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Roleplay Live : Group : Lacardis Prime


Meeting hall : “Devin and the Battle for the Wolf”



KlouseKusanagi: -Waiting briefly to see what she wanted, as he heard her question, he merely chuckled loudly, holding his abdomen. Lack of air from laughing, as he glanced at her “You are already tired my dear, I do not wish to make you pure exhausted” Smirking slightly as he put each arm on each side of her, leaning over as he kissed her forehead lightly. As he thought for a moment “You rest and on the next sun rising..We will ride to the nearest bar.. And stir some chaos up” Grinning slightly as he thought to his self “OR I could indulge you in morning sex..Though last time I was left alone after..So” his grin grew as he nudged her chin slightly with his left hand. As he sat there waiting for her to answer and finish all of her breakfast before they commenced to anything-

LoreleiRoseCarrendar: – It was one thing for the wiley Lorelei to be tucked into bed, but quite the other, to be told that she was already tired, and he did not wish to exhaust her. Frowning, she placed her fingers over the edge of her covers, about to rip them back, when he placed his arms either side of her, and planted a kiss on her forehead. “But I want to raise chaos…now. Or…raise something else…say…a tent pole.”- she joked, staring down at his crotch. “I’m really…not..*yawns*…tired…I’m not…I’m….zzzzzzzz”- and before another word is said, she drifts off to sleep peacefully. <3>

DavinPortOlesias: The past few nights were stressful; nightmares had bombarded him during his restless sleeps. Twisting and turning, the bed was damp from the sweat the seeped through his sun-kissed skin like a sponge being squeezed. The morning had proven to be quiet, serene and somewhat positive. The drapes that covered the window weren’t closed properly so there was a gap where the bright sunrays would peer through inside the room Davin was in. The elf’s face would cringe; eyes fluttered open as they attempted to adjust to the light in the room. He hissed and pulled his forearm over his eyes, blocking out the sun that warmed his pale skin; a consequence of those nightmares. Davin adjusted himself into a seated position, resting his back against the bed’s backboard. The warm blanket lightly brushed down his bare body and rested over his crotch. Absentmindedly the elf would sensually touch his body, in a way he was making sure he was still whole and that those nightmares weren’t real, that they didn’t get to him. The, now naked, Davin would push himself up onto his feet and flex those tired and lazy muscles. He spent about half an hour rummaging through his things, picking out something casual for himself to clothe in for the day. The first agenda was complete, dressed, combined and preened, ready to bask under the fractured rays of sunlight. Just outside was Narra, his overgrown wolf, curled into a ball of midnight though hearing him come out she was in the process of awakening. He unburdened the entrance and walked over by her side, kneeling down and brushing his hand through his ruffled fur, getting rid of the split ends and entwined locks, “Did you sleep well, Narra?” he gazed into her azure orbs, concealing his guilt. He hated worrying Narra about his nightmares; he wanted to be positive instead of sharing that storm cloud over his head. It rained ever day for him but one day, there would be true sunshine for him.

KlouseKusanagi: -Watching her fall asleep, chuckling as he watched her try to fight off her exhaustion. Though it was a futile attempt. She was asleep like a rock before she even knew it. Caressing her cheek softly as he made sure she was out cold. Smiling at her sleeping body, as he slowly rose from the bed. Standing by the bedside, as a thought hit him. An evil one, yet one that needs to be proven. Lucious glanced at Lore, than at his weapons that were hung up on a near by wall. Slowly walking over to his cache. As he kept an eye looking to the side of him, making sure she did not move. As he pulled out a cross bow, the length wasn’t great, only a forearm size long. Small enough to conceal and carry. With a arrow already cocked back into it. As he slowly extended his arm, his finger hardly touching the trigger. Not wanting to be completely rude and blind side her, he gave a sharp whistle. Almost as if it was an alarm. As he whistled, he would immediately fire the arrow towards her upper right shoulder. The arrow whistled through the air at an alarming rate. If the arrow hit her, it would cause slight damage, Lucious could easily heal her. He was testing her skill in quick combat, not a full out fight, not yet at least-

