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Roleplay Live : Lacardis Prime : Space Jesus, the Raven and a Spider’s undies.



Location : Arachnae Meeting hall.


LoreleiRoseCarrendar:- The coach ride on the return from the arena pit down in southern Arachnea was a sombre, one, with Baldrick wringing his hands, as he looked on at the dishevelled Lorelei. He kept seeing the same images playing out in his mind, the moment that the baby’s head had come through, and then passing out as an unknown man in a black cloak, took over the birthing, and then stole the baby off into the night. Baldrick coughed nervously, his bottom lip wobbling as he was caught up in a wave of emotions, that tore at his heart. (Baldrick)”I should have stopped him. I should have held up and not passed out, now …now..-sighs-“- Lorelei kept her gaze out the window of the carriage as it lurched along the cobble stoned path, leading to the Meeting hall. One couldn’t tell by the look on her face if she was mad, sad…or glad, but one thing for certain, the theft of her newborn had rocked her to the core. (Lorelei)”I wonder what Sebastian has organised for dinner.”- Sidestepping the conversation, trying to cover up the fact she was devastated. Baldrick mumbled something incoherrent under his breath, and brought his head down to his hands. (Baldrick)”Why…she was just a baby? Why?” Lorelei sat in silence, as the carriage finally came to a stop at the castle entrance. The door being opened by Sebastian, who looked at both oddly. (Sebastian)”We are having Pork for dinner, you are both in time…and…what is with the glum looks. I thought you would both be happy to be home.”- Baldrick got out of the carriage first, and then offered his hand to Lady Carrendar, who refused to take it, stepping out of the carriage, clearly, no longer pregnant. Sebastian stepped forward and looked inside the carriage for the baby. Of course, there was none. Lorelei marched on into the ancient hall, her gown trailing behind her as Sebastian turned to Baldrick and whispered- (Sebastian)”Please…please tell me she didn’t lose it.”- Baldrick sighed and trudged in after his Mistress, as Sebastian was left standing at the coach. (Sebastian)”Wait…what happened?”- he then ran in after them both, his white wig bouncing about on his head. <3>

Guest_AnnjaCreed13: As Annja wandered the countryside looking for shelter from the sudden storm she saw three well-dressed people alighting from a coach and cautiosly followed them on silent bare feet,hoping that they wouldn’t turn around and notice her, a strange girl in sodden rags, and throw her back out into the night.

LoreleiRoseCarrendar: – Now, Sebastian had gotten just inside the door, hearing the tell tale click clack of Lady Carrendar’s boots on the stone floor, and the shuffle of Baldrick’s leather scuffs. They had both gotten a fair way ahead of him, when he picked up a rather pungent odour coming in from behind him. Turning around to see where the smell was coming from, he caught sight of a barefoot girl in raggard clothing, making her way into the Meeting hall of Arachnea. (Sebastian)”Good…Gracious and tarnations, what the devil do you think you are doing?!”- he quickly ran back towards her and then brought up his hand to his nose, waving it in front of his face. (Sebastian)”Madame…have you not heard of having a bath. You reek. If my Mistress catches a whiff of you, why….you will be tossed in the moat for sure. Now…you come this way and lets get you presentable. Peaseants….really. I wish more of them could afford soap.” <3>

Guest_AnnjaCreed13: As Annja followed this strange man she tried not to let him see that his comments had hurt. ‘No use giving a potential enemy any ammuntion to use against me’ she thought.

LoreleiRoseCarrendar: – Sebastian ran over to a long red cord that was hanging down and then gave it a mighty tug, which in turn caused a bell to ring out. This signalled a flurry of activity from the staff’s quarters, where a lumbering brute of a woman came out, dressed in traditional Lacardian dress, her hair in plaits, wound around the sides of her head like danish scrolls, and with massive hairy arms, she placed them on her enormous hips. (Helga)”Vhat iz you bringz in, Herr Zebaztian?” The massive muscle of a maid, then gawked at the girl in rags. “YOU….BATH…NOWZ!”- She then opened a door to the wash room, were a large copper bath with water being poured in by other maidens was waiting. <3>

Guest_AnnjaCreed13: As Annja looked around she noticed that the maidens stayed in the room and wondered if they actually expected her to bathe with people watching.

