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Role play Group : The Carrendar Dynasty

Dead Nation.

Cursed creatures and Painted Wagons


War Castle – Lorewall 2E


CharlotteCarrendar:- It was a hard choice to make for Sora as to which door to go through. One to five was the doors to the various calibres of guns to be expected to be used on board the Tarantula. Sora went with door three, and stepped across the hall, placing his hand on the door handle and clicking it open, entering a sterile environment, that housed similar weapons to the ones he had seen on board the massive tank. He reached down and picked up a large machine gun, and though he was not used to handling such weapons, he was more than eager to test it out. What he wasn’t prepared for, was the kick back, that nearly threw him off his feet. He also made a real mess of the targets, and even dinted the walls, with hundreds of bullet mark strikes forming a halo around the target. You could hear the echo of laughter coming from behind his door, as Taru shook her head at his antics. She on the other hand, was more interested in the virtual simulations rooms, behind doors six to ten. Taru went for room number eight, that had her enter the cock pit main driving chamber, complete with specialist command chair, and all the possible switches and dials that were just like the Tarantula itself. Taru eased into the leather of the comfortable chair, running her clawed hands up and down the soft upholstery. This just felt right, till the light in the room turned an eerie red hue, and holographic projections appeared, like a panel of screens, that she could run her finger across the air, to move and enlarge, activitating the simulation module. One of the first things the Tarantula did was step onto a car and crush it completely, which had Taru cover her mouth to stifle her laughter. “Oh…this is a dangerous toy.” She mused, using the remote control like toggles to get the many legs of the beast Arachnid tank to move independently. “So many choices..” Taru’s eyes took in all the switches, and she even giggled as she flicked a switch and you could hear the whoosh of a rocket being expelled and targeted onto Burger man’s restaurant in Lorewall, blowing it sky high in a mushroom cloud of fire and ash…and fries. <c>

Taru bit her lip, amazed at the Tarantula’s capabilities, as the chair she sat in vibrated in time to the marching movement of the simulated Battle tank. She even had a screen that displayed how the Tarantula would appear to the public of Lorewall, and she knew that this thing would simply scare them silly. In the simulation, they walked about calmly, as the colossal tank marched down Main Street, where no vehicle was safe from its powered legs. The sound was something else too. All the hydraulics and hissing, it was almost like it had its own voice. The crunch as each foot planted dug into the tar of the roads. Taru tried out the sub machine guns, flame throwing, and more missiles, that were sent spiralling into targeted buildings and then enemy tanks came into the path of the Tarantula, which stopped in its tracks, as a rocket was fired towards it in simulation. Now came the real test, as the tank came under enemy fire. Taru’s projected holographic screens were filled with red haze target locks, and she switched to manual firing, sending out smaller missles, that blew the opposition tanks sky high. Fire and debris littered the screen in front of her, and at the end of the simulation, she fell back in her chair, panting from the stress of the simulation. If this was going to be how Lorewall would become with the arrival of the Astartes, then at least they had a force to be reckoned with. <c>

The red hue of the lighting changed back to a normal ultraviolet, and Taru rose out of her chair and headed back out into the corridor, where Sora was waiting for her, after trying out the machine guns in room five. Clearly, Sora wanted to hear how Taru faired in the simulation, and when she saw that her cheeks actually had colour to them, he had to laugh. “It was that bad?” He asked, and she patted her shoulder lightly. “Oh…you have no idea what that thing can do.” Course, he had a fair idea, but let her catch her breath, now that the tour of the War castle was pretty much at an end. Larry was of course waiting for them, and said as they prepared to leave. .-(Larry)”When you leave the War Castle it will be scrubbed down and disappear as if we were never here but since you have place a marker on the map expect it to be delivered to that location.” Taru and Sora glanced at each other, when Larry said that the War Castle would disappear. “That’s simply not possible. How can you make a whole war weapons factory disappear?” Taru wasn’t in the mood to argue, and gave her brother something of a light swat with her hand. “Thanks again for your hospitality, Larry. We won’t hold you up further.” Sora rubbed his arm, as the two left the War castle and started to head back up towards the heart of Lorewall on foot. Looking back behind him, not five hundred metres ahead, when he looked back, he had trouble even seeing the War Castle, and rubbed his eyes, before falling in step with Taru. “Where to now, Sis?” <3>

