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Roleplay Live : Group : Lacardis Prime


Meeting hall : Blood from a Rose


KlouseKusanagi: -Traveling through the actual common area, even going out further into it. Down where no man or woman would dare to go, not for the danger, but for the raw disgusting odor it fumed (Sewers). Not for any particular reason, just to see how the actual village was mapped out. Lucious even had to hold his mask against his mouth and nose. Trying to avoid the smell from penetrating his nostrils. Soon leaving to see if Lore has calmed down, as he sighed softly, knowing she probably was not calm at all. As he neared the chambers, a usual odor shot into his nostrils, the only smell he hated..blood. Quickly entering the chambers, almost bursting the door down with his left shoulder. As he looked around with haste, as his eyes caught blood covering the sheets. Along with Lore on top, sleeping..He hoped. As his eye shot open in shock. His body shaking with fear and anger. Fear that she might be dead and anger that he left her alone. One step at a time, approaching the right side of her. As he leaned down slowly, examining her massacred body it seemed. Limbs were torn to pieces, yet showed progress of healing. She was severely injured. Sliding his right gloved hand behind her neck. Carefully raising her head up slightly. Yet he could not bare the sight. Looking down as he closed his eyes, his body began to tremble more, hatred for his self fuled his rage. As he bawled his other hand up as tight as he could, trying to keep calm. As he lowered his forehead to her abdomen, barely touching her stomach. As he jerked his head up roaring a name “Klouse!” Finishing the name, both Lore and Lucious vanished into thin air. Transporting to where this ‘Klouse’ was last seen. Their bodies shooting through galaxies as they quickly arrived at a damaged mansion. The mansion seen better days, as dust covered merely everything. Cob webs at every corner of the mansion. Papers scrambled across the floor. Only light was a near by fire that crackled in the pit. And the full moon that shined through an enormous window. As Lucious laid Lore on a near by sofa. He glanced around to see if Klouse was around as he continued to shout his name “Klouse!…Klouse!” Every fiber in his body was shivering with mixed emotions as he had to wait to see if Klouse would hear his cry for help-

KlouseKusanagi: -In the library of the mansion, Klouse would be scurrying through some old books. Books of his past, tales, and poems. As he chuckled at some, hating that he wrote every single one of them. As he got interested into one about his father, almost falling back on the bookshelf getting to focused on the book. Just before he leaned back, his ears rang with his name, a cry for help it seems. As he darted his way toward the cry, though could not see them just yet. He sighed softly as he slammed the book closed mumbling to his self “Why ole why me?” he questioned his self. As he swiftly walked toward the cry. Seeing the man named Lucious searching around for him. Along with a poor old lady that seems to have been having a bad day. Her body almost ripped to shreds. As he neared them he spoke almost in delight looking at the woman who was asleep though he did not care “Well it looks like someone is having a OFF day?” Emphasizing on the word ‘off’ trying to make a joke of her limbs. As he chuckled softly, as he turned to Lucious and spoke his guess “Let me try to figure this one out on my own..” Putting his hands behind his back as he walked around the other side of the sofa to where the woman was laying “She needs aid obviously and you want me to heal her..Correct?” As he questioned though he already knew the answer, slowly looking down, getting a better look at the woman. The way she was looked, her torn dress and even her hair, Klouse could only guess she wasn’t an ordinary person. No, she had higher meaning than that. As Klouse sighed softly looking back at Lucious “Fine..But you owe me and she may come in handy for me some day” Staring at Klouse as he rolled his left sleeve up, than raising it to his mouth as he sunk his fangs into his wrist slightly. Blood pouring out as he lowered his hand toward the woman’s mouth, as he reached behind her neck, trying to raise her up as he whispered hoping she would hear “Come on drink..You will feel better” His blood could heal wounds, even speed up limbs that were removed. As he watched, waiting to see if she would awake and drink the blood-

LoreleiRoseCarrendar: – Minutes turned into hours, hours turned into a day, a night, and then there was nothing. The still of the room, her chamber of horrors, so it seemed. Lorelei had tossed and turned, as the dreams continued to haunt her, depriving her of peace slumber. The fight in which she took on the Elf, Davin, had left her broken and missing limbs. Never one, to run from a foe, she always took them head on, even if sacrificing a part of her herself. Was this some crazed desire to prove she was as worthy as any male warrior? Time and time again, over the years, she would retire to the solititude of her chambers, from the battle fields and gladiator arenas. Time heals all wounds, that is the old saying, however some wounds never heal, but become scars on our psyche, and etched into our very flesh. In and out of consciousness, she could have sworn that Lucious had returned, and walked in to find her, in a state of disrepair. Torn of limb, body cut, blood in her hair, so the red was much deeper than normal. Not the sight, a lover would ever wish to see. Lorelei could feel her body being lifted and though her eyes would not open, her mind’s eye picked up on thermal aura. Words failed, her mouth only opening in part to breath, and so she seemed asleep, but her mind was alive. A press to her abdomen, and then the wierdest feeling, as thought moving through a vaccum, that caused her heart to race. Bleeding…bleeding…bleeding. A couch, she was laid upon and voices….one she knew the other she did not. “She needs aid obviously and you want me to heal her..Correct?” Her head lulled to the side, and still her eyelids stayed closed. “Fine..But you owe me and she may come in handy for me some day” Talking about her as though she was not there. Darkness rising, the light slowly filtering through, and then the taste of blood upon her tongue, and she reached up to grip his arm, and drink from the offered gift of life. Finally, eyes open, and through the haze, she sees Lucious, his face etched in concern. The other….she had never seen before. Sucking sounds, her lips smacking a stranger’s arm, as she fed. Nearly done…almost done…done…”Where am I?” <3>

