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Roleplay Live : Death on Zombie Mountain : Part Four



CharlotteCarrendar:- The body of the secretary was now like the rest of the camp site, basically fucked over and left to rot. Little did the others suspect what the lawyer had done to the woman’s corpse shortly after her death. Most likely, the secret would remain with her, much like the mystery of the Zombie miners, and the ghost camp that they were now setting up to sleep in. So many dongas, empty, devoid of life, and now with this new crew, that had come to Fjelding, searching for answers, what diabolical fates awaited them. Dr Andrea was at the gates, as the crew were busying themselves with setting up camp, in the abandoned bungalows. With hands on her hips, she watched the dying rays of the afternoon sun, as it made its way down below the horizon, and so to bringing the darkness and the possible perils to come for the unsuspecting. Glancing back at the office hut, the good Doctor wondered ho the interogation went, and if the woman had been able to provide any details, that would unravel this mystery. Rick soon came over and relayed the fight, and how Tamika had pulled a gun on the rotund lawyer. “Stupid bitch”- the Good Doctor grumbled, her point of showing disdain for weakness, already tested, when she had chased her into the bush, to bring her back to face the team. Now she was dead, and no further use to anyone. <3>

DrakonMacar: “Dr. Andrea, what are your specialties?” Rufus asked. “I’ve only just realized that I’ve barely met you and know little to nothing. Too much else on the desk so it’s rare I am in the field.” The ferret Ronald however, was busying himself at the mine cart that had rolled up at what almost looked to be it’s own power. One guard had removed the body and tossed it aside while Rick started to scrutinize it after leaving the office. He felt Dodgson could use the shock of a near death experience. Ronald scurried up the side of the cart and peered into it. A foul stink came from the inside and a greenish, mucus like slime lined the bottom with a bit of decomposed flesh and maggots from the miner. Ronald scurried away immediately at the sight, darting up Rufus’ leg, around the torso and curling around his shoulder with a series of squeeks and chittering squeels. Inside the office, Dodgson had pulled his clothes back on. It was only a few short minutes but the bastard felt better of himself, he left the office, purple faced and covered in the stink of BO and now suddenly begining to smell vaguely of fish. “Some one please help me get this body out of here.” He said, he’d stuffed the womans hole after he did his business and taped her panties tight to keep blockage so no signs of his violation would get loose.

CharlotteCarrendar: – Dr Rufus would interrupt Dr Andrea’s train of thought, as she was concerned with the death of the wayward secretary. He asked her of her vocation specialites, and explained that he knew very little of her, and that with the sheer amount of work that had built up over time, he had not been out in the fields doing research as he was now. Placing her finger on the bridge of her glasses, she slid them up her nose, and tried to radiate something of a dignified air in the midst of this jungle like setting. “Geology, and my specialities are in Geochemistry, and Igneous petrology. The Directors of the Mining company felt it was wise that I was brought along on this exhibidition to try and uncover the dangers associated with intrusive and volcanological phenomena, which had been recorded before the loss of contact here at the camp.”- Her explanation should sound plausible, but really, she was a scientist that studied the solid and liquid matter that constitutes Lisega. Hoping that was all he wanted of her, she excused herself and went to retrieve her belongings from the Chimera and set up quarters in one of the bungalows. <3>

DrakonMacar: “A group of science buffs, a disgusting beast that calls itself a lawyer, a private eye who’s rougher than sand paper and a handful of guards.” Rufus shook his head as he pondered the situation. “All in all, I’ve had nothing but a bad feeling about all of this, Doctor. Part of me suspects a lot more foul play and a lot less accident. Maybe that is just me though. As intellectuals, we can trust each other with these secrets as all others of us have. Speaking freely and out of ear shot of the great gerth, this whole situation is way past FUBAR.” Rufus had accompanied Dr. Andrea to the rear hatch of the Chimera. “Sleeping arrangements are going to be fairly closed in, two bunk houses and truth be told, I would feel much better working with a peer such as yourself. We’re likely to set up lab if anything in one of the bunk houses anyways.” Rufus had bent down and looked over a few of the crates they had with them. “Well, it looks like at least our personal effects made it up here. I would feel much better about having some of the spare equipment from Number 2 here though.” Rufus spoke aloud, louder than usual to attract attention. ‘Sorry Doc but 2 wont respond. Don’t you folks worry, we’ll keep trying to raise them. They should be getting close though since they had to take the safe route where all the heavy cargo comes and goes.’ The mechanic replied from within the Chimera. Rufus nodded as he motioned next to a trio of crates. “Doctor, if you would leave your effects with mine we can set up room and lab in the large bunk house a lot faster.” The portal gun on his arm seemed to shudder to emphasis his point.

