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Role play Live : Group : The Death Club.

Boobs Inga….Boobs!

Get me to the church on time.


Players :

CharlotteCarrendar: -It had been a few days, since Kraus had been reunited with his love, Inga. The nights of passion, and the breakfasts in bed. The…lunches in bed. Yes, it was a lot of food in bed. And who served it? Why, Sven and Dai of course. Once they had been allowed back into Inga’s spacious Hello Kitty apartment, they were on probation for bad behaviour and setting her up with Magilla Gorilla. The boys didn’t mind though. Hearing Inga’s laughter once more was music to their ears. Kraus, looked like he had been run over by a snow plough and then reversed on, but through it all, he could not help smiling, for he had the love of his life back in his arms once more. He would never be able to forget however, how the Greek boys put him in hospital, and then the Israelis trying to have him killed for what he knew of Ayalah. However, lessons learnt, he knew that he had a lot to make up for. Keeping Inga safe, was not so much the objective of his life, more so…being there for her, when he should have been all along. :: The morning of the wedding of Sven and Dai finally arrived, and much to their delight, Inga had granted them a reprieve from doing the chores, allowing them the chance to get ready for their big day. It was going to be held at the Town hall, where they would be officially registered as a same sex couple, which was as close to getting married as possible. The reception afterwards would be held at the Marriott Hotel in Prague, where the boys would be spending their first night as a wedded couple. The main room of Inga’s apartment was stacked high with gifts, from well wishers and family. The boys were in their matching tuxedos, and waiting for Inga to finally emerge from her bedroom. The cars were waiting outside, to take them to the hotel; it was just a matter of time. “Ingy…Kraus…? We are going to be late. Stop with the makeup sex already!” Sven cried. <3>

MaylionCarrendar: She had no idea where she was in Prague, but what did it matter? She was as free as a bird. Skipping, dancing, singing, she moved through the streets of Prague in the early morning. After day two of her freedom she had already forgotten about Kraus and seemed to be completely in hypnoses off the city and its citizens. Her body being off medication had gave her a few days of clarity.. but now she was in danger of slipping back into a psychoses. She had swapped her institute clothing for indie styled clothing. A good beige knitted sweater, a black bow in her ponytail, Light washed jeans and a pair of brown hike shoes. To make her unrecognizable on the street she had bought a pair of glasses. Darlene had no money, and it took a while for her to practice her thief skills. Once in a while the shoes became annoying to her and she regularly held them in her hands while enjoying the city of Prague. Within the waves of people she then walked.. Blending in, and at first sight she seemed normal for once. She copied and pasted the behaviour of citizens and after a few days nailed it being normal. She loved the daylight,.. at night however she changed.. Like Cat woman she’d held herself in the shadows.. scared of the people being awake and active, hopping from bar to bar. Oh yes she had visited a bar on her first night.. But the moment she had walked in and had to meet the wave of smoke and alcohol and sweat scents she nearly fainted and rushed back outside claiming in her head that all those people were even more idiotic than her for going to such a place. As she moved through the crowd she looked up to one outstanding building. The Marriot hotel.. a beautiful designed hotel that reached up high in the sky. The entrance of the hotel was decorated as if an special event was coming up. People were busy trying to arrange flowers, and another bunch of things.. Darlene had stopped in the middle of the sidewalk opposite of the Hotel looking and staring at it. She heard her stomach grumble a bit.. maybe they had free drinks and food?

