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Role Play Live : Group : The Death Club

Save me from Sanity.

The Great Escape.


Players :

CharlotteCarrendar: – Tom had made it inside where they had a dining room, that had a kitchen in behind bars. The staff in there were well versed in how to deal with the patients, and all knew Ginger Tom, as he was known. His wild ginger curls going out in all directions. His eyes wide as he wanted some of that fancy jello everyone seemed to enjoy. “Jello…Miss. Jello…Miss.” He came up to the space where the food could be passed through the caging. One rotund lady, dressed in a blue uniform and hair net, came over and slid the cherry jello through the slot with a plastic spoon. “No eating the spoon, Tom. You hear me?”- Tom did a little dance as he picked up the tub, and wiggled it, giggling to himself. Snatching up the spoon, he stuck it in his mouth, and started to chew the end, as the canteen lady wiggled a chubby digit. “Tom…remember, you eat the jello.” Tom spat the spoon out and guffawed. “HA! I knew that. Jokes on you!”- Turning around, his head lowered, and he shuffled over to a table and took a seat at the end, far from the other patients. His shoulders hunched over, as he used his body to act like a cover for his eating habits. Perhaps one too many had tried to steal his treat before. :: In the staff room, Doctor Jackie blinked and placed a hand squarely upon her chest. “A mirror? I don’t keep one on me, when I work. It is a safety hazard.” She stared at his bulging pants and asked. “Been bitten by a wasp down there. You seem to be a tad swollen.” <3>

MaylionCarrendar: – Darlene felt how the grass tickled her toes as she slowly made her way towards the doors to the institute. She held her comic book tightly in her arms against her chest, staring around her as if someone could come up any moment to grab it and take it from her. The action doll of superman was in her right hand, and also had a tight grip around it. Somewhere in her mind she knew she couldn’t come back in the institute without being fixed up completely. The doctor had said six weeks due two broken ribs.. but already after one week Darlene got sick of sitting on an hospital bed with tons of jello Jerry always brought her. She slowly opened up the door and made her way inside to look for the Tom. Passing patients and nurses with her head down in order for her hair to hide her face she was still recognized as Darlene.. how could anyone miss it? It was normal for Darlene to walk around on bare feet with shorts on and a white t-shirt which mostly was covered with Jello stains or .. if in a bad mood poo stains. “HA! I knew that. Jokes on you!” Darlene recognized his voice straight away. As she looked to her left into the restaurant area she spotted tom sitting down and protecting his Jello. She opened the doors and made her way over to his table. She just stood next to him with her hair still brushed all the way forwards to hide her face. (Darlene) ‘’ They have better Jello in the forest, right?..’’ — Jerry planted his hand on the locker next to him and placed his body in a very proud and bad ass position. He leaned sexy while looking at doctor Jackie with hungry eyes. “A mirror? I don’t keep one on me, when I work. It is a safety hazard.” She stared at his bulging pants and asked. “Been bitten by a wasp down there. You seem to be a tad swollen.” Jerry’s cheesy smile did not change, but inside he felt like the floor just vanished underneath his feet. With a confident tone in his voice he wouldn’t give up so soon. He had to come up with another pick up line, or just something sexy.. ( Jerry ) ‘’ My little friend is just happy to see you, your eyes look like pearls.. Jackie.. ‘’

CharlotteCarrendar:- After the commotion that Ginger Tom had created in the gardens, with his outrageous display and theatrics, it seemed he changed altogether when it came to eating. Like a well rehearsed play, he placed the spoon down gracefully, and then slowly tore back the lid to the jello, and tipped his head forward just enough, to inhale its delicious smell. That completed, a lick of the lips, and he picked up his spoon; his tool of trade. A delicate operation began, as he dug the spoon in from the sides, and withdrew a full spoon of jello. Eyes darting out from his ginger frizz, he then popped it in his mouth, sucking the sweet jello from the spoon. This would be repeated, again and again, till at last the cup was clean. Spoon set into the empty tub, he was ready to dispose of it, when the girl from the fence, came to meet him once more, keen to advise him on what joys lay beyond the Tom proof fence. ‘’ They have better Jello in the forest, right?..’’ Tom heard her ask the question and then he cocked his head to the right and pondered this. How did Cavemen know about jello? They were too busy beating off the Dinosaurs. So his train of thought lead him to this conclusion. “They have no spoons.” Fair statement. :: In the staff room, it appeared that Jerry, was the hospital Stud muffin. Presenting himself proud like a peacock, displaying his body in a fashion, to entice women, or nurses to fall to their knees and start to commit fellatio. “My eyes are pearls? Really? Hmm. I see you …are into Women in uniform, Jerry.”- She took two small steps towards him, and then smirked- “I don’t normally do…nurses.” <3>