LoreleiRoseCarrendar:- Helga and Sebastian both stared at the girl as she didn’t seem to be moving or speaking. Helga leant over to the mad fop, Sebastian and uttered- (Helga)”Iz zhe a mute?” – Sebastian shrugged and then clapped his hands to the maidens that were finishing pouring in the last of the hot water. (Sebastian)”Girls, clear the room, I think this young …woman is not used to strangers. Helga?” -the goverment assistant asked, as the brutish Helga seemed to be snorting loudly. (Helga)”Vhat? Zhe no moves. I pickz her up and DHEN zhe moves and zhe have bath.”- Sebastian shook his head and then stepped over to the girl in rags. (Sebastian)”Miss…just go on in, and have a bath, there will be a smock and shoes waiting for you in there. THEN you can be presented to the Lady Carrendar, our Prime Minister.”- Would she do as asked, or go off back out into the night? <3>

Guest_AnnjaCreed13: Annja mumbled her thanks as she entered the bathing room

LoreleiRoseCarrendar:- Seeing the girl enter, but making a slight sound under her breath, Sebastian closed the door, to give the girl some privacy. Helga grunted and then declared. (Helga)”I has dinner to cook. You deal with girl!”- and with that she thudded off to the kitchen, as Sebastian waited patiently outside. <3>

Guest_AnnjaCreed13: Hesitantly disrobing after everyone left she couldn’t smother a sigh as she got into the tub full of warm soapy water. Letting the steam relax her mind,she couldn’t help but wonder what would happen next

LoreleiRoseCarrendar:- The grandfather clock in the foyer chimed loudly, as Sebastian tugged at his sleeves, trying to still look fairly regal as he waited for the young maiden to have her bath and be ready to be presented to the Prime Minister. <3>

Guest_AnnjaCreed13: Hearing the clock,Annja realized with a start that she must have dozed off. Getting out of the tub,she looked around until she finally managed to spot the clothing that the man had mentioned. Fully dressed again and definitely feeling a little more herself,she opened the door.

LoreleiRoseCarrendar: – The door finally opened to the bathroom, the wafting of the hot steam was something of a relief, as Sebastain turned to see the girl was now looking much more presentable and smelling a lot sweeter. (Sebastian)”Right, thats much better. If you would just follow me, I will present you to the Lady Carrendar.’- He strode off ahead of her, to the middle of the ancient hall, where there was a gathering at the large ornate table. The woman with the red hair, tied back in a ponytail that swept down her back, was drinking from a tankard. Possibly ale, as Baldrick, her personal assistant, sat beside her looking positively glum. On seeing Sebastian approach, Lorelei placed down the tankard on the hard timber surface. (Lorelei)”Sebastian…not now.”- Sebastian came to a screeching halt and clasped his hands together. (Sebastian)”M’lady…I present to you…uhm…uhm..”- he looked over at the girl behind him and then urged her to say her name to the Prime Minister- (Sebanstian)”Miss?” <3>

Guest_AnnjaCreed13: Annja felt practically stiff with fear,but refused to show what she was feeling to a bunch of strangers. (Annja) “Annja. My name is Annja Creed.” she said in a softly lilting brogue

LoreleiRoseCarrendar: – The girl finally spoke, and Sebastian brought up his gloved hand to his chest and breathed a sigh of relief. He did think she was a mute, but having heard her voice, he knew she could manage the conversation with the Prime Minister. Helga was heard swearing in german in the kitchen the sounds of pots and pans smashing, along with crockery being broken, had Sebastian go pale. (Sebastian)”Oh…crud. Please, Miss, Prime Minister and Baldrick, I must attend to the kitchen.”- He dashed off and practically threw himself through the kitchen doors, as the raging Helga was about to dunk Chef De’Vere into the soup. (Sebastian)”Noooooo!”- Meanwhile, Lorelei urged with her hand for Annja to take a seat. (Lorelei)”Well met, I am Lorelei, or you may call me Lady Carrendar. Please, sit.” <3>

Guest_AnnjaCreed13: Annja sat,feeling like a clumsy cow in such graceful company. “Thank you ma’am.” she said nervously,hoping no one noticed her slightly shaky voice through her accent

Guest_AnnjaCreed13: Trying not to be obvious and thus seem even more like the poor farm girl she was,Annja looked around in wonder at the opulent room she was in.

LoreleiRoseCarrendar: – Back in the kitchen, Sebastian was wrestling with Helga, who was about to drop the head chef into the soup of the day. Her veins on her neck were about to explode from the rage fit she was throwing. (Chef De’Vere)”EEEEEEEKKK!”- Sebastian looked like a rag doll, hanging off the mighty woman’s arm. (Sebastian)”Put him down!!”- Helga stopped and then grinned- (Helga)”Okaz” -and she released the Chef, who plummeted into the soup touren. ~KERSPLOSH!~ The head of the chef now buried deep in the soup, the gigantic german woman wiped her hands and spat at him. (Helga)”No one cheats on HELGA!”- At the table outside in the hall, Lorelei gave a weak smile to the young girl who had sat herself down, whilst Baldrick started to cry into his hanky. (Lorelei)*ignoring Baldrick*”So my dear, what brings you to Arachnea meeting hall?” <3>

Guest_AnnjaCreed13: “Just trying to get in out of the storm ma’am. Erm,what do I call you?”