The School of Masters – Dead Nation

CharlotteCarrendar: – Raven extended her hands and took the repaired mask back from the Headmaster, holding it in her hands, and turning it over gently, to see for herself, how the new button on the mask and mechanisms activated the sliding section at the lower end of the mask. Still in awe of how he was able to work on the mask as it floated in the air, with the various pieces all coming together from pieces of the earth, it had her wonder as to the significance of the world around her and how it was in harmony with making her mask. Raven brought the mask back up to her face, and hooked it back behind her ears, so when she lowered her hands, you could see the bottom part slide open as she spoke and she would now be able to eat with the mask attached and her identity safe once more. The Headmaster; who also happened to be a large tree spoke so politely to the young girl, and she stood before him with her hands clasped together before her. )”If it is a question that bothers you just ask and you might receive an answer even if it is vague…Just remember young one this is still a school after all and anyone who comes to school…comes to learn…so never be afraid to ask and never forget that time is different here.” Raven bowed and rose slowly, her red locks falling back to place upon her shoulders. “Thank you Headmaster, for everything. I only have one question, but the person I need to ask…is far from me. But I will remember what you have said, and your kindness.” Stepping back from the headmaster, Darksied quizzed Raven about what she truly was. Though she had not morphed into her full form in the tunnels, she was capable of it, if threatened with her life. ”So umm that makes you a Beblith right?” Darksied enquired, and Raven nodded twice, her head turned towards him so he could make out the haunting black swirl in her eyes. “It’s hard to explain, and not something I think you are ready for me to show you.” Her hands fell to her sides and swang back and forth as she walked along. When he asked if she had any more questions for the Headmaster, Raven replied. “I do have one for you. Are you human?” <3>

DarksiedtheLegend: -As Raven and Darksied was walking back to the encampment did Raven ask an unusual question-(Raven) “I do have one for you. Are you human?” –To which little Darksied let out a small laugh-(Darksied)”Ha hah ha ha ha hah yeah I’m human…well at least until the ritual. Technically I’m a citizen of Lorewall…Lorewall how I miss it, though I think the majority of the other people don’t come from Nemaeus.” –As they got close to the camp, their teacher the mute was playing a recorded message this time the voice on the message seemed kind of old-(Tape)”Alright students, this test is going to be easy for most of you….The teacher will be getting a covered wagon as we go to town….The town has been magically created to simulate the various towns or cities you might encounter in your own home world….The objective of this lesson is to learn how to fit into a society that doesn’t really want you….Where discrimination is at its strongest…..Now this test is simple all you have to do is to survived the day and probably get a job….Once you enter the town you would like the most repulsive thing you can imagine and your hoods and masks won’t hide it from the townspeople but rather amplify it also when you enter the town you might not see your comrades cause we need to know if you can survive on your own….The town would be similar to that of a normal so expect what you normally would expect if you were to visit a normal town. Now please wait as this teacher gets the wagon.”

CharlotteCarrendar: – Darksied’s laughter made Raven feel a bit less nervous, when she asked him if he was a human. He was, well at least until the ritual. This made her wonder. How would the ritual change him? Would he be infused with the black, since he was not born with it? Technically I’m a citizen of Lorewall…Lorewall how I miss it” Darksied said, almost wistfully, like he truly missed his home town. Raven was from Lorewall as well, but not the surface side of it. Much of her life had been spent underground, and in the Spire beneath Lorewall. Her interactions with humans, was fairly limited, compared to that of her aunt, and her Mother. Her Mother. Someone she had not seen since so very small. There was something odd about the feelings she had for her mother. A connection that she felt with no other living thing. She sometimes haunted her dreams, walking with a trail of the black following her at every turn, unable to escape it. Unable….to control it. While the black was dormant within Raven, she often wondered if she would end up her like her Mother. Raven became quiet, as she was consumed by her own thoughts, till reaching the camp, an the teacher, who was Mute, was playing a recording, that they were about to commence their next lesson. “The objective of this lesson is to learn how to fit into a society that doesn’t really want you” That was going to be a tough assignment, and what made it worse, was that the masks and capes would not hide them from the people seeing them for what they were, especially if they were repulsive. At this, Raven suddenly reached for Darksied’s hand. She had a look of fear in her eyes about this lesson. Why would she though? Perhaps this would be a test of her greatest fear? As the teacher got the wagon, she whispered to Darksied. “You think the town they send us to….is Lorewall?” <3>


DarksiedtheLegend: -As Darksied listened to the next explanation of their lesson that would happened today would someone suddenly reached for his hand as he turned to look at who it was it turns out to be Raven at to which she asked a question-(Raven) “You think the town they send us to….is Lorewall?” (Darksied)”I think Lorewall could be considered a city rather than a town…Don’t worry I think it’s one of those towns that they might have created in the pasty or something….I think they have more control in this fictional town they are willing to say. I think it’s more of a reality television show rather than a lesson”-The teacher known as Mute took his time to find a wagon with a covered top so as to transport each one of them into the fictional town as he waited for the student to enter the covered wagon.-


CharlotteCarrendar: – Darksied had a good point. Lorewall was more of a metropolis than a town, and Raven felt a bit silly for thinking otherwise. Maybe it was wishful thinking on her part, but a town would have a smaller population, and less people who were ready to drive out the abominations, that they would be viewed as, as part of the lesson. Looking up, a covered wagon, just like those from the old westerns pulled up and a small ladder was lowered from the back, allowing the students to be able to board easily. Raven tended to hang back a bit, actually timid about this exercise. “A reality tv show? Like…they vote you off?…I really don’t like those shows.” The nerves in Raven were starting to show, as she fidgeted, but then as the last of the students got on, she knew she couldn’t stall the class, with her fears. So she slowly climbed aboard the back of the wagon, taking her seat, but showing wide eyes, behind her mask. She clasped her hands together, and waited for the wagon to take them to the mystery town. <3>