MaylionCarrendar: – Darlene pouted slightly underneath all that sand colour hair hanging in front of her face, still too scared she was going to be dragged back to that awful white room with nobody to compare and copy. “They have no spoons.” Darlene frowned slightly thinking about ways to convince him that he was wrong about that part.. The cavemen did had spoons, how else were they going to eat their Jello? .. Because cavemen really existed, right?.. Yes they did.. just as SuperKraus had asked her to break out. Why wouldn’t he cooperate with her?! What was wrong with him? One or two minutes passed while Darlene was thinking, in the meanwhile she just stood there as a statue. Her body not moving except for her hands getting a tighter grip around her gifts. Tom was trying to keep her away from Kraus? That was it.. he didn’t liked Kraus. One hand released itself from her toy and just grabbed the edge of the table Tom was sitting at. One pull upwards and the table just turned horizontally. Tom his precious Jello and the spoon just slid off the table and ended up on the ground. Darlene flipped the table over with some energy. It was handy the restaurant had plastic tables, or else it wouldn’t go as smooth as Darlene had hoped for. The table struck the ground one meter in front of Darlene. And as much Darlene her blood started to boil due the conclusions she made in her own little twisted mind she could calmly present Tom her next suggestion while everyone in the restaurant had turned their heads to the couple being alarmed by the sound. (Darlene) ‘’ We’re going to find out if they have spoons, yes? Even if you don’t want too. ‘’ — Jerry moved his head slightly upwards to show off his proud smile. (Jerry) ‘’ not just woman in uniforms, darling.. But you probably know what I mean. ‘’ He removed his hand from the locker and made a few steps towards Jackie while combing his hand through his wild dark brown hair. As he stopped right in front of her he pulled his mouth corner up in a more devilish smile. (Jerry) ‘’ .. I always had a thing for.. women with .. ‘’ He stopped and then slowly and gentle grabbed jackies chin as he continued. (Jerry) ‘’ beards.. ‘

CharlotteCarrendar: – The empty cup of jello and its spoon, were sitting just shy of Ginger Tom, when all of a sudden, Darlene decided that she was not accepting his rebuff that Cavemen had no spoons. When someone is mad enough, they are known to flip the bird. But to flip a cafeteria table? Well, stranger things had happened. The action was within split seconds, but to Ginger Tom, it was all in slow motion. The empty cup and spoon, did an aerial dance, as it were, twirling high in the air, as the table was tossed haphazardly. Ginger Tom sat there, stunned. Then, pulled out his flyers skull cap in leather, and promptly pulled it over his head. Whether this was to protect him from a beating, was unclear. If Darlene got wild enough, she could really do some damage. The entire dining hall was now watching, and of course, the nurses with needles, may well be on their way. The canteen ladies closed down the shutters, and one pressed the emergency button. Oh no…not again. ‘’ We’re going to find out if they have spoons, yes? Even if you don’t want too. ‘’ Did Darlene just threaten him? Yes…yes she did. Ginger Tom was starting not to like this Darlene girl. For one, she didn’t share and two…she was a bully. “I’m…I’m…not going. You…you can’t make me.” He shot a look at her, with his buck teeth all exposed, a trace of cherry jello dribble on his chin. “Why not get Superman to fly in and get you? You…are his friend. Go…go call him to come. Fly over the fence.” Ginger Tom then cowered, waiting for her to strike him. :: Oh, this Nurse was something else. Taking Doctor Jackie at her word, and approaching her with one thing on his mind…well, two actually. ‘’ .. I always had a thing for.. women with .. ‘’ He stopped and then slowly and gentle grabbed jackies chin as he continued. (Jerry) ‘’ beards.. “ So, it was straight to the beard, was it? Doctor Jackie then kept eye contact, focusing as her lips turned upward into a crude smile. “Something else about me…”- she then shot a hand forward to seize his scrotum to twist it with all her might. “I pee…standing up.” <3>

