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“Down Slave!” : Lacardis Prime


Writers : LoreleiRoseCarrendar (CharlotteCarrendar) & LastRonin.


LoreleiRoseCarrrendar: – Clearly pleased that her young son, Heksen had fallen asleep inside the body of the wild boar, she then stepped outside a moment, to deal with one of the locals, who was asking as to the state of affairs in Arachnea, and if there was any news on the jobs on offer in Talus Quarry. She had been outside a fair while as Baldrick repeatedly stepped over the boar on the floor, hearing the light snoring of the baby bebilith within. He was then curious. Lorelei always had quite a brood when she had an eggsac and yet, none of the others seemed to have hatched as of yet. Strange, the servant thought to himself, adjusting his spectacles and then pulling on his braces, he wandered over to where the tore remains of the eggsac was. He narrowed his gaze, looking closely, peering inside, and to his horror….there were three dead bebilth babies inside. His mouth fell open, shocked at what he…couldn’t see. The rest of Lorelei’s children were dead. (Baldrick)”Oh good lord…no…no, not while she is not here. Whatever shall I do?”- he started to pace, the light snoring of Heksen was an indication one was still there, but it lead to a question. Did Heksen eat his brother’s and sisters? No..he couldn’t have, he would not have had the appetite to eat the hare and half a boar. He was still pacing, near pulling his hair out when Lorelei would reenter the room and close the door behind her. (Lorelei)”Baldrick…next time the townspeople wish to interrupt time with my son…tell them…to get stuffed. *she then saw how he was behaving and tilted her head*….are you alright? You look as though you are having a panic attack. Rum cures that sort of thing…rum..and lots of it.” Baldrick hesitantly pointed at the eggsac, and then muttered under his breath- (Baldrick)”They’re dead”- Lorelei blinked- (Lorelei)”Dead?…thats impossible…I should have more children hatching, Heksen was just the first. They can’t be dead.” Baldrick got a hook from the kitchen and using it to prize the eggsac down, he displayed it on the table, as he and Lorelei began to break it open. What it revealed was there were still three in there… two boys dead in their eggsacks, no apparent damage on the eggsack unless closely examined to see the small hole poked into each… and the larger female… with her head separated from her body. Lorelei’s lips were moving but she was not saying anything, clearly distressed by this. (Baldrick)”I’ll get the rum…and then we can bury your young. (Lorelei)”I WANT TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENED TO MY CHILDREN…I..”-her voice broke off as she then sniffed the air. (Lorelei)”Wait….I …smell one…and its not Heksen.” -she approached the recessed bookshelf and she peered through were some cracks were, getting up on her tipetoes. She could hear crunching…(Lorelei)”Baldrick…I think I have found one..”

LastRonin: -Ven had devoured nearly seventy percent of his sister’s corpse. Only the legs, bits of carapace from her thorax, her spine, pelvis and head were left. The tiny bebilith had cleaned himself as well as he could, using his forelegs to scrape the gore off his body and then licking it off the limb. His stomache filled and his hunger sated for the time being… the newborn bebilth now was curled up in the corner of the top of the bookcase’s facade at the top. If anything peaked in the opening he had entered by, he would not be readily visible if they didn’t enter…or stick their head in the hole if they were too big to get in. Venor crouched in the corner… contemplating his domain… he had claimed this as his. Anything that threatened his space… would become enemy. Venor knew… e wasn’t sure how… but he knew… enemy… had to die. But for now… the effort of hatching… and then dispatching his siblings… had taken a toll on the young bebilith, and he had slumped into a ball… a nearly silent rhythmic sighing sound gentle drifting from the now sleeping infant. For yes, even though he was a very vicious and dangerous even creature… he was still in most respects just an infant. His assault talons, which looked much like his legs, only thicker and more dangerous looking, began to twitch and move as the quietest of whimpers drifted out of the sleeping Venor’s throat… he was dreaming. It wasn’t dreams of terror… if one could see his face, it looked serene… joyful even… for Venor was reliving the first hour of his life outside his eggsack. Of course it was even better than the reality had been… but not by much. As he dreamt he gnawed unconciously on his dead sister’s only remaining arm, still devouring his kill… even in his sleep. Suddenly… he was startled out of his sleep… there was noise…voices… and they were close… Ven didn’t understand what they said… but it sounded like the big ones that had been standing over his weakling of a brother. Ven went ahaead and chomped of the piece of meat he had in his mouth. Grasping the wrist of the arm he had been chewing on, he settled his weight onto the tips of his legs… lifting the back two and placing them against the facade of the bookcase, the arm lifted above his head, he watched the entrance to HIS home… he felt a wet bitterness building in his mouth and a pressure building in his gut… the sleepiness disappearing as the adrenaline rush of the impending aggression feuled him.-

