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Roleplay Live : Group : The Death Club

The Simple life of Demetrios and Dixie.

A Slice of Life.



CharlotteCarrendar: –The Black cab pulls up just outside of the Tattoo shop which is closed for the night, Tito had long since gone home. Dixie was full of laughter, as she got out, Betty and Nikolas still singing nine fat trannies, sitting on the wall, as she stepped out onto the pavement. Both waved and Betty even blew kisses as the cab pulled away from the curb. Dixie shook her head at the madness of the pair, who had now decided to be her guardian angels, while she is out and about in Prague without Dem. Unsure if Dem was even home, she pulled her hood up over her head and jammed her hands into her pockets, taking the short walk down the drive that was beside the tattoo shop to the Garage at the back. Reaching it, she took out her key and undid the lock, turning the handle and the door slowly slid up to reveal a light was on inside. “Dem?” she called out, half afraid it wasn’t him….but someone else.<3>

iShatteredSanity: -It hadn’t been long since Demetrios had returned back to the garage. Seeing that Dixie was not there, he assumed that Nikolas was with her. A sigh of relief parted his lips, but also with a tone of sadness. He should have been there for her, but he could not. Why did fate hold such a twist in store? Why couldn’t he enjoy more time with Dixie? Why did that thing had to happen? Why? Why? Why? So many questions that could not be answered. Well, perhaps there was an answer; that thing that people called God had a twisted taste of humour. Sighing once more, Demetrios walked inside the bathroom where he took a quick shower to relax a bit. The tension was too much after all. “You know, you are going to die young if you keep stressing yourself too much.”, was what he was told once by his aunt Penelope, his mother’s sister. She was so true but also false. True because yes, stress can kill a person, but wrong because Demetrios knew that he was going to die like a dog due to his bad habit of picking fights; just like Viktor and some other fights before that. Exiting the cubicle and still hearing those words echo inside his head, he grabbed a towel and dried himself before putting on a pair of black boxers, black cargo shorts and a black t-shirt. He was home, and he wanted to relax a bit. But suddenly he head the door open and Dixie’s voice. She was back home! Demetrios immediately walked outside the bathroom and without a notice he ran towards Dixie, wrapping his arms around her and pulling her in a tight and warm embrace, not wanting to let her go. Closing his eyes and breathing slowly, he kissed her forehead softly and kept holding her. His angel was back.-

CharlotteCarrendar:- Barely had his name left her lips, that she found herself swept up by Demetrios, who smelt so good and fresh from a shower. The strength of his hold, the way his arms enveloped her, nearly took her breath away. She made a small whoop sound, and then followed with a light giggle. Surprise taking over from fear of first rolling up the door. She responded to his embrace in kind, getting as close in as she dared, her arms around his waist, and then exhaling his name breathlessly. Only when she was in his arms, did she feel truly safe again. The tender press of his lips on her forehead, made her skin tingle. Euphoric feelings awash across her, she even got goose bumps, that raised and fell once more. “Baby..” she whispered, pulling her head back to see his eyes were closed. “I missed you today….so much.” It was the truth, for without him, her life was incomplete. Even with the new found friendship of Betty and the protection of Nikolas, without Dem, she felt like a ship lost at sea. How on earth she would go while he was going to be away was another thing. She hoped deep in her heart, that time would be kind, and bring him home safely to her and the baby. Their unborn child. <3>

iShatteredSanity: -The sword was finally sheathed. Demetrios did not want to let go of Dixie. Not only because of what had happened to her earlier in the day but also because he had missed her so much over the past few days. But he was holding her now and that was all that mattered. Slowly opening his eyes and looking deep into hers, Demetrios could not help himself but smile.- “I missed you too. I am sorry that I could not be there for you when you needed me.” –Demetrios wanted to continue and say “You know how this works, I needed to take care of a few things and then…”, yeah, more things of the sort, but he decided not to. He smiled once again.- “But I am here now. You are here now. The ship has returned to port.” –Demetrios said and bent his knees a bit, unwrapping his right arm and wrapping it around Dixie’s knees, lifting her from the floor and holding her like a princess.- “The princess should not bother herself with such trivial things like walking. And I bet that the princess is hungry too.” –Demetrios said and winked playfully as he began walking towards the couch.-‘