CharlotteCarrendar: – The point was well made, by Dr Rufus, of the rag tag crew that had been sent up into Fjelding mountains, and it was also a worry that the second vehicle had not yet arrived on the site. “Hmm”- the doctor mused to herself, as Doctor Rufus confirmed what she already suspected. There was definately something very wrong with the entire situation. Yes, mother nature had a hand in many events concerning the natural disasters that occured in the region, but this was unlike what she had ever encountered before, and so, she was relatively unprepared. Getting out her backpack, and her spare bag of geological tools, she stood upright, and adjusted her shoulders, as the weight pressed againest her back. “Yes, it was indeed a blessing out kits were on this vehicle and not the other. Blast….where can they be? Surely they had tracking equipment fitted in their vehicles.” Perhaps they did, but had it been effective? On advice that the doctor set up a camp room of their effects in a larger bunk house, so they could utilize it as an onsite laboratory, she nodded in agreeance. “Very well, just hope you don’t snore, I am something of a light sleeper.”- Her lips flat, her demeanour serious, she trudged off to the direction of the larger bunk house as so pointed out with the portal gun on the scientists arm <3>

DrakonMacar: “I wouldn’t know. I haven’t had anyone around for some time who could tell me otherwise.” Rufus chuckled at the rather stupid joke as he readied to move the haul. Dodgson was preoccupied still complaining to Rick and Rick had waved a dismissive hand at Dodgson as he stared down at the decaying mess at his feet. The Chimera was unloaded and in position, blocking off much of the mine’s entry way. The sun was setting, dusk already upon them and soon the blackness of night. Rufus had placed two portals, one under the cmbined belongings of Dr. Andreas and his, another inside of the large bunk house. A guard had taken both bodies, the miner and the secretary away and placed them in the now emptied out tool shed. The nights were cool and animals scarces near the camp, “…the bodies would wait until morning”, was Ricks verdict. The chimeras mechanic had reconnected the power for the mess hall, out houses, shower room, bunk houses and the main office. Rufus had busied himself with unpacking equipment, placing a gym bag beside a cot he took to himself in the far corner of the room. The Lawyer had taken his two suitcases into the office and locked himself up, claiming he would be going over documents that were not ready for any form of publication or as he said “…on a need to know basis.”. Rufus had constructed a makeshit privacy wall between the lab and his cot using some of the no longer occupied beds. Rations were running very low at the camp but still plentiful for the either people in camp now. Cans of beans, bacon with biscuits and gravy were the main stock. With power operating they could see that for the last of the produce and scraps of cheap meat were rotting away and promptly thrown out. It was supper time and on the main table the meager feast was lain out. A spoonful of bacon and bean’s from a can, cooked Spam, pea’s and carrots from a can were all on the plates before the seven attending, Dodgson had locked himself up with most of his two suitcases filled with canned ravioli and pastas and instant soups. Rufus had sighed as he picked up his fork with his right hand, slicing through the spam steak as he listened to Rick. “With so few of us, it might be good for four of us to trade watch.” ‘Darryl and I are going to keep in the Chimera all night. Whatever that thing was in the mine cart, there might be more and we’re the only ones here with handling certifications for all of the equipment on board. You know, just in-case butter ball in his office asks.’ The driver, mechanic and guards all chuckled at the remark, Rick grinned and nodded and even Rufus make a smirk at the remark, a light bob from him as he nodded.