LoreleiRoseCarrendar:- Now, Lorelei was gifted with the ability to see things in the darkness, her night vision was exceptional, but also when things were hidden away from her, she had a remarkable ability to pick up even the slightest sound and movement. At first she heard…like nomming, and then quiet whimpers, followed by twitching and the click of some tiny legs. Oh she had stumbled upon the culprit it seemed. There were more than two bodies in there, but she could only pick up on one being alive. Baldrick was champing at the bit to see, and Lorelei suddenly became very defensive. (Lorelei)”Baldrick…go make some tea….and scones….and…start dinner. Your not going to be safe standing around me at the moment.” – Baldrick looked suddenly pale, wondering what Lorelei had planned and what it was she could see. (Baldrick)”But…but…darn.”- he shook his head, ambling away, going to the kitchen and popping on an apron, as Lorelei peered closer. She then started to make a series of clicks with her tongue, strangely musical. Not chirping, oh no, Lorelei never chirped, some of her children had, but she was cut from a different kind. The nomming had stopped, along with the whimpering sound…The little bugger was awake. And he was nothing like his brother by the looks of things…no…this one was a cannibal.

LastRonin: -Ven was ready to bash anything that entered his domain… his knuckles turning white as he gripped his dead sister’s left arm. He heard more of the sounds from the big one with the long red hair and some also from the one with the shorter white hair. But nothing had entered through the opening… Ven glanced quickly over at the other exit… the hole in the wall that led into the dark space above the ceiling… Ven didn’t know what was in there… he wasn’t afraid, but felt more comfortable with known… well semiknown dangers. These had been servile… not even hurting his wimpy brother, even doing his hunting for him and feeding him. Ven grinned… if they served the wimp… then they would surely serve him. A strange clicking sound had just begun when, without a shout of warning or grunt of effort even, the lightweight little spider leapt surprisingly quickly, his legs pressing back against the facade propelling him out the opening between the bookcase and the wall. The tiny ball of carapace was a near blur of black and crimson as he sailed through the air, his dead sister’s pale skinned arm brandished like a two handed club as he siled directly toward what he did not yet know was his mother’s face. If he landed on it, he would grip it tightly with his legs and wail on the top of it with the bloody arm, which was still the majority of it’s original length, he had only taken one good bite off it after chewing it loose at the shoulder.-

LoreleiRoseCarrendar: – It was without sound, without warning, it was….(Lorelei)”Eeeek!”- yes shrill would be the best way to describe Lorelei’s reaction when all of a sudden, the arm wielding cannibal baby bebilith leapt out of his hiding spot and then became a new decoration on her face. Baldrick heard the wierd shriek, and came running only to see, Lorelei flailing as the red and black menace and eater of his siblings, was now firmly attatched. (Baldrick)”Great barrels of Grease Monkeys!” He saw that the baby bebilith was wielding the arm of his dead sister and he instantly felt sick. (Baldrick)”Have no fear, M’lady, I shall get the little blighter….I shall get the broom!” – Lorelei was going round in circles, as she couldn’t see, what with jolly litte Venor stuck to her face. (Lorelei)”Oommph….ooomph!”- Baldrick picked up the broom from the doorway, and then got ready to, going into a baseball like stance, the broom his bat. He swung it around and around galiantly, like some brave knight about to slay a dragon…and not a face hugging baby bebilith. (Baldrick)”Hold still M’lady…Baldrick at your service…one good slapping coming up.” He would then swing his arm with might, aiming to strike the baby bebilith off his mother’s face.

LastRonin: -Venor managed to land on the big redhead’s face, gripping with his eight legs, he began to swing the arm he held… repeatedly trying to slam it down ataop the head he was now attached to, all the while hollering-‘Down Slave!’- or the closest to it he could say… which with the bebilith’s natural ability to speak Abyssal, that was the language he was attempting to use. But without having had any practice… the words weren’t being formed quite right. The little arm wouldn’t do much damage of course, but it was what he had at his disposal… then he belched… and as he did, the pressure he had felt building up in his gut was released. A spray of bile and venom poured forth… if he was still attached at that time, for he had lost track of the other big one in his assault of this one… the mixture would splatter all over the top of her head, matting into her hair. If Lorelei wasn’t mentally shielding her thoughts, it was possible that two things might occur… one; that Venor would pick up that Lorelei was hs mother… the second that he might unintentionally use his innate ability to telepathically communicate with any creature that understands Abyssal, so therefore his garbled vocalizations would come through clearly in her mind as he shouted -‘Down Slave!’- at least until he was dislodged or recognized Lorelei as his mother… whichever came first.-