LoreleiRoseCarrendar:- It had been months, since Lorelei had gained a full nights rest, as every night, she plays out in her mind, the final moments, of when her daughter, Taru was stolen from her, just as she was giving birth. That hood, the souless eyes, that stared at her from within. Faceless, yet menacing. ~WHO ARE YOU?! GIVE ME BACK THE BABY?!”~ in the dream state, he lingered, as soon as she would fall asleep. Cursed, it was why she rarely lay in her bed. Sure, she was tired, she was exhausted, but the dream was a living nightmare state. Her eyelids flickered, and though her body perfectly still, her mind was alive with what she could see. The man in the cloak, started to laugh and then the caw sound of a Raven. It’s wings flapping and as she was about to scream, there was a whistling sound, which had her open her eyes wide. Gasping, she sat bolt upright, as a bolt from a cross bow was fired from her bedside, just to pass her shoulder, the arrow tip scrapping the soft round of her shoulder and then slamming into the pillow behind. ~POOF!~ The feathers in the pillow exploded from the confines of the case sack and Lorelei whipped round and retrieved the arrow, from its landing place. Tossing back the covers, as the demoness was bleeding down her upper right shoulder, she snarled, snapping the arrow in two. “DID THEY SEND YOU?” -she roared, throwing her legs over the side of the bed, and leaping up onto her feet, her dress crumpled but then draping on the floor. Lorelei’s chest rose and fell, as she tossed the arrow’s pieces to the floor- “You…NEVER WAKE A SPIDER!” ….oh she was pissed. <3>

DavinPortOlesias: The morning consisted of the reoccurring smell of freshly baked bread, it lingered through the air. His nose was practically pointed toward the sky as he attempted to follow the smell to wherever this baker was. Narra was meters behind, stalking Davin as he wandered through the town. He had told her to stay as hidden as possible but when she was hungry she didn’t think, food was a sinful temptation. Davin could sense her; he could sense those eyes that bore into his back. At this point he was tired and hungry; at least he wouldn’t have to look for her. Finally, his eyes were blessed with the bakery, he watched the woman effortlessly mould that dough and multitask checking the woodfire oven every now and then. He was approaching her before the sound of an arrow piercing through the time at fast forward was noticed. Being what he was he had a keen sense of hearing and smell but then again anyone could smell the bread. Narra, who was poorly stalking Davin, also heard the violent missile. Davin would divert his course and attempt to find the location of where the arrow was shot, he allowed his curiousity to take over, usually it brought him good or bad but he accepted both. He would rather live a life of intrigue than dullness. Davin weaved through the residents, he averted eye contact with the beggars that sat in dirt, and he wouldn’t be stopped. Just yonder his eyes settled on a building where a scream resounded, echoing down the street. Cautiously Davin and Narra prowled toward the building, their nimble feet decreased the chances of being heard but being in plain daylight they’d easily be seen. Davin would pull Narra toward one side of the building and raise a brow, as of now he was clueless as to what window to approach and peer inside, he hoped another arrow or scream would be produced but as of now he was nothing but a pointy-eared suspicious elf lurking around a home.

KlouseKusanagi: -Watching her reaction was far beyond what he imagined. Seeing the arrow merely scraped her shoulder, causing it to bleed slightly. As he smirked slightly, only for that smirk to diminish slowly. As he watched her grab the arrow and snap it into pieces. Her voice rang out in anger, as Lucious immediately dropped the crossbow. Not putting his hands up, though slowly crouched down as if he was some how invisible. He was clearly not, though it made him feel better thinking she could not see him. Slowly creeping toward the door “It was a playful joke…That went…Terribly…Terribly..” his eyes shuttering thinking that the crossbow was the worst idea he ever had “..Terrible idea” as he neared the door, his left hand reached behind him trying to feel for the door, once he felt the knob. He slowly turned the knob as he spoke “Im just gonna…” Pointing outside in any kind of direction “..Yeah” Bolting out the door as he finished, almost running into another person (Davin) as he stopped suddenly. As he recommended “She is crazy for you lad..” reaching to pat his right shoulder as he ran off once more, not wanting to beat a woman nor the one he was in love with. As he ran for the open, for if he was to die, it would be in public view-

LoreleiRoseCarrendar:- First…he puts her to bed…THEN he tucks her in. THEN he kisses her forehead, instead of ravishing her amongest the satin sheets. Oh…but the gravest mistake of all, was to fire a crossbow at her while she was in the midst of a living nightmare, the curse of her dreams. She rolled her jaw, as she slowly started to tear off the gown, revealing beneath, a black spider lace body suit, that clung to her every curve and shapely thighs. Her dress of green velvet fell to the floor, and she stepped out of it, eyes of deepest green hue upon her so called Lover. What’s this? He is slowly creeping for the door? Oh no no no. Once you enter the spider’s web, do you think she would ever let him leave? “It was a playful joke…That went…Terribly…Terribly..” Lorelei was nodding, and then a sly grin appeared upon her face. “Just….terrible.” Course, he turned the knob on the door and more or less, fled her room. Hot footing it up the stairs, two at a time, she slowly walked towards the door, and sung out. “Olly Olly oxen free…there is no way you can out run me.” As she went up the stairs, the walls appeared to be covered with spiders, chittering in excitement, as the hunt had just begun. <3>

