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Roleplay Live : Death on Zombie Mountain – Part Two

“Where are the miners?”


Writers : DrakonMacar & CharlotteCarrendar.

DrakonMacar: Rufus shook his head slowly as he deployed the rear hatch of the chimera and walked outside. It was humid, a bit cooler but probably from the open area around them instead of the noisey confines of the transport. Rufus gestured to them all to follow as he lifted his right arm. “Time for my party trick.” What should have been his lower left arm seemed to be a fair sized weapon. It hummed very briefly as he walked around, looking over the edge of the cliff at a large flat rock surface some fifty feet down. “Nobody panic, everyone just wait here and do not worry, I am a professional.” He smirked within his helmet as he aimed the gun like device at the ground far below, his arm kicked and he spun on his heel suddenly. Aiming at the road behind them all, it’s angled surface facing towards the gates. What could be seen from this second shot was a shimmering trail of violet light that slammed into the ground and bubbled over for the briefest of moments before forming an ovaline shape. Rufus had then thrown himself off the cliff top, into the air. Ronald the Ferret had taken to crawling through the chain link fence, leaving the group behind. Rick’s eyes widened as he saw the physicist hurl himself from the trail. Dodgson sneered and groaned “MY TAX DOLLARS FOR THIS!?” The violet oval shimmered and then became transparent, it looked like a mirror of the sky with a blue figure rapidly falling down. The surface shuddered heavily as the figure of Rufus could be seen approaching, entering…exiting? The man exploded from the ground level behind them all, soaring into the air easily fifteen feet in a speedy arc he began to fall. He cleared the chain link and suddenly adjusted himself, twisting his body around he was unnaturally right side up, he landed feet first skidding across the gravel and pavement within the complex. Coming to a halt crouched over the dust cleared around him as he looked around, his voice coming over their transports speakers, “Give me a minute to find you guys a safe entry. DO NOT TRY WHAT I JUST DID!” Ronald had scurried through the fence and reached the scientist, climbing up his suits leg and onto his shoulder, perching like a parrot. The violet oval disappated only to reappear on a flat stretch of rock wall, barely a stair step above the ground level. Suddenly it shimmered and the image of the complex interior could be seen. Rufus stepped forwards, into the portal and out the other side to stand next to everybody. The private eye tipped his hat and pulled the toothpick from his mouth. “You’ll need to teach me that little diddy some other time Doc.” Dodgson looked outraged, repeatedly patting his face with the hideous kerchief. “Do not endanger yours or anyones lives here! Government official aside you are becoming quite the liability and I can promise you there board will hear of this!” Rufus shook his head and gestured to the portal. “Grab what we need and step on through. Hold your breath entering and try to keep your eyes shut, the first time can leave you speechless and your eyes may be irritated due to some side effects of quantum tunneling and spacial displacement. Nothing serious but it’ll be like dry eyes for an hour or so. Speechlessness because of how awesome this is!” He threw his arms up into the air and cackled for the briefest of moments before clearing his throat and composing himself again. “Sorry, I can be a little eccenteric sometimes. It’s perfectly safe.” He said as he stepped back through the violet portal, gesturing the others to follow. Rick promptly stepped forwards, following the doctors advice. He pulled his hat off and scratched at his thinning head. “Well I’ll be a son of a gun Doc… How in the world could this? Oh nevermind, we’ve got a case on our hands. Come on Fats, don’t be a grouch.” He looked at Dodgson who was huffing and puffing in his outrage. He had a briefcase he clung to with his sausage like fingers. “Out of my way! I am reporting every single one of you all!” He stomped through the portal, tripping on the exit, scrambling to his feet and stormed off towards the centre of the site. Rufus looked back through and gestured to Dr. Andrea. “Coming along?”