LoreleiRoseCarrendar: – Blowing his large nose, Baldrick sniffs, before returning his hanky to his pocket and looks on at the girl thoughtfully. (Baldrick)”She be Lady Carrendar, that is what you call her. Or Prime Minister.”- he was trying to show some restraint from his emotional turmoil, then looked on at the Prime Minister with such sad eyes. <3>

Guest_AnnjaCreed13: Wondering why the man looked so sad,she turned back to Lady Carrendar. “I apologize if I offended,I meant no disrespect”

LoreleiRoseCarrendar: – The woman’s words of apology were heartfelt of course, but it pushed Lorelei over the edge and she slammed down her hands on the table, and rose from her seat- (Lorelei)”I will be retiring for the eve. Good evening, Miss Creed. Sebastian, I will have supper after 1am.”- she didn’t say a word to Baldrick, before marching away from the table, as Baldrick rose unsteadily from his chair and then bowed low, Sebastian doing the same. As the loud sound of Lorelei’s door slamming was heard, Baldrick sniffed before collapsing back into the chair. Sebastian coughed and then when he couldn’t stand it anymore, he asked- (Sebastian)”Where is the Prime Minister’s baby? She was pregnant when she went to the tournament. What happened?” – Baldrick struggled to maintain his composure and then sighed saying. (Baldrick)”The child…was born in a stable, and…was stolen from her.”- Sebastian gasped and then made a cry. (Sebastian)”OH MY GODS!” Well right on the word “GODS!” a man appeared, shaking his fist at the sky, and Sebastian turned and stammered. (Sebastian)”That was fast.”<3>

Guest_AnnjaCreed13: Looks totally confused and wonders just what the heck is going on here

GrayGooTheory: “What? You rang?” Kyle apparently amidst his own frustration had indeed heard the comments. Replacing the rage was a devious smirk. Oh, he was going to love this. Regaining composure slowly as he brought his arms behind his back to where fingers clasped. Head tilted to the side as he once again scanned the room; this time more intent on the occupants than the space itself. “It’s not often I get prayed to but I guess I can take it. What do you need?”

LoreleiRoseCarrendar: – Sebastian and Baldrick looked at each other oddly, and then Baldrick said- (Baldrick)”The safe return of Lorelei’s child”- Sebastian nodded enthusiastically- (Sebastian)”And a pay rise.” <3>

GrayGooTheory: He paused. There was nothing else too it. The man simply paused before taking a few more steps in order to stand directly in front of the duo. Leaning in he got dangerously close to Baldrick’s face with his eyes staring directly into his. A few audible sniffs before speaking. “I’ll need some things. I kind of work like a blood hound, y’know? Not the type of god that can just snap his fingers. ” He stopped himself and looked up at the ceiling before speaking to himself. “I wonder if they really have those…”

LoreleiRoseCarrendar: – Baldrick looked almost shocked then sheepish, as the strange man, thought to be God was sniffing Baldrick over and said he needed some things that would help him out. Placing a hand into his other pocket, he pulled out Lorelei’s panties and handed them over, a look of embarressement on his face. (Baldrick)”I…saved these from the stable….I..haven’t washed them yet.” <3>

GrayGooTheory: “Oh, good! Thank God– I mean me for the perverts out there.” Between index and middle fingers he plucked them out of Baldrick’s hand before dragging them before his nose briefly. Only a small wiff before he pulled them away. A pause and then he turned towards the duo and smiled. “For your sake you may want to look away for the next part. Losing your eye sight or your lunch or something.”

LoreleiRoseCarrendar: – Sebastian and Baldrick didn’t need to be asked twice, Baldrick for one was now so ashamed he hung his head, muttering under his breath of how he let his Mistress down, and now using a God to return the child with the Prime Minister’s undergarments. (Baldrick)”I don’t feel good about this” Sebastian piped up and said- (Sebastian)”I want to know why you had those things in your pocket, when they should have been on her.” <3>

GrayGooTheory: Upon turning their backs they would have heard something of a slurping sound. Almost like that of a dog licking itself briefly. Only to be followed by a short big of choking and finally a large audible gulp. While anyone watching wouldn’t have been shocked by the sound those only listening could’ve only relied on their imagination to fill in all the gaps. With a large burp and the sound of licking lips Kyle finally spoke up again. “Alright, we’re good. I’ll get to looking then. ” If they had only turned around when he said then they would’ve found the man standing there with hands behind his back again with his expression in an unusually pleasant smile.

