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Roleplay Live : The Spider Arena – Lacardis Prime


LoreleiRoseCarrendar: -Smiling softly, the Lady Carrendar ascends the stairs to the judging area, where the other lords and the senators, have gathered, to this place of recreational fighting. Likened to that of the jousting events, instead it would be a place where warriors of note do come to show their worth. Taking her seat, she adjusts her jade crushed velvet gown, and nods as a servant offers her a chalice of mead upon a silver tray- (Lorelei)”Lovely day for blood sports.” -Taking a sip, she eyes the pit with dark jade hues.-<3>

vampireboichris: ~Energies of blue and white flash together, creating a blooming portal, 15 in height 22 in daimeter. Out came walking the sound of boots echoing onto a floor that would reflect the sound, making it echo in a strange way, until the silhouette with horns would get closer, one could see features.His face was pale as the moon, belying an illusion beholding a reptilian face in red and white scales, harder than Damion bequeathed in white holy flames, horns that are curled that are protectively covering his temples.He has white snow hair that covers his face, as his eyes glow gold and blue,lips that are full and red as a rose.His height would be simply of five foot nine, in a red vest enchanted vy an entity that would repair the damage caused by battle to the vest, and could also repel damage done to it, by getting more resilient with each blow by blade or fist, until it would become dnser than armor.His wings were widelly stretched, and would be used to ample his great and dense speed and agility, added by this were his enchanted spiked mythril bracers to his legs, arms and thraot, which reduc e spell time and amplify powers tenfold.Behind him were two swords, a relic, and two daggers.The swords, were made from mythril, and blessed by the sun, dipped in a lake of saints and breathed on by an ancient dragon, eons old.Many multitude of blessings lay inside the blades, as did many benevolent spirits.His relic is shaped like a cross, and rarelly is shown, usually kept into a safe small dimension that holds a link to him. The relic holds the great connection to the astral ralm, given to him by his ancestors, the fifteen gems hold spirits that channels the astral vast energy into the gems which channels power into Valcon, giving vast mana.His daggers were made from dark matter and onyx, the blades were so black, black as death, and made from death himself, given to Valcon for dying once and being rebirthed into his divine dragon self.The blades held a neutral spirit tall as a mountain, as the blades absorb molecules and drain the powers of demons into the blades, causing it to sharpen and get more powerful and denser.It can cut through armor like a razer to paper. Valcon held mastery over force, aura and his hereditary holy magic.His gloves help him channel rage into his bare hands, allowing him to smash through dense object with ease, as his offensive power in a rage is incredibly destructive.He would shift his swords onto his right hip, as they glitter like gems, their white hilts glow in the sky.His tail held barbs in its soft looking exterior that held poison that could rend an enemy nerves and nervous system to shut down and paralyze them to eventually kill. Valcons true form was hidden in the realms od the spirits, where his true form would e the size of a small island, but Valcon was in a different age in that world here, he was growing, which will take centuries before he is full dragon. His powers were vast, but Valcon in the physical world was very young, only 20, 200 human years.

