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The Man in the Mask : Lacardis Prime


Writers : CharlotteCarrendar & DarksiedtheLegend.

Guest_DarksiedtheLegend: -The masked man would wipe some of the blood of his mask as he stared at this strange person who for some strange reason says her tunnels are a lot nicer than these tunnels as she also pointed her name was Char and was far away from home as he would say out loud to her-(?) Ahh the union must have made your tunnels… a pity we can’t get started in these tunnels yet. So Char where are you from? Alma? Erria? Gehenna? or Raxis? Last I heard the union made a device called a boiler in Erria..the union builders over there say it would make hot water and also heat the buildings there so are you from there? After all Erria’s tunnels are the most cleanest-This strange masked man was already leading her through the tunnels and they had been travel for quite some time-

CharlotteCarrendar:- Charlotte followed, the sound of her metal boots sloshing through the water was amplified, as she tried to keep up. When the man in the mask enquired about where she was from, and also mentioned the unions, she put two and two together and realised that the unions of Lacardis were very similar to the ones in Nemaues. (Charlotte)”Errr yes..the unions did make the tunnels…but, I am not from the places you mentioned. I mean, yes, I lived here once but…that was before…*she then realised she was saying a bit too much, and that this may have an effect on the time here. She changed tack* “I uhm…come from a place known as Nixagris, its…a long way from here, but the tunnels there were made by the unions, that I can vouch for.” The masked man spoke of an invention known as a boiler and she absent mindedly said, “The unions invented the boiler?” But….uhm….okay. That sounds like a neat invention. I ….I be honest, I need to get back up to the hall, and see that table up there with the map in the glass dome. Its really important. You don’t think that, you could help me get up there…from here?”

Guest_DarksiedtheLegend: -As he waited for her response and he really did wait rather than go any further from where they stopped as she said about the union making the tunnels, she lived here before and a place called Nixagris so it was true the unions had went to far places but then she said the unions invented the boiler but she sounded puzzled or amazed and she kept on asking to go back to the hall where supposedly guards should be either looking for her or still on patrol.-(???) You are lying to me, I don’t like people who lie right in my face….I understand about people keeping their own little secrets but if you really are telling the truth then you won’t mind me putting you in a little test, so that I ease my mind and suspicions about you…Who is the Grandmaster? the one who controls the union in Nixagris? -This strange masked man just stood there staring right at her and holding that crowbar in his left hand and it seems like he was indeed waiting for an answer-

CharlotteCarrendar:- The man in the mask stopped, and then became very serious, telling her how he didn’t like liars, or keeping secrets that were of importance, especially with where she needed to be taken too. She realised that she had to fess up, and so she took a deep breath, and said. (Charlotte)”The Grand master is the one that controls the under world, and the river of masks. He is holder of the book of ancients, a book that when you put yiour hand in it, it bleeds into your fingers and you can see, what happened, is happening. He…he is known as the architect. But, in my world, he died, and a new one has taken his place. The unions finished the tunnels in Nixagris, but there was a civil war, as the new grandmaster had to be found. Even I don’t know who the new Grand master is. Mr Digger controlled the unions, but he is missing. And Shovel…he was down in the Baron’s swamp last I saw him. And I barely made it out of there alive…I still don’t know how I survived it. I…the grand master fought…my mom. I saw it in the book. I know this all sounds like I am making it up, but its the truth, I swear it.”

