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Role play Live : Group : The Death Club

Save me from Sanity.

Born to be Wild.



CharlotteCarrendar: -Cars, buses, trucks, Prime Movers. It was a fucking express way. The white lab coat of our Ginger Tom was whirling, as the honking horns, and screaming drivers blasted and cursed the wayward mental patient. Spinning, dodging, running back, forth, up down…waving at the drivers, who gave him the two fingered salute. “WHERE ARE THE SPOONS?” he screamed, his hair flying about his face while his arms flailed on high. Panicking and desperately wishing that mad Darlene had never chased him up the fence, all he can do is wish he was back inside the cafeteria eating jello. When all was lost, as a large lorry was coming straight for him, a voice shouted out. It was HER, coming out onto the road, stopping cars and then one car slammed into the back of another, and another, the lorry spun out and off the freeway and burst into flames. So spectacular, that the roar and power of the fire blast incinerated two cars that got too close. Oh this was fantastic! Pile up on the M1 and Darlene and Tom, standing in the midst of some bizarre safety zone, where all the cars had tried to avoid them. Death..Carnage…spilt fuel. It was like the apocalypse. Tom ran for Darlene, as another car exploded behind him and he shouted. “THEY HAVE NO SPOONS!” <3>

MaylionCarrendar: – I’m on the highway to hell, on the highway to hell!. HONK HONK! The tires who slipped over the asphalt making a squealing sound. Drivers pulling their wheels all the way to the right and hit the brake to let their cars ass move to the left, trying to in time stop before they would too hit the cars in front of them. Explosions! Action! Like a mission impossible movie scene the highway turned into a highway with hell as destination. Tom ran for Darlene screaming about no spoons. Behind Tom an exploding car. Darlene could feel the heat in her face, the light of the explosion was burning in her eyes and most important she could feel the force of the explosion nearly knocking her over. Maybe it was time to remove them from the scene. Darlene stood there on her bare feet watching the spectacle happening behind running ginger tom with her hands in front of her face slightly to protect herself from the heat. Moments after she could hear surviving passengers and drivers scream in panic and fear while some of them climbed from their vehicle and gathered their loved ones. Still no movements in Darlene’s body. Maybe she was secretly hoping Superman Kraus would fly down and save those people. As Tom came closer she managed to get her voice louder than the sound of car alarms and fire spreading. (Darlene) ‘’ No silly.. Spoons are not resistance against fire, right? Promise you in the city they have spoons.. Kraus has spoons.. We need to see Kraus yes? And go … go.. This is sad, no? ‘’ She looked at the scene while hearing in the distance the sounds of helicopters and ambulances and other sirens. (Darlene) ‘’ We need to go .. Noww!! ‘’

CharlotteCarrendar: – Ginger Tom was simply terrified. What with the loud explosions and screams of death, why…the outside world was worse than inside the Hospital. Least in there, you got jello with spoons. Darlene was doing her usual, rabbiting on, yes no….sad…seeing Kraus. What the hell was so great about this Kraus guy, apart from sending really cool magazines and toys? Oh yes, well that is pretty cool when you are locked up. Ginger Tom brought his arms up over his head as he heard the sound of helicopters and sirens. Oh no, this was getting bad. Next thing you know the Dinosaurs will be upset about all the noise and will come out of the forest to put the fires out with their tails and big feet. A motorcycle cop had pulled over and pointed at both Darlene and Tom “YOU TWO…STAY RIGHT THERE!” – From a car though, a voice cried out. “Help me officer…my baby…my baby!”- The traffic cop growled and removed his helmet placing it on his bike, as he ran to help the motorist who was trying to get her baby free from its car seat. Ginger Tom, suddenly had a wonderful idea. “Kraus….we go get him to save..Save the day! Come on!” – And he reached for Darlene’s hand to take her and get her to jump on the back of the police motorbike. If she followed, he would offer her the helmet, as he turned the ignition, firing up the motorcycle. With a rev of the throttle, the bike would take off in a blaze of smoke, a bit wobbly going up the road, since….Tom had never ridden one before. He just loved watching Jack Nicholson ride a Harley in Born to Be Wild. The motorcycle cop would turn to see his bike being stolen and draw out his revolver. “STOP OR I’LL SHOOT!” <3>

