as he could, his hips than continued to thrust upwards farther into her walls. Nibbling on her thigh until he drew blood, sucking on the blood as his hips continued to thrust with great speed toward her. The bed making a slight noise each time he went forward on her. Though it came to a slow halt, as he heard a commotion outside the chamber doors. Burying his head beside her, as he thought it was another random unimportant things that the guards that he needed to take care of. Until he heard the guards speak of ‘Davin’ his head perked up, as he glanced down at Lore. Without hesitation, he pulled out, hating it getting ruined. As he ran to his armor, it drenched in water, though it wasn’t his concern. As he put it on as best as he could, drenching wet. As he pulled up his trousers, grabbing his weapons and placing them on his back. As he glanced at a chest near by, kicking it toward Lore, as it slid right to her. Lucious immediately with haste left the chambers, as the guards pointed to where he was seen. Lucious only followed the track, though not foolish to be in the open. Only to blend in with the crowd. As his hunt began, now closer than ever-

LoreleiRoseCarrendar:- Oh it was hot, raunchy…fast paced fucking, that had Lorelei groaning, her inner walls of her sweet love canal, tightening around his shaft. She moved with the speed and grace, one would expect, panting, and then eyes turned to his, as he said to her. “Already tired my love?” Tired? Lorelei? Hardly? “Sometimes, I like to breathe, through my mouth.”- His nibbling her ear, that just sent her into a dizzy spell, totally intoxicated, love drunk, and so easy to be flung onto the bed, where he next planned to assault her. Hair pulling, skin scratching, he was at her, in behind and held her leg up high, as he continued to drive himself in to her, biting her leg, which drew gasps and cries of absolute pleasure. Oh yes…that’s it….keep going…just a bit…more….mmm…yes, -she kept saying this in her mind, but she bit her lip instead, and concentrated on finishing this race of lust. Almost….almost….so close….uh….what?- she blinked as he came to a slow stop. She watched his head perk up, and in surprise, she wondered what it could be. COME ON!!- she screamed in her mind, eyes practically begging him to finish what he started so hastily. But no, he withdrew and….started to get dressed. Lorelei lay, looking at the ceiling, wondering….who the hell she pissed off, to deserve such lousy luck. He didn’t even say…Sorry..he just kicked a chest towards her, and then, ran out the door. Twenty seconds passed, and she slammed her fists into the satin sheets. “NOOOOOOOOOOOO!….First he tucks me in….then he fucks and runs?” Jumping out of bed, she threw open the chest and started rifling through its contents. Who knows, she may have found a medieval dildo. <3>

DavinPortOlesias: Success! The skin was taken and he earned about twenty coins for the gain but it was still good. He could afford drinks and cheap food. Being a magician one would think they had an endless stash of eternal goods. None of us did, Mages were like any other just they were gifted. Unwanted eyes created gaping holes at the back of his mind, so many were on him and they didn’t feel kind. He could taste the sympathy that hovered over the people, as plain as a black cloud. He turned around to catch a few gazes but the townspeople played oblivious and hesitated to keep focus elsewhere other than the topic of the week, Davin the one-who-messed-with-a-bebelith. Narra had disappeared; the smell of food probably consumed her temptation and lured her off elsewhere. He had complete faith the wolf would be fine; she could handle herself well when it came to non-bebelith or gigantic arachnids. His name passed through mouths like a chain reaction, his ears were sensitive to sounds and easily picked up sounds, conversation and music that most humans couldn’t. He joined the crowd, like an assassin, blending in and travelling unseen. Despite being the talk he still attempted to blend and it worked for now. How? Well his long locks covered his ears which decreased the chances of being necessarily spotted out. Davin departed from the crowd between two buildings and kept to the shadows, his breaths were staccato, short and concise. He had this feeling he was being followed, most people got it and it was quite similar to the one when eyes were on you. Davin always kept himself 50% here and 50% alert. He could never succumb to being totally carefree and flimsy. The elf’s nimble feet contributed to his attempt at becoming one with the shadows. There was a spell in his books he read, a mere illusion, one of the basics Medorania (Kingdom) taught. His father enrolled his son in the School of Magic Arts and Craft when he was younger; the enrolment was based on chance. Nobody knew if Davin was even magically inclined but he was considered one of the lucky ones, academic money ‘not’ gone to waste and his potential unlocked. As of right now he was attempting to blend into the darkness that manifested like a thick wall between two buildings, watching and waiting was a game he liked…and he liked Vindictive Vineyard, a small glimpse Lore experienced.