HiEmpOpernonExodus: ::Imagine it. A place within your dreams. A place so dark, so cold, and so mysterious. The odors of death and the fumes of omens call out from it in whispers. Opernon would know this feeling all too well. For the last 100,000 years of his life it got worsened by the second. And there were time she’d black out for days on end to awake to some destruction. Today was another of those days. His heart was heavy and full of dread as he simply turned stilled and fell into deep blackness. Except this time was different. When he awoke, Lazareth had taken form which wasn’t unusual. What was unusual was that Lazareth didn’t have control, nor did any of the other of the six souls. Rather, the door to that dark place in Opernon’s mind as cracked abit and a trail of that foul odor and omen carrying darkness had seeped around Opernon’s body. He was draped in a form he knew not of. But it felt like he knew of it. He felt this entity was a part of his history. He knew a name. Accus. Then Lazareth would appear inside of Opernon’s mind in conference with Opernon.:: (Lazareth) “Opernon. We have failed you…we have been captured. But we knew not.” (Opernon) “Tis fine. But what has become of our body?” (Lazareth) “We would assume the man Accus would know best.” ::Slowly the party of two would be joined by two hovering red glaring eyes from a mass of blackness. Then a glint of ivory as the shadow produced a smile so blood curdling.:: (Accus) “Ah. So we finally meet Opernon. But time of pleasantries isn’t upon us. I’m off for a hunt. Let me explain to you your predicament. I have upgraded lazareth’s form. The spikes on his back can now be used to go through any part of his body like a shield. His right claw can now extend far beyond unimaginable lengths. I enhanced his shadows abilities. He can now step on an opponent’s shadow and cause on of three effects by using shadow parasites: 1) Bind opponent by shadow. 2) Poison the opponent over time with a shadow toxin that renders them vulnerable to the shadow glare. 3) Renders opponent and myself powerless and to fight as mortals. The sword is called Reziku. Tis old. Used to cut through anything. But when used in a shadow for it cuts an opponent’s energy. Your right eye has been covered by a parasite that can see hidden aura’s such as ethereal. And You left side is shadow corrupt. Meaning your left arm can morph into many objects or summon many shadowed images. Finally. The black cross. It’s my most prized item. The heavier an opponent’s spiritual pressure is the more it will be used against them. Like a ballast that never stops growing in weight. Also. When using the shadow parasite to bind the opponent’s shadow, it acts like a puppeteer’s tool. Simply put, it allows soul trapping hehehe.” ::Opernon now eyes wide as he realized Accus had turned Lazareth into a more diverse fighter than before and more mobile. Then Opernon sees through his eyes as he sees his body descend from a shadowed portal and land softly onto an area unknown. He felt a deep sickening urge. An urge to devour. And he felt Lazareth losing it. Lazareth becoming his old self. A self that he feared never to have to see.::

LoreleiRoseCarrendar: -Baldrick would pass through the crowds that had amassed to see such a spectacle, carrying a bowl that contained a rather disgusting looking icecream. Banana split with fish heads, dripping in caramel and sprinkiled with olives- (Baldrick)”Coming through..*gags*…make way for Lady Lore’s Sundae.”- The crowds did part, as up on the podium, Lorelei beamed to see Baldrick approach. (Lorelei)”Ahh…snack time. Oh my stars, the cravings are getting worse. I don’t know what it is with you human types, but last night, I even craved an chocolate smothered meatlovers sourbread pizza”- He bowed low and handed the pregnant Lady Lore her treat, which had many of the other Lords turn green- (Lorelei) “Yummeh.” <3>

vampireboichris: ~The young dragon senses a dark presence, eons old, almost older than his true self, as he lifts his head to sniff the air, he growls, as his aura erupts into anger.An ancient darkness, more powerfull than even a demon lord,a darkness that engulfs worlds over night, and one that makes heros into minions lower than hell itself. It was a potential that many fear, by its age and olden schemes, that can make heaven tremble.Valcon charges his powers to their limit, as from the sky over him would be a faint glow, as his aura and links to the divine were meshed as one, Valcons true skin would show forth, as he would be glowing a holy light, the flames would be seen clearly, as his boots would disapear in a flash of flames, revealing clawed feet. His clothing would rup away into fragments of fibers, that would disapear in a flash of light.He wore only loincloth, that was meshed together by the entity, as ancient blesings would be bestowed upon the parchment of loin cloth, old as the dragons in their first years.His swords would transform to one in a flash of gold light.His wings would stretch wideer, as energy would glow into their depths, light as bright as the aurora.He would glare at the presence and utter in a voice that seemed to have ancient knowledge in its masculine and pleasent depths, holding virtue and purity”YOU ARE A DARKNESS THAT NEEDS TO BE PURIFIED… OLD SOUL…. YOU ARE DARK AND TWISTED…..” His eyes held an otherwordly glow, as did Valcon’s entire body.

