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Easter/April Fool’s Day Special – Death Club Live Role play

A New cold war.

“Shadow Dancing”


Last time…

CharlotteCarrendar: – It was like God himself had flipped the switch and all the lights and power returned to the compound. Wolf ripped off his night vision goggles, as the sirens sounded loudly. “FUCK!” There was nothing for it, and Ayalah had already got in behind the wheel of the Porsche. “I will leave you behind, you big Dope.”- she snarled, as she started the engine. Part of Ira wanted to kill Ayalah himself at this point, but he had almost completed the mission, and now, he had to chose. Tossing his goggles away in anger, he got into the car beside her, just in time, as she threw the car into reverse and floored it, the car’s tires screaming as the car rocketed out of the garage and then did a 180 degree spin, spewing out vast quantities of burning rubber fueled smoke. Laughing madly, she hit the accelerator and the car took off down the drive, past the numerous guns that were firing from the bushes. Pinging sounds heard against the outer metal of the car, as she headed for the gates and freedom. Ira tossed his head back into the head rest and grit his teeth. He hated himself more than ever, and wondered, if she would ever forgive him, if Lotus got out alive. :: Back in the compound, the sudden burst of light had Lotus come to a halt. “Oh no..” Time was not her friend. Out in the open now, she was a sitting duck. Madly she ran back into the room where they first came in and grabbed back up her bag that she had brought with her. Everything she needed to make an escape. Still wounded as she tried to place the bag on her back, she staggered for the balcony entrance, where she did a right turn, and started running for the cliff face of the compound gardens. It was the only way.


LadyBelz: Gia ducked into alcoves as guards ran about, searching for downed comrades or possibly the person or persons who had caused all the chaos. Still covered in black, she was unnoticeable as she began searching for Lotus. She came across the decapitated guards and spotted the trail of blood leading out onto the veranda walkway overlooking the cliffs. “Shit.” she whispered to herself, drawing her knife – a just in case measure. Stepping stealthily through the doors, she checked the area thoroughly. There was no sign of Lotus. Using the lights from inside the compound, she looked around for the trail of blood and spotted it heading away from where she was standing. Quickly she made for the gardens, hoping it wasn’t too late…

CharlotteCarrendar: Lotus’s heart was in her mouth, as she saw the Porche speeding out of the grounds, tearing away into the night. They had left her behind, to suffer the fate of whatever Yuri and his men had in store for the Japanese spy. Blood dripped from her wound as she staggered along the veranda, hearing the sound of crashing waves, coming from the end of the landing. The Wind whipped up, and mixed with the shouts of the remaining guards, and the ricochets of bullets being fired at the car speeding away, she knew she didn’t have too many options left. Her hair spilling out from her bun as she ran, like a black torrent down her back, the bag was now weighing her down. Fearing for her life, she dropped the bag on the ground so she had enough strength to make it to the cliff edge. She didn’t look back, even if it meant she would be shot from behind..

LadyBelz: Lotus had a good head start but didn’t know the compound as well as Gia did. Ignoring the guards that were occupied inside and out in front of the compound, she quickly followed the trail of blood, noticing the little droplets were getting larger and thicker the further she traveled. A sound made her glance up and she spotted her quarry as she tossed some bag away from her in order to not be bogged down. Her right arm seemed to be hanging listless at her side. Gia picked up the pace, gaining ground quickly behind the fleeing woman. “Lotus! Wait!” Gia took a chance and called out the young woman’s name. The alarm was still blaring so it was doubtful she was heard.

CharlotteCarrendar: Ten feet from the edge, the balcony of Roman columns were the only thing stopping people from toppling over the edge and plummeting into the sea. Down far below, the roar of the waves, as they crashed against the rocks was almost deafening. Lotus could no longer have feeling in her right arm, as her shoulder had been seriously damaged by the gun shot wound. Suddenly, there were footsteps, running. Someone was running after her. Flashes of memory flickered through her mind as she made the final few steps. Then a voice; “Lotus! Wait!” Someone called her code name. Blinking tears, she whipped her head back around, to see the outline of a woman, then getting closer she was dressed like that of the Crow. Terrified it was one of Yuri’s people, she cried out. “I jump!”

LadyBelz: “I jump!” Gia heard the woman’s breathless and panic-filled warning. She stopped a few feet away. “Lotus…I only want to help you. You have to trust me now. Can you do this?” Gia asked, slowly putting her knife away and holding out her hand. “You can not jump, not from this height. The rocks below will rip you to shreds. There is an easier way to be free from this place but you have to trust me.” Gia pleaded with the young woman, hand held out, almost in supplication.


