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Roleplay Group : The Death Club.

A New cold war.



Writer : CharlotteCarrendar

As the Porsche sped out of the compound gates with the dust and debris flying up behind it throwing up a choking cloud, it would not go unnoticed by one of the guard patrols, that had a Jeep stationed near the gate. Ayalah drove like a fiend with her tongue licking her lips, changing up gears and then glancing back over her shoulder to see if the Jeep patrol car would follow. The wily Israeli’s laughter was starting to annoy the hell out of Ira, who was still kicking himself for leaving Lotus behind. The Porsche sped past the returning fleet of cars that contained Yuri and his men, along with Mia and now Steven too. Seeing them as Ayalah planted her foot on the excelorater, s he threw her head back and whooped loudly.

“Not..Ever getting touched by those fuckers again!” Ayalah yelled out, as she reached for the power on button for the car stereo, and it started pumping out Rammstein. Ayalah smacked her hand upon the steering wheel in time with the beat. Flicking on the high beam, the silver Porsche Cayman S illuminated the winding road ahead of them. She quickly checked the rear vision mirror, and could see the telltale lights of the jeep following. It would have been a few hundred metres behind them, obviously alerted by Yuri that one of his prized girls had made a daring escape. Grinning like a Cheshire cat, she tossed a look at Ira, who was simply sitting with his arms folded, and eyes closed. “What is with you, eh? You did your mission. Stop with the sour face, eh? Now hang on, while I give these boys a thrill. Woot!”

One of the guards in the Jeep coming behind them, opened his window, and leaned out, starting to open fire on the Porsche. The steady ~tink..tink tink…~ sound could be heard crackling through the dark of night. Ira angrily unfolded his arms, and hit the button for the sun roof, to slide back. The sudden whip of wind that entered the speeding Porsche tossed Ayalah’s hair around but she didn’t seem to care, continuing to drive like a woman possessed. The winding road was narrowing, as it rounded a cliff edge. The Porsche was taking the corners hard; almost drifting with the delicious roar of the 3.4 litre engine. This was now a dangerous game that Ayalah was playing. The jeep behind them was gaining, and with the passenger taking shots at the Porsche, they needed to act fast. Ira turned around on his seat, and then on his knees, he rose up out of the sunroof, and with his Stechkin APS pistol drawn, he fired four shots at the Jeep behind them. One bullet going through the windscreen, and taking out the driver, who slouched forward upon the wheel. The guard that had been shooting, tried in vain to take control of the speeding Jeep, but it began to slide across the road, then jack-knifed when hitting the side of the mountain. This caused it to spin out of control and with the guard screaming in Russian, the jeep careened over the edge of the other side of the road, bursting into flames. This illuminated the whole area behind them, as the car sped on. Turning and slouching back down into his seat, holding the smoking gun, he snarled at Ayalah, who found the whole incident now incredibly funny. Both hands on the wheel, she didn’t even look at him as she powered the Porsche on. Only saying;

“Uri will be indebted to you, Wolf. Who knows, he might get you a nice woman to please you on the plane for the return flight to Prague, eh?”

Hearing Ayalah speak this way, Ira toyed with the gun in his hand thinking only how he had left behind the woman who he realised meant more to him than just a mission partner. Taking another bend, Ayalah sped up and pressed the button to close the sun roof. “I think you liked the Lotus…am I right?” Ayalah teased. She could tell by his body language that she had dented his armour with her remark. Mocking a pout, Ayalah continued. “Oh Wolf….girls like her are very easy to find. Why Tokyo is full of them.” Ira shot Ayalah a look that was menacing. You could hear the audible growl in his voice. Clearly her antics were grating on his nerves. “You are a real bitch, you know that? Lotus is the reason you are out of that hell hole.” Ayalah appeared to shrug her shoulders, truly not caring. Eyes focused on the night road ahead of them, hands tightly clenching the wheel. She chortled. “I was already making my way out when you arrived, so don’t give me that…bullshit, that the Japanese cunt saved my life…okay?” Ayalah had enough of the conversation, as it seemed that Ira had no sense of humour. Ayalah simply turned up the music and head banged as the car sped onwards towards Moscow. Ira reholstered his firearm, and then went back to staring out his passenger side window. His thoughts were of course, of Lotus. The night where she bared her soul to him and explained to him what Ayalah and Uri had done to her life. And now here he was speeding away from her and possibly having left her to die at the hands of Yuri and his thugs. At this point, Ira hated himself, and wondered if Lotus would ever forgive him, if she made it out alive. Perhaps he underestimated her, and in his mind hoped she would have got out of there. But he had no way of knowing, and now driving down the highway with the one woman that Lotus despised over all others.