CharlotteCarrendar: – Dr Andrea watched the back end of the Chimera open out and then Rufus made his way outside. The Doctor had thought that the Chimera may well have been driven through the chained gates, but it seemed that Rufus had other ideas. She felt the sweat on her skin cause her horn rimmed glasses to slide down her nose, and she nervously pushed them back up, before eyeing each of the other men, including Dodgson, who was by now in one hell of a mood. (Rufus) “Time for my party trick.”- Dr Andrea held up her right hand, her index finger extended, as she stuttered- (Dr Andrea)”Uhm…Doctor, what party trick is that?” -she noted that he actually had a type of arm attatchment, something she had not spotted before and as he walked around overlooking the edge of the cliff, the gun like device started to hum. What on earth was he doing? Was it some kind of arm cannon? She was unfamiliar with high security military tech, and so her nervousness came through as she clenched her hands together, and decided to rise up from her seat. She didn’t want to miss what was happening, and made her way out of the vehicle, past Dodgson and the Private Eye. (Dr Andrea)”Come on.”- she urged, and half slid down the exit ramp onto the road, where she could see Rufus clearly, aiming for the road behind them. Dr Andrea clenched her hands together at her sides, standing, watching in awe, as a blast of shimmering violet light slammed into the ground. (Dr Andrea)”Oh my god….that’s a portal!”- she exclaimed, her voice getting higher from the shock value of what the Doctor was doing. Ronald the Ferret had taken off towards the chain link fence, and this was of course missed by Dr Andrea, who could not keep her eyes off Rufus. Dr Andrea had always been known to be somewhat uptight, stuffy. That how she appeared, especially now, though in her eyes, she had a child like glimmer, excited to see what was happening. When the Physicist leapt into the portal from the trail, Dodgson sung out loudly from behind her. (Dodgson) “MY TAX DOLLARS FOR THIS!?” – Dr Andrea let out a suppressed chuckle. Dodgson really was becoming obnoxious, and she glanced over her shoulder, raising an eyebrow, saying- (Dr Andrea)”Rather see my tax money spent on something marvellous like that then wasted on fat, overpaid public servants.”- Yes, she was in awe of Rufus and his portal arm gun and then with the sound coming from behind them now, she turned to see that Rufus had reappeared, exploding from the ground level behind them and soared into the air, twisting and landing on the other side of the gates, in the compound grounds. (Dr Andrea)”Bravo!” -she clapped, and then slowed it to a few golf claps, before coughing and running up back into the Chimera to get her back pack and kit. (Rufus) “Grab what we need and step on through. Hold your breath entering and try to keep your eyes shut, the first time can leave you speechless and your eyes may be irritated due to some side effects of quantum tunneling and spacial displacement.” Dr Andrea made a beeline right for the potal, as Rufus explained how the affects of the portal would leave them with dry eyes. His theatrics when finished, his arms thrown upward and the laughter that reminded her of a mad scientist, had her giddy to try it herself. She took a deep breath, and closed her eyes, and stepped through the portal to join the other on the other side. <3>

DrakonMacar: Dodgson had stormed towards the main office. A small shack off to the side with it’s dust covered door ajar. “Wasting our resources up here! That electricity is coming from your pays you brutes! Where is the site manager?! WHERE IS EVERYBODY?!” the squat, bloated lawyer shouted and raved. Rufus looked around in silence as the group slowly fanned out, looking around. The place looked utterly deserted. Ronald had scurried across Rufus’ shoulder sniffing the air, paw tapping on the physicists helmet. Rick in his trench fanned himself lazily with his hat, leaving his thinning hair to show to the world, he turned and looked to the rest. “This place is a ghost town.” Rufus turned and stared at the path to the main mine entries. “Reports mention some rather hostile wild life. These miners were given small arms from what I read. There would be far worse around if the “natives” got restless.” Rufus sighed only for his head to snap up at Dodgson’s screams. “ARRRGH! BLOOD! BLOOD EVERYWHERE! WHAT HAPPENED IN HERE?!” Rufus took off at a sprint immediately, Rick was already half way there, the near middle aged PI had pulled the two colt pythons from his hip, one in each hand as they rushed towards the office. Dodgson was standing there. Bloodied hand prints, a stain on the floor, foot prints in random directions, smears. Papers everywhere, an invoice, a sign… a tally. 25 deaths on site. In the middle of this mess was Dodgson, fanning himself frantically with his hands, patting sweat and tears from his face. “Mother of Christ…” Rick whispered.

CharlotteCarrendar: – It was the errie feeling you get, walking out of the portal, opening one’s eyes, only to find the compound deserted of all life, bar the travelling party from the Chimera. Dr Andrea took a few steps forward, just breaking from the others, looking towards the dongas, or worker huts, the torn fabric on the windows, flapping in the light breeze. Doors ajar, squeaking, the scent in the air, moist, but there was a foul odour, and it was not from Dodgson. Oddly enough a piece of newspaper, fluttered across the ground, flipping over, revealing the date, and the front page picture of the nation’s Prime Minister, Baldrick Fitzgibbon, looking tired, photographed just after his appointment, it was some months ago. She picked it up and glanced through it. All old news. There was a large flag pole with the company’s flag and the nations flag at half mast. That was usually a sign that someone had died, or they were marking respect for the fallen but who. Suddenly, a blast from the mine’s whistle rang out. The sounds of gears and then a motor generator turned on, as the area lit up with flood lights. Dr Andrea spun around. Dodgson yelled out – “WHERE IS EVERYBODY?!” Frustrated. All seemed to be confused by what they had stumbled upon. Was this truly a ghost town? Where were all the miners? Dodgson’s screams soon had everyone come running, as he had come across the office that had bloodied hand prints, scattered papers, and invoices written, but never delivered. The sign said it all. Twenty five deaths on site. If they were all dead, then where were they buried? Dr Andrea backed up from the office, ready to scream in fright. She then could pick up a dull whimpering sound coming from one of the shacks. Whislt the men were all trying to figure out what had happened in the office, Dr Andrea, with a furrowed brow, went to find the cause of the whimpers. She approached a small hut furtherest away near the mine, and reached up to open the door. There was scrabbling across the floor, a shadow moving fast. Heart racing, Dr Andrea took a step inside, as a small woman in a torn dress, dirty and bloody, held up a knife, her eyes wide, terrified. (Tamika the Secretary)”I…KEEEEEELLL YOU…ZZZOMMBBBIIE!!!” – she charged at Dr Andrea, with a blood curdling scream as Dr Andrea fell backwards, the girl about to land on top of her. <3>