DavinPortOlesias: He felt like one of those slender, lanky and outrageously tall men with moustaches creeping around a house; you know…those with long spider legs that a step almost looked like a leap. Anyhow, back to figurative writing. Narra crinkled her wet nose, her head wouldn’t stay stiff, she kept looking left and right curiously. Davin spotted the door that, he assumed lead inside, and attempted to approach it. It was a success but the outcome; well that wasn’t much of a success. A stranger shot out of the house, bamboozled and frightened by the abruptness he was paralysed for five precious seconds. Davin felt the man’s body weight, fat and muscle combine together like a brick wall and knock his thin, slender but well built structure down. It was blatantly obvious Davin wasn’t necessarily a melee combatant or someone that took favour into physical brawls or fights. He exhaled a groan at the hard impact against the ground. He could feel the stranger’s body ontop of his, despite his irritation the feeling wasn’t all that foreign to him. He’s had many ontop of him in different situations. Davin’s brows knitted together in confusion, the pat on the shoulder and the lightning bolt for safety almost brought unbeknownst fear to him. He had no clue who he was fearing right now but he didn’t want to wait and see. Davin managed to get back onto his feet, brushing off the dirt on him. The voice that echoed out of the building was harrowing, he felt crippled in fear. He couldn’t see who it was but frankly he was ‘shitting’ his pants, “O fucketh.” He murmured beneath his breath. Even Narra had a case of shaky legs; slowly she retracted her steps far away from the building. Davin reached behind and drew his two daggers out, sharp blades, custom made and well cherished as the tips seemed like they could cut through anything. The vines that spiralled up both of his arms tightened and faintly would glow green, the emerald colour of the forest he grew up in. It was also a boost to his magical affinity. Davin remained on foot but staggered back a bit, gaining some distance from whatever and whoever was inside. Clearly he should be afraid so his grasp tightened on the hilt of the blades, Narra’s talons dug into the dirt ready to face the force.

LoreleiRoseCarrendar: – No sooner had Lorelei graced the top of the stairs, that she could see that her would be lover, had well and truly done the bolt. Drawing her claws along the stone work, she then gripped her hands into fists, and held the to the side of her head, angered deeply she would be so careless, to chose a lover that was ready to shoot a cross bow at her as she slept. “Sleeping…is hereby…CANCELLED!” she roared out, letting her arms fall and swing at her sides. Snorting and then flicking back her long blood red locks, she eyed the other male, the elf whom she had run into the other night. Course, this fellow must have heard the altercation with Lucious and was armed with dual daggers, and he had vines that spiralled up from his arms. Raised up a fair bit in height, and the beast that accompanied him also showing signs of being ready to defend against the mad rationinng of an infuriated Bebilith maiden. Seeing him at the ready with his daggers, Lorelei pointed at them and said. “I just had a man shoot me with a crossbow while sleeping. DO YOU REALLY …REALLY….want to go a few rounds with me?” -she shouted as she inhaled and then held it in, her cheeks puffing out, as venom was filling her mouth, via glands in her cheeks. <3>

DavinPortOlesias: “I don’t think I have much of a choice. You seem dangerous and almost unstoppable. That anger is nothing but a catalyst.” He smirked. He twisted his blades in his palm and raised a brow. He could spot those little eight-legged freaky spiders crawling along the wall. Patches of pure blackness covered the building; it wasn’t pain but rather her little minions clashing together. Narra’s tail wagged left and right, she was rather amused by whatever was happening. Davin sustained his unshakeable gaze at the woman, not a clue who she was or her status in this town but he had a hunch it was something high. She was possibly a mayor or Chief, judging by those threatening orders. He lifted his hand with the blade tightly in grasp, his index finger would extend and point at her, “Did you want to settle that rage with some tea, ale or maybe even wine or do you prefer a spar?” he quirks a brow. He was practically offering her a spar, he found the thought amusing. In a way it could potentially cool her off, he felt like a hero thinking that if she expressed that infuriation on him the townspeople wouldn’t have to suffer. No doubt they’ve already felt her ‘wrath’ before. Narra cocked her head to the side wandering why he was offering a spar, she wasn’t going to let him get bruised and beaten and she didn’t want him exposing his other abilities, the non-melee.

