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Role play Group : The Death Club.

A New cold war.

A dangerous game.


Writer : CharlotteCarrendar.

-Beneath the street light, just opposite the airport entrance, a black sedan is parked, and from within a man is keeping his binoculars trained on Wolf’s car, as it comes back out of the check point. The glow of his cigarette tip illuminates the face of the mystery man, as the binoculars follow the direction of the speeding Porsche. Slowly, the agent lowers his hands, and sets down the binoculars upon the leather upholstery, before taking out his cellphone and tapping in a few numbers.

“Питер … Волк покидает аэропорт. Он не попасть на борт самолета с Ури и Viper.”
(translation : “Peter…Wolf is leaving the airport. He did not get on board the plane with Uri and the Viper.” )

Seated in a plush restaurant, the Russian operative takes the call, while dining with gorgeous auburn headed hostess by the name of Nikita. He was just about to tuck into his steak dinner, when the cellphone rang, so this changed the mood at the table almost instantly. Peter rips out the napkin that he has tucked into his collar, and smacks his lips angrily, to hear this most disturbing report.

“Что вы имеете в виду, он не попасть на самолет? GAH! Ли он с ума? Есть ли у него Deathwish?”
(translation: What do you mean, he didn’t get on the plane? GAH! Is he mad? Does he have a deathwish? )

Taking down the details of the speeding Porsche, he starts to relay them to Peter, who shakes his head violently.

“Нет .. нет нет нет. У меня есть его номер. Я буду обращаться с этим!’
(translation: “No…no no no. I have his number. I shall handle this!”)

Peter presses the red button on his phone, while his date for the evening stares down at her dinner, realizing that its about to get cut short. But what Peter says next, chills her to the bone.

“That mad…Wolf. He was supposed to get Ayalah out of the compound, with Lotus and leave the country. End of mission….NOW, he is going back. Foolish young pup.”

Nikita reaches for her glass of wine and downs it in a trice, for she is well aware of the mission, and just where Ayalah had been kept. She sets down the glass with trembling fingers, almost knocking it over. Peter holds up a finger to silence her, if she is going to speak in public of what she knows. Scrunching up her napkin with her left hand, she leans forward and mouths;

“He is going back…to Yuri’s compound?”

Her green eyes were incredulous, having hoped this would be the last she would hear about that dreaded place. Peter stared at her for a moment, holding her gaze and with pursed lips he made an audible grunt, that enforced his will to have her stay quiet. Sliding his finger over his phone, he searched for Ira’s number, coming up trumps and pressed to connect the call, while other patrons had now shown an interest in the commotion they were causing. The phone rang three times, and then a miracle as Ira answered. You could hear the growl of the engine of the Porsche in the background, and the stereo on full bore, belting out some odd Russian rock anthem. Peter tried to keep his temper intact, but he could not help say what he did.

“Yes…Wolf, its me, Peter.. You think you could just waltz back into the country. You were meant to get on that plane. Now…tell me you are not going back to that fucking compound.”

Weaving through the motorway traffic, Wolf’s eyes were transfixed with the road ahead of him, his mind filled with that of Lotus, who had been left behind without regard by Ayalah, in the lair of a madman. Wolf could hear the angry and frustration in Peter’s voice, but Wolf was now determined. He should never have left her behind in the first place.

“There is more to this, Peter. More than you could possibly understand. I can’t leave her behind. Lotus should never been sent in the first place.”

“Is she worth sacrificing your life for….your career? Our government will deny everything. You know what Uri is capable of to those that disobey orders.”

“Fuck him!….Fuck him and his fucked up piece of trash daughter!”

This last sentence from Wolf had Peter looking confused. ~Daughter?~ Nikita could hear Wolf yelling from where she sat on the other side of the table, and made a face at the language. Also the fact he was speaking in English, had other patrons taking even more notice. Nikita quickly snatched up her purse, and then snapped her fingers for the bill, since Peter was now standing up and getting ready to march out of the restaurant.

“You are not doing this alone. I don’t know what is going on now, but you will meet with me and my assistant…tonight. I will give you the location, and you programme it into the GPS, and meet me there in one hour. ….I am getting too old for this, Wolf.”

The waiter brought over the bill folder, which Nikita opened and quickly signed off for, along with her credit card. Waiting by the table, putting on her coat, she listened to Peter give the rendezvous address, and heard him sign off, still growling about missing his dinner. The waiter brought back the receipt, and Nikita pocketed it, as the pair headed to the door together, both clearly in a hurry.

Peter huffed, placing on his hat before they exited the restaurant, casting Nikita a sideways glance.

“This was not the plan ever, my dear. I know this is the last place you would ever want to go. But that boy is going to need help, and intelligence from one that knows these scum.”

Swallowing hard, Nikita’s face said it all, like she had just had a knife plunged into her very heart.

“Very few make it out of there alive, Peter…..I should know.”

Silently, Peter nodded, and gestured for Nikita to get into their car, holding the door open for her. Once she was in and settled, he slammed it shut. This was now a dangerous game. No longer about government agents, but the rescue of one that was purposely left behind, in the clutches of a mad man. Was she even alive? Was she worth fighting for?

-to be continued-