MaylionCarrendar: Oops she did it again. Darlene focused on Tom and not on the commotion she created in the cafeteria. “I’m…I’m…not going. You…you can’t make me.” He shot a look at her, with his buck teeth all exposed, a trace of cherry jello dribble on his chin. “Why not get Superman to fly in and get you? You…are his friend. Go…go call him to come. Fly over the fence.” Darlene wiped her hair out of her face with her right hand and then seemed to be copying tom’s facial expression for a minute. In her eye corners she could see the ceiling light on the ceiling near the door of the Cafeteria showing off a red light. But instead of nervously trying to find her way out of this mess once again she just spoke on a quite dark low tone. (Darlene) ‘’ Two choices, right? Go with me.. or i do things with you like Morolo did with you. ‘’ The area’s under Darlene’s eyes seemed to be darker than normal, her pupils were getting smaller, and her facial expression went from copying to pure survival. Maybe it had been more wise to keep Darlene in an room isolated from negative incentives. A small educated guess was that her new dose of medication hadn’t passed the try-out phase yet. She could smell fear coming from Tom and tried to play on that part to get hem side up with her. In her mind she could feel herself slipping from reality again. but as disturbing as it was.. she somewhere was happy about it. It was a safe zone for her to hide in. she couldn’t be held responsible for her further actions, now everything she did.. it was the responsibilities of the institute. Darlene raised one hand in the air as if she was going to hit poor tom in his face. (Darlene) ‘’ Well?! ‘’ — Jerry released Jackie’s chin as Jackie turned him on with keeping the eye contact strong. “Something else about me…”- she then shot a hand forward to seize his scrotum to twist it with all her might. “I pee…standing up.” Oh dear lord? – The moment the hand grabbed his Scrotum it was as if he nearly climaxed. That area hadn’t been touched for nearly two years and he desperately longed for the touch of a hand or mouth wrapping around his godly package.. But the force of Jackie’s hand felt unpleasant after three seconds. as she twisted his scrotum his eyes rolled back in his head while his hands grabbed her hand. Instead of trying to rip her hand off his scrotum he actually fixated her hand in order for her to not twist it anymore. He screamed with a high pitch voice (Jerry) ‘’ OH LORD! .. ‘’ His body showed light shocks of pain AND enjoyment. But as he fixated her hands he had time to swallow his pain away slowly. It would take a minute or three before he regained feeling in that part.. but if the pain had lowered he would simply hold her hand still fixated with force and move it up and down his parts to awaken his bulk even more. And with that he would say with a nasty smile. (Jerry) ‘’ And I got a Chihuahua named Gucci.. — that’s right sweety.. Pan-sexual. ‘’

CharlotteCarrendar:- In another part of the Hospital, the alarm had sounded, and sure enough many would know that it meant one thing; Darlene was at it again. She was after all, the Hospital’s most dangerous patient, with the murder of three people under her name. Ginger Tom cowered and whimpered as Darlene read him the riot act of what diabolical things she would do if he did not submit to her plans to get out, to break out of the institution. ‘’ Two choices, right? Go with me.. or i do things with you like Morolo did with you. ‘’ Oh this..this shocked him to the core. She knew what horrid things Doctor Morolo had done, and he felt his ass pucker in fear. Tightening at the idea that Darlene was going to rape his ass. He leapt up and raced out the door to the garden, and then ran like possessed to the fence, trying in a mad panic to climb it, even if it meant he was going to do himself harm…”EEEP…EEEP..EEEP!” Like some gibbon, he was scrambling on the wire, but getting a fair way up. :: The crotch grab, by Doctor Jackie to the sex starved Jerry had the opposite affect that Jackie had hoped for. Apparently there were a few cobwebs on Jerry’s box and tackle, and he was more than happy to endure the pain, and experience a thrill with it, to get off. This did anger Doctor Jackie, who was prone to flashes of rage when the mood hit her. Jerry seized her hand and started to use it to massage his growing bulk. Only stimulating him more. ‘’ And I got a Chihuahua named Gucci.. — that’s right sweety.. Pan-sexual. ‘’ Really? The dog matched the Master it seemed. Snorting loudly, and keeping the steely gaze, Doctor Jackie threw down the gauntlet. “I have a bull mastiff named Gundar…who has a bigger cock than you, dear. Now, how about you release my hand, or, I will force you over that chair and butt fuck you right through to next year.” <3>