Guest_DarksiedtheLegend: -The man in the mask was a bit taken back on how much an outsider knows about the hidden paths but a book of ancients now that was just getting weird as it kept on going…A book thats lets you see what has happened and happening but such a book does not exist… yet. And how the grandmaster died and a new was found and what not of a civil war would the man found it odd how she said a grandmaster fought her mother…who was her mother so now he needed to know-(???) Wait wait wait I asled for a name not a story alright if you don’t know who this new grandmaster is can you at least tell me who was the old grandmaster before the new one…you know the one before the civil war? Now Take your time and think really carefully who was the old grandmaster if you answered that question and I am only asking you to answer that question then I promise I’ll find a way to sneak you back into the meeting hall where that table with the map in a glass dome and I probably might even help you sneak past all the guards that are there so who is the old grandmaster? -He was literally just standing there as it might seem like he was staring at her and somewhat trying to digest her story if she told anyone else this story he was pretty sure they would call her crazy, a witch or something like that but he was actually trying to understand the story she told-

CharlotteCarrendar: – It seemed she had told him a bit too much, since he was more or less telling her that he really wanted to know who the old grandmaster was. He offered to find a way to sneak her into the meeting hall and up to the table, if she could answer the question. (Charlotte)”He……his name here…is….uhm…*she gulped and then whispered*….Darksied” he…he built the underworld city…he…he was known as the Carpenter….the great secret of the Carrendar. That is who the Grand master is in this world. I have seen it, in the book of ancients, with my own eyes. He wore a black robe…and bandages….and…..and…*she then looked straight at the man in the mask standing before her…..and her jaw fell open-

Guest_DarksiedtheLegend: -She had every reason for her to let her jaw fell open as the man who stood before her was indeed the man she described in fact he wasn’t exactly wearing a black robe but he does wear it when he is not union work or duty but in fact he was wearing the union standard clothing of black pants, leather shoes, a bit of leather armor kind of like a chest plate, a couple of metal gauntlets , a black hood, a toolbelt strapped around his waist with his many numerous tools, and a metal mask on his face.-(Darksied) You know I never guessed I would become a grandmaster so far I am just one of his more laid back apprentice but still one of his appprentices. So I am guessing you must be one of those chrono mage or better known as a time jumper… besides you kind of gave yourself away by some of your own words. One you spoke of cleaner tunnels but the truth is no tunnel is cleaner than this for you see they are all alike, Two you seemed almost surprised like the boilers were already built by the union but the truth is its the old man and my pet project we haven’t even finished the testing period and thats was three months ago, Three the country you spoke of Nixagris well I don’t think there is a Nixagris on the map but I think it might occur at your time as for your final mistake was the fact that the grandmaster of your time was me…I am really shocked that the old man would pick me as for the other names you threw into your story…I don’t think I even know a Mr. Digger or a Shovel…. oh well a promise is a promise follow me and you might want to close your jaw that is unless you want to catch flies -Now as he had started to continue walking back in his own pace as he traveled along the tunnels before reaching a sewer grate as the man known as Darksied would move the sewer grate and enter the tunnel which would lead downwards to a factory? It seemed like thee was many people there all dressed exactly like Darksied. A whole group of people dressed exactly like with one thing being different for the male and females was the chest plate as one could clearly see one was more suited for the female workers-(Darksied) Umm we going to have to take a small detour. -This factory seemed to be like a giant metal plant as there were people pouring heat boiling metal liquid into a container to make some sort of shape as other workers were metal cogs, gears and plates as other workers were placing said cogs into a wooden shipping crate filled with hay. Once the metal pieces are placed inside crate would someone place a wooden lid on top of the crate then nail it down and oddly enough all the boxes had two capital F’s painted on the crates sudes and lid-

CharlotteCarrendar: – Charlotte would close her mouth, using the tip of her index finger under her chin, but still stunned that in front of her now, stood the Grand master…well his apprentice. (Charlotte)”You could call me a time jumper….sort of.” -she followed Darksied down through the sewer, and finally came to a sewer gate, that he would open, and entered a tunnel that lead to to a factory, where many of the workers were wearing similar outfits to the one worn by Darksied. They all seemed to be so busy, This was a bustiling metal plant, the smell rising and Charlotte wrinkled up her nose, and felt the heat as boiling metal liquid was being poured into moulds. She took a closer look and saw that they were making metal cogs, that were then placed into crates that were filled with straw. This was so before Charotte’s time, she marvelled at the rate of manufacturing these pieces. It was hard work, and not for the lazy. Charlotte noticed that there were initials on the crates filled with cogs. (Charlotte)”What does FF mean?” she thought outloud, her question would be one that she wanted to know, since maybe whoever makes the cogs in her time, were ancestors of those of Nemaues.