Thecyberbully: “Hrm. Tis a slightly out of the way from the main rout. But, we cannot avoid a chance to try and sell some of this “holy water”. What do you think? ..Well, I agree with you.”- Only one person was walking forwards to the town as he looks around. A thin gentleman, clothed in a suit and waist coat. In his right hand was a cane. He stops once more. Taking in the scene of where he had walked to. He talks a large breath in, smelling something awful as he pulls a face. Noticing, that, this must have been from the land or from something/one. He did hope it was from the land and not him because he would need to make an appointment with his doctor again. The male keeps walking as he searches around. Trying to locate a inn or some sort as he sighs.-“ Should have invented something, that , is portable and able to locate places.Hrm… Like a tracker or some sort. Could call it a “Guiding robot map” or something strange.”- He mutters to himself. Planning out an ideal way to make such a real item. Maybe, just maybe, he would find a villager or something and ask more about this “place”. He notice other strange parts to this “place”.He moves his left hand to a small pocket [inside his waist coat] and pulls out a tin box. Not looking, he opens it as he pulls out a white thin object and places it into his lips. Now, where to begin?-

LoreleiRoseCarrendar: – The elven chap had a mouth and used it as he had done so the night before. But this time, he spoke of perhaps curtailing her anger and rage, by either tea, ale, or wine. Then he happened to mention a spar. “A what?” – this was foreign to her, not since the days of the arena where she had lost her child. Now she was pacing, back and forth, like a cougar, wanting to be let out of her cage. Her mouth had by now filled with venom, and she let out a throaty growl, that was kind of like gargling. Stray lines of greenish goo dribbled down the corners of her mouth, her tongue well lacqured. Grinning slyly as she tasted her own toxic venom, she said. “Done….deal is…if I win, I eat you for breakfast….you win, you get to buy me breakfast. But first, I think there is something you need…to know.” -she took a step towards him, as her image began to shimmer. “There once was a guard from Arach neee…who took an arrow to his knee. He asked for Lore..as he fell to the floor….and she ate him with her crumpets and tea.” -Lorelei began her chant, the words spoken in rhefugi, as her spiders all crawled away, getting into crevices and holes. For this way comes, the spider of fear. An arachnid so large, he would not believe with his own eyes. The chant was to bring about the metamorphisis, and this would be the right time to strike…or run for your life. <3>

Thecyberbully: -Not seeing any one for a while, the gentleman looks in dismay as he shakes his head. Moving his hands to cross in front of him[tucking the cane under his arm], he starts to move them up and down as he side skips around. He inhales as he shouts on the top of his voice-“ HEY…SEXY VILLAGERS..”- He dances to the nearby fire as he rests his right foot as he moves his hands to his hips and start to thrust at the fire.-[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xo-tWlETq8w]

DavinPortOlesias: Davin smirked at the deal and the two different outcomes. He didn’t say anything, he didn’t nod nor did he shake his head as to agree or protest. Instead he cracked his neck both side; he didn’t like getting a stiff neck. It was the worst pain above everything else; whenever he got it he threatened to kill himself. Narra would bare her sharp teeth, thick gooey saliva drooled off the tips of those teeth. He raised a brow as he informed him there was something he needed to know and as she proceeded to explain something…rather…chant something he shrugged. A bemused expression coddled his handsome features. The little spiders scurried away, revealing the dark colours of the building once again as it should be. Violent convulsions would begin upon the steps, the woman was transforming in broad daylight where everyone could see. As Davin turned around the streets were empty, even the scrawny and eternally hungry beggars had up and left. The eerie clanking of the front gates could be heard as the wind made it clash together repeatedly. He turned back to watch the transmutation, it was sickening to watch as she was slowly turning into a spider. Davin continued to watch, getting a picture of how her form would look, where the big ‘arse’ would be as apparently that was the main spot to aim. Davin’s lips would begin mouthing words silently, the blades in his own hands began to warmly glow a deep red colour that small hints of steam emanated off the steel metal. The picture puzzled together in his head and with a swift twist in his wrist and a sharp step one of his daggers went flying through the air, cutting through the shifting winds with plenty of strength behind the force. The gruesome dagger with its boiling hot blade was aimed at the ‘heart’ of the Arachnid. He had a few backup plans if it didn’t work…well actually he didn’t. Improvising was a strong trait of his, one he constantly resorted to.