MaylionCarrendar: – It seemed to work, Darlene consciously registered the fear in tom’s face and then ran off into the garden. Next thing Darlene knew was that the alarm disappeared from her mind just as the nurses whose feet echoed through the hallway. It all just fainted. As if black curtains closed her vision and trapped the good girl Darlene in her own body but without having the control over her body. She dropped her comic book and toy and made a run for it also. on bare feet she nearly slipped while opening the door and dashed forwards outside through the grass. The only thing she could hear was the sound of her own heart beating wild and her lungs trying to catch up with the speed of breathing. + Kraus I’m coming.. I’m coming + In front of her Tom who already made it up far climbing the fence she raced towards him and without really remembering that he was raped in the ass, and not that she cared for that at the moment she just jumped up continuously ignoring the pain in her chest while trying to push Tom higher in the fence. The patients outside in the garden either ate grass or started to once again cheer for Tom who was forced into an escape plan. Darlene herself climbed in the fence as a possessed jungle girl. Having no socks or shoes around her feet made it easier for her toes to hook themselves in the fence and climb up. The only thing that had a good chance of stopping them was the electric wires hanging on top of the fence. They either choose to get the shocks, or fall into the arms of the nurses and wards. — The words Jackie spoke had a different effect on him that Jackie probably had hoped for. Lust was taking over his body while Jackie started about her own dog. “I have a bull mastiff named Gundar…who has a bigger cock than you, dear. Now, how about you release my hand, or, I will force you over that chair and butt fuck you right through to next year.” Jerry simply released a deep moan from his throat and pulled Jackie closer against his body while rubbing his body against hers or his.. or its. He even managed to wrap one of his legs around Jackie’s to hump her like a dog. (Jerry) ‘’ I don’t think you’re capable of such a dirty, horny act. ‘’ He didn’t released her hand or loosened his grip. Instead he laid his free hand between her legs and started to rub in hope it would turn her on. The com on his hips made a cracking sound and then a code 9 came through. Patient #306 And Patient #552 attempt to escape. (Jerry) ‘’ I want to escape with you too .. in candy land. ‘’ Jerry wiggled his eyebrows while continuing the groping.

CharlotteCarrendar: – Fear, it reigned supreme over poor Ginger Tom’s mind. Darlene had managed to insert herself right into the most pained part of his brain, and twisted the dagger of thought so cruelly, that Ginger Tom was forced, compelled to do what she asked, regardless of the consequences of his actions. Higher..higher he went, and then the fence started to shake. Fuck, that woman was right behind him. He couldn’t stand the thought of her probing his ass for failure. No, he had to make it over, his life…depended on it. With a rush of adrenalin, born from the anxiety and heat of the moment, he sprang, and literally cleared the top of the fence, missing the electric razor wire by bare inches. Tumbling, falling, and then landing in a heap on the other side, he groaned, and spat out a clump of grass and dirt, that had become lodged in his mouth. Paaaah! But..he then realised…HE WAS FREE! Scrambling but with a sore foot, he looked back at the fence, and spotted her, still climbing. “No…I go…and get a T REX and eat you! BYE BYE.” And with that, he ran off, arms flailing into the foliage…and to freedom, or McDonalds, which ever was closest. :: Jerry, that mad fucker was now all over Doctor Jackie. His leg curling around like some bloody tentacle in a Japanese Hentai, rubbing his foul self all over Doctor Jackie’s crisp white uniform. This behaviour was very un professional and Jackie was practically livid. ‘’ I don’t think you’re capable of such a dirty, horny act. ‘’ Oh no?! Like a red flag waved to a bull in a bull fight, the fire in Doctor Jackie’s eye flared and she sneered at his lustful attempts. He was not releasing her hand, and still doing that stroking thing. This was worse than a gay bar in Soho. ‘’ I want to escape with you too .. in candy land. ‘’ Candy Land? She was not some all day sucker. “Suck on this!”- Doctor Jackie do one of two things, as Jerry was only on one leg. First, she tilted her head back enough and then ploughed it forward, to smack and I mean SMACK Jerry forcefully in the head, a good Head butt that would hurt them both. Then, if the strike connected, she would yank so hard on his willy, that it would feel like it was about to be snapped in half. “I..give..good …head.” She growled. <3>