KlouseKusanagi: -Blending in for long enough, Lucious became one with the crowd. Looking at objects others were pointing at, observing items, and other materials like the common people were. Up until he saw a big gaping hole in the crowd. A wolf had seem to made its way to the food section of the market place. A wolf? Around here? Impossible…Unless..Someone brought it. Lucious wasn’t sure if it belonged to this ‘Davin’ or not. Though he heard rumors of him being a hunter, so the chances it belonged to him were high. A wolf doesn’t appear out of no where and make its own home. The wolf sniffed around for a good source of food. Before it dug its nose into a basket of fruit. Grapes mainly, as Lucious observed the wolf from afar. Direct confrontation was suicide and his identity would be no longer a secret. As Lucious began to stir up a plan. Walking through the crowd, closer to the wolf, though not in distance but with in throwing distance. Secretly stealing daggers from merchants, sliding them in his palm. Looking to the opposite side of him, as well with the wolf, as people crowded a certain area. Narrowing his eyes as he smirked slightly, with one quick throw of his right hand, slid out one dagger. Slicing through the air, cutting it like a piece of paper. As it twirled toward a merchant that stood up on a high pedestal. Preaching about his swords and how they were the best. Though shortly finishing, he had one of his own daggers straight into his chest. The merchant looked down at his chest, slowly back up.. Falling down in his demise. A roar of people began to scatter, people pushing others down, knocking down stores that were held up by logs. Dust flying into the air, as Lucious turned his attention back on the wolf. Hoping the chaos diverted his attention. As he began to throw the remaining daggers (3) toward the wolf. One dagger after another, one hand after the other. One dagger curving infront of the wolf, aiming for its juggler. Another almost scrapping the ground, coming under the dogs abdomen. And the final one, circling around to his right hind leg. Intending to put the wolf down, in order to bring out the handler. Lucious would almost be impossible to see, only daggers that seemed to shoot out of the crowd were visible-

LoreleiRoseCarrendar:- The chest was flung open, and Lorelei muttered under her breath, clearly enraged that Lucious had run out during their wild love making. Rifling through the chest contents, she came across a suit, she had not seen before. Narrowing her gaze, she pulled up the chain mesh body suit, and then a large breast plate, gauntlets, knee guards, shoulder guards, leg plates, arm plates. Twin daggers, with ruby tips. She placed each upon the bed behind her, but down in the bottom of the chest, was a staff. Reaching in, she slowly withdrew it. At the end, it held a large amber crystal, and floating inside it…..was a spider. “Hello….what do we have here?” Rising to standing, she twirled the staff, like it was a baton, wooshing through the air, singing. Still naked, she danced around the room, the speed of the staff twirling, growing faster. The amber stone, started to glow, charging up, as she twirled her wrist. Faster….Faster, till there was a blinding light, that hit the very stone wall, and a plasma like substance, illuminated, like the water of a pond. It was simply enormous, and she walked towards it, the staff pointed straight at it….and on the otherside, she saw a young girl, with red locks, just like her own. The girl approached the other side, as Lorelei did the same. Both raised a hand towards each other, and the spider within the amber stone, started to have a fit, its legs kicking out and its body shuddering as though it might be blown apart. Just as their fingers were about to touch, the halo started to close, and the girl vanished, the wall turning again to rock. Lorelei looked at the staff. “Who was she….tell me….who was she?” Left alone, there was no sound, but the beating of her heart. Lorelei placed the staff back in the chest, buried again…..till next time, she chose, to try again. Lorelei quickly dressed in the armour from the chest, and hurried out the door, chasing after Lucious. Back in her room, you could hear….the caw….of a Raven. <3>