CharlotteCarrendar:- Inga finally emerged from her bedroom, being swatted on the backside by a very dapper looking Kraus. Sure his face still marked the bruises and cuts from his ordeal, but he was impeccably dressed in a designer Armani suit, in a dark navy, with a sweet closed white rose in the button hole of his jacket. Inga was dressed in Dior, a stunning gold gown that flowed down to the floor, and she was putting in her diamond earrings as she skipped out the door. Grinning over her shoulder at the love sick looking Kraus, she made a pawing action with her well manicured hand. “Rawr!” Kraus wiggled his eyebrows, and was set to take her back into the bedroom for round # 78362 (lol) but Sven clapped his hands. “Hello…this is our day, so if you don’t mind. Chop Chop.” The happy couple smirked and giggled like they were back in high school, as Dai opened the front door to let them out. Dai looked nervous and bowed as they passed him, only to be caught on the arm by a flustered Sven. “How many times do I have to remind them it’s our day?..Hmm? Hmm?” Dai chuckled and shut the door, so they could head down to where the cars could take them to the registry office. :: At the Marriott, many of Sven’s and Dai’s gay friends were turning up, in all manner of clothing. Some were in full drag, others in leathers and assorted dominatrix gear. Few others were dressed more formally, like Sven’s parents that stuck out like dog’s balls against the rest of the party. There was much chatter and excitement for this special occasion. :: Arriving at the Town hall, the two couples entered and headed up to the registration room, on the second floor, while the chauffeurs had a smoke and talked about the latest scandal to hit Prague. The massive motorway tragedy, and the escaped mental patients. It was in all the papers, and many were on the lookout for the one that got away…Darlene. <3>

MaylionCarrendar: – She heard them talking next to her.. Czech was full of taboo’s, though registered partnership was almost fully accept among the crowd. Only 21% of the population was against it.. If the couple would try to adopt a baby today, the people with signs holding up screaming .. ‘’ you will burn in hell for sticking your dick in a man butt ‘’ would be with more supporters. Just a few strong religious people were standing next to her indeed with signs held in the sky trying to stop the couple from having their glorious day. (?) ‘’ I can see the flames above their heads! .. look at that.. disgusting! It’s not carnival.. ‘’ Darlene glanced sideways to see one of the females pointing at the few guests in full drag clothing, and the ones dressed in leather. Though when she heard the word carnival she got excited. (Darlene) ‘’ I like carnival yes? ‘’ The female next to her with the sign held up and slamming crosses in front of her while asking god to have mercy on souls, looked back at Darlene but not paying much attention. Darlene crossed the road while leaving her shoes behind. She wouldn’t stand out on bare feet compared to the drags. She had not noticed the two couples going inside.. she had not noticed that the one she was looking for was present with his Swedish kitty. She was looking out for the man in the superman outfit, not an Armani suit. Darlene passed the driver who had a smoke and talked about the fresh news of Prague. Darlene wearing her huge sunglasses just blended in the crowd as if she was part of the bunch. She loved carnival.. she loved carnival.. She hoped to dance the polka. While making her entrance in the Marriot hotel she observed the strange people from behind her sunglasses.. These people took carnival serious. Darlene happy as she was danced through the crowd, twirling and jumping she made her way to the main room looking for the polka.

CharlotteCarrendar:- The registration of the happy couple was a fairly standard affair. Unlike a real wedding, it was similar to the registrations in the US. The papers were signed by both Sven and Dai, while Inga took happy snaps with her hello kitty iphone. There was much joy when they were officially named as legal partners in the eyes of the Prague government. Sharing a kiss as they held up the legal document, Kraus and Inga clapped politely; all the while Kraus was unable to take his eyes off his adored Kitty girl. The serious part of the registration over, they headed back down to the foyer, and then out onto the street, where they walked the two blocks to the reception that was being held at the Marriott. What did shock Dai and Sven was the anti gay rally that was going on across the street. Inga flipped the bird to the placard waving citizens, clearly unimpressed with their slogans and chanting. Sven and Dai weren’t too happy about the spectacle, but were happy to see they had far more well wishers waiting for them at the Marriott. All four entered the hotel foyer to much applause from the delighted guests, who all trundled into the reception room on the ground floor. So many balloons and exquisite decorations, that were of course all organised by Dai, that the crowd was oohing and aahing over the lavish spectacle. No expense was spared, and on arriving, Inga and Kraus were offered flutes of sparkling champagne. The musicians, who were set up in the back of the room, struck up a delightful jazz rendition of “It had to be you.” Kraus and Inga tapped their glasses together and toasted each other for being reunited in time for the wedding. Naturally, they were unaware there was an uninvited guest…from Kraus’s horror hospital visit. <3>