LoreleiRoseCarrendar:- Lorelei let out a scream that turned into a powered roar, throwing her arms up, as the mark of the spider on her back glowed red hot. She was the matriarch spider of the land of Lacardis. Lorelei became engulfed in a black swirl of mist, and the sickening crunch of bones, her spine changing shape, could be heard, for her entire body was making the metamorphisis into the Bebilith of full form. The towns folk ran and hid from the scene, not wanting to fall victim to her aggressive attacks whilst in this form. as she continued to scream, the shadow of the monster spider coming to life. ~THUD…THUD…THUD..~ Rocketing out of her spine, large black legs were thrusting into the debris that came from the spear tips slamming into the soft earth. THUD…THUD…THUD~ -Rising up, to over eighteen feet, the spider was totally black, her skin a grotesque sheen of jade and onxy, her clothes discarded as they had been torn from her form. Violent eyes of blood red glowed in the sunken hollows, her oversized head now featured large black ivory mandibles, that knashed together, before prizing open, the large head turning from the beast that accompanied Davin, back to the dagger wielding elf. Raising back up on four legs, the violent blood red streak of her underbelly was in fact shaped just like the mark of the Spider. She was the beast, all traces of human likeness had been shed, like a snake stripping its skin. On the end of each of her front legs were massive claw like pinchers, razor edged, excreting neuro toxin onto the ground below her, in small spitting pools. “RROOOOOOAARRRRR!” She was a bebilith, who attacked anything in her path. With the grace of a russian dancer, Davin decided to go on the attack first, the whistling as a red hot dagger, went hurtling towards her underside, which also happened to be armour plated, the chiterous plates designed to deflect most metals. Searing her undersides, as she was up on the back for legs she was now truly enraged and lowered down ready for his next attack, all the while the massive thorax, spun vast quanitities of silken thread. <3>

DavinPortOlesias: Davin blinked rapidly almost blinded by what the fuck just unwrapped, stretched, grew and transformed. Nope, the redheaded woman that was smaller than him was no more. This beast was hectic and almost the size of the buildings in the town. First Arachnid Bebelith he encounters and it’s an enraged one. The gods really must be looking down upon him; they’re probably pissing themselves joyfully and laughing like maniacs. Davin’s heart continued to beat, pounding against his chest as if ready to burst out and make a run for it. Davin pretty much revealed his ability to enchant weapons using spells he knows, this one was a fire spell enchanted on his now…forever lost…dagger. Narra nudged at Davin’s side and they both staggered back, maintaining space. It gave him a few vital moments to evaluate the beast, to evaluate the Bebelith monster. The sharp tips of those legs and the poisonous toxins. However, the legs themselves looked weak. They weren’t thick and ready to withstand impact, they looked like twigs that could easily be snapped. Narra relaxed her front feet and made an almost bowing gesture though it was a ready to pounce stance. In an abrupt moment the wolf sprinted around the Bebelith, howling to seek its attention though maintaining its quick speed. Davin on the other hand kneeled down and firmly planted his palms on the soft earthen soil, “Ilhar Har’dro dortho uns’aa xuil dosst iliswin” (Mother Earth aid me with your vines) the words would blurt out of his mouth. It wasn’t the words to the next ability but rather a naturally gifted power he inherited from his long line of family. Hoping that Narra distracted the beast (Lorelei) he attempted to use his ‘earth bending’ which was the typical reference to hold down the Bebelith. The ground would rumble as if a stampede of hundreds of elephants came to pass than vines would shoot out of the ground, rivalling the Bebelith in height and aimlessly sustaining that position as it waited for the rest of its brethren to sprout out. The next motive was for the vines to shoot from all angles at the eight pincer-legs in attempt to pull it down, and as mentioned previously, hold down the Bebelith.


LoreleiRoseCarrendar: – The monster Arachnid was no longer one to bargain with. A beast created by Mazmezz with the intent desire to kill and devour demons, was always lurking beneath the surface of the glamour of the Humanoid version of Lorelei. Her thorax, black sheened, that was pulsating as it built up the vast quanitities, of silken webbing that had a tensile strength of over one tonne. Lorelei had already bent forward, in a spider crouch, as the beast of Davon, decided that he was going to make the attack to divert her attention away from his Master. As it made the run straight for her, she lurched forward, with one pincher claw to seize around its left shoulder, and the other to snap around its neck, thus if the attack inabled, she should attempt to drive the pinchers in deep and bring the neck of the wolf beast up to her oversized mandibles, that could crack a head like a walnut. The ends of the mandibles, also coated with the deadly toxin, neuro toxin, but her true desire, was to bite and hard, so that the beast wolf would pay the ultimate price to serve in his Master’s folley. At this same time, Davin placed his hands down on the ground, to do his summon and chant, that would call upon the vines from mother earth, to entrap the spider, in its hold. Lorelei rose up again, thus this should lift up the beast wolf, and though four legs would come to be held by the vines, she had four free, and the wolf, if he did not evade her attack. <3>