MaylionCarrendar: – Darlene had trouble to keep herself from panicking. Ginger tom was sending out signals of panic like a damn pro, and Darlene couldn’t help but copy that behaviour and feelings. As the helicopters came closer she heard another sound of the wild noise of a motor and squealing of its tires. A motorcycle cop had stopped and pointed at them while screaming angrily. “YOU TWO…STAY RIGHT THERE!” Darlene was impressed, they were standing in the middle of a damn action scene of a movie and that cop instead of getting them out of here and see Kraus.. nooo—they had to stay where they were and having a chance to get killed if another car would explode. Darlene swallowed her salvia and stood there waiting with her hands wrapped and tangled in her other hand. She hopped from one leg onto the other while watching how the cop reacted to the cry of help from this lady with a baby. Until Tom came up with something stupid, foolish, idiotic! But amazingly awesome. “Kraus….we go get him to save..save the day! Come on!” He reached for Darlene’s hand but Darlene at first seemed to hesitate.. She whispered to Tom. (Darlene) ‘’ But .. he told us to stay right? He is an authority figure, a cop … ‘’ Darlene still hopped from one leg onto the other.. she had to pee so badly. And then it hit her. She repeated the words of toms over in her head. “Kraus….we go get him to save..save the day! Come on!”.. Oh KRAUS! She then grabbed Toms hand and just jumped on the back of the motorcycle and took the helmet tom offered her. She pulled It on her head and then she was confused what to do.. hold ginger tom? With a dirty look on her face she grabbed his waist to hold on tight. She liked ginger tom.. no offense.. but Darlene holding his waist? For her it was pure porn to do so. Then the trembling feeling under her butt, the sound of the engine.. and the smoke that would appear.. They rolled away, hobbling and moving.. (Darlene) ‘’ do you even ride!? Yes?! ‘’ Behind them the cop had noticed “STOP OR I’LL SHOOT!”. Darlene pulled an uh-oh face while screaming. (Darlene) ‘’ NO ANSWER! Go go go go! Now ? please? .. ‘’

CharlotteCarrendar:- Like something out of Matrix, or Diehard. The scene behind Darlene and Ginger Tom, was nothing short of…well freaking spectacular. Masses of cars on fire, human tragedy the scale of which you could not even fathom. Why on earth the police cop didn’t arrest them and least cuff them, remains a mystery, but in his duty to serve, he gave Ginger Tom and Darlene the perfect opportunity to escape the madness. The bike was wobbly at first and darn hard to control, especially with a fidgety Darlene on the back, screaming at Tom to “Go go go go!” And go…he went. The bike picked up speed, as much of the express way ahead of them was clear. All the traffic was banked up behind them. The choppers were now too busy filming the carnage to worry about a motorcycle pulling away from the site at top speed. Who knows what they were thinking. But on the bike, Ginger Tom was a man on a mission. To find Superman. With no mask or guard to help keep the bugs and other nasties out of his teeth as he sped along at 140kms an hour (lol) he would try to yell out back at Darlene. “How far away is Metropolis?…..or do I turn left….at Gotham and find…Batman?” <3>

MaylionCarrendar: – Darlene was holding tight on to ginger tom while looking back at the cop who seemed to be getting smaller and smaller. She didn’t heard any gunshots and didn’t feel anything hitting her back or what so ever.. so that was a good sign she guessed. But after they hit the speed of 140 Km’s she was getting scared of crashing and had wished the cop would have stopped them and gently gave them a ride to see Kraus. She had her nails buried in tom’s waist being scared to fall off. God she hoped tom knew what he was doing.. and most important where Kraus was.. because she didn’t. No helicopter seemed to be paying attention to the motorcycle speeding off and breaking the speed limits and probably every other rules of driving. They came this far.. they would manage to reach their destination. Superman needed to save the day, he owed it to her. She could vaguely hear tom yelling “……turn left….at…Batman?” Darlene turned her body to the left to see Batman? She just leaned all the way to the left to look at the asphalt and the tree’s flashing by, while leaning she would unconsciously trying to pull Tom with her to the left . But as she searched for batman the speed of the motorcycle and the weather was making it hard. She could feel the wind in her face making it hard to open her eyes. (Darlene) ‘’ I can’t see batman! Where is he? ‘’