LoreleiRoseCarrendar: – Well turns out that not only Baldrick going to attempt to strike the Baby bebilith from her face, young Venor also decided she needed a good thumping as well. And to cap it off, the little shit was hollaring “Down Slave!” Now that was something else to call the Lady of Carrendar, the Prime Minster of Lacardis and the Mighty magoomba Mistress of the Web of Malice. (Lorelei)”Down Slave?!” -her garbled response as he was still well attatched ~Bonk Bonk Bonk!~ went the dead arm of the sister, whose bits were in the hole from where he had come. (Baldrick)-the broom stopped mid swing-“Down Slave? I’m a servant, yes, and proud of it, but slave?…Really M’lady, thats a bit of a cheap shot.” -he then went to lean on his broom and started to go on a rant of all the faithful years he had served her without question or being upset, or asking for a pay rise, as the young Bebilith continued to dong his mother, and shout “Down Slave!” (Lorelei)”Not you….ME!- *Shrieks* ~BONK BONK BONK!* She then felt the vomit, yes the little horror decided to unload his stomach content right on her silky red locks. (Lorelei)”Not the hair…not the hair” She had had enough and she reached up with her right hand to try and prize him off her face-

LastRonin: -Venor was pounding away with the arm he held, but it didn’t seem to be doing any good, the slave wasn’t obeying… Ven caught a glimpse of something above him… it was his own assault limbs… of course… he would drive those down through this hard head to teach the other slaves what would happen when they didn’t listen. He stopped slamming the arm down and lifted it to take a quick bite as he reared back with his assault claws, preparing to drive them down and into the big mess his vomit had made atop the creature’s head… when his mind caught a thought floating on the surface of it’s mind… she thought of him as her child… he paused… lost in contemplation of that thought, so was unprepared when she grasped him and pulled him free… he hadn’t released his gripp with his eight normal legs… so the drug across her skin. All around her head. Once pulled loose though, he just let his legs go limp and his assault limbs curled in to rest against his back. He hung there and lifted the arm to his mouth again, taking another bite… then extending the prize toward his mother. He held his food out toward her in submission to her station as mother…for now at least.-

LoreleiRoseCarrendar: – Oh the pain, the damage, the scratch marks, the beating would finally end, just before he was about to go to town and pierce her skull with his assault claws. Talk about saved by the bell, but in fact it was the thought in her head, crying out, this was her son, her flesh, her blood, her insanity, attacking her and calling her a slave and to get down. She could feel the bubble and squeak, the sizzle of the stomach acid and venom on her hair and it was now dripping past her ears and onto her shoulders. Her cheeks were now bleeding from the eight leg scratching, as she finally managed to draw him off her face. By now, Lorelei was seething, snorting, glaring at Baldrick, who was rocking on his broom, having had his say about being called a slave. (Baldrick)”What?….Oh…and I see he is making a peace offering…oh lovely…its an arm..half eaten too. Well that explains why his siblings are dead. Wonderful…so…uhm. Yes, right, Cute isn’t he?” (Lorelei)”No…no he is not cute…he is a hunter, he is a menace…..I shall call him Venor. And…I think I need the first aid kit..(Baldrick)”And a bath, possibly some apple shampoo, because M’lady, your hair is reeking.” Lorelei looked back at her son, who was hanging limp now in her hand, offering the half eaten arm. (Lorelei)”No dear…you keep it.” Bruised, battered and bloody. Welcome to motherhood, Lorelei.

LastRonin: -She turned down his offering… he didn’t understand… why would she do that? His eyes dropped to slits as he turned his head to look over at the boar corpse… the pathetic snores of his brother still echoing out of it. How could that one be a proper hunter? Turning back to look at mother he thought-‘How could she like him better?’- he lifted the arm back to his mouth and ripped a large chunk of flesh from it, chewing it determinedly. Otherwise… he was pretty much at the mercy of the one calling herself his mother… she had him held… he might could force her to release him… but that might be his own death knell if he did. She could choose to eat him. Now that thought… did scare the little bebilith. he swallowed the last mouthfull of his sister he had in his mouth… his appetite suddenly gone… the limp, dead arm dropping lifelessly and forgotten from his hands, as yet again… Venore fell asleep, the intense adrenaline rush having faded, and the crash of afterwards overtaking him. Venor’s red eyes drooped closed and his limbs all curled into relaxed positions.-

LoreleiRoseCarrendar: – The tiny half chewed arm of his dead sister, fell to the ground with a small slap, going unnoticed it seemed by the young baby bebilith, who didn’t really say much, since he more or less passed out cold, falling asleep as she held him out from her. His red eyes closed, his legs all curling up into a position that would make it very easy to stuff him right back in his little hole that he had sprung out of. Blood trickling down her cheeks from the scratches, along with the dripping of acid through her hair, certainly didn’t have her looking all that appealing to the next townsperson to knock on the door. Baldrick knew this was not a good time to find humour in the situation, though he was thinking, ~glad it was her and not me~ Lorelei did gently place her sleeping little monstrosity back into the recessed bookcase, up against the bits and pieces of his dead sister, and then wiped her hands as she turned to Baldrick- (Lorelei)”That kid…is a wonderful advertisment for contraception.’ – Baldrick would just smile and nod…smile and nod-