LoreleiRoseCarrendar: – The slurps and happy sounds coming from Lady Carrendar, as she managed to devour the banana spit mess of a desert, finally dropping the spoon into the empty bowl, and patting her rounded tummy. ~BURP!~ (Lorelei)”Oh gosh..ooo that was good, now, on to watching the match” – Lord Parshells suddenly faints behind her, from the smell of the burp and she sings out (Lorelei)”GUARDS…FETCH THE HEALERS…GOING TO BE ONE OF THOSE DAYS!!!”- she then pointed for Baldrick to take a seat beside her. Her bowl being handed to a servant, who looks stricken. (Baldrick)”Jesus…did he just shine the holy aura?” (Lorelei)”Don’t be a clod…My name’s not Jesus.” <3>

HiEmpOpernonExodus: ::Accus would take over Opernon’s voice. Behind the mask you hear a sickening crack as if Opernon’s lips had been stitched and now were ripped open. Then from the lips and behind the mask would rise a layer of black wisps as the word’s from the character spoken were cold and mysterious, dark,, romantic yet terrifying. In an essence a true poet of mad proportions.:: (Accus) “You like to yell a lot don’t you. You seem nothing more than a scaly wretch set on fire. I see nothing special of you. But if you wish quarrel in such means then do as you must. Just know it will cost you your soul. Hehehe.” ::The right arm claws three spikes would immediately lay flat. And you could hear what sounds like fibers ripping as his claw would tense sharply. Followed by three cracks. Then His eye would gleam.:: ~Inside Opernon’s head.~ (Opernon) “Oye. My arm is wrenched so twisted like. Eek.” (Lazareth) “We would not know such pain. But imagining it it would seem we sympathize. This Accus seems to not care for us and would rather destroy recklessly.” (Opernon) “How did he even get inside me?” (Lazareth) “He’s always been here. He was here before any of us who call you home.” ::Opernon is silenced as he feels a sickening twist in his soul. To know for so long this darkness had been locked away inside of him. It may him feel like he didn’t know himself. Then inside Opernon the ivory teeth would flash before opening wide to speak their maliciously cold words that would ice over blood.:: ~inside Opernon’s head~ (Accus) “Speak not. For your words mean nothing. Soon enough your body wilst be mines heheheh.”

vampireboichris: ~Valcon would shake his head sighing.”YOU NEVER LEARN……YOUR DREAMS AND HIDDEN AGENDA ONLY END IN DEATH AND LONLYNESS!!”He would roar, as in an explosion of light, 4 pillers would burst around Opernon, as they would start to spinn, and than escaping from these columns of glowing white fire, would be strange runes that would scatter across the floor, and than would go up the walls, flashing than fading into place the rune circles looked old and ancient.~

LoreleiRoseCarrendar: – As the healers arrive on mass, bringing with them a cart of supplies, they set up shop near the arena bar. Soon a group had gathered around for special care, whilst the guards drag Lord Parshells from the stands. (Lorelei)*wiggling a finger in her ear*…They do a lot of shouting!” Baldrick pulls out some tuffs of wool from his ears- (Baldrick)”What?” Lorelei was about to repeat herself, but saw the wool tuffs, and then steals them off him, stuffing them in her own ears. (Lorelei)”Ahh now that’s better.” <3>

HiEmpOpernonExodus: :;Accus would frown. Then he scratched his head. His body would melt into the ground slowly as he smirked widely at the lizard man.:: (Accus) “YOU NEVER LEARN……YOUR DREAMS AND HIDDEN AGENDA ONLY END IN DEATH AND LONLYNESS!!” ::Accus mocked his cold voice echoing through the air as he dissipated into the ground and off into some part of the arena.:: “Indeed you spoke truth. For yourself. You foolish little salamander. You should have stayed under that rock. Wretched snake thou art. Coming out blasphemous and covered in fire. Do you fancy yourself a dragon. All I see is a pathetic accuse for a gecko or even lesser. So yes. You sir will never learn. Never learn to hold your tongue or your place. Your dreams and hidden agenda will end only in death and loneliness. When I kill you on this arena floor hehehe.” ::then beneath the lizard there opens a wide gaping shadow hole as the right arm vclaw would shoot out attempting to grab the lizard’s tail and drag him into the void.:: (Accus) “HAAHAHA COME NOW! COME AND JOIN THE THOUSANDS OF COUNTLESS OTHER FOOLS BEFORE YOU IN THE FELLOWSHIP OF DARKNESS. SO THAT YOU MAY LEARN THE TRUE ESSENCE OF DEATH. REGRET YOUR WORDS FOOL. FOR THEY ARE YOUR LAST!!!!”

vampireboichris: ~As the dark lords would speak to Valcon, Valcon would just frown in confusion, always in confusion to the darkness and its insanity.As suddenly the shadowy hole that would have made across the ground would only go over a hidden rune circle, as an eruption of incredible light would shine forth, and rend whatever was hidden inside to astral ashes, by the power of the holy light that would burn through the hand like the highest acid being burnt onto human skin, as if lava was poured onto a new born skin, this light would shed the darkness like lava to paper, in ferocious light and flames that would ruthlessly eat away from. Valcon would shake his head in pity, as he would wait for another try, as his aura would surge through, in a force sheild that pulsates.-

HiEmpOpernonExodus: ::The shadowed hole and claw would erupt in a light. The claw would let out a screech before it burst into a thousand tiny little shadow parasites. Almost like scorpions but larger and pure blacks as wisps of black shed behind them. In the explosion they all launched towards the lizard. And not but seconds later more giant claws would erupt from each spot there was a rune located. Accus hidden behind a veil somewhere laughed as he attempted to “put on a light show” as he would call it.: (Accus) “Who said that watching meteorites impaling the earth and scarring her and killing mortals wasn’t so entertaining. But tonight we’ll see it flambé a skillet lizard. Specialty on the house. For the lovely lady in the seats who is with child hehehe.”

LoreleiRoseCarrendar:- The crowd watching the spectacle, all rose to their feet, and with boots stomping, sharp and in time, the lute player, came out from the bar, and whooped up the crowd, looking resplendent in silk puffy shirt and pantiloons. (Toddy)”Buddy, you’re a young man, hard man, Shoutin’ in the street gonna take on the world some day….you got blood on your face…Y’ big disgrace, waving your banner all over the place…singing..We will we will ROCK YOU..Sing it now. (Crowd)”WE WILL WE WILL ROCK YOU!!” Lorelei pulled out her little flag and waved it as the crowd did the mexican wave. (Lorelei)”I do love these games.”<3>

vampireboichris: ~Valcon would watch as the scorpions would thankfully deflect off the barrier of force, as Valcon would watch as many of his runes would erupt around him he would glare in anger at how ruthless and horrid this evil being was.Amping it up, Valcon would soar into the sky, in a mass of white fire, that would consume the scorpions, as their darkness would go into his daggers, and the entity inside, would devour the darkness, as its evil would be transmuted into the daggers dark matter, only controlled by the entity who’s master was Valcon.Valconin the air, would roar, as a shock wave of light went across the arena pit, as all the runes would suddenly gate into four, around the major corners of the arena, and shoot laser bames of light, as than they scatter into many mutitudes of orbs, that would scale across the arena in a strategic formation that would send laser beams directly into the darkness hiding in their veils.Valcon in the air, would roar as the beams would fire, their golden and resplendent light would shoot into the orbs, which in turn would scatter across like mirrors reflecting light, and hit into the air, their veil breaking mechanization would blast into the air, only reacting if they would find a hidden veil where the dark Accus would be most likely hiding. the beams would eventually find him, and they were in every direction on the ground and in the air otherwise above were Valcon was which was 12 meters above the arena. Valcon would still be in white holy flames, his scales would banish any darkness otherwise, for his very blood would be like poison to the evil wretched dark monsters, while his soul would be radioactive and cause their ancient dark souls to be”tainted” otherwise. Valcon was old enough that his soul was pure enough to totally burn evil to its very last skin.~

HiEmpOpernonExodus: ::Accus would watch the display of lights as they shattered the floor below. Then his chuckle would echo the arena.:: (Accus) “Just like a lizard. Simple minded. Though you can fly you only think about what’s on the ground. But. Even the sky has shadows…shadows so deep that even stars bow to their might. That shadow is the special realms float endlessly in.” ::The sky would go jet black. Then a giant eye would open in the formation piercing red.:: (Accus) “Hey now. I see you. Hehehehe.” ::Then from the eye thousands of claws would erupt a form of Accus riding on each.:: (Accus) “Now…NOW WE CAN BEGIN THE GAMES. I LIT THE TORCH AND THUS THE OLYMPICS BEGINS. AND WHAT BETTER WAY TO WIN MY FIRST GOAL THAN IN A GAME OF DEATH. EXCEPT THERE IS NO WAY YOU CAN GET THE SILVER OR BRONZE HEHEHE. BECAUSE YOU’LL BE DEAD!”

