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Roleplay Live : Death on Zombie Mountain

https://i2.wp.com/www.inevitablezombieapocalypse.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/08/zombieminers.jpgWriters : DrakonMacar & CharlotteCarrendar.


DrakonMacar: *BZZT!* *BZZT!* *BZZT!* The sound of the modified power maul hitting over growth could be heard. The engine motors of a pair of modified de-commissioned Chimera APC’s hummed and rumbled, huge dozer blades on the front of their chasis. A heavy flamer spewing burning fuel over vegetation to make the road easier. A lone blue clad figure was swinging away from the top hatch of the vehicle where a turret should have been. In either of the APC’s was a handful of scientists, a pair of security guards hired by Jim’s Mining Co. as well as the retired veterans from the Nemaeus military who were driving and engineering the rumbling behemoths. Altogether it was an expedition of 18, 2 drivers, 2 engineers, 4 security officers, 1 private eye, 1 Theoretical physicist, 1 lawyer, 6 scientists and a cybernetically enhanced ferret. The ferret Ronald had climbed to the shoulder of Rufus, the blue clad physicist that was representing the Nemaeus Governments interests with Jims Mining Company. The vehicles continued rolling forwards as spurts of flame short out the front of the retro-fitted tanks and the flames were smothered by the vehicles passing them over. Rufus had pulled inside of the front transport, the ferret still clinging to his shoulder. “Mister Galvenstein, we feel it may be in our best interests to ask you to please refrain from exposing yourself outside of one of ourm oving vehicles.” the lawyer Dennis Gennaro Dodgson said. He was a fat, squat, slimey looking man with whispy mustache, curly, thining hair and beady eyes, standing up barely five and a half feet tall. He was wearing a three peice suit that looked as if it was struggling to simply stay on, as the vehicles jiggled, so did Dodgson. He was sweating heavily and patting his face off with a an argyle handkerchief. “Doctor…Galvenstein. I did not work away years of my life to simply earn three doctorates and I’ll take note of your request as you are assuming the role of liaison for your Company as I do so for our Government, Mister Dodgson.” The Physicist stated rather dryly. A look of scorn corssed the lawyers face. The pair of body guards inside of the lead Chimera grinned as they glanced at one another for the breifest of seconds, silently laughing at the scene. A pair of scientists and a hired Private Investigator, Rick T. Dasey sat in silence. The gumshoe chewing on a toothpick in silence, flipping a coin slowly as he leaned against the steel wall, his brimmed hat tilted over looking like a mix between an old fashioned gangster and a cowboy of a sorts in his brown leather duster and slacks. Underneath the coat though a pair of Colt .45 revolvers and quick to draw. The ride remained silent for several minutes until the chimeras stopped. The driver radioing their neighbor, talking breifly to one another and the second Chimera passed by, taking off in a different direction. The driver leaned back. “Sorry for the delay, there are some fallen trees and what looks like the remains of a rockslide blocking this path. We’re splitting up, O’Mally is taking a game trail around this obstruction and will meet back up with us. I’m plotting a way around the other side as it takes us up a ledge that we can only go over one at a time without worrying about a rockslide.” Rufus nodded and leaned back in his seat. “Sounds ideal. We’ll get there before our extra equipment. The crew staioned there will be wont need to worry about us being entirely underfoot.” He said, gently massaging the neck of the ferret on his shoulder. “I concour. Though I wish to know why you’d bring along that…thing. Honestly rats are pests enough but keeping them as pets and flaunting them around is most disgusting.” Dodgson huffed and wheezed, patting his swollen, red, sweaty face down again. “Driver turn the air conditioning up! This heat is inexcusable!” Rick looked up as his nostrils flared a sigh. “This is a Chimera, not some luxary sedan. If you couldn’t handle a little heat in close confines and the humidity out here, you should’ve stayed in your cushy little office suite.” Rufus cracked a grin at the P.I.’s remark and fell silent. They continued forwards up a narrow trail making up the main road to the mining camp, their others circling around to take the longer and safer way since they carried all the groups equipment.

CharlotteCarrendar: – In the first vehicle, Dr Andrea Fitzroy, was bouncing about in her seat, the sweat from the confines of the chimera was running down her cheeks and neck slipping between her cleavage, as she reached up to slide her horn rimmed glasses up her nose. The repeated blasts of fire fro the front would only increase the cabin tempreture, and though the men seemed to be coping with the humidity well, the good Dr was not fairing so well. She reached down into her backpack and pulled out a hand held battery operated fan, and held it up, switching it on, so the little breeze the swirling blades offered, would give her some sort of respite. But, like anything, the power ran out after a few quick spins. (Dr Andrea)”Ugh..shouldn’t have used those batteries for my….”- at this she looked up and the two body guards were staring at her. “..torch.”- she finished quickly. She was part of the team, hired by the Nemauen Goverment on behalf of the board of directors for Jim’s mining Company. Sliding the fan back into her backpack, she listened in as the lawyer was making a din about Doctor Galvenstien taking a look outside the top of the vehicle. Disgusting, pig of a man, Dr Andrea thought to herself, and rolled her eyes, as the lawyer had referred to the blue clad scientist as Mister. “Doctor…Galvenstein. I did not work away years of my life to simply earn three doctorates and I’ll take note of your request as you are assuming the role of liaison for your Company as I do so for our Government, Mister Dodgson.” Dr Andrea gave a nod, in the direction of the Physicist, then slipped her hand back in her bag and pulled out a map. Unfolding it, she started to check the location to where she believed they should be by now. Silence filled the cabin after the words said between the lawyer and the Physicist, and on looking at each man in turn, she felt more and more out of her depth on this mission. The roar of the second chimera passing them suddenly and going off in a different direction had her worried. Splitting up now, seemed like a bad idea. The lawyer by now was causing a right stir with his orders for the airconditioning to be turned up, and Dr Andrea said hopefully. (Dr Andrea)”According to the documents supplied by the board of directors, the first mining camp should have airconditioned offices.”- Little did she know…what was waiting for them- <3>