LoreleiRoseCarrendar: – Now, Baldrick may not have been paying attention due to his inner demons attacking him for losing the baby in the first place, then there was the humility of having Lorelei’s birthing undergarments in his pocket, so he wasn’t exactly tuned in, when the strange man licked, then consumed Lore’s laceys. Sebastian on the other hand…heard everything. (Sebastian)”Did you?…No..you wouldn’t have…You couldn’t have.” Baldrick raised his head and had a quizical expression. (Baldrick)”I do what?” – Sebastian shook his head furiously and made a jerking action with his thumb towards “God”- Baldrick shrugged and then asked (Baldrick)”Please…do what you can.” <3>

GrayGooTheory: “You can call me Space Jesus.” He suspected that the concept of Christianity hadn’t yet reached their ears. A medieval style world and he had yet to see anything resembling a crucifix or the cliche church; which in his limited understanding was uncharacteristic of a dark ages world. Beyond that the idea of ‘space’ too was likely completely alien to them as well. So, he figured he’d roll with the code name and leave it at that. “And no, I didn’t eat them.” The last part he only muttered and whispered to himself. “Just assimilated…”

LoreleiRoseCarrendar:- Both men listened and then when he spoke of space and assimilating with undergarments, they both nodded to each other and said in unison- (Baldrick and Sebastian)”He’s a wizard!” <3>

GrayGooTheory: “How’d you get that idea? Is that good?” He looked perplexed at the accusation. He was entirely unsure where they got that notion at but he could fly with it depending on how they reacted. Regardless, he got what he needed (or wanted?) and they had given him the task at hand. Whether or not he fulfilled it was completely up in the air but at least he knew the deal. “What’s the child’s name anyway?”

LoreleiRoseCarrendar: – Baldrick looked pale, and then stuttered. (Baldrick)”I…I..”- Sebastian coughed and said- (Sebastian)”Just how much of the birth did you see?” – This was now going to be very sad indeed. For Baldrick fainted as the child’s head was emerging. He didn’t know if it was a boy, a girl, or even, what name the child had. Lorelei was not concious, niether was he at that point. The only person who would know either of these things was the black cloaked being that stole the baby. Sebastian marched around the table, to grip Baldrick by the shoulders and shook him- (Sebastian)”IT WAS YOUR CHILD TOO, BALDRICK…SURELY YOU HAD A NAME.” Baldrick reefed himself back and started to vent, finally. (Baldrick)”Don’t you think I know that?! My child…our child is missing…I have no clue what the baby is….and no, I hadn’t picked out a name, that was for Lore to decide!”- The ranting of Baldrick would cause something else to happen. Lore’s chamber door opened, and a tear stained face of Lorelei could be seen. (Lorelei)”It…was a girl. I was to call her….Taru.” <3>

GrayGooTheory: Kyle looked back and forth at the interaction between the two males. Arms crossing in front of his chest but he did not interrupt. Eyes darting back and forth as each one responded to the other all the while waiting uncharacteristically for his answer. As much as he was paying attention he was also plotting and planning. At least as little as he plotted and planned; generally consisting of what (or who) he was going to have for lunch that day. In this case he was stuck on just one person. That’s when Lore popped out of the doorway. Kyle greeted her with open arms and a cheerful smile opposed to her tearful face. “Oh, it’s mommy! Space Jesus is on the case.”

LoreleiRoseCarrendar: – Lorelei stared at the strange man that uttered – “Oh, it’s mommy! Space Jesus is on the case.” She pointed a finger at “Space Jesus” and then raised an eyebrow, as she looked at Baldrick and Sebastian, who were both clearly angered at this point. (Lorelei)”What the fuck…is a Space Jesus, and why…did he call me Mommy?” <3>

GrayGooTheory: Another pause and a blink at her reaction. Apparently she wasn’t pleased at his inclusion. Head tilted and he looked to the floor for a briefly moment as he began to mutter to himself incoherently before looking back up to her again. “Not my mommy but you’re still the mommy. And Space Jesus is Space Jesus. Beyond that I really don’t know what I am. A little hungry if you’ll accept that adjective.”