MaylionCarrendar: – (Darlene) ‘’ Sorry!.. sorry! … whups? .. does it hurt, yes? ‘’ Darlene bumping in on everyone while twirling and jumping through the crowd like either a drunk one, or a small child, she apologized to every single person who would turn around and have an annoyed look on her/his face. She saw a drag, a SM master.. or something. She even saw people that looked like mental beings that lived with her in the institute. She saw expensive coats, expensive dresses.. a blue cocktail dress which she avoided. She saw Dolce and cabana(SP?XD), Chanel, Dior.. Armani.. Dior.. Armani.. While twirling and grabbing a glass of sparkles from a silver plate a servant was holding she bumped into the woman with the Dior dress. (Darlene) ‘’ SORRY! .. this stuff makes me tingle inside, yes? ‘’ and with a flash Darlene moved on, not looking back the one she bumped into. Darlene looked at her glass while dancing the polka.. This stuff was better than her medication. After the first sip she could feel the alcohol running through her system. A strange tingling feeling within her veins. Her knees became more weak after two glasses.. and her vision wasn’t as clear as it was before. What did they call this medication? Darlene laughed at and for herself. While taking large sips it almost seemed as if she was eating her champagne glass. (Darlene) ‘’ Enough polka for Clementine! .. sit! ‘’ Darlene found an empty chair at a table and just moved her ass down on the chair. Darlene had, because of her wanting level, given herself a new name.. Clementine. She nearly believed she was always called that way at this point. She glanced at the people at the reception, wondering why they didn’t joined in on the polka she wanted to start.. was this even a carnival festival? One of the guest in full drag outfit was sitting next to her in a blinding yellow neon skirt.. Underneath it the heshe worn panties and high heels with iron studs.. Darlene tipsy as she was bended her head slightly to try and peek underneath the skirt.. and as soon as the drag person moved herhis head towards her Darlene looked away and took another large sip of her sparkles.

CharlotteCarrendar: – The crowd was chatting and laughing, drinking and enjoying the finger food offered by very daring looking bus boys. Even Inga caught an eyeful of one well hung lad and downed her champers in a flash. Kraus caught sight of this and tweaked her cheek playfully. “Don’t forget about me, Kitten.” Inga smirked and wrinkled up her nose in a pert way. “Only looking…ooo is that sushi?” Seeing another lad carrying a large platter of sushi, Inga took a morsel as the tray went passed and she popped it into her mouth, chewing heartily. Clearly all that sex had worked up her appetite. At the head table, Sven tapped a glass with a small spork and asked for all to take their seats for the first course and of course, the speeches. “Ello…ello. Yes…please everyone, find a seat and we will have our Best man, Kraus Zimmerman, do the honours, to welcome everyone. Yes Mamma…to the left…that table. *point point*…Mamma…not that table..the other one. Sheesh. Kraus..quickly darling, up here. Bring Ingy…there is a boy. Dai…I need a bubbly. Ingy..you sit there..Okay…we all settled peoples.” The room erupted into a chorus of “Yes!” as Kraus took the microphone and blew on it. “Testing…one two…Oh it works. Heh. Please..be seated. That’s right. Thank you.” Inga took a seat at the main table, right beside Sven, who was arguing with a waiter about the year of the champagne. With the room settling and the band taking a break, all eyes were on Kraus. “Ladies and Gentlemen…family and friends, thank you on behalf of Dai and Sven, for coming here to celebrate the “marriage” of our dear friends. Please, raise your glasses, and be upstanding as we toast their happiness.” Everyone stood, as Sven and Dai lent close to each other, posing for the photographer. “To the happy couple!” <3>

MaylionCarrendar: – As the crowd was sitting down neatly at their tables Darlene got a better view of the reception.. the people in it, the purpose of this carnival spectacle. Loud talking funny looking people, posh people, normal ones.. And Her. The escaped mental patient. And then.. someone started to speak.. loud and raised his voice above the crowd. “Ello…ello. Yes…please everyone, find a seat and we will have our Best man, Kraus Zimmerman… ‘’ (Darlenes mind) + Kraus?… Kraus.. where does that name.. .. KRAUS?! ‘’ , blablablablablablaaa…*point point* Blablablablabla . Kraus.. (darlene’s mind) ‘’ I heard it well yes? Kraus?! ‘’ blablablabla . blablablablabla . blabalbalbla blue banana balls…. And then.. kraus stood there with a microphone in his hand.. Talking. But Darlene didn’t heard his words no longer.. atleast not his exact words. The face of Kraus.. the face of superman was in the same room as hers.. Her mind flipped over.. her brains rolling through her head. Her heart started to stop working for a few seconds.. Her eyes behind her sunglasses widened.. Flashbacks entered her mind of superman in the padded room, superman in the hallway.. Superman kissing her cheek.. Superman leaving the institute.. Superman who had gestured her to break free and find him. The thin line snapped. The control not only over her own brain but also over her senses were gone. She smelled things that weren’t in the room.. she saw faces that weren’t there.. but most important she heard the voice of superman talking to her.. through the microphone.. She saw superman pointing at Darlene.. She saw him blowing kisses to her.. it was all for her.. This whole spectacle was for her. “Testing…one two…Oh it works. Darlene this is for you.. Thank you.” “Ladies and Gentlemen…family and friends, thank you on behalf of Darlene, for coming here to celebrate the freedom and love of ours . Please, raise your glasses, and be upstanding as we toast happiness.” “To the happy couple, Darlene and Superman! ‘’. And as everyone stood.. Darlene stood.. but not on the ground.. not on the chair.. no she stood on the table removing her sunglasses from her face while having tears dropping from her eyes. She had spread her arms widely and opened her mouth.. In her mind everyone looked at her with a smile.. a smile to show how happy everyone was that Darlene found her Superman.. She was Lois all along. From her throat.. she sung with all her might. In reality it sounded like a drunk karaoke .. but in her mind she could sing like they did in musicals. ( Darlene) ‘’ You’re my Superman!, in my master plan!, you’re the symphony.. in my melody! ‘’ Darlene turned around to the band and made a gesture to start playing that song.. and if they did.. she would continue to sing her love for Superman.

CharlotteCarrendar: – Oh, it was truly a memorable occasion, with everyone standing up, raising their glasses, when all of a sudden, a girl dressed rather plainly, was on top of a table, and belting out song lyrics, that had everyone turning around and staring at the wide eyed girl. ‘’ You’re my Superman!, in my master plan!, you’re the symphony.. in my melody! ‘’ Darlene gestured the band to play along, and the lead singer shrugged, thinking this was some sort of staged prank and picked up the tune, so the room was filled with the strains of music, to match the sound coming from Darlene. Sven and Dai glanced at each other, and then babbling, wondering what on earth was going on. The crowd all joined in with Darlene as she sang, while Kraus looked dumbfounded. He recognised Darlene immediately, and you could see the microphone slipping from his hand. “Darlene..?” he murmered almost under his breath, while Inga was helping herself to the sushi tray on the main table. “Ooo is this prawn and avocado?” <3>

MaylionCarrendar: – The crowd joined her, the band played.. it was time for the kiss as Kraus had said her name. she heard, in her imagination, his voice to be filled with passion and love. With a jump she jumped off the table knocking glasses of sparkles over and ruining the table cloth. As she landed on the ground she ran forwards to the main table where Superman was standing.. with the microphone slipped from his hand. She heard cheering, yelling.. ‘’Woohoo’s’’ and what not. As Darlene would reach Kraus she would simply just press her lips against his, and if their lips would connect.. she would firstly hold him in her arms and then grab the Armani suit and try to undress him to show the world the superman outfit he was wearing underneath it. All her hard work, all her struggles, and all her sanity would disappear when she would kiss him. For once she could let him meet the clean Darlene.. the one without the poop stains and the salvia.. The Darlene she was when she was free.. — The tipsy-off-medication-Darlene. The Darlene who could turn from sweet, to rage in less than 0,4 seconds. But as long as she was with Kraus.. she promised herself to be good.. –

CharlotteCarrendar: – While Inga was chewing her sushi and humming along with the song, Sven rose up from his chair and moved to get in earshot of Kraus, to whisper “What is going on?” Course, he would barely get it out, when Darlene made her move. Knocking over glasses of bubbly, upsetting guests, who had been singing along, then she ran straight for Kraus, who took a step back, and felt the ceremonial cake in behind him. Darlene, went straight in to kiss the startled Kraus, causing Inga to nearly choke on her sushi. Spitting out the morsel on her plate, she grabbed her purse, and came up to the other side of Kraus, as Darlene was trying to rip off Kraus’s expensive jacket. “Heyz!…Getaway…from my man!”- Inga cried and tried to beat Darlene off with her petite Hello Kitty snap clutch. Dai could see what was happening and then cheered. “Taking bets…oh this is funny. Sven..you organise this?!” Just then the door to the reception room flew open and there was standing a very irate looking Helga. “INGA…I counted to fifty!” Inga stopped mid swat with her clutch and meeped. <3>

MaylionCarrendar: – She had felt his lips before on her cheek, but she never imagined them to be so soft on her mouth. More proof she didn’t needed.. he was hers. As she was trying to strip superman from his dull suit she could feel commotion around her.. And in her eye corners she saw the blonde Swedish kitty going at her with a hello kitty purse.. Screaming “Heyz!… I’m going to steel …your man!” No way.. no way.. no fucking way that was going to happen.. Darlene released Kraus his suit and tried to defend herself with her arms against the purse that was slapped against her.. picking a moment she could fight back for her man. Then the blonde kitty seemed to be distracted by the reception door that would fly open.. and a woman walked in. This was Darlene’s chance … Darlene imitating the movements of Alex two weeks back in the hospital she clenched her fist and aimed it right in Kitty’s stomach. She would throw her punch fast.. but as she was not trained for martial arts.. or whatever it was.. she didn’t really mastered the foot work.. if there was any. Anyhow. As Darlene threw the punch hoping it would hit the blonde kitty she took a step to the left in Kraus’s direction. Being tipsy after she would connect or not connect the hit stumbled over her own feet and would fall sideways against Kraus.. Now here’s the funny part.. That beautiful cake which was already slightly tilting due the fact Kraus was slightly leaning on it would drop onto the person sitting behind it. –

CharlotteCarrendar:- It was like a riot was about to break out in the reception. The drag Queens all squealed, pulling amazing wax like facial expressions while the doms and their subs cheered at the antics happening at the front table. Inga was furious to see this girl latching onto her Kraus, like he was some common wall boy. Course, Helga had to enter the fray, storming into the room, still smitten with the blonde Hello kitty Kitten. But then Darlene threw a punch at Inga, that connected and sent her off her feet and disappearing behind the main table. WOAH! Like King Kong himself had been morphed into Helga, she saw her “beloved” getting decked, and snorted loudly, as she pushed up the sleeves of her Nike tracksuit. “YOUR DEADZ!” she roared at Darlene. Charging straight for her, while Dai jumped up on the main table and assumed several rather interesting martial arts poses. “I know kung fu….haaaaaiiiii ya!” Sven fell back only to have the cake land on him, with Inga knocked out on the floor, after hitting her head. <3>

MaylionCarrendar: – The environment changed, signals changed.. the crowd changed.. her mind changed. 0,4 seconds ago everyone was happy that she and superman had declared their love.. and now people were already trying to stop them from having an relationship. The moment she punched Inga, and Inga was sent flying over the main table it had hit Darlene. Behind her Dai was standing on the table doing the kung fu moves.. and Sven was covered in cake.. She pushed herself off Kraus and turned her body to the raging and charging Helga.. Screaming that Darlene was deadz. Darlene her complete posture changed.. she stood up straight and seemed to have one goal at this moment. Defend and protect Superman from the squealing woman charging at them. No time for being the scared cat. Darlene’s pony tail came loos as she dashed forwards to charge at Helga.. she ran and her hair followed her. Her bare feet making no sound on the floor as she was going to meet Helga halfway. Darlene’s arms were moving in front of her, taking in the position.. clenching fist.. The plan was when she would meet Helga halfway .. to jump up and give a painful punch right on her nose. She watched how Superhero’s do it in movies.. time for her copy skills to do their work. With a rage face she barged at Helga.. (Darlene) ‘’ NOT BEFORE I KILL YOU! ‘’

CharlotteCarrendar: – It was like a scene from a National Lampoon movie, only mixed in with a gay Mardi gras..Possibly a bit of Les Mis. Screaming, kicking, yelling, swearing, and then of course there were those that appreciated a bit of action, in the form of the hulking Helga. Helga was not only a body builder; she was a wrestler and a weightlifter too. Talk about the perfect athlete, and with Darlene making a run straight for her, well….odds were in Helga’s favour. As Darlene made her jump into the air, with arm straight out, Helga reached to snatch her wrist with right hand, while her left hand came up from underneath like a cannon, to smash at Darlene’s elbow. What this would do is weaken her considerably, while getting a firm lock on the girl’s damaged arm. Snarling and snorting, the one tonne behemoth, would tip her huge head back and bring it forward so to smash the girl’s head like a watermelon, if she did not escape Helga’s vice like grip. Behind the main table, Kraus was scooping up his beloved Inga, whilst on the main table, Dai was break dancing, as the band struck up the tune. “Everybody was kung fu fighting…..HA!” <3>

MaylionCarrendar: – Maybe it was Darlene’s mind that showed her a different picture of Helga.. maybe in her mind Helga was this cute little.. thin .. innocent and weak girl running with her arms flailing. Maybe she had missed the danger of charging at a bodybuilder. Compared to Helga, Darlene was skinny as hell.. white as hell.. and weak.. as hell. But not having to carry the extra muscle weights might made Darlene a tad faster. Darlene blinded by hatred for everyone that would point a finger towards her Superman came closer.. and eventually wanted to make the jump for it. Stretching her arm and her fist aiming for Helga’s face. And she did made the jump.. But stupid Darlene had no escape from the air. As she felt Helga’s right hand wrap around her wrist, Darlene decided to continue the hit with her knee. As he wrist was caught and just before Helga’s left hand would smash against her elbow she used the ‘’Hanging moment ‘’ to move her knee forwards aiming for Helga’s stomach. Before the pain would go through her right arm, and before she could even realize her knee wouldn’t hit as hard as she wanted due the pain that would race through her arm and shoulder, Helga would bring her head back.. and then the next thing Darlene saw was the face of Helga in her face.. Her forehead against her forehead. Her brains felt like they made sixty flips in her head and every sound, every smell, every signal just faded in the back.. Her vision went nearly black and her muscles released the tension. Before her eyes rolled in the back of her head for a few minutes they were pointed down at Helga’s chest.. Darlene’s mind not functioning well after the blow had a series of questions about Helga’s boobs. With her free arm she reached over to her chest. Darlene simply pressed her 5 fingers on the woman’s chest to feel how hard her boobs were. (Darlene) ‘’ .. I bet you produce steroid milk.. ehe.. ehehehehe ‘’ Damn that woman had a hard boob. Lights out.. bed time.. Power nap.