DrakonMacar: Rick turned back around at the sudden shouts around the doorway from the office, his thumbs on the hammers of the revolvers. Not five meters away was Dr. Andrea falling down to the ground. His guns already in hand he was aiming, the screaming woman with a knife had lunged out of the tent. The trick shooting gumshoe made a snap shot, a single round flying from the right. It collided with the knife, shooting it free from the womans hand as Rufus had just exited out of the office. Security detail from the Chimera had pulled old assault rifles and aimed at her, Rufus shouting orders otherwise. “Stand down! Stand down!” The moment was chaos as the scientist scrambled over, not soon enough to prevent the collision between the women.

CharlotteCarrendar: – The two women collided, Dr Andrea hitting the ground first, her back sending up a plume of dirt, as in the split seconds the crazed, knife welding secretary had her arm raised ready to plunge the knife down deep into the Doctor’s bosom. (Tamika the Secretary)”KEEEEELLL!” At this moment, Rick, the quck thinking, trick shooting gumshoe made a snap shot, that hit the knife blade, and knocked it clear from the frightened woman’s hand. This had the secretary throw her blooded hand upward, but she fell down hard, chest to chest, upon the laid out Dr Andrea. (Dr Andrea)”Get off me, you dumb bitch!” -she protested as she brought up her right fist to hit the Secretary in the left side of her jaw. The blow would send the tattered and bloody secretary rolling off her as Dr Andrea would scramble to get up. The security guards, brandishing the old assault rifles were set ready to try and take out the crazed woman, but Rufus shouted the orders – “Stand down! Stand down!” Panting heavily, Dr Andrea pulled herself up on one of the support beams, staring down at the woman, who now had blood running down from her mouth. (Tamika)*Bewildered she cried* ‘All…dead..the men…are…are…zombies. Who…Who are you people?..*there was a flash of light from the mine entrance, the tunnel about to reveal one of its secrets, and this caused the secretary to panic* …They come…They come!”- she then pointed a shakey hand towards the open mind entrance, where a mine cart suddenly appeared, the rusting wreck coming to a stop, the wheels covered in a strange greenish slime. A boney hand appears over the side of the mine cart, followed by…a miner’s helmet, rising up. (Miner # 12)”FAAAAAAAAAAACEEEEE!” <3>

DrakonMacar: “…zombies?” Rufus tilted his head in bewilderment, “HOW DID ALL OF OUR WORKERS DIE?! OH GOD THERE’S BLOOD EVERYWHERE! IS THERE AN AXE MURDERER HERE!?” Dodgson shouted and raved from the office. Rick holstered his guns and offered both the ladies a hand up as Ronald turned his head and squeeked a warning. There was motion and no heat signature. It was motion, but it was cold. Rufus suddenly turned his head back around as the decaying body of a miner flopped out of the mine cart. “Dear God in Heaven…” Rufus reached to his right side, pulling free the power maul from his hip. “Identify yourself sir or you will be shot!” He exclaimed, the security detail had trained their weapons on the miner now. Dodgson stormed out of the office again only to turn pale white and faint on the spot with a whine, the impact knocking up a lot of dust in his wake. The miners half eaten face, maggot ridden appendages, the noxious looking greenish slime on the cart. It lurched forwards, gnashing it’s teeth. Rufus didn’t wait a moment longer. “Kill it! Take the head! By God destroy the brain!” He shouted, backing away slowly as the two secruity guards leveled their weapons and opened fire. A dozen bullet filled the air and riddled the things body, still it came forwards. “Huuuuunnnnngggghhhhrrryyyy” he groaned. Rufus lost his nerve and charged at it. He turned the power mauls setting to it’s maximum, turning the power field around thedevice from a stun baton to a weapon that would slice through stone as easily as the air. He brought the maul down from the top of the things head, it’s skull and brain evaporated as the guards ceased fire. Rufus was shaking, staring down at the no inanimate corpse, he looked to his head and winced, muttering under his breath. “Get our others on the horn, tell them to back track and take the route we did. They’ve got a pair portable motion-sensitive automated sentry guns on board that we can rig up.” He told the engineer who was back in the Chimera. *10-4*. Rufus turned and looked to the woman, Dodgson was out cold, Rick was helping the pair onto their feet. “Ma’am, we are with the Government. And I think you should start by explaining THAT.” He pointed at the felled miner with his portal gun.