CharlotteCarrendar: – When Dem said that the ship was in port, she chuckled and bit her lip, watching him go downward, and scooping her around her knees, to lift her up, In a surprise, her hands came down to his shoulders, as she felt herself lifted high off the ground. He was calling her his princess, and that in itself was just the funniest thing she had heard. Her head tipped forward, with her wisps’ of black hair coming down to frame her face. Mirth and amusement was clearly readable. “The princess should not bother herself with such trivial things like walking. And I bet that the princess is hungry too.” Well, wasn’t that the truth. Baby was now making demands in her tummy, and boy, did she feel peckish. “The Princess would like….pizza!”- she squealed, as he twirled her towards the couch. Such happiness shared over the simplest joys. All he had to do was sweep her off her feet. “Baby…soon, my tummy will be so big, you won’t be able to pick me up.” She stared down at the approaching couch and wondered if he would lay her down, and raz her tummy. “Baby misses Daddy too.” She spoke of their unborn and winked- <3>

iShatteredSanity: -The smile on Demetrios’ face did not seem to fade in the slightest. Holding Dixie in his arms was a joy, a bless; pure happiness for him. While slowly walking towards the couch, Demetrios heard her say that she needed pizza, something that made him chuckle softly and nod. And then once he reached the couch, she said about her tummy being so big that he could no longer carry her, something that made him laugh softly. Slowly he placed her on the couch, placing his right hand on her belly, petting it and smiling.- “It’s not just the princess that wants pizza. I bet that the baby wants some too.” –Demetrios said and poked his tongue out of his mouth for a moment.- “As for your not being able to lift you, well, I suppose that we can wait and see, right?” –Demetrios asked and winked playfully before laying his head on Dixie’s stomach, closing his eyes and wrapping his arms around her, holding her like a pillow as he made some purrlike sounds.- “Mmmmm… So soft… Do not worry, Daddy is here…” –He said and then planted a soft kiss on Dixie’s stomach before looking into her eyes.-

CharlotteCarrendar: – Laid down gently upon the couch, Dixe could not take her eyes off Demetrios’s face. He was so happy, and this she only got to see when they were alone. The troubles of the world seemed to just stop outside the garage door, like when they entered the small garage, it was their own slice of paradise. Dixie couldn’t be any more in love with him if she had tried. Her heart, soul and mind belonged to him, as though his name was signed across in bold swirling letters. For a moment, she even forgot about pizza and even being hungry, for to watch Dem as he patted her belly and made such soothing sounds against her swollen belly, was enough for her. When he brought his head down, and cradled her, with her stomach as a pillow, Dixie cooed at him, brushing her fingers lightly through his hair. A true connection. Two beings…no…three. Their love had created new life. A reason for both to live, to breathe. A smile crept over Dixie’s face, as Demetrios spoke directly to the baby. Mmmmm… So soft… Do not worry, Daddy is here…” It was then, Dixie froze. She felt the first flutter of movement, like…a butterflies wings inside her belly. “Oh my god…I think the baby heard you. Say that again.” If Demetrios did repeat it, chances are, he would have felt it too. <3>

iShatteredSanity: -To be able to hold Dixie into his arms. To be able to feel the new life growing inside her. To be able to feel Dixie’s skin. To be able to feel a movement inside her stomach. Demetrios could not have asked for more. HOLD ON! Feel a movement inside her stomach?! Demetrios’ eyes suddenly opened wide and he looked at Dixie. “Oh my god…I think the baby heard you. Say that again.”, was what Dixie said. Demetrios could not believe it, he just could not. Swallowing hard for a moment he licked his lips and nervously began talking.- “Uhm… Daddy is here. Daddy is here to keep you and mom safe.” –Demetrios said and pressed his head a bit more against Dixie’s stomach, his heart beating so fast with anticipation that was shown on his very eyes as he looked at Dixie.-

CharlotteCarrendar:- It was the funniest and the most beautiful moment a couple could experience. Both Dixie and Demetrios, were waiting on their little bundle of joy in her belly to move again. Breath held as both waited, after Demetrios in a nervous tone said. .- “Uhm… Daddy is here. Daddy is here to keep you and mom safe.” Dixie’s eyes were wide open, and if she could have tried to speak telepathically to their child…she would have. But then….it was a definite. This time it wasn’t like a butterflies wings flapping. This…was a kick. Demetrios should be able to feel the movement, from the placement of his cheek upon her belly. The young Aussie’s mouth was wide open, and then she stifled a cry. Emotions raging, maybe hormones too. “Did you feel it?….Did you feel that, hun?” <3>

iShatteredSanity: -Demetrios was making no sound at all. He had even stopped breathing. He only focused his senses on Dixie’s stomach. Oh the anticipation. Demetrios was so nervous but he tried to calm himself down. And then suddenly he felt it. YES! YES! He felt it! A kick! Demetrios’ eyes opened some more, almost popping out of their sockets. Tears of joy and happiness began rolling down on his cheeks. For a moment he wanted to stand on his feet and yell as loud as he could, but he did not. He looked at Dixie, focusing only on her and tightening his grip a bit more while nodding his head.- “Yes, yes, yes, yes, I feel it. I feel it!” –Demetrios said, still shedding tears of happiness. His unborn child had just communicated with them both. Demetrios was frozen, he did not know what exactly to do, he kept his head glued on Dixie’s stomach, waiting to see if the baby would kick again. Poor Dem was slowly losing his mind.-

CharlotteCarrendar: – The air was like statically charged with the electricity of feelings. The baby moved, the baby kicked. The baby responded to the sound of its Father’s voice. Words simply could not express the feelings that both were having. Dixie, doe eyed with fresh tears. Demetrios, was now crying himself. What a pair. Before this, Dixie was a no nonsense girl. Straight up and down, able to take on the people at the bar and not blink. But here, she showed her true feminine side. She was to be a Mother, to Demetrios’s child. Maybe now, God himself had blessed them, after all the horror they had been through in their lives. But also, this was reason to fight on. To do what was right, for the rewards were great. Again, the baby kicked and this had Dixie erupt in tears and laughter. If ever she felt happy in her life, it was now. “I am going to cherish this moment, for the rest of my life.” <3>

iShatteredSanity: -The storm of emotions did not seem to settle down any time soon and honestly none of them cared about that, nor they wanted it to end. Joy, happiness, anticipation… Euphoria… Demetrios’ heart finally began beating normally, but he did not want to let go of Dixie’s stomach. He wanted to feel the baby’s movements some more. He was unable to describe his own feelings and emotions, hell he did not even know how to act. But he knew one thing: The baby that was slowly growing inside Dixie’s stomach was the ray of hope that they both needed. No, not just Dixie and Demetrios, but everyone. Yes, Mia was taken, but she was going to be retrieved. Demetrios would not fail because he had two people to protect. The grim reaper can not be killed, the grim reaper is invincible. And if the grim reaper has something to protect, not even God or Satan would stop him; everyone on his path would turn into fertilizer for the trees and bushes. Demetrios slowly took out his phone from his pocket, taking a picture of Dixie as she was laying on the couch, with her tears rolling down on her cheeks yet laughing with her heart.- “I am going to cherish this moment as well. But we could use some pictures as well.” –Demetrios said and poked his tongue out of his mouth.-

CharlotteCarrendar: – Watching Dem take out his phone, as she was crying and laughing at the same time, and click away at her, capturing the moment forever, she gasped and bit her lip. “I must look awful…oh no…eep.”- she suddenly became shy till she felt another kick. Then the laughter started again in earnest. Dixie eased up off the couch and went to standing, before raising up her t’shirt and showing her belly. Turning side on, she wiggled her eyebrows at Demetrios. “Go on…now take a picture. Body le natural. Three and a half months I think?” Dixie placed her hands on her back, and her small stomach stuck out a bit further. She even went as far to poke out her tongue at the camera. Ever Dixie, in this silly moment. <3>

iShatteredSanity: -Slowly Demetrios began to let go of Dixie as she slid away from him. Smiling but also chuckling at the same time, he could not help himself but tease her. And then he looked at her lifting her t-shirt and sticking out her stomach. “Go on…now take a picture. Body le natural. Three and a half months I think?”, she said and Demetrios laughed a bit more as he took a few more pictures of her.- “They look amazing. Now…” –Demetrios paused for a moment and rubbed his own stomach that had began growling.- “How about that pizza? I think that the little one is also hungry.” –Demetrios walked towards Dixie and fell on his knees, placing his head on her stomach again as he spoke.- “Do you want some pizza too?”

CharlotteCarrendar: – There was no mistake, Dixie was hungry, and she nodded repeatedly to the question about How about that pizza? When Demetrios got down on his knees and asked the baby if he/she wanted pizza too, Dixie smirked and a very deep voice, that was edged with laughter, she said. “Yes…Daddy..make mine meatlovers…with extra cheese.” When she said it, Dixie suddenly faked a gasp and said. “Wow…takes after Daddy.” <3>

iShatteredSanity: -Demetrios could not hold back a laughter when Dixie spoke in that deep voice of hers. Oh, that was priceless.- “Meatlovers with extra cheese coming right up.” –Demetrios said and rose back on his feet to poke Dixie’s side softly in a playful manner.- “I wonder if the baby will take daddy’s bad habit to eat for a whole battalion.” –Demetrios said and wiggled his eyebrows as he began dialling the number of the pizzeria.- “Hello, this is Dem. Yes. Yes, yes. Mhm, yes.” –Demetrios said on the phone and poked his tongue out again.- “Yes, for today’s order…” –Demetrios looked at Dixie again and smirked.- “I want 3 meat lovers pizzas with extra cheese. 2 Caesars salads, 2 chef salads, 4 bottles of Cola, 10 large pieces of garlic bread and some mild sauce on the side. Oh, and if you could add some more tomato sauce on the pizzas that would be amazing. Thank you! Thank you, yes. I will be waiting.” –Demetrios said and terminated the call, shoving his phone in his pocket before looking back at Dixie.- “Well, I am hungry you know.”

CharlotteCarrendar: – Being poked, set off something else in Dixie. “Oooo crap, I need to pee. I think Baby is tap dancing on my bladder. Excuse me.” And with that, she trotted off to the bathroom, to deal with her issue. A few minutes later, after a happy sigh, and a giggle that she made it, she washed her hands and came out again, smiling and then she heard the order. “3?” Yep, Demetrios was ordering enough for the St Kilda Football team. But, with her appetite, she was not about to make any more complaints. At the end of the call, Demetrios did say, he was hungry too, and Dixie gave him the thumbs up. “Something tells me, this is going to be a race at who can finish the first pizza.”- Setting herself back down on the couch, she then became somewhat serious. “How is Alex…and everyone?’ She was meaning about the group that was going to go rescue Mia, and though she didn’t want to spoil their joyous evening, she still had the worry of their race to save Mia in the back of her mind. <3>

iShatteredSanity: -Well, Demetrios had ordered enough food to feed many people, but those who knew him well they knew that he could literally eat an elephant and ask for more. Seeing Dixie coming back from the toilet and sitting down, Demetrios followed her and sat down right next to her with a smirk on his face.- “Oh, it is on.” –Demetrios said and winked playfully before leaning back on the couch as she mentioned Alexandros. Well, it was inevitable that they would have to talk about that at some point.- “He is alright. And so do the others. We had a meeting today. Nikolai told me about what happened. I asked him to keep you safe when I am not around. He is a man who won’t lie or break his promise. Also if you ever need any help, you can just give him a call.” –Demetrios said and smiled softly.- “He may look like some cold blooded badass, but he treasures family more than anything. For him family is above everything. And even though I killed his own son, he was not mad about it, in fact I think that he was relieved.” –Demetrios said and sighed softly.-