CharlotteCarrendar: – The digging of Darlene’s nails into the light fabric of his cloth, did hurt a bit. But that was nothing compared to driving so fast without a bloody helmet. The scene behind them was long gone, and now as the blazing sirens and the sounds of explosions diminished, he started to slow the bike, when Darlene started to pull the bike and him to the left. “ARRRGGHH!” –the scream left his throat before he could think. The girl would pull the bike over at this rate. Taking the nearest turn, it was a dicey situation coming down an off ramp, where there were lights up ahead. Course, it was all written in Czech, and Ginger Tom struggled to read it, being that he was English. “Left..right..uhm…where would Superman go. Uhm…LEFT!” without waiting for a green light, he took off to the left, barely missing a taxi and then righting the bike again as it headed for a township. Superman had to be up this way…didn’t he? But seriously, Ginger Tom was on a mission with only a mad girl on the back with no sense of direction. <3>

MaylionCarrendar: – Tom slowed the bike down, which was only good now she could pretty much see better where batman could be. She was literally hanging all the way to the left.. until that dork made a left turn, then she nearly dropped off. Clinging on to tom she quickly pulled herself up as the had turned left. She looked over tom shoulder to see where they were heading.. and it was not good. Stop signs in front of them which were red. The huge sign writing in Czech which Darlene could actually read said ‘’ Prague Downtown ‘’. And as quick as she could read it, as quick they nearly bumped on top of a taxi when they hit the red lights. (Darlene) ‘’ EEEEEEEEEEEEEK! ‘’ She buried her head in toms back with force while digging her nails deeper in his chest. But nothing happened.. they drove through the streets, through the public.. as she opened her eyes and stared at her left side she could see average people carrying their grocery and holding their kids by the hand. She could see the shops being open.. small little stores decorated with lights and advertising their goodies. Darlene lifted her head up as she also looked at her right where she could see.. pretty much the same. They truly had escaped the facility, and they were free. Darlene whispered to herself. ‘’ I’m here Kraus.. now where are you? ‘’ –

CharlotteCarrendar: – It was clear that they had just driven into the down town area of Prague, and being on the back of a police motorcycle, probably wasn’t such a hot idea for the runaway mental patients. Least Ginger Tom had the smarts to know when was a good time, to dump the bike. Pulling over behind a shiny BMW, he urged Darlene to hop off, as he tried to get the kick stand to hold the bike in place. Once she got off, he could follow suit. The township was filled with shoppers, and people going about their lives. Normality, well on the surface. Truth was, you really didn’t know what was going on behind the fake smiles and the happy family facades’. Glancing up and down the street, Ginger Tom placed his hands on his hips and whipped his head around in a clockwise motion. “If I were Superman…where would I be? Does Kraus…like shopping?” –he asked of Darlene, his partner in crime. <3>

MaylionCarrendar: – As they stopped behind the BMW Tom wanted her to get off. Darlene furrowed her eyebrows thinking hard by herself. Were they already here? Darlene looked around her while getting off the bike and pulling the helmet off her head. She just dropped the helmet on the ground next to her bare feet not really caring for the material. She looked up to the buildings and the people walking around. . “If I were Superman…where would I be? Does Kraus…like shopping?” Darlene glanced at tom while thinking again. She stared around her looking at all of those people making their way through Prague, and through their own lives. She could hear a kid crying over an icecream, and a lady snapping at her husband for eating another hotdog. Soo many people.. soo many people.. Darlene scratched her head while thinking back about the last time she was in between such a crowd and ended up waking up in the back of a police car with blood on her hands. Darlene shook her head a few times trying to think straight. (Darlene) ‘ .. eh .- .. Kraus likes shopping? Yes.. I don’t know, right? Comic stores? ‘’ She took another look at tom. (Darlene) ‘’ I don’t know where Kraus is.. ‘’
CharlotteCarrendar; – What is surprising, is how those that are seen as different, are often given a wide berth by those who are just going about their lives. Clearly, by Darlene and Ginger Tom’s behaviour, the fact they rocked up on a motorbike, and the state of Darlene’s dress, it was clear they were not just your average Prague couple out for a spot of lunch. Clearly, Darlene was as lost as Ginger Tom was. But then out of the corner of his eye, he saw…something wonderful. An Icecream parlour with free samples as it was a new business. FREE? Oh this was too good to be true. With a line up of children and their well dressed parents, who could probably afford a few ice treats between them, it seemed to be the place to go. Suddenly, Ginger Tom forgot ALL about Kraus, and their mission, as the wonderful cheery music was playing, luring folk young and old, like the Pied Piper of Hamlyn. Ginger Tom started his funny walk, still wearing his long doctor’s coat with the toy stethoscope and rubber hammer. Wandering up behind the throng, he may have even looked a bit like a clown, with his crazy way ward Ginger locks. A young girl behind the counter serving, scooped up a double choc and vanilla ice cream and handed it out, only to have Ginger Tom’s hand shoot out and snatch it. A few children cried, one laughed, to see the crazy wild Ginger Tom. He was just happy to be tasting something….better than jello. <3>

MaylionCarrendar: – Nope, not an ordinary couple at all. As Tom had spotted the ice cream stand with free samples, Darlene was spinning around in circles trying to look for Kraus. The longer they experienced freedom the more it seems as if the Mental facility gave them the perfect home.. they didn’t belonged in the big city after all. As Darlene heard a kid crying she stopped turning in circles and tried to look in the direction of Tom who snatched an ice cream. Angry parents with looks to kill on their faces stared at tom with big eyes.. but maybe due his clothes and his behaviour they were too afraid to do something about it. Darlene nearly losing her balance due dizziness stood finally stable on her feet again. But there was one thing she forgot about.. Darlene crossed her legs tightly and bit her lip. She knew where the toilet was in the facility.. but had no clue where a toilet could be in the open world. With small steps with her legs in a funny position she made her way over to Tom.. He seemed to be forgotten about why they were in Prague downtown in the first place. (Darlene) ‘’ Tom .. Tom .. ‘’ She pulled his lab coat while trying to get his attention off the ice cream. ‘’ We need to find superman remember? ‘’ the pressure on her bladder was becoming way too much. She then released Tom’s lab coat and ducked down pulling the shorts and underwear underneath her dress down to her Ankles. With both hands she kept her dress up while waiting for the sweet sound of pee to fall down on the street. In the hospital nobody ever looked weird at her for it. they were already glad she at least kept her clothes clean. There it was.. warm nice urine falling down on the sidewalk. Now they both had full attention of everyone.. Literally everyone.

CharlotteCarrendar: – The sweet relief that Darlene must have felt that moment as she released her bladder right there in front of a crowded icecream parlour, celebrating its opening. The crowd of children and parents, who were already watching Tom wolfing into the free icecream, then came upon the sight of this full grown woman using the footpath as a lavatory. Bare feet, in what appeared to be some sort of hospital gown. Now, a few of the parents, started to put the two and two together. Clearly, Ginger Tom, while funny looking was no clown Doctor, and Darlene was not his clown patient. One Mother screamed abuse at Darlene. “DIRTY…FILTHY GIRL!” spitting in the direction of Darlene as she took a piss in public. Now the crowd was in an uproar and began shouting curses and foul language at the pair. Ginger Tom, he didn’t see anything wrong with Darlene peeing. Least she was keeping her clothing dry. When the woman spat at Darlene, Ginger Tom did something…unexpected. He looked at the remnants of the delicious ice cream, and then the angry woman’s face. He then broke into a huge buck tooth grin, thinking…if she had ice cream, she wouldn’t be mad anymore. He then pushed the full ice cream into her face directly. ~SPLOOSH!” “Have some…its yummy and make you nice!” A few kids now laughed, as the crowd went into melt down. <3>

MaylionCarrendar: – Out of the nowhere there was an uproar. A crowd gathered around the two most ‘normal’ people in the street. Curse words were thrown around like sandwiches. A female started to spit while pointing at Darlene. “DIRTY…FILTHY GIRL!”. Darlene rose her head up while looking embarrassed. Darlene softly whispered in confusion and guilt, but not sure what she should feel guilty about. (Darlene) ‘’ What I do? ‘’ she rose up next to tom while without wiping herself between her legs. She pulled her underwear and shorts up and did a small step forwards to get her feet out of the puddle of warm pee. All off the sudden she saw Tom with a idea-face on stepping towards the woman and pushing his ice cream right in her face. Darlene held her laugh as she heard the joyful laughs of the children. But as the woman received the ice cream in her face, her husband next to her wasn’t that happy and laughing.. His muscular body stepped in front of his wife while steam left both of his ears. The man grumbled and made himself taller and bigger than tom which wasn’t too hard. ‘’ Don’t touch my wife again, creep!.. I know you wanted to grope her! ‘’ The crowd as if they practiced gasped and made a ‘’ooooeehh’’ sound while parents already covered their kids their eyes to prevent them from seeing what was about to happen. The muscular husband clenched his fist and without further warning or waiting he swung his fist upwards to aim right under Tom’s chin, hoping it would hit and send tom flying straight upwards.

CharlotteCarrendar:- A circle of people had now gathered around the pair, who were attracting more attention, than flies to a fresh piece of cow shit. The icecream that Ginger Tom had smeared into the angry woman’s face was dripping all over her expensive two piece suit. Clearly it was dry clean only by the way the ice cream was setting into the fabric. The ice cream was not making her look any nicer at all. Fail for Tom. What was worse was the man that the woman used as an accessory, was not impressed to see his woman cop an icecream to the puss. ‘’ Don’t touch my wife again, creep!.. I know you wanted to grope her! ‘’ Ginger Tom wasn’t entirely sure what he was on about. He was only trying to make the woman smile. Where on earth the idea of groping the flat chested monkey came from, he never knew. “I’m not into…shemales.”- Tom declared, much to the anger of the muscle bound brute, who was ready to throw a punch. And just as he did, Tom dropped his toy stethoscope upon the ground. Bending down right at the man made the swing, it hit an old lady square in the chops and knocked her out. Tom stood up suddenly and turned around to see the old duck spread eagled on the pee covered pavement. “That wasn’t very nice. You should try having an icecream.” Ginger Tom then seized Darlene’s hand and decided, now was the time to leg it, before it turned into a brawl. <3>

MaylionCarrendar: – “I’m not into…shemales.’’ .. one kid left alone by his parents was laying on the sidewalk. Yes he was laying there close to where the wife was standing.. he was looking upwards. He had followed her legs allll the way up in her skirt to look for some hot panties. As he heard the words of the crazy doctor about not being into shemales the little kid confirmed right before the husband smacked the old lady. (Kid) ‘’ Mister.. mister, this is a not a Shemale. Those are some really nice lips ma’am. ‘’ Ever saw 50% of a crowd went cross eyed? And flailed? Well now you did. Half of the people were paying attention to the upcoming punch, and half were distracted by the kid on the ground peeking. It was even better than meltdowns in the hospital. But as the man threw the punch he felt he had hit something.. something old? Tom had ducked and the man had stumbled to the front hitting an old lady right in the face. The old lady was falling back in the puddle of pee as Darlene had taken a step to the side to make sure she’d hit the urine. ‘ Oh my god! .. oh dear lord.. is she okay? TAKE HIM DOWN! ‘’ Darlene heard the crowd going wild. The official street fight has begun. Fight club is now open! Darlene felt Tom taking her hand once again and next thing she knew they were making their way out through the crowd.. As Darlene pushed away some people and finally escaped the flailing crowd with Tom she suddenly stopped looking at the street ahead of them. Apparently the meltdown had given enough bystanders the reason to call the cops and tell them about two nutty figures in downtown Prague causing a scene. Darlene pulled Tom’s sleeve to warn him for the upcoming danger. Three vans from the mental facility were coming closer.. stopping in the middle of the road. And Jerry was the one stepping out first followed by what seemed to be an army of wards. And if Tom and Darlene looked at their right to the technology store they could see Tv’s set to the news channel showing their faces with the line. ‘’ Escaped from Praque mental Hospital. Darlene Branoff and Tom who had no last name. ‘’ Jerry rubbed his chin while looking back at his collection of wards. “See…wonderful patients…. She said ‘’ he spoke.