The Porsche was fitted with a GPS and also had a satellite phone, and Ayalah didn’t waste any time at all, plotting the course to the airport. One way or another, she planned to get out of Russia tonight. Tossing Ira the satellite phone, she barked at him. “Contact our Russian counterpart, and advise Uri we are on our way. He should have organised the flight. I am so looking forward to seeing Uri again. Mmm…I wonder if he will wear his special cologne.” For a moment, Ira twitched at her words, and slowly turned his head back around to her. The artificial lighting of the dash illuminated her face, and she appeared to be oddly smug, talking about Uri. Catching the phone, he started to press the number in for Boris, who happened to have left the ball some time before. He answered in the first three rings. “Ah…Wolf, you got the Viper and Lotus. I have news…” Ira grit his teeth and snarled into the phone. “Just Viper and I…you can tell us about the news at the airport.” Boris seemed confused by this. With no mention of the Lotus, he feared the worst. “She was a good agent. I am sure Uri will make arrangements to contact her family.” This was when Ayalah burst out laughing, hearing Boris on the loud speaker in the car. “No..you idiot. Lotus…is a guest of Yuri. She won’t be coming home.” Boris could be heard to cough, then swear in Russian. But he knew that the news he had would not be helping Lotus at all. “Then…I see you comrades at the airport. Gate nine. We have an operative on the guard box. *he sighs, then says to Wolf*…she deserved better.” Hanging up, Boris got into his car, and made his way to meet with the incoming flight….of Uri himself. This was the news that he didn’t get the chance to say. Apparently, Viper means more to Uri than anyone could have imagined.

The last hour of the trip, was just the steady stream of heavy metal playing through the speakers. Ira was practically clawing his nails along the interior of the door. Anger rising even more now, while Ayalah was simply singing along with the radio. Every so often she wiggled in her car seat and let out an odd laugh. The more time Ira spent with her, the more he was starting to hate her. Lotus was right about her…but what was coming would shock him to the core. Pulling up finally at Gate nine, the car was checked over and on opening the window, the guard automatically recognised them both. “Proceed…hanger 12.” Closing the window, the Porsche drove slowly through the gate, then headed down for the right hanger, that the guard had advised. A small gulfstream jet had landed not long before, and as Ayalah pulled up the bullet riddled Porsche, the door to the plane opened, and guess who came down the stairs.

“Pappa!” Ayalah squealed, turning off the engine and undoing her seat belt. She was in such a hurry to get out, that even Ira was surprised. No one was usually this way with the Israeli chief. Ayalah opened her car door, and leapt out, not even bothering to shut it closed. The Red headed beauty ran up the tarmac, as Uri opened his arms to her, and then ….then…they started to kiss each other, like long lost lovers, who had not seen each other in years. Ira…just sat there..dumbfounded. ~WHAT WERE THEY DOING?!~ Uri ran his hands up and down her back, squeezing her ass cheeks forcefully, as she bent to his will. It was a sickening display, since…Uri was her father! “God…I think I’m going to be sick.’ Ira groaned. He didn’t even want to get out of the car, and face this disgusting duo. For a time, they seemed to forget he was even there.

Uri pulled back finally from Ayalah, cradling her in his arms, and she was like this…lovesick kitten with him. Slowly Ira undid his seatbelt and stepped out of the car, but not away from it. Uri showed a huge smile, as he had his arm around Ayalah. “Ah…the man of the hour. Yes…I am very very happy you got my Viper back. Now…if you would get on the plane, we are going back to Prague. Our business in this country is done. Come. We have your next mission to discuss. I have the brief.” Ayalah made a goose lips expression at Ira, pleased with herself…which had Ira clench his fists tightly. “No…” Just one word. The Israeli chief stopped for a moment, and jerked his head back towards where Ira stood near the car. “Wolf…you do not say no. YOU…COME WHEN I CALL YOU!” Uri started to raise his voice sharply, while Ayalah blew in his ear, trying to calm him down. Ira shook his head. “I am done…I no longer serve you….or the Israeli government. You two deserve each other. Seriously. But the woman who was left behind…is a far more worthwhile human being than either of you could match up to.”- He turned away and Uri pulled out a gun and pointed it at Ira’s back, the right side of his jaw twitching. “WOLF…I COUNT TO THREE..”- Wolf shrugged and got into the car, as the older man stood there…barking at him. “WOLF…you are a disgrace!” Wolf started the car and then smiled. “Go fuck your red haired slut of a daughter. I am saving Lotus. ASSHOLE” He started the engine and threw it into reverse, then sped away, as Uri looked on….furious. “That..is no man. He will die before he even reaches her.” Did he know something that Wolf didn’t? <3>