MaylionCarrendar: – Shit this wasn’t supposed to be happening.. Darlene followed tom with her eyes as he made a jump for it.. over the fence missing the electric wires and he fell.. he fell down.. fell down on the other side of the fence! He broke free.. but .. without her. The fence made wild movements as Tom had jumped. The sudden loss of weight made the fence move back and forth and Darlene had trouble keeping herself in position. While tom daggered off “No…I go…and get a T REX and eat you! BYE BYE.” She watched how he disappeared off In the woods without her.. he left her. The fence didn’t stopped shaking due the nurses trying to shake Darlene down. Other nurses had already ran back to the main entrance to start a code 10. Reclaiming the missing patient Tom. Darlene just climbed up with everything she had until she saw the electric wires hanging above the fence. But as obsessed with freedom and Kraus she was she couldn’t let this hold her back. She was used of getting electro shock therapy and getting it once more by a fence would be nothing more than a farwell gift. Darlene placed her foot as logical as she could and made a jump for it over the fence as the fence was shaking to the front by the nurses. Flying through the air hitting the wires with her body but not enough to get trapped in them or being send back she felt shocks going through her body two or three times. But she imagined herself fighting through this obstacle like the dad of nemo did with dory.. they fought through the jellyfishes who shocked them. And with that thought she hit the ground on the other side of the garden. Not landing comfortable and in pain she got herself up as quick as her body would let her and ran off into the forest following Tom. (Darlene) ‘’ GET BACK HERE, NOWWWW .. PLEASE?!! ‘’ — Jerry on the other hand felt like he was in heaven. As if a warm blanket was wrapped around him he spaced in a sort of ecstasy state. He could literally see butterflies, and bright colors as he felt his package being rubbed. The blood was flowing, and flowing until there wasn’t any room left for more blood. It was getting warmer ,.. and warmer.. every stroke he felt and every second he had his hand between Jackies legs seemed like an eternity. “Suck on this!” Those words were vaguely heard by the Pan-sexual nurse until he felt an hard object smacking against his head. As if the bright colors and butterflies shattered in his mind he felt an harsh pain going through his head which made him unstable and lose his grip. He balanced on one foot while grabbing his head with both hands. And then .. — something came which wasn’t pleasant at all. Jackie aimed for his willy.. his precious willy.. And truly it felt as if willy got disconnected from his body. Actually his complete lower body felt like it was ripped off. (Jerry) ‘’ Ahh.. — .. ahh … ‘’ Poor jerry dropped on his knees in front of Jackie, and then dropped on his side. In between his legs a wet area became visible. It didn’t smelled like pee tho. No .. Jerry here had reached his highest point. And the last move of Jackie had made him cum. Jerry being in pain and breathing as if they just had the wildest night of their lives, squealed while holding his tender and sore package. (Jerry) ‘’ .. I think.. — our break is .. over .. Doctor Jackie.. ‘’

CharlotteCarrendar: – Running, arms up and flailing, his leather flyers skull cap actually tore free from his head by a low hanging branch. This was the wild blue yonder. The land of Cavemen and Dinosaurs. The garden grounds on the other side of the fence were lush and rich with fauna and flora. Jