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Roleplay Group : The Death Club

The Dixie Diaries.

Coffee lovers.


Writer : CharlotteCarrendar.

-Reaching one of the outdoor tables just outside the restaurant, Nikolas guided Dixie to a seat and then bent forward, reaching to cup her face with his hand. “I will go in and get an order. Coffee? Water?…anything you feel like?” He asked, concerned about her. Dixie’s hands were trembling, and she reached for a napkin, to soak up the blood from the cuts to her hands. Feeling Nikolas caress her face, she felt a pang of guilt, allowing another man to touch her this way. But after he just saved her life, she owed him thanks. “Err…flat white…maybe a glass of water.”- Smiling at her answers, he withdrew his hand and headed inside, as Dixie continued to pat her hand with the napkin. The scratches were mainly superficial, but with her hands trembling from the shock, Dixie began to worry of what may have happened if the car had hit her, or if she landed on her stomach.

Nikolas emerged from the entrance to the restaurant, slip in hand and sat himself down opposite Dixie, with a concerned look upon his face. “They said it would only take a few minutes, Dixie.”- Seeing the napkin that Dixie was holding to her hand, Nikolas concern grew. “Should I take you to a hospital to get your hands looked at, or just a check up on the baby?”- It was truly heart warming that he was so worried about her, and truth be told, that was a nice feeling. Dixie on the other hand, knew that the baby was fine. “I’ll be alright. One cup of coffee, and everything is right in the world again.” This was a wonderful ideal, but we all know coffee is only good when you are waking up. The pair sat together quietly, Dixie seemed to keep looking up and down the road, obviously worried, whoever tried to run her over, was still around. Nikolas caught sight of this and reached for her hand that was not so sore. “It’ll be okay….I will make sure you get home safe and sound.” Now, to anyone passing, they may well have looked like a couple. And to the girl that approached the table, this is exactly what she presumed.

“Dixie…you didn’t tell me you were meeting your boyfriend after class.” Dixie quickly pulled back her hand, as her head turned to see Betty, standing just shy of the table, beaming like a Cheshire cat. “He is kinda cute. Where can I line up for one like him?” She was certainly not backward in being forward, and this brought an amused chuckle from Nikolas. “I think you are mistaken. I am Nikolas, Dixie’s friend and colleague, from the Death Club.” He rose from the table, and offered to pull out a chair for Betty, who was quick to take it. If it was one thing Betty loved, it was gossip. Betty became starry eyed, when it was now out in the open, that Nikolas was not Dixie’s boyfriend. The wicked Aussie stylist may be in with a chance. “Ooo so your single? This is a good day. And so muscular, you work out. Ooo let me feel that arm.” Betty reached across and gave his arm a squeeze, while mouthing to Dixie. “So firm….” Dixie tried very hard not to laugh, since she knew jolly well that Nikolas was not single at all. Surprised by Betty being so forward as to touch his biceps, he chuckled and wiggled his eyebrows playfully. “I work out, and my girlfriend Maggie appreciates them too. Just not so hands on as you, Miss.”- Betty took the hint, right away. Drawing back her hand and giving herself a smack for her troubles. “My mother always taught me to check and see if something is ripe. Sorry, I am a touchy feely. Oh…how embarrassing. “ She picked up a serviette to hide behind, as her cheeks flushed red. Dixie found this too cute and typical of the old Betty she knew back in Melbourne. “Oh don’t mind Nikolas, he is used to being pawed over at the bar where we worked. One old lady lost her front teeth to him one time. Heh.” Yes the memories of that night were still fresh in her mind, of how the old crone tried to pay for Nikolas to come service her in one of the sex suites. Maggie, who was so jealous, sprayed the woman fair off the barstool, using the soda gun. Nikolas was now the one with cheeks aflame and he even muttered. “Must you bring up that story? She had to have been 80 not out. I don’t do wrinklies. That’s just ew.” This brought peals of laughter from Dixie and Betty, who found his expression for disgust to be priceless.

The waitress came out with the tray of coffees and a bottle of water, complete with clean glasses, setting them down, while Betty took out her purse and asked for a cappuccino, no sugar. Dixie put down the blooded napkin and this was when Betty noticed that Dixie was injured. “What did they do to you in that art class? Let you play with razors?” She went to snatch Dixie’s hand to get a better look, when Dixie promptly drew her hands under the table. “I…took a fall on the road. Nikolas was able to help me up.” – Nikolas frowned, knowing that she was almost hit by a car, but Dixie seemed to implore Nik with her eyes, not to make a fuss. Nikolas tried to finish the sentence. “I think she was still dazed from seeing me at her art class.”- He smirked as Dixie rolled her eyes, leaning back in her chair. “Art class? Seriously? You don’t look arty, no offence.” Well she was right about that, and to humour her further, Nikolas decided to spill the reason he was there. “I was the model. They needed someone to pose nude.” At the word nude, Betty’s jaw dropped. The very idea that Dixie enjoyed her morning class, staring at a nude Nikolas was just too much. “Where can I sign up? Do they have a sculpture class too? I can imagine what I could do with clay staring at your body.” Nikolas roared with laughter, both at Betty’s candour, but also Dixie’s embarrassment. Either way, it was getting Dixie’s mind off the accident, and hopefully keep her in good humour, till it was time to take her home to the garage. The waitress returned with the second cup of coffee and sat it down for Betty, who paid her promptly. “Well…how about a toast?”- she raised her steaming cup of coffee and urged Dixie to do the same. “May we be…the new three musketeers of Prague, to do wicked things at nightclubs, across the city, and care for the delightful Dixie….who I just noticed is PREGNANT?!” She did just notice Dixie’s small belly and Dixie simply couldn’t hide it. “How far are you, Dix?” – Dixie shrugged lightly and then did a quick mental tally. “Bout…three months?” This set the wheels in Betty’s mind turning and she suddenly slapped Dixie’s arm whilst setting the coffee cup down. “Well, if the real father ain’t around to help. Can we be your birthing partners? We can teach you to moan and breath…right Nik?” Betty shot him a glance, nodding, and urging him to agree. “Uhm…well I don’t know a lot about…” even before he had finished, Betty had signed him up. “No arguments, Dix…we are going to stick to you like flies on cow’s ass.”

Dixie sighed and then rubbed her belly.

“Great…” <3>