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Roleplay Group : The Death Club

The Dixie Diaries.

Baby Love


Writer: CharlotteCarrendar


A grey sky, with its darkened clouds releasing a torrent of rain, was what met Dixie when she awoke the morning of her ultra sound. Demetrios had headed off to Russia, on his bid to save Mia from her captors, and whilst she wished she could have gone along with him and Alex, she knew that she would just get in the way. Dem would never consider allowing her to go, especially since she carried their child. A child; who was growing rapidly. Dixie was now twenty weeks pregnant and doing more than showing. A night on the couch came after she could not get comfortable in their bed. Waking with a yawn, she could hear the repeating ping of rain falling upon the roof of the garage. Yes, she was still living in the garage behind the tattoo shop. It was home after all. Their home. The alarm clock flashed it was after nine am, and groaning, Dixie had to push herself up, cushions falling on the floor. A light stretch then rub of her swollen stomach, she swung her legs over and sat up, and blinked a few times.

There was suddenly a mad banging on the garage door, followed by a whine. Then a dark chuckle, obviously male. More voices and then a chorus of “DIXIE…WAKE UP!” Dixie pushed herself up, and strode over, her night shirt, which was one of Alex’s black shirts, hanging down over her ass. She pressed the button to open up the roller door, only to see Betty, Nikolas and a very sophisticated Maggie, all waiting in the rain with their umbrellas up

“It’s fooking raining cats and dogs…open the fooking door, ya silly moppet!” Maggie was still the same Irish gal, no matter how dressed up she appeared. With her hair styled into a loose bun, with curls that fell about the curve of her face, she was the epitome of style, but shivering from the cold blast that the rain gave off. She trotted in, lowering her umbrella and shaking the water from it, eyeing Dixie’s bare legs. “Get some fooking pants on….and the kettle…No wait, I do that..you get dressed. NIKOLAS..get in, the gal ain’t dressed yet.” Stating the obvious, Nikolas wiggled his eyebrows, and sauntered in, wolf whistling at Dixie, who was gripping the edges of her oversized T shirt, trying to pull it down. “I slept in…okay? We got time.” Dixie muttered, scurrying off, while Betty practically skidded in on a wet patch caused by Maggie’s umbrella being closed. Betty, was dressed in bright red leather pants, and a bizarre oversized jumper made from wool, and various strips of leather, in a mad pattern. One of her creations, she was beaming, her hair in twin ponytails. Colourful, would be how best to describe the ensemble. “Crikey…the floor is like glass, almost went ass over tit! Tea for me, Mags. Two sugars. Not sweet enough…ha. Oh this is …nice.” Betty said with a quirky expression checking out the interior of the garage. The crazy Aussie tossed her bag on the couch, and flopped down, admiring Nikolas’s ass as he checked out Demetrios’s Ducati. “Okay…Dem has taste. Bitchin’ Check it out. Mag’s…buy me one of these babies.” Nikolas joked, tempted to straddle the bike and take it for a spin.

Dixie must have had a sixth sense, as she took a shower, and you could hear her sing out to Nikolas.

“Touch the bike…you die, Cheddar. That’s Dem’s other baby.”

Dixie turned off the shower taps, and she rummaged about, you could hear her muttering and trying to get dressed in the small bathroom. Not feeling comfortable about getting dressed in full sight of her friends. Dixie finally exited the bathroom, wearing black jeans and a skivvy, which pulled tight over her baby bulge. Brushing up her hair as she walked, she had her hair tie clenched in her teeth, and came to stop near the TV, setting down the brush, and tying her hair back neatly in a single ponytail. She wore only the lightest amount of makeup, already having a natural glow to her cheeks, after being in the hot shower. Her baby bump really was noticeable, especially with her light frame. Nikolas who had been touring the side of the garage that had Demetrios’s tools wandered back over, accepting a cup of coffee from Maggie, who was fussing about like a Mother Hen around Dixie.

“Coffee for me…”

Dixie sung out, fixing her hair and smoothing it back with both hands. Maggie instantly snapped her head around and waved a tea spoon.

“Tea…green tea. It’s good for the baby. I brought some.”

Dixie pulled one hell of a face. ~No coffee?~ Nikolas bit his lip and Betty suddenly noticed a crack in the ceiling.

“I never thought of you as living in a garage unless you married…a roadie or something Dix.”

Betty chimed, being handed a cup of tea from the dutiful Maggie. Nikolas watched on fascinated at the red haired Irish lass, fussing and trotting around the garage like she owned it.

“Being a PA suits you, hun. Just…you know you’re off the clock.”

Maggie had been putting in a lot of hours, working for the mysterious Midas; who was currently overseas, and she was having to do all her correspondence to him by phone and email. Nikolas wasn’t too sure if he liked the new Maggie, actually preferring her to be busking; doing what she loved. But with the Death Club closed, they did need the extra income, and this paid very well indeed. Maggie placed down a hot cup of green tea before Dixie on the coffee table, and then placed her hands on her hips.

“Someone has to take care of her…make sure she doesn’t go harming her body. Demetrios isn’t here, so…we step up and take care of her.”

This was delivered with a firm nod of the head, while Dixie stared down at the green tea. Truth was…she hated the stuff. Coffee was her morning fuel, and she was often a bear with a sore head without it. Betty chuckled and then brought her finger to her lips, out of view of the feisty Maggie, and withdrew a can of red bull from her large black leather handbag. She tipped the can back and forth and laughed silently, only to quickly shove it back in her bag, when Maggie turned around to Betty and Nikolas.

“Come on..get it in yas…we gotta catch the next taxi to the clinic. Her appointment is at ten am.”


Dixie protested, but to no avail, Maggie had already started cleaning up the garage. Picking up scattered cushions that Dixie had used on the couch, and placing them back on the couple’s bed in the corner. Nikolas nudged Dixie playfully, in the midst of Maggie’s cleaning frenzy.

“Play along for now. I can get you a nice coffee after art class.” Nikolas whispered, as Dixie tipped the green tea into her one and only living pot plant, before handing Nikolas the empty cup. “Mmmm….had no idea it was so good.” She lied, going to get her bag, while Betty took the remaining cups to the kitchenette. By this point, Maggie had started picking up the wet towels in the bathroom and cleaning up. Nikolas was already getting the garage door, when he sung out to Maggie.

“We be leaving you behind, and you can spend the day here playing Demetrios’s Xbox, instead of seeing the baby.” Nikolas chortled, seeing a flustered looking Maggie emerge from the bathroom; clattering of heels on the concrete floor. “Wait for me, you ungrateful fooks!”

Arriving at the specialist clinic that Demetrios had arranged for prior to his trip to Russia, Dixie had a dreaded feeling, alighting from the taxi, and seeing the very place that had been a centre point to lives of the employees of the Death club. After the attacks and bombing, this is where they ended up. Could the clinic offer them a happier visit, seeing as this is where Dixie was going to be having the baby. Nikolas paid the taxi driver, while Betty slipped her arm around the nervous Dixie.

“Come on…it’s just a scan. You look like they are about to amputate your leg of something.” Betty playfully hugged her bestie, as Dixie showed a fake smile. Maggie was on her cell phone, fielding a call from Midas, her employer. “Yes…I made sure you had the Armani. Tickets are on the dresser. NO…the blue. You look good in the blue. NO, I am not going over to your apartment now. The grey is too subtle. Yes….I know but…Ugh..give me an hour.” Sliding her finger across the pad, she pocketed the cell phone, and hurried to catch up with the others, that were making their way into the receptionist desk. There were three nurses behind the station, one of which was Nurse Lola, who remembered Dixie right away. With her blue uniform hugging her form and accentuating her mountainous breasts, she leant forward and spoke into the mic.