CharlotteCarrendar: – Oh it was on. Dirty little boys, peeking up the ice cream covered lady. Brutes knocking out pensioners. People rolling in urine. And this was society at its BEST? It suddenly dawned on Ginger Tom. That the safest place in all the world right this second, was the Mental Hospital. For one….they don’t hit old ladies, and two…they have spoons. Seeing the three vans from the facility coming closer, Ginger Tom was actually happy to see them. He pulled up Darlene and then smiled down at her with a big toothy grin. “Go…go find your Kraus. This world is too crazy for me. I need….to go home.” With that, he would peck Darlene on the top of the forehead, then do a mad wild dash at Jerry, his arms opened wide, before falling to his knees in front of him and declaring loudly. “There’s no place like the Hospital….take me to your leader, Jerry.” He hoped this would distract them long enough, to let Darlene, make her getaway. <3>

MaylionCarrendar: – Darlene tried to pull Tom with her to run into a different direction, to get away from Jerry and the wards.. to get away from their destination to be prisoners for life in a mental hospital.. instead of being free like birds.. searching for superman to save the day.. to save their lives. But as Tom smiled at her she knew she had already lost him. “Go…go find your Kraus. This world is too crazy for me. I need….to go home.” She felt how she received an kiss on her forehead.. and then saw how Tom made a dash for Jerry and dropped on his knee’s and asked Jerry to take him back to his leader.. Darlene got the hint and slowly moved backwards.. back blending in the crowd while she threw one last look at Tom, trying to remembering him how he looked like now.. As jerry watched how Tom approached them and then dropped on his knees , Jerry showed off an awful grin on his face.. a grin he rarely showed.. a sinister grin knowing what would happen to both when they would been captured and being back in the Hospital. Jerry gave the sign to the wards standing behind him.. and as a pack of wolves they charged at Tom. It really was one last shot for Tom to get away before the wards would just jump right on top of tom and wildly and violently made sure Tom would regret his choice of escaping. The needles were ready, and no strait jacket this time.. No his feet would be bound in chains, just like his wrist’s. The cold hard steel would close around his ankles and wrist tightly in order to gain complete control over tom. Darlene however made a run for it. on the other side of the crowd she pushed kids, and parents away and out of her path making them fall down on the sidewalk and the street, or bounce against the parked cars. She ran off.. There was no way on earth she was going to let this chance to find Kraus slip through her fingers. Jerry blocked the sun above tom if he would be captured.. (Jerry) ‘’ Nice to see you again Tom.. How does a cold bath of a few hours sound? And after that some shock therapy? Oh .. — and to make sure you won’t attempt to escape again.. a lovely private room where you are being chained to the wall. How does that sound? Mmm?.. ‘’

CharlotteCarrendar:- Regret. Did Ginger Tom have any, to know that he helped Darlene find the pathway that would lead her to Superman or Kraus? None. He had been through all this before, tis why he was the way he was. Jerry, in his sadistic tone, who had now gotten Ginger Tom tied up in steel chains, hands and feet, was lording over Ginger Tom. Threats of the cold ice bath, that would send his testicle so far north that he would think that he could taste them in the back of his throat. Shock therapy? Yes, suffered that before. Every time so many brain cells die, and he slips further and further away from reality. Then lastly, the wall is mentioned. Chained to a wall, like an exhibit animal. Oddly enough, Ginger Tom smirked at Jerry as he was carried away. “There are no spoons.” <3>

MaylionCarrendar: – Before Jerry gestured for the wards to ‘kindly’ throw Tom in the back of the van he grinned at Tom his reaction.. (Jerry) ‘’ No .. and we have lollipops, you already had one before remember.. this one is bigger. Get him in the back, and look for Darlene.. she can’t be far ‘’ Jerry crossed his arms while looking at the crowd who were still in a meltdown. Jerry looked at the wards who one by one made their way through the street to look for the girl. Darlene ran the shit out of herself, down the street in an alley, in another street.. through another alley.. She sobbed while running like a girl lost and trying to find her mother. (Darlene) ‘’ Kraus.. Kraussss.. krauss! .. kraus? Superman?! ‘’ When she left the alley she ended up in an crowded street with, surprise!, a comic book store. Darlene just ran inside and looked around to see if she could find Kraus. –

CharlotteCarrendar: – In the back of the van, Ginger Tom is thrown, landing with a clank and a thud on the cold metal surface. The doors are shut on him, and he sees the fading of light. Darkness. He couldn’t rightly move very much, since of the chain restrictions, and sighs, at what Jerry had said. “I..don’t like…lollypops”- his voice just above a whisper. Sadly, no one heard him. <3>