CharlotteCarrendar: :- All Lotus’s life, she had been betrayed, by each single person she had ever loved. Even Ira left her to die. Why now, would a saviour come to her aid, just as she was staring death in the face. Her face showed the torture of years of abuse and neglect, and the trust was just not there. Eyes brimming with tears. She took a look back down at the tumultuous sea, that would ravage her body, and wash her away like the stain that she was. There was only one way…and she slowly took her katana off her back with her left hand, and sank to her knees. As the woman would watch on, most likely horrified by this, Lotus, with one hand, turned the blade, so the tip would face her stomach. She had no honour, she had no true family, for she could never call Uri or Ayalah that. Her head dropped, as she tried to force the blade through her chest with one hand, as her body sagged.

LadyBelz: Gia watched in horrified shock at what she was about to do, paralyzed. She could not let this happen. She had made a promise and she was not about to break it. “No!” she cried out, running full out toward the girl. When she was close enough, she kicked out, striking the hilt of the katana with the heel of her boot, praying that she was not too late.

CharlotteCarrendar: – The tip of the blade starts to penetrate her clothing, and then she feels the tear of skin, when all of a sudden, the woman who is watching the closing of the lotus, kicks the katana out of Lotus’s hand and it clatters to the ground, the tip of the blade coated in her blood. Lotus’s head wobbles slightly, then rises as she views the woman who screamed “No!” at her. Sirens blaring and the roar of the sound of a fleet of cars, meant one thing….they were coming back from the Ball. Shuddering, Lotus extended out a blooded hand to the woman and then collapsed upon the ground.

LadyBelz: Gia hears the screech of tires out front and could hear Yuri yelling “Vhat zee fuck ees zees bullsheet?” She turned back to Lotus just as the young woman lost the fight with consciousness. “Dammit.” she swore. She had much to do and precious little time to do it in. First things first, she grabbed up the katana and backtracked to the bag that had been tossed away and quickly hid them where no one would find them, beneath a cluster of rocks that made up the north wall of the garden. She grabbed up the unconscious woman, careful of her injuries and got her up over her shoulders in a fireman’s carry. She turned back the way they had come, knowing time was precious, but the library was the quickest route back to the servant’s quarters, where she knew she could keep Lotus safe from Yuri and his men. Checking that no one was about, she slipped silently into the library and took the left hall into the servant’s wing. One of the other servant girls, who had bravely kept a watch out, saw her coming with her cargo, eyes wide. “What happened?” she whispered. “Not now. I must see to her safety but I need you to pick a few of the others that you trust to keep this secret to go to the main hall and clean up the blood trail leading to the gardens and to here. He has returned and he cannot find this woman or we are all dead. Do you understand me?” Gia’s tone brooked no argument and the girl, eyes wide with fright, nodded vigorously, hurrying down the hall to wake a few of the other servants for the task ahead. Gia got to her room without incident and carefully placed Lotus on her own bed. She ducked into the bathroom for medical supplies and water. Setting the items on the side table, she quickly ripped off the black silk top Lotus had been wearing and tossed it across the room. The wound from the katana blade was superficial and didn’t require her immediate attention. It was the gunshot wound that worried her and needed the most work. Ripping the shade off of her lamp so that she’d have more light to work with, she took up a pair of tweezers and began to probe the wound, checking to see if the bullet had lodged itself inside. Not finding anything, she turned the woman onto her side to see the exit wound in the back. Nodding, she took up the peroxide and poured half the bottle into the wound, taking a chance that this would knock the woman back into the land of the living, or make her groan in pain but remain unconscious.

CharlotteCarrendar: As Lotus hit the ground, she closed her eyes for what she thought was the last time. Would this be the moment, when God finally decided to let her end her suffering? Dazzling lights like fireflies danced about her in this state of unconsciousness. The beat of her heart became the final drums that led to the next life. Everything in her life started to show in her mind’s eye, but going backwards, in rapid time, as she stared down the pathway to the light….she glanced down beside her to see her five year old self, who reached out and took her hand. The little girl was smiling at her, and pointing to the light. That way…that way…Just up ahead, her mother stepped out from behind a tree and gestured for her to come. Take the journey into the light. Boom..boom..boom..Boom….Boom…her heart was still beating. The little girl started to pull on Lotus’s hand, trying to get her to walk faster. A blazing red light appeared from the other side of the track, and she could then hear voices. Two women talking; “Not now. I must see to her safety but I need you to pick a few of the others that you trust to keep this secret to go to the main hall and clean up the blood trail leading to the gardens and to here. He has returned and he cannot find this woman or we are all dead. Do you understand me?” In Lotus’s mind, the light was starting to fade, as the little girl broke her hand away and ran towards her mother. Lotus finally stopped walking and looked back behind her. Boom…Boom…Boom…Boom…”Misako…….” There was a god awful pain, that had her cry out in the real world, as she opened her eyes to see Gia hovering over her.