“Doctor Walsh to scans. Paging Doctor Walsh.” The nurse flicked the switch and with her right hand gestured which way the group should go. “Down the hall, second room on the right. That is the waiting room for the Ultrasounds. Dixie, hope you had kept your fluids up. Just go down and the Doctor will be with your shortly.” Nurse Lola said with authority, before she advised the group. “Oh..and please make sure all your electronic equipment and cell phones are switched off when entering. Have a good day.”

“That means you, Mags.” Nikolas said, casting a look at her, knowing full well, it would be still turned on. Maggie shrugged and took the cell phone out of her pocket and made sure it was turned off. “There…see, I do listen.”

Nikolas slapped Maggie’s ass, and the four entered the waiting room; a sparsely decorated room, with eight chairs that went around the walls, and pictures of happy children and rainbows. There was a coffee table with magazines spread out, along with brochures for health insurance. The four had not even found a seat, when Doctor Walsh, a sombre looking chap in a white lab coat entered, holding Dixie’s file underneath his arm. Seeing that there was others present, he tipped his head forward slightly, his glasses sliding down the bridge of his nose. “Are you all here to see the scan being done? The room is not very big.” Doctor Walsh said, as Betty smiled brightly. “YEP!..Wouldn’t miss this for the world. I’ve come all the way from Australia. I want front row. I’ll even squirt on the gel if it helps.” Nikolas let out a loud laugh at Betty’s enthusiasm, which got the Doctor’s attention. “You must be the father, nice to meet you.” The Doctor offered his hand to shake, and Nikolas looked confused by this. “Errr..no, I am a very close friend. Not THAT close, Maggie would kill me…come to think of it, so would Demetrios. I’m…..the support crew.” He beamed, as Maggie popped her head out from behind Nikolas. “Oi…I’m not waiting outside. I have been waiting to see the baby. “All three were so eager, and Dixie felt herself shrink down at all the attention. “I could wait outside.”- She offered, to which the three chorused. “No!”

The Doctor waved his hands for all to settle, and offered to walk Dixie into the ultrasounds room, to help her get ready on the observation table near the machines. The three amigos…as Dixie now thought of them, filed in and huddled together, so they could get a good view of the monitor. The Doctor drew back Dixie’s skivvy, and then squirted the clear gel upon her rounded abdomen.

“Oh look…she has an outie.” Betty teased, as Dixie closed her eyes and wondered how much longer this would take. Truth be told, she really wanted Demetrios to be there at her side, but unfortunately, he had committed himself to saving Mia. The lights turned off, and the glow of the monitor illuminated Dixie and the Doctor, as he placed the wand on her belly, and you could hear the woosh woosh of Dixie’s own heart, while the image on the monitor showed the insides of Dixie’s belly. As the Doctor started to move it around, pressing it in deeper, there was the faint sound of a second heart. And then…on the screen, you could see a leg…then another. Moving further, the body of the tiny baby came into view. The sound of the baby’s heart was beating fast, and Nikolas, Betty and Maggie were all in awe, of the new life that was being seen for the first time.

“Look…the baby is sucking its fist.”

Maggie was the first to notice, while Nikolas was trying to see if they could tell what sex the baby was.

“I think I see its willy.”

Nikolas cried out, pointing and Betty put her glasses on, trying to get a better look.

“That’s its foot…silly.” Betty replied, pushing her glasses up her nose.

The Doctor turned the monitor so that Dixie could see for herself. Dixie reached out with her right hand, and touched the screen, where the baby was moving around, coming in and out of focus, due to the pressing of the wand.

“So beautiful…” Dixie uttered, feeling the first tears roll down her cheeks.

“Very healthy too. Just the right length for a baby of twenty weeks, so whatever it is you are doing, keep doing it, Miss Chix. I have made a copy of this, so you can take it home for your partner. And I guess you want to know what sex the baby is?” The Doctor asked, as the other three got closer, hoping to hear the news too. Slowly, Dixie nodded, and the Doctor moved the wand as the baby turned away and then around, showing off the tell tale sign.

“Congratulations, Miss Chix. It’s a boy.”