DavinPortOlesias: Davin’s eyes widened at the sudden realisation, Narra was trapped in the terrifying grasp of the Bebelith. He rose to his feet and stammered, he failed to breath for a brief moment. Narra meant so much to him, he couldn’t sacrifice her to some aggravated oversized arachnid, “Don’t you dare!” he screamed in protest, “Hurt her and you’ll have another enemy to deal with. You’d rather have me and Narra as an ally rather an enemy with a purpose.” He reveals his own teeth, baring them at the Bebelith that loomed over his small figure. The vines had definitely continued to draw on Davin’s willpower which was now fuelled by rage, compassion and fear. His emotions were his contributing factors, they boosted his attacks, “If you destroy her I’ll break your legs, I’ll hinder your true form forever.” He pointed at the legs that were forced down, the vines gradually tightened around those skinny legs threatening to just break the bones and damage her. He didn’t see how she could regenerate more legs; these were probably the only ones she had. If he destroyed them she wouldn’t be able to walk, her movement would be decreased and well she’d be hopeless in such a powerful form. That was only his perspective, the beast remained unknown and yet to be added to his Monster Library. His breaths were heavy, if she permanently destroyed something dear and vital to him than she would receive an equal consequence, “Don’t kill her.” His voice quivered with the emotion of love, it interweaved with his attempt at remaining headstrong and unshakeable.

LoreleiRoseCarrendar:- They can always say you can smell fear. And there was something in the air also she could smell. The wolf beast well and truly caught by the Massive arachnid, her pincher claws and the mandibles of her powerful jaws, had the head of the wolf beast locked. Loud snarling like sounds were coming from the enraged spider, legs up in defence, at the front, to counter further forward attacks, but…there was another reason for this. This whole time, Lorelei the Bebilith had been building up vast quantities of webbing, and it was no secret to those that knew her, it was one of her favourite methods of playing END GAME! “Don’t you dare!” Davin screamed in protest, “Hurt her and you’ll have another enemy to deal with. You’d rather have me and Narra as an ally rather an enemy with a purpose.” The serated edges of the mandible pinchers pressed in, releasing the squirts of toxin, as Lorelei went into the finisher. She launched the wolf backwards, as she slammed down her front legs and her thorax shot up, the spinerettes throbbing and she let go a massive web net, spun (two turns now), out and caught up the spinning, flying beast wolf, so it would fall to the ground behind her, bundled up in a cocoon, that would become its tomb, unless she agreed to inject an anti dote, and release it from the thick webbing. The cocoon is the equivalent of a straight jacket, allowing no movement. This webbing is mystical in nature, resistant to normal weapons (one-half damage). Magical weapons will do full damage. There is a 75% chance that the webbing will not burn if any sort of fire is applied to it. “BAADEZW YDB…UAI KOLYK SA SONY AF OF YFLORYK XYXEDESW OFK YGHYPS TYLPU?! LYDYOZY SWY XEFKZ AF TU XOPN DYRZ…AL SWOS TISS AB UAILZ QEDD FYFYL ZYY SWY ZIF OROEF!” Pronounced: “”BAEAHAH-DEEAYZW AE-DE-BAE…OOAHEE KUKOH-LUAE-KUK SEEAH SEEOHNAE AH-FE OH-FE AE-FE-LUOH-RAAE-KUK XAEXEAY-DEEAY-SEEW OH-FE-KUK AE-GE-HAAE-PE-SEE TEAE-LU-PEOO?! LUAE-DEAEOHZAE SEEWAE XEAY-FE-KUKZ AH-FE TEOO XOH-PEN DEAE-RAZ…AH-LU SEEWOH-SEE TEEE-SEE-SEE AH-BAE OOAHEE-LUZ QEAY-DE-DE FEAE-FEAE-LU ZAEAE SEEWAE ZEE-FE OH-RAOHEAY-FE!”” (translation : “FOOLISH ELF…YOU DARED TO TAKE ON AN ENRAGED BEBILITH AND EXPECT MERCY?! RELEASE THE BINDS ON MY BACK LEGS…OR THAT MUTT OF YOURS WILL NEVER SEE THE SUN AGAIN!”) Lorelei snapped at the air with her pinchers, and the dark gleam of her eyes, the putrid jade, started to dance, trying to get him to focus on her- <3>

DavinPortOlesias: It was true, you can always smell fear. Those that release the fear can’t. He watched horrifyingly at the scene that further unfolded. To the Bebelith Narra was merely a toy to play with, to be thrown around and juggled without a care. He watched as she thrust the wolf away and then shoot her thick cobwebs at Narra. The webs covered the beast, her black fur completely enveloped in that disgusting and putrid smelling thick web. There he stood almost slouched in exhaustion and pain as he experienced such tragedy. This woman, this…this thing had no emotion, it had no feeling. The only emotion it had was rage and anything alike whether it was hate or anger. His bundled hair that was supposedly tied down by a rubber band was gone. His loose tresses were now a pile of thick luscious long locks that flourished down his shoulders. Those cerulean eyes gazed at its legs then it focused on the vines, “What’s this? Are you begging me to unbind you?” he raised a brow. A sickly wicked smile sharpened on his tender lips, a dark chuckle followed over. It was a typical scene but they were common for a reason, “Kill the wolf. I’d rather have you hindered, I’d rather watch the many more ‘fools’ that face you have a better chance to kill you. We can stop this but I want your vow.” His eyes were now overwhelmed with everything opposite to goodness, light…practically everything that represented a typical elf. Those cerulean orbs pierced into her putrid jade, the colour of a murky acid, “That mutt means nothing to me. I suppose you don’t value your foundations either.” He gestured to her legs. He remained as he was; those vines were seconds away from snapping her legs and their bones. He may have been bluffing, he didn’t know how she could interpret his seriousness and that legitimate threat.