DrakonMacar: “Well Doctor andrea I am certain you will be most thrilled to get indoors then. Meanwhile drink some water. The air might not be cool but those ice packs are lasting marvelously well.” He pointed to the canteen behind her head. Rufus seemed to be lost in thought to everyone else as he remembered the conditions he endured, evading and escaping the Combine’s grasp on Earth and their methodical slaughter of all but an eighth of the human population. His head shook as Ronald distracted his train of thought by staring him eye to eye. The physicist chuckled and scratched his head. The Chimera shook heavily as the tracks rolled over large rocks covering the rockface edge of their path. Their Engineer cursed and muttered, trying and failing repeated hails to the mining camp until the driver looked over for the breifest of moments. “Radio interference, it happens in these passes. That or they’ve got damaged transponders.” The engineer looked over grouchily. “They’ve got replacement parts. At least two of the crew are certified to make repairs until we show up to swap out the damaged good. Keep your eyes on the road, chances are we are just getting static off the mountains.” Rick looked to Rufus intently, his left eye half shut and his right wide open. “So Doc, what sort of situation are we dealing with?” “I will answer that as the good Doctor might not be as well apraised as I!” Dodgson interjected, Rufus motioned for him to carry on, clearly disillusioned. The lawyer smirked rather smugly and looked the P.I. right in the eyes. “This is simply a mining operation and if there is damaged equipment we need to know what or who caused it when and how. That is all there is to it. Loss of contact was anticipated and this is nothing more than that. Any further questions are best directed towards myself as I’m the only one here officially speaking for Jim’s Mining Company.” The detective shook his head and pulled his hat down again, going back to chewing on his toothpick. Within three minutes they rounded a bend in the road and the camps main gates were in sight, unmanned. The driver pointed it out first, the engineer looking over there. Rufus eyeballed the cabin warily then forced his way up through the top hatch, against the now re-voiced protests from the lawyer Dodgson. He squinted as he saw the unmanned gates, the engineer looking back and announcing. “It must be chow time for them. These lads have it rough up here so meals might as well be the only thing going for them.” Rufus sat back down and looked around. “No matter, our crewmen are probably right. A heaping bowl of chili would be a hearty and well earned meal. The sun was hanging high at noon now as they reached the gates. They were chained shut, bolted and covered in a pair of industrial padlocks facing the interior side, padlocks that should have been used on their heavy mining equipment. “…well we can just run the fence over. Chain link is sturdy so even if we run it down it’s easy enough to set back up.” Rufus stated. “Destruction of property not already damaged is NOT something we will allow and I can promise you papers are going to be filled out for your reckless abandon! Furthermore the misuse of padlocks is unacceptable. For all we know these were made to keep carts together, now they could be all missing and I’ll have to subdue my clients employees!” Dodgson protested.

CharlotteCarrendar: – Dr Andrea swallowed as yet another bead of sweat dripped off her chin. Obviously she was looking somewhat parched from the heat of the cabin, when the Physicist offered up the information that there was a canteen behind her head. Reaching around she took it down and unscrewed the cap, raising it up to her lips and took two mouthfuls of water, letting it swirl around on her tongue before swallowing. She quickly screwed the cap back on and offered it to the Physicist. Dr Andrea knew it was a bad idea to drink too much, as rationing was the best way to go when travelling. The Chimera was lurching, and bouncing along as it rolled over the rough surface of the landscape, causing Dr Andrea to almost be flung from her seat. She quickly grabbed onto the underside of her seat, in an effort to stay upright, but seems she was a lot quieter about what was going on then say the lawyer, who had something of a bit of an air of self importance. Definately not the kind of attitude that was needed within such a small group. The driver’s concern over the lack of communications from the upcoming mine, also had her worried as well. (Dr Andrea)”They should at least have someone on comms. How odd.”- The words of the engineer were logical enough, however she felt unnerved by it all. Whenever you get that chill that runs down your spine, as though someone had walked over your grave. That was now causing her to look somewhat frightened. The Chimera lurched as it went around another bend, only to straighten up and slow down. ~They must be almost at the gates~ -she thought to herself hopefully, looking towards the front of the vehicle. The main gates appeared to be unmanned, and the engineer tried to reassure all by saying they were all probably on a meal break. This was sounding like a bit of a slack organisation. No response on comms and now no one at the gates? High noon, and the chimera came to a stop as it seemed the gates were locked with chain links and huge locks. “…well we can just run the fence over. Chain link is sturdy so even if we run it down it’s easy enough to set back up.” Dr Andrea cringed. (Dr Andrea)”Do you really think that is wise?”- Course Dodgson was really going off about the idea of damaging company property. A spark of rebellion suddenly filled the good doctor and she leant foreward and said- (Dr Andrea)”I’d drive right through it just to piss him off.” <3>