LadyBelz: Doctor Jackie was walking around the ward, leading a group of interns, showing them the ropes before they began working. She was introducing them to the various patients they would be working with so they would get a feel for their routines and individual personalities. In the far corner of the activity room, writing in a notebook, sat a lone woman. To the naked eye, she looked so out of place among the other patients, she could have passed for one of the staff. With wavy, shoulder length black hair, chocolate skin and dressed in normal clothes, one would wonder if she actually needed to be there. Doctor Jackie spotted her and lead the interns in her direction. “And this, ladies and gents, is Roxanne.” She introduced, rubbing her bearded chin. “What’s wrong with her?” one of the male interns asked. “Watch.” Jackie smirked. She turned to Roxanne, who was now watching them carefully. “Hello, Roxanne. How are you today?” Jackie asked. Roxanne set her notebook down slowly. “I’m fine, Jackie. Who are your friends?” Roxanne wondered. “These guys are new interns. They wanted to meet you and the others. Are they around?” Roxanne nodded. “They’re always around. They might be asleep though.” One bold young man stepped forward and held out his hand. He had liked the look of Roxanne and thought he could score an easy date. “I’m Dirk. Pleased to meet you.” She seemed to look right through him and slapped his hand away. “Son in my day, you talked to a gal’s daddy before you try gettin in her pants.” Roxanne seemed to swell in height and her voice took on some kind of accent. Doc Jackie smirked and turned to her interns. “Ladies and gentlemen, please meet Adelaide.” She turned back to the woman behind them. “Nice to see you again, Addie.” Roxanne snorted and made a face. “Mmhmm. Mangy bunch you got there, Jackie.” Adelaide stated. “They’re just learning, my dear.” Roxanne nodded and went back to her notebook. Jackie turned and led them away. “What’s wrong with her?” someone asked. “Roxie suffers from PTS and MPD. You’ve just met her grandmother personality, Adelaide.” Jackie replied. “How many does she have?” Jackie looked down at her chart. “Last checked there were 6 different personalities, including Miss Addie over there. I would advise you not to be alone with her at any time while you are here. One of her personalities, Rocko, has a violent streak a mile wide and will make every effort to beat you to a bloody pulp before you could call for help. Any questions?” The interns seemed to be frozen in shock and a little bit of fear at that bit of news and no one said a thing. “Great! Let’s head on over to the cafe for some food. I’m starved!” She grinned, walking off.

MaylionCarrendar: – The three vans made it back to the facility as the sun went down and the land was nearly covered in darkness. The vans parked right in front of the door and the wards and Jerry got out of the vans. As they made their way towards the two doors Jerry looked back at the ass of Tom hanging over a ward his shoulder. Tom had a brown sack over his face in order to give him as minimum signals possible. He opened the door and the group entered the building as if they were a gigantic team of Ghostbusters. Proud they at least captured one of the escaped wacky-ones. Jerry lead the wards into the activity room where he gestured to place tom on the ground and stand guard while Jerry prepared a nice cocktail of medication, As jerry was about to make his way to the Nurse room he spotted Roxanne. (Jerry) ‘’ Ah Roxanne, good evening. ‘’ . The ward grabbed tom and pulled him off his own shoulder and let him drop on his butt with the brown sack still on his head. Jerry turned around to the wards while tabbing his chin (Jerry) ‘’ No .. better idea. I can handle Tom.. you two go pull together a team and go back out there to find Darlene.. ‘’ The wards nodded once at Jerry and made a U turn out of the activity room. Minutes later jerry would return with a cup full of medication for Tom and lift the sack off his head while placing the cup against his lips. (Jerry) ‘’ hereeee comes the train ‘’ –

CharlotteCarrendar: – The humiliation of being carried back in with a potato sack on one’s head, was enough to make a person cry. But Ginger Tom was not…any simple person. Years of being abused and in institutions since he was born, he was used to the abuse that was always one hairs breath away. Jerry, seemed to have taken the place of Doctor Morolo when it came to cruelty to patients. And with Darlene still on the loose, he was going to centre his reign of terror on the lanky Ginger nut. Ripping off the bag from Ginger Tom’s head, the menacing face of Jerry appeared, looming over Ginger Tom. A cup of medication aimed for his mouth. ‘’ hereeee comes the train ‘’ – Well today, the train was not going into the station. Ginger Tom refused to open his mouth…at all. He just shook his head back and forth, then you could see the edges of his buck teeth. He found the will and courage to stand up for once, since he helped Darlene find his way to Kraus. Part of Ginger Tom, was a fighter after all. <3>