LoreleiRoseCarrendar:- “Tic Tic Tic Tic…You are wasting time….little Elf…time, your pet doesn’t have. The longer we wait, the more damage the neuro toxin does. I see it in your eyes, Elf…the eyes never lie. Go on…SNAP MY LEGS…DO YOUR WORSE…But your wolf will suffer from my dreaded curse. And you will walk through this world alone.” Challenge accepted, she was not prepared to lose. Not now, not today. A bebilith in full form, is devoid of the emotions that plague the bipedals. Only when she is in their form, does she have a heart that cares. The beast, is but her true form and he brought this on himself.

DavinPortOlesias: “Tic, Tock. Tick, Tock, the clock strikes twelves and your time comes to an end.” He would mimic her. His voice echoed eerily, it was grave and dreaded. He glanced over at the white cocoon; he could see the fidgeting and squirming decrease down to little small, almost unnoticeable movements. There was a split second…and in that second it was an almost regretful and apologetic expression. A goodbye. Davin sharply turns his head back, eyes rivalling her own jade orbs, “I start it and now I end it. Never…I repeat…never…Test me like that.” His wrist flicked toward the vines. The vines themselves obeyed, their tight grasp tightened even more that it almost righter than a rattle snake. Under all that pressure the crunching of bones would be heard, “Snap, Snap, Snap!” resounded through the town. It was a revolting sound to hear; even his ears cowered from the sound of such a devastating sound. It had such a shrilling feel to the snaps, chills would be sent down the spine of anyone that could hear that sound of breaking bones. Davin’s eyes remained emotionless on the Bebelith, he was more than certain he would have exhausted her, and even he himself was exhausted from too much use of magic. For every gain there was a loss, it was saddening that Narra was the sacrifice.

LoreleiRoseCarrendar: – If one is prepared to fight, then one is prepared a certain amount of sacrifice. Make no mistake, for such are the cost we pay, when we put down a challenge. Lorelei was never one to run from a fight. She stood her ground, time and time again. The only one, that had truly tested her before was Darksied. The only one that haunts her dreams was the hooded man that stole her child. And so Devin would sing back her sick tune, and he took up the fight on behalf of his wolf, that lay within the coccon behind her thorax. The feeling of the vines tightening around her legs, would increase, as he spoke to her with as much venom and hate in his voice as anything she could muster. “I start it and now I end it. Never…I repeat…never…Test me like that.” the first of her legs started to crack and break, as the vines took hold, and Lorelei let out a monstrous roar, as blood, green and rich, spewed from the breaks, the vines breaking the four back legs, which saw her thorax come crashing down at the back. But what Devin may never understand, was that in her cries of tortured agony, she was actually smiling, as the tears ran down her oversized head. For the first time, since Taru had been stolen, she was feeling something. She had been numb, both in heart and spirit, and now as each leg was ripped clean, and she only had her four front ones remaining, she appeared broken, and beyond repair. “Ahaha…you have become the very thing you HATE!!!….Ahahahaha…join with me, in basking in the glory of rage.” As the legs were removed, she became engulfed in the black mist once more, rising up as if being held by God’s own hand, her hair trailling down from her, and her body altering back to the bipedal form, though she was missing one of her limbs, one of her legs. Dropping back down, the levitation over, she was naked, with only her hair covering her. Clawing the ground with her hand, she looked up at Devin, and said. “Delight in what you have done. I am still Bebilith, and though not whole in your gaze. I will again.”- One of her staff, Baldrick came running out and placed a robe over her to give her some modesty. He barked at Devin. “You got your damn spar….I hope it was worth it!” <3>

DavinPortOlesias: Silence would break over after the crunching bones, that torturous roar and the assistant’s rhetorical question. Finally, amidst rubble, blood and whatever else putrid tainted the earth Davin exhaled. In that exhale he collapsed onto his knees, bruising them under the pressure and impact though he couldn’t feel anything. Maybe she was feeling something but he felt numb, he never went to great lengths such as that and in the end this was all a spar. His hair toppled over his face like drapes covering his eyes and the tears. He was releasing his emotions how he could, through tears. He lifts his calloused hands and wipes those tears. Davin’s head turns to face the cocoon, surprisingly there was still movement and a low whimper though it was gurgled as it sounded like Narra was choking on the venom, the toxins inside, “Let her go before I break you right now.” His voice was deep, baritone and it held not mere bluff. Narra still had life in here and he wasn’t going to get consumed in his own regret, each second wasted was a bit of Narra’s light dimming. He rose back to his feet and slowly approached the two, his arm shot out in the direction of the cocoon that had a revolting stench, “Do something. You’re not dead though the potential in that happening is nigh.” He mumbles. In his spare hand remained that other dagger, forever separated from its twin brother unless someone finds it and retrieves it, “There’s nothing…” he spits just to the side of Lore, “…nothing to bask in here. It’s sad to know you hold no emotion that you cannot feel. Despite what grand power you possess…that…will be the only flaw and self hatred you’ll experience. It will be your undoing.” His words lingered like an ancient hymn.

LoreleiRoseCarrendar:: – Oh but the words he said, did he have an inkling to how true they were? Probably not. As Devin spat at the ground near where she lay, she actually hiccuped a laugh through the pain of her injuries. Baldrick knew a great deal more about Lorelei than this wandering Elf could possibly imagine, and if this was part of her way of dealing with the loss and grief, then he would support her of course. He went to scoop her up in his arms, and then carried her towards the ground where the cocoon lay. Lorelei rolled her tongue around in her mouth, then spat down at the coccon, which started to unravel as her acid came into contact. Another assistant, Sebastian, ran over now the coast was clear and quickly administered the antidote by way of injection, and then stood back as the rest of the webbing fell away. Lorelei nestled against Baldrick, as he took her down to her chambers via the stairs and laid her in her bed, so she may rest and recuperate fully from her injuries. Closing the door, he let her be, then came slowly up the stairs, to see the wolf now fully exposed and able to move freely. Baldrick said to Devin. “The wolf be fine in about thirty minutes, a bit groggy, but very much alive.”- he then bowed, before gesturing for Sebastian to accompany him to the main hall, where they were still dealing with the complaints from Twisted Wood, over the Knights rampage. Sebastian asked, Baldrick, as they walked along. “She should have her leg back….what…two days?” Baldrick shrugged and said casually in reply. “Something like that…then…oh god, lock the gates…she will be out causing trouble again.” Sebastian sighed lightly. “God help the men folk.” <3>

DavinPortOlesias: Davin’s breaths shuddered after a bit, he was still trying to catch up with the beat it usually kept to. His heart at the moment was off beat, he didn’t feel like himself. He was something he didn’t want to be, she was right. He became what he hated in that spar. It was over, she was now gone after doing her hocus pocus and gurgling spit thing. The cocoon’s webs gradually released from entombing Narra. As the injection was put into place the wolf cried out in a piercing pitch, it was an attempted howl but it was restricted from the poison that was slowly seeped out of its throat. After Baldrick finished informing him of the duration he relieved a sigh. What he said before, that he didn’t care about the ‘mutt’ really came back at him, stinging his heart. It wasn’t true, he would rather end something like the bebelith from causing such havoc to someone else…even if it meant sacrificing Narra. I’m sure Narra understood his course of action. Slowly Davin would approach Narra, he hesitated however, and she may retaliate and hurt him. Though she seemed to give in and nuzzle her muzzle against his hands then finally he collapsed into her. Holding her ever so tightly with much love and affection, she was his one and only best friend. He didn’t know what he would do without her. Davin’s eyes slowly rose to meet with Lorelei’s as she was position up on the balcony, overlooking this all. Meanwhile, the shutters to the other homes slowly opened. Curious eyes drenched in fear and cluelessness peered out from their windows and doors, observing what had happened. The big spider was gone and nobody was dead so that could be considered a good side. Nevertheless, Lorelei would have to endure the embarrassment of losing four legs…there was a possibility one, two or even more than three townsfolk saw her defeat. It could be seen as a spark of hope, that anything was possible. That or these folk found solace in fear, running away from their nightmare instead of facing it.

LoreleiRoseCarrendar: In the confines of her chambers, Lorelei lay on the bed, beneath the sheets, her single leg moving but she knew it would be a couple of days till she grew the other one back. She stared at the ceiling, as the room seemed so empty and cold, much like her heart. As a tear ran down her cheek, she whispered. “All…by myself……don’t want to be….all by myself…anymore…..All by myself…..don’t want to live…all by myself….anymore.” Slowly she rolled over, and drifted off to sleep, exhausted. <3>