CharlotteCarrendar: – There is a defining moment in a fight. Sort of like when David took on Goliath, or New York City took on King Kong. It’s usually pretty predictable, which is why, when Darlene made a mad ass run at the enormous German, the entire room stopped what they were doing to see just how many rounds the spritely mental patient could go against HELGA the HULK. If you could put the following actions into some sort of slow motion play, it showed Darlene’s rage, exploding from her with the powered force of her arm, thrust through the air, and aiming for her nose. Course, Helga, was on the ball, being experienced in such attacks, and collected the girl’s arm forcefully. But it was the underside power punch towards the elbow, that truly did the damage, weakening the girl. Darlene went for broke, using her knee to try and inflict damage to the wrestler’s stomach, and that kick did meet its mark. The affect? RAGE on a new level. The head of Helga ploughing into the young mental patient, and completely knocking her out. K.O! Well..almost. The girl was brazen enough to shove her dirty mits right into the bewbage of the enormous German. ‘’ .. I bet you produce steroid milk.. ehe.. ehehehehe ‘’ The room fell silent as Helga simply released the girl from her grip and this would mean she would collapse on the floor, if out cold. With the whole room now gawking at Helga, she turned around and did a Hulk like muscle pose, and that is when the band lighting switched on and turned her skin…an eerie shade of green. But …it was not over. Kraus emerged from behind the main table and rose up. Pointing at the oversized German. “Oi….you can’t just barge in here and beat up defenceless…*then he looked down at Darlene and frowned, realising she was a walking time bomb*…patients.” Helga’s head twitched and then she drew her right foot back, and brought it forward in a massive powered kick, to try and kick the unconscious Darlene’s head in. At this point, Dai had seen enough and screamed out “BANZAI!” and leapt off the main table, landing on the body of Darlene on the floor, to take the full kick from the Wrestler, which could send both flying across the floor. THIS would start a full on riot. <3>

MaylionCarrendar: – Was it cold because the blood stream had left her face? Was it cold because the touch of the hard boob of Helga the mad hulk German was made of stone? Was she wearing stones in her bra? .. Was it cold because she had hit the floor? Darlene for sure didn’t know.. the only thing she felt at one point was a body lying on top of her.. had she defeated the wrestler with her massaging hands? Had she pressed Helga’s nipple and actually shut her down? .. Or was she being raped? Whatever happened.. Darlene no like.. Darlene really no like.. She felt her consciousness coming back slowly.. She could feel tingles all over her body and slowly but surely getting feeling back in her arms and legs. As if she woken up from a dream she muttered. (Darlene) ‘’ Don’t let her have kids, okay? They be fed on steroid milk.. ‘’ She then slowly raised her left arm to push off whatever was laying on top of her. She opened her eyes and noticed the man on top of her.. so she was getting raped?! Darlene panic mode on! With a delay of 5 seconds due her body being stiff and didn’t recollected itself from the blow yet Darlene started to move her body, trying to get herself up and the man off her. Confused as she was she tried her best to make a great escape but for the moment she was unable to do anything. –

CharlotteCarrendar: – Covered in cake, Sven emerged from behind the main table too, and saw his beloved had dived onto the wayward Darlene, who was spread eagled on the floor. “Baby?!”- he wailed and ran, arms flailing to tear him off the besieged Darlene. Reaching his side, he snatched up Dai’s arm and tried to lift him off, all the while the rest of the guests, much of the Prague’s elite in the gay community, all set upon the enormous Helga, beating her with everything they could get their hands on…but it was one petite lady, who managed to pick up an expensive vase and smash it over the back of Helga’s head. The force of the marble vase, knocked out the Hulkinator, who went cross eyed as she slumped to the floor. Who was the lady? “I hated when she touched my tits. Now…will someone please..explain who DAT is?” Inga said, pointing to the woman on the floor. <3>

MaylionCarrendar: – It went fast and in slow-motion at the same time. Darlene still not fully being recovered from her knock out heard the gay man pulling his love of her.. but not really realizing it all she still thought it was some freaky rape attack. How can someone like to rape unconscious females. The guest had gathered.. slapping not-so-poor German Helga the hulk.. and finally she heard a vase shattering and the sound of the massive muscles falling down on the floor next to her. Darlene pushed Sven of her and rolled a few times to the other side making sure there was no rape attempt left on her body. Back to the present.. and back to her full rage moment Darlene stood up wobbling on her feet while hearing Inga scream and pointing at her. Darlene lifting only her left hand to point at kraus and catching her breath.. and trying to find the right words spoke.. (Darlene) ‘’ I’m Lois lane right?.. Superman’s wife.. and you blonde tit.. you can’t take him away from me, okay?! ‘’ with mad eyes she stared at every single person in the room.. (Darlene) ‘’ Nobody can. ‘’ –