LadyBelz: Lotus’s eyes snapped open and caught Gia’s gaze. Gia stared back at her. “You are safe. No one will find you here. You are safe.” Gia whispered, returning to tending the gunshot would. It had stopped its furious bubbling and she used some water to wash away the blood. Grabbing up needle and thread, she began to stitch the wound closed, having done this many times for herself out in the field. Once the front wound was done, she again turned Lotus to her side to give the same treatment to the exit wound. She inspected her work, satisfied to see no oozing. She covered both with gauze and medical tape before wrapping her shoulder in a field bandage. She careful returned Lotus to her back and stood with a sigh. “If you can understand me, you must remain in this room until you are healed. Yuri cannot find you here, he does not come to this wing of the house. Once you are well, I will get you out of here safely.” There was a light tap on the door and drawing her knife, she turned toward it. “Yes?” she whispered. “It is me.” came the voice of the servant girl. Gia pulled the door open slightly and peeked through the crack. “We have done as you asked, but He is in a right state. He shot the Captain for his failure and they have another prisoner, a man, with them.” the girl stated. “What of the other girl…Mia?” Gia asked. The girl shook her head. “Dammit.” Gia snapped. She had been hoping that Mia would have gotten away while they were out, but it looked to not be the case. “Thank you. Back to bed with you now. And remember, you saw nothing.” The girl nodded and headed back to her own room. Gia closed the door and locked it before turning back to the bed. Despite the pain, Lotus looked to be staring at Gia in curiosity.

CharlotteCarrendar: “You are safe. No one will find you here. You are safe.” Gia continued to reassure Lotus, as she carried out cleansing the gunshot wound, which at this point was agonizing. With nothing to bite down on, Lotus grit her teeth, to stop herself from crying out further and giving away the fact she was there. Whilst the sewing of the wound was performed, Lotus stared at the woman, unsure of what to make of her. Surely she was risking everything just by helping her and hiding her in her room. Lotus still had no idea what to make of her, but she was in no position to argue. . “If you can understand me, you must remain in this room until you are healed.” Lotus finally knew what this meant. She had been double crossed by her half sister, Ayalah. Ira obviously in on it, had led her here purely to be the decoy as he rescued Ayalah for her Father, Uri. The more she thought of the whole plan, the more she realized she meant nothing to no one. A knock at the door, and Lotus had been eased on her back. Laying there, she listened to the two women converse again about Yuri returning. He may well tear the place apart looking for Ayalah, but maybe this woman knew more of the compound than she had imagined. On the closing of the door, the young girl dismissed, it was just Lotus and Gia again. The two staring at each other. Lotus finally spoke. “I am honoured you have helped me….but who do you work for? Why help me?”

LadyBelz: “I am honoured you have helped me….but who do you work for? Why help me?” came the hushed question. How was one to answer that without giving too much away. “I work for…a friend. And I help you because I can. Do not ask any more. You need your rest. When it is safe to do so, I will bring you something to eat.” Gia turned away, pulling off her top to reveal the stained wife beater underneath…stained with the blood of the Lotus no doubt. She sat down in the chair across the room to pull off her boots before standing again to strip off her pants. Standing only in her shirt and a pair of plain black underwear, she crossed the room to collect the supplies she used. She gave Lotus a piercing look, one of some deep suffering she had yet to reveal before she shook her head and went into the bathroom, closing the door behind her. The sounds of a shower starting made it to Lotus’s ears, but there was nothing beyond that. Who was Gia? And what was the look in her eyes for?

CharlotteCarrendar: – Told barely enough, Lotus had to stay quiet as instructed. Clearly the woman had been through an ordeal in the release of Ayalah, and now had the wounded Japanese girl in her room, that could well undermine her ability to do her job. Promised food, and assistance, Lotus simply nodded, but continued to watch her with wide eyed fascination. Following her movements, and she caught the look in her eyes. Haunting to say the least. It seemed that the pair, may well have something in common, but what? Only through sharing words, would they discover the truth behind the eyes. With the shower starting in the other room, and now Lotus was on her own, she turned over to stare at the wall, as in her mind, she plotted the destruction of the Viper and Uri…if she ever got out of this alive.