CharlotteCarrendar: The fact that Demetrios knew about what happened, and that she had not even mentioned it yet, had left her speechless. It was Nikolas that saved her life today, and the idea that Nikolai was watching her too, kinda gave her the creeps. She saw him as this big old time mobster, that could snap a neck like a twig if he so dared. On the offer that Dixie could call this guy if she needed help, also had her feeling uneasy. Just…something about him. Dixie brought her hand up to her mouth, fingers turned in to pull at her bottom lip nervously. A gesture that was more to show she was unsure of the protection offered her. She knew Dem would not leave her in incapable hands, but at the same time, she really only trusted Dem. Which was perfectly natural. The mention of the death of Nikolai’s son also came into mind. It was she, that had said “Guilty” which lead to his demise. Dixies swallowed hard, then lowered her arm so her hand rested on her stomach. “If you believe in him, then I will too.” – she fought to hide her fears, but what could she really do. Dem and Alex had a very important mission. Lives hung in the balance. <3>

iShatteredSanity: -Demetrios knew that his words would make Dixie feel nervous or uneasy, but he had sworn to be honest with her and keep no secrets from her. Seeing her facial expressions and body movement, Demetrios felt her insecurity. But what he had said about Nikolai was true. Nikolai was old school. For him there was no bigger pride than family itself, something that was sacred. Cupping her hand with his own, Demetrios smiled softly at her and nodded his head.- “Trust me, I would not have allowed him to keep you safe if I was not sure about his quality. Plus if you don’t like him, you can always go at taverna Olympos to see uncle and aunt. They will treat you very good. And hey, you can also have some good food too.” –Demetrios said and smiled once again.- “The baby will get some really good food there.” –Demetrios said again and winked playfully. Then suddenly there was a knock on the door and the pizza boy called out Demetrios who slowly got off the seat and smiled at Dixie.- “I will be right back with food.” –He said and walked towards the door, taking out 100 euros from his pocket. After opening the door and catching up with the delivery boy, he paid the money and took the food inside, closing the door afterwards and heading straight for the couch where he placed the pizzas, the salads and the colas on the table, taking them out of the bags and opening them. The smell of the freshly baked pizza filled the area and made Demetrios’ stomach growl some more.- “Shush you, you will be filled soon.” –Demetrios said and looked at Dixie.- “My lady, it’s on.” –He said and grabbed a slice of the pizza, shoving it into his mouth and chewing on it before gulping it down.- “I love this pizza. But I love you more.” –Demetrios said and planted a soft kiss on Dixie’s cheek.-

CharlotteCarrendar:- A moment of fear, soon passed as Demetrios reassured her that he believed in Nikolai’s word, and she had the back up of his Aunt and Uncle at the Taverna Olympus, should she wish to go there. Dixie tilted her head back and forth. Trying to make up her mind about what to do. But before she could give a straight answer, there was a knock at the door. “I will be right back with food.” Demetrios said, smiling as he went to get it. “Okay..” Dixie replied, unwinding on the couch, as her need to fill the hunger in her stomach grew. The baby was really starting to drain her, and the smell of the pizza and other treats, were a delight to the senses. What was incredibly funny, was that as Demetrios returned and sat down, his stomach let out a god awful growl, that even had Dixie’s eyes pop wide open. “Anyone would think you were going out in sympathy with me.” She leant forward to his belly and said. “Don’t worry, Daddy is going to stuff you shortly. But not if I beat him first.” Laughing, she reached for a slice of pizza, that had gooey cheese stretching from the box. Taking a bite, she closed her eyes, and through the first few munches, she mumbled. “Mouth..gasm…mmmm.” The peck on her cheek made her blush, and she near choked on her own pizza slice to see how fast Dem at his. “You could chew next time, you know?” <3>

iShatteredSanity: -Well, it was CHOW TIME!!! Demetrios’ stomach that had been complaining for some time finally shut up when the first slice of pizza entered it. If it had a voice, it would be saying “THANK YOU! THANK YOU!”, or something like that. Grabbing the second slice of pizza, Demetrios looked at Dixie and chuckled.- “You know how my stomach works. If it needs to be filled, it will never shut up unless its wishes come true.” –He said and began eating that slice of pizza and gulping it down afterwards. And so the couple began eating their food together, again putting everything aside and focusing only on them both. Well, on the three of them. Teasing each other and playing with each other they did not bother allowing anything else to ruin their mood. It was just them; Dixie, the baby and Demetrios and no one else. At least there was a silence. A silence before the storm that was about to hit Yuri in a few days.-