vampireboichris: ~Valcon would turn, abruptly seeing the very sky go black, he would slightly feel nervous.”What in the ancestors-” Suddenly a very eye would appear, shocking Valcon to his core, as he would flap in suprise, almost falling out of orbit, but staying in again just as the eye stopped talking nonsense. Valcon watches thousands of claws come down from the eye, as Valcon would sigh. Waving his hand, all the orbs would mesh together at the speed of light, and mesh into one giant orb. He would hurl this orb above the eye ball, as Valcon would struggle slightly, using more strength than usual.”IN META ORGANOS TETRA MAGONLLIA TETRIS INFINITUS!!!!!!!!”He would shout out in passions the orb pulsates, hundreds of equal thousands of particle lasers would shoot out from the orb, added with flames of holy might, that would shoot out, and on impact explode into shockwaves that would repeat into more, that collide with the army of claws, one hit would send 900 into Valcon’s dagger, as the dagger would be glowing an arcane purple gaining so much power it would need to grow larger as every time this would happen, the darkness would be sent into the blades inner spirit that would devour it and become ever more powerful. Valcon would in turn send more power into the daggers as an aura would be covering it, preventing any attempts of it getting stolen without being erupted by holy flames constantly adapting to the evil of Accus Oopernon and Lazerith, these blasts would destroy the monster army. Valcon would keep to suggestion that this could be a ruse, and an allusion, but why would his daggers gain more power otherwise?his aura would expand across his radius, more than likely protecting him from any hidden cheap shots.~

HiEmpOpernonExodus: ::Slowly Accus would pull the cross of his back and spin it as it hovered in the air.:: “Usually I would just kill you. But…I pity you. So let’s see how we fight as mortals eh? Hehehehe.” :::The cross would stop as there is an eruption from both the lizard and Accus. Before silence. Nothing happened accept suddenly both were on the ground.:: “eh. Hurts like a bitch but…we’ll see how you fair with just a mortal form and no powers just as I. A gamble that most entities as we usually don’t take. But I fancy the odds. Tis delicious.”

Match paused due to real life : To be continued



Kaiten: “Sounds like their ‘aving the time o’ their lives in there…” *The guard said with a sigh as she struggled to look over the linen sheet that acted as a wall between him and the VIP Lore who watched the games. He wished he could be there amidst the crowd, cheering with the rest, but resigned himself to simply hum along with the folk song the bard led before a low rattling sound he’d never heard before caught his attention. Turning to face the direction it came from, he was startled to see twin eyes of burning crimson staring back at him from a midst a strange wave of distorted air and light, as if what the eyes belonged to was invisible or being seen through hot air or under water.* “Oh balls…” *Was all he managed to get out before the demon or foul sorcery took a single step forwards and, with a metallic shiiiick, plunged a set of twin blades that simply appeared from thin air deep into his stomach at an upwards angle. He’d have screamed in pain as the burning of the knife cutting into him racked his body, but the cut had been so precise that it had punctured both lungs at the same time. Gasping weakly as blood poured from her mouth, his last sight in life was of the demon that had murdered him simply appearing before him in a flash of blue light that arched over it’s metallic body like lightning before he was tossed aside. The ‘demon’ had not come for him though. No, through the HUD in it’s mask it honed in on the voluptuous female who stood watching the fights just inside the clothy spectators box. Slipping back into active camo with a few deft presses along it’s wrist, the ‘demon’ then silently cut into the cloth and stepped inside, hoping to go unnoticed as it prepared to take it’s prize*