Guest_DarksiedtheLegend: -Darksied seemed to be looking for someone as she asked about the initials and what they mean-(Darksied) Just one of those noble families that orders parts there are plenty around that asks of us to do this kind of work…where is she? that her? no wait there she is come on follow me -Now if Char follows Darksied she would notice that he is leading her to a woman who was dressed in black pants, leather shoes, a breast plate, metal gauntlets, a metal mask but no black hood which revealed the womans long black hair that seems to be in a french braid thats goes all the way down to her waist. It seems this lady was telling other workers around her to go and ship the crates out to the customers as the other workers scattered Darksied approached the woman before saying out loud- (Darksied) Hey Darksied. (?) Hey Darksied. -The two would high five each other; now for the purpose of not confusing or mixing the two up the male Darksied shall be known as Darksied and the female Darksied shall be known as Lady Darksied and yes in the first part where they both say hey to each other they really did refer to the other as Darksied-(Darksied) So hows your work Darksied? (Lady Darksied) So far so good and hows the old man? (Darksied) So far so good so you free for today? Cause I got a favor to ask. (Lady Darksied) Again Darksied? This going to be what?… your tenth time to ask a favor. (Darksied) Yeah I need some help sneaking my friend back into the meeting hall. So do you have some spare uniforms I could give to her so that she doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb? (Lady Darksied) Oh no, please tell me this is not going to get me into trouble. (Darksied) Well…no if all things go well. (Lady Darksied) Okay but you owe me big time Darksied no skipping out on the payment. Come on follow me… -It wasn’t particular far from where lady Darksied was as she lead the two of them to a room with as Lady Darksied would open the door to reveal a kitchen where most of the masked workers were busy preparing meals of sorts as she would shut the door before reaching into her pocket and pulling out a key before placing the key into the door knob as Lady Darksied turned the key would she then pull it and open the door revealing a cupboard filled with union type clothes-(Lady Darksied) Go on inside find the right size and change into it. -Somewhere in the high seas of Lacardis was a merchant ship and it seems to be traveling to a dock somewhere at the river of discord where the crates with the initials FF were passed to men in hooded robes as the hooded men placed them on the back of the wagons before transporting them t their master in his castle somewhere in Erria. As the hooded men opened the crates and pass them to the servants of the castle as the servants would help the master in his latest invention once the invention was done would the master enter the ballroom of his castle where a party of masked nobles was dancing, drinking well having the ball of their life as the master tried to get their attention it seemedl like they too busy partying as the master turned his head to one of the hooded men and said-(?) Igor get their attention. -One of these so called hooded men was a five foot man with a big hunchback as he would nod before getting a hammer and hitting a bell as it rang out it got the attention of those around-(Igor) Your attention everyone! May I present to you the Master… Lord Finster the five hundred sixty eighth. -As Igor pointed at his master Finister would Finister speak out-(Finister 568) Ladies and Gentlemen of the Finister family. My brothers and sisters after years of hardships and determination have we finally achieved great grand fathers dream all his blue prints and diagrams and all the technology we have amassed and combined we achieved his dream and with this very hands I constructed the dream to reality now turn your attention to the window -As the party goes turned their attention to the windows would they notice a giant mechanical machine-(Finister 568) Great grand fathers dream will be a reality..with his very dream the mechanical clockwork Titan. The Finister family will eliminate the Fuyu no arashi clan once and for all!.-The party goers would scream in victory as they raised their fists into the air-(Finister 568) Great Grand father your dream of seeing the Finister Family succeed. Will finally be a reality!!!