The Tunnels of Dead Nation – Rider’s House

CharlotteCarrendar: – Marluck’s attack on Baldrick was fiercely defended by the skilled baton twirling shovel defences. Quite a surprise to see the old man take on the towering Maruck, and keep up with him, blow for blow. The sudden retreat back to Rider’s side, gave Baldrick the chance to rest, as he struggled to get his breath back. His grey hair blown all out of place, and when he thought it safe, he dug the end of the shovel into the dirt floor of the tunnel and then tried to smooth his hair back with shaking hands. Paige was in awe of her grandfather. Knowing full well he was a mortal, and an elderly one at that, she was so surprised to see him hold his own against the skilled Marluck. “Grandpa….you did great!” she said with a more cheerful voice, after having gotten out from Marluck’s reach herself. Swallowing hard, and then bending over to place his hands on his knees, he spoke between gasps of air. “He’s…tricky…and…phew…fast..for…a …man…that…walks….on…his…hands.” Paige nodded in agreement, and then whispered. “I don’t know what is scarier…the meats, or him?” Paige had good reason to be fearful of him, for little did she realize that Rider and Marluck, had just been discussing how the pair would fair in the field, and it was said that Paige was…well green. But not only that Marluck….wanted to make her green. Building up a huge lugey the size of a baseball, he spat it at her while she was off her guard, talking to her grandfather. ~SPLATT!~ this sticky ball of nasal and mucus mixed with saliva smeared all over her hair, down the front of her mask and well…..all over her clothes. “Ugh!” the small girl rang her hands and then tried to get the globs of foul smelling mucus off her. “It’s in my hair….” she wailed, very upset that the cheeky Master of the Tunnels, could pull such an awful trick. Baldrick sighed and then raised his eyes to the ceiling. “This…is going to be a long lesson.” <3>


DarksiedtheLegend: -When the vile concoction of saliva and nasal mucus hit Paige or Cookie did Marluck simply say to Rider.-(Marluck)”She has… no reflexes… and doesn’t…. pay attention…..I fear….she will….die in….the tunnels…Old man….good for…..some meats” (Rider)”That’s why I asked you to teach them. Who else but the professor of meats can ensure their survival chances to be just a bit higher?”-Marluck would just nod before he gently walk towards to Cookie along with Rider as he spoke to Rider while walking on his hands.-(Marluck)”She needs….confidence….to use….that weapon….She need ….to find….the warrior….in her….before we….attemped a….face….to face….meeting with….real meats.” –Once Marluck and Rider got close to them did Rider spoke to them-(Rider)”You abilities has been assessed Cookie needs more time to develop all the necessary skills to allow her to live a bit longer but Turnip he could survive against some meats but just not the more specialized meats….Which means we need teach Cookie how to fight a bit more which means I leave that to you Turnip while I talk with Marluck on what to train you next on….”-As this small discussion ended Marluck and Rider looked at Turnip and Cookie to see their approval or disappointed looks.-

CharlotteCarrendar:- Cookie/Paige was simply dripping in the slimey green muck that Marluck had spat at her with force. It was like the stickiest mess you could imagine, and didn’t smell all that crash hot either. “He slimed me.” She said woefully, as blobs dripped down onto her sodden shoes. Baldrick wanted to pat her, or give her a hug to reassure the poor girl, but…under the circumstances, she was a little too gross even for him to touch. “I think that was part of the lesson, Child.” Baldrick tried to be understanding, but she was really upset. “He could have warned me….look at my hair.” Baldrick tilted his head, and then said reassuringly. “I am sure it will wash out….in a week…maybe two.” Cookie flapped her arms, only spreading it further, as Marluck and Rider approached them. .-(Marluck)”She needs….confidence….to use….that weapon….She need ….to find….the warrior….in her….before we….attemped a….face….to face….meeting with….real meats.” He had a point, and even Baldrick could see that. “A meat would be far worse attacking you, then having snot in your hair, Cookie.” Baldrick said, trying to lift her spirits, though she seemed to be disheartened. “Guess I have to watch what is going on around me more.” She lamented, coming to terms with her error. Marluck gave Baldrick his thoughts on Cookie’s training, and that he needed to teach her to be more confident and use her weapon better to defend. Baldrick gripped his shovel and nodded. “I’ll do my best. After all, I practically brought up her Mother on my own and she turned out okay.” His face was one of hope and approval, thought with Cookie being covered in gunk, it was hard to tell her feelings, aside from the faint sigh. <3>