LoreleiRoseCarrendar: – Lore put down the small celebratory flag as the crowd was chanting, and some of the lads from the bar, were now singing “Always look on the bright side of life”- Lorelei was clapping along, as Baldrick stood up and asked (Baldrick)”Fancy an ale, M’lady Lorey?”- Lore was tapping her foot in time to the song, when suddenly she gripped her belly- (Lorelei)”Ack..ack..something…Ack!” Baldrick looked confused and then knelt down beside her. (Baldrick)”Fish head and Banana split icecream doing havoc to the old tummy?”- he went to stroke her and she suddenly froze, as her stomach lurched, and a puddle formed at her feet. (Lorelei)”MY WATERS BROKE!!”- Baldrick gasped in horror and jumped up in a trice. (Badldrick)”Oh god lord no.”- The Lady Lore quickly got up and then started puffing and panting, trying to stagger away, trailing water down on the ground behind her. (Baldrick)”Is there a healer in the house? A doctor? Priest?!”- Little did Lorelei know that someone had come for her, as she staggered for the bar- <3>

Kaiten: *Blade blinked as her head stuck through the cut she had made and fell upon the scene before her. The woman she’s come for was swollen with child, staggering around with water gushing out of her with some odd little man prattling on around her in that strange Ooman tongue of theirs. Her scanners, which saw through heat signatures, relayed to late that she was with child. Anger flooded the Yautkei, her mission having been for nothing as well as the trip. It was against the Code to harm a birthing mother. Pushing away from the wall and back into the courtyard she’d slain the guard in, she turned and found a rather fat man staring at her with a dumbfounded look on his face. It seems she’d been spotted as she parted the tent. It was good he was there. She was furious and needed to take it out on something. Drawing back her right leg she instinctualy did the first thing that came to mind and kicked, driving her armored shin into the fork of the man’s legs with enough force to shatter his pelvis and lift his fat body from the ground a good 6 feet before he crumpled into heap at her feet, gasping for breath, vomiting from pain and crying ‘WHY!?’ to the heavens. Tilting her head to the side and feeling much better, she played back the guards last words before walking in the direction of her cloaked ship, the deceased’s “Oh Balls….” echoing in the poor mans mind as she vanished once more*

LoreleiRoseCarrendar: – Thankfully, there was a stable not far from the stands, and as the main attraction match had been suspended till further notice, the crowds were thinning,and much to Baldrick’s relief. The healers at the bar, well,they had been drinking up a storm, and were all slouched over the other, none seemed to even know how to walk in a straight line, let alone figure out were to look for a baby’s head to come out. Near ripping out his greying hair, he ran off after Lorelei, who had just made it in the stable doors, and gripping onto the side of a horse, as the next contraction kicked in. She let out a mournful sound, enough to scare the birds from the trees. (Lorelei)”FFFFUUUUUUUUUUU this human…..GAAAAAAHHHH birthing….issssss…GAAAAAAHHH…Puff pant puff pant…Utter bullshit!!!”- She was swaying and genuinely scaring the dickens out of poor Baldrick- (Baldrick)”Breathe…please…uhm…lay down on the hay…A healer is..*gulps*…coming.”- he lied, knowing full well that none were. Lorelei dropped to her knees, and then fell back. (Lorelei)”I need…to…PUSSSSSHHHH! -she screamed, as she reached for Baldrick’s hand and near ripped it out off his arm- (Baldrick)”ACCK…thats my fapping hand” <3>


LoreleiRoseCarrendar: – Baldrick managed to yank his hand back as Lorelei was panting till she was red in the face. Blowing in and out, and then she let out a scream so loud that it did draw the attention of someone. A black cloaked figure entered the stable, and knelt down at Lorelei’s skirts. Baldrick sat up in shock- (Baldrick)”You the healer…I thought they were all pissed?” The being in the hooded cloak, shook his head, and then raised Lorelei’s skirts, as she was gripping on a rail, trying to breathe. Baldrick took one look between Lorelei’s legs and cried- (Baldrick)”IT’S HIDEOUS!” -and promptly faited, right then and there. The being in the black cloak stayed silent, as it worked the baby’s head free, shoulder at a time as Lorelei pushed again…and again. The baby finally coming out, crying loudly, as the cloaked being wrapped the infant in a black cloth and rose to its feet, staring down at the exhausted Lorelei. (?)”It is for the best….Lore of Carrendar” -and with that, he left the bleeding mother laying in the stable…an unconcious Baldrick at her side…the baby stolen off into the night- <3>