KlouseKusanagi: -Nodding in Klouse’s words, he didn’t care what he said, only wanted Lore to be healed. As Lucious roared out “I don’t care just heal her!” Anxiously waiting to see if she would awaken. As he watched Klouse bite his own hand, smelling the blood, as he sighed wishing he would hurry. As Lucious watched Lore carefully, slowly stepping toward her as blood poured into her mouth. A moment passed as he suddenly saw her eyes begin to open, rushing to her side, as he knelt down beside her, reaching for her hand to grab. Thanking that she is alive. As he gazed at her with more love than ever before. He explained “Love you are safe..This is a some what of a friend of mine” Glancing at Klouse, watching him pull his hand up. As he nodded toward him in thanks “I will be in your debt” Klouse merely nodded as he looked toward Lore. As they suddenly vanished once more. Back to their original chambers. Without even saying ‘bye’ to Klouse. Nor did he probably care. As they arrived back in their chambers, Lore laying back on the bed as if she never moved. Lucious merely moved the blood soaked sheets downward to where she wasn’t laying in a pool of blood. As he looked at her with anger, not at her, at who did this. As he asked “What happened and who?” only two things he ever needed to track someone down-

KlouseKusanagi: -Watching the woman awaken slowly, Klouse reared his hand back slowly. Licking his wound to heal as he stared down at the woman. Wandering who she was. As he heard Lucious thank him, Klouse nodded toward him. Before he could speak again. They vanished into thin air, quirking an eyebrow as he nodded to his self, pointing to where they just were “Please feel free to stay…are you sure?” Speaking to no one only spiting their rudeness in leaving in a hurry. He could have left her to die. And this is how he is repaid? “Alright you two..Watch out from now on..Keep your limbs to yourself” Trying to think of something else creative to entertain his self, he merely sighed and put his hand down “All in a days work” as he turned to return his readings before he was interrupted by Lucious. Though wanted to find more information about the woman that needed his aid. So he decided to pull out older scrolls to see if a drawing was hidden some where. Confident that he will find something or he will summon Lucious and make him meet her again-

LoreleiRoseCarrendar:- The delicious taste, but definately not human, nor demon, it was something else. Lorelei could feel it, slowly coursing through her, and into her heart, which continued to beat normally, a slow rhythm. At first, she saw Lucious, and recalled him shooting her in the right shoulder with the cross bow. Her eyebrows knitted, confused, he was back and looking at her with an expression that was of concern and fear. “Love you are safe..This is a some what of a friend of mine” Glancing from Lucious to Klouse, she then started to take in the entire room where she was. It was not her chambers, or her bed that she lay upon. It was a couch, in a study, with musty old books, lining shelves, row after row. Klouse’s arm was taken away, and Lorelei smacked her lips, swallowing the last of the offered gift of blood. But before you could blink, Lucious said, “I will be in your debt” and then the room vanished from sight, and she was back in her own chambers, upon the blood soaked sheets that were moved away from where she lay. Settling back on the silken pillows, Lucious asked “What happened and who?” Lorelei tried to talk, but her voice was hoarse. “You left…and I ran into…Davin. The elf with the wolf. He….challenged me to fight for I was enraged…bleeding. We fought…and I had the upper hand, for his wolf was in my coccoon, but…his vines, broke off four of my arachnid legs….and…in the morph back..*she glanced down at the damage, her eyelids fluttered. “…I was short a leg” A gentle side of Lorelei became exposed as she reached out for Lucious’s cheek. “Forgive me…” <3>

KlouseKusanagi: -Listening to ever single word she spoke. Hearing the name ‘Davin’ the name seared into his brain. Remembering the name as if it was his own. Listening to her description of the fight, and the damage she took. Glancing at each limb before her soft, blood dried hand reached up to him. ‘Forgive me’ she said as he kissed her palm softly. Grabbing her wrist carefully, as he held it in his hand toward his face. As his eyes locked with hers as he spoke “No..” As he simply stated than finished “..Forgive me..I should have been there to protect you..” Kissing her palm once more as he slowly lowered her hand to her side. As he rose slowly looking down at her “Rest…I will track this ‘Davin’ and bring him to his own death” Growling slightly before calming down quickly. Taking in a couple deep breaths as he leaned down quickly, kissing her lips passionately. Her taste never changed, as he placed another kiss on her lips, not wanting to let go. Yet he rose slowly back up. As he walked with a quicken pace toward the door, as he swung it open, peaking his head out as he looked afar and saw a group of guards that numbered to be ten. As he gave a sharp whistle toward them, as the guards turned and quickly ran toward Lucious. Surrounding the door as they stared at him, wandering what he wanted. The guards were well armed, and suited with armored plating suits that bulked out slightly. Lucious glanced at each of them as he demanded orders “I want half of you in here watching her and the other half outside watching the door..Her attacker will come again” Telling them rather or not they did know or were out of the loop of things “Anyone that isnt me tries to come through this door.. Kill them” As he glared into each of their eyes, meaning every single word. As he leaned to the side allowing half the guards to enter. As some gazed at Lore with horror than going into a post on each side of the room. Some did not bother to look or ask questions. Lucious looked at Lore for a moment and nodded as he slammed the door behind him. As he began his search for the man named ‘Davin’-