LoreleiRoseCarrendar: – The kitchen doors suddenly fly open and the Chef with the soup touren on his head staggers out, mumbling, his pristene chef outfit covered in beef broth. Helga storms out after him, and then gives him a hefty kick in the backside, that sends him flying aross the room. Helga then shouts angrily- (Helga)”No..SOUP FOR YOUZ!” and with that puts on her hat crooked and marches out of the meeting hall, as Lorelei sighs. (Lorelei)”Sebastian…check the kitchen for sour doughs and meats for the guest, I am going back to bed.” <3>

GrayGooTheory: “She needs to be tucked in. Maybe you should go do that, Baby Daddy. I don’t think she wants Space Jesus in there.” Thumb jutted upward as Lore decided to part ways again. Even if she was incredibly generous with her offer of food for him. He hadn’t even asked! That was rare for him. Then again people geneally try to keep food away and that’s a good way for them to become his food. Never eating a clown again though. They taste funny.

LoreleiRoseCarrendar: – Baldrick pulled on his coat stiffly, and then made a face, like he had just swallowed something awful. Their baby was a girl, Taru, and she was missing. All he had seen of her, was her head, and he remembered saying it was hideous. Oh how he would take it all back now. To have their darling child in his arms, safe, and not swept away far from Lacardis. Lorelei was not even her fiesty self. Sure she swore at Space Jesus, but she was much more volatile normally. Even on a good day. Coughing, Baldrick said- (Baldrick)”The…Lady Lore just needs some rest and I don’t think tucking in is such a good idea at the moment.”- Sebastian didn’t need to be asked twice by his Mistress and stepped over the flailing Chef on the floor with the soup touren on his head. (Sebastian)”Just a sec…going to go rustle up something nice. You…two gentlemen, sort this out. Find the child.” But was she even in Lacardis….or was she in hell? <3>

GrayGooTheory: “Trust me. Space Jesus knows best. I think I need to go for a very enthusiastic walk right now. I appreciate the offer for food though.” Just like that he spun on his heals and headed towards the door. Hands instinctively drove straight down with the intent of burrying themselves in pants pockets only to find smooth fabric. This alone was enough to stop him dead in his tracks and lower his head with a sigh. Tilting back again he directed his eyes and the same fury seen when he first entered towards the cieling again towards some unseen watcher of events. This time both arms raised skyward and with both fists closed he shook them violently. “You couldn’t even give me pockets?! ASSHOLE!” The final burst unnaturally loud. Walls shook, furniture vibrated, and windows groaned and threatened to burst. A sound likely enough to even cause physical pain to even the purely human occupants on the facility. Mood changed drastically however as his head was hung low once more as he continued his trek out the still ajar doorway. “Could’ve at least let me keep the shirt. I liked the shirt…” Stated sadly.

LoreleiRoseCarrendar:- Baldrick watched on, as Space Jesus decided to knock back the offer of a meal and instead take a nice long…quick walk out of the hall, squawking to the sky and shaking his fist as he did so. He was indeed a very troubled man. Sighing, he sat back down and buried his face in his hand, as he could just pick up on the quiet sobs of his beloved Mistress, Lady Carrendar coming from her room. Baldrick heard this and he felt his heart crack in two. He failed. The room grew dark, as above a raven sat on window ledge, tilting its head back and forth, before taking off into the night. The bird had watched the event unfold, its red eyes peering down on all that were part of this night’s show, and now to return to his Master, the one in the black cloak. Upon a ruggard mountain top, somewhere in Lacardis, a sacrificial alter was covered in a red sheath, and to the left, a large knife, to the right a baby swaddled in black cloth, screaming, crying, wriggling within. A large group of follwers had surrounded the alter, as the man in the cloak, raised up his knarled hands to the gathered throng. (?)”An abomination, a child of the damned this is. Plucked from the womb of the spider, and now she belongs to us.”- The raven flew in from the darkened clouds and landed upon the shoulder of his Master. Settling it cawed at the child, who continued to scream louder, before going into hiccuped breaths, its tiny lungs straining from fear and terror. The child needed her mother, she needed to be held, not left on a cold stone table. Picking up the child roughly with one hand, he held it outward, as the black cloth slipped away to show pure white hair, and the mark. All the gathered followers bowed down to the child and the being roared. (?)”Her time will come, her blood be taint. It was written, and so it will be done!”- he took the blade and then sliced it across her back, the greenish goo of her bebilith blood seeping onto the knife edge as the child screamed louder, and the followers started to chant. Licking the blood off the blade, he set it down and dipped his fingers into the black liquid that was shimmering in a bowl held up by a follower. The man wore a mask, long torn robes, and he nodded for the Leader to do what he must. The black liquid was smeared into the wound, the baby was in agony and screamed louder still, kicking and squirming violently. All rose up as the Raven flapped its wings and cawed. (?)”TARU….you are now, one of us…..forever!!” <3>