CharlotteCarrendar: – Stepping up into the large bunk house, Dr Andrea let out something of an exasperated sigh. Not exactly the Sheraton of Lorewall, this place was a veritable dump. No better than a communist workers camp hut, the facilities seemed to be wanting. The sun, had finally set upon the party, and now with the generators up and running with a steady hum, and the smell of diesel fumes, It was time to finish putting away their equipment, and thankfully, Dr Rufus was right on the cue, using a portal to place the combined belongings of herself and the Doctor, as well as a second one inside the large bunk house. The lawyer, a smarmy and sneaky fellow, had skittered off with a couple of suitcases, and had locked himself in the main office hut, closing the door with an audible bang. On reflection, Dr Andrea was actually pleased about this, as she did not fancy having to either bunk down with him, nor share a meal, after his foul behaviour onboard the Chimera. After setting up her cot on the opposite side of the bunk house, and placing on a small jacket, to keep out the cool night chill and nasty bugs, she headed to the mess hall. The term “mess” seemed to be applicable to the state of the dining room for the former mining crews, and though a lot of the rotten and decaying food had been tossed out, there was a lingering smell, that was sure to make you gag. The offered meal for the night: A spoonful of bacon and bean’s from a can, cooked Spam, pea’s and carrots from a can. Dr Andrea sat herself down slowly with her tray, and then tried to cut her way through a slice of spam, her cheek colourings turning a unique shade of green as she raised it to her nostrils and sniffed. Setting down her fork, with something of a wrinkled up expression, she listened in on the plans for rotating the watch throughout the night. Darryl and Rick were going to be bunking in the Chimera. ~Lucky them~ she thought to herself, since they at least had a impenetrable vehicle to be housed in, not some ramshackle hut with next to no protection from the elements….or the zombies. <3>

DrakonMacar: “Don’t get too comfortable now, gents. We’re still watching out for the other half of our party and we haven’t made any progress with the radios. Some major parts on each of them are still bad and even then we still need to check into boosting signal to reach out. These damn Comm-links don’t have so much range up here after all.” The mechanic said rather begrudgingly. Rufus nodded silently as he’d finished what was on his plate, suddenly Rick stood up right, wide eyed and pointed in silence. Everyones head turned to a door that was obstructed, a flickering light on the other side shone from the crack under the door itself. Rick motioned for his revolvers and pulled away a table that was blocking the room, a faint sound within. The lazy whine of music, an old folk song about a man known as Big Bad John (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KnnHprUGKF0). Rick kicked the door open and inside, piles of beer, whiskey, a pair of pool tables, a single pin ball machine and a trio of old arcade machines featuring a handful of old video games and a wall of four computers, powered down but untouched. “BEER!” The guards, mechanic, driver and Rick made a beeline for the bottles, cool from the air at this altitude and shaded interior. Rufus grinned and chuckled at the excied shout from the rest of the crew.

CharlotteCarrendar: – “BEER!”- Well, you had never heard such enthusiasim from a group of men before in your life. What lay behind the door that Rick had kicked open, was a virtual man’s paradise. Booze, whiskey, a pair of pool tables, a pin ball machine, and a row of old arcade style video games. The men got up from their seats so abruptly, that it had the floor boards tremor and so to the chair of Dr Andrea. “Goodness.”- Was the only word that came to mind for the prim and proper Geologist. Not all too keen on the offered meal, she barely had two mouthfuls, before making a face and sticking out her tongue in disgust. As the old song sung so long ago filtered out into the mess hall, Andrea realised she was left to do the cleaning up, if they didn’t all want to get gastric poisoning from unsanitized trays and cutlery. “I’ll just….clean this up then.” she sung out to the men, who had probably forgotten all about her and the discarded trays. “Right.”-she said with a sigh, and started to collect each tray and scrape the trays dinner meal remains into the trash, before stacking everything up and starting to wash all the dishes. Oh, the delight of being the only woman in camp. <3>

DrakonMacar: Rufus scratched the back of his head. “Thank you, Doctor, but I’ll take care of my own. They will be preoccupied for a while. I would help in the kitchen but…” He looked down to the portal gun stuck to his arm. “A hand down isn’t a way to clean dishes. I will just go outside and watch the barricade..” With that he stepped out, pulling the power maul from his side, Ronald on his shoulders and he walked to the mine entry, flashlight on his suit shining into the tunnels depths, maul glowing at the ready. Inside the emptied out tool shed, the now perminately dead miner and the recently deceased secretary were stacked up, slime from the tunnels dripping down and soaking into the skin what should have been a dead womans body. The night was just beginning, the dawn, who could tell what would happen by then? Rufus’ portals, one at the mine entry, one by his bunk where he was ready to walk into, out of and crawl into his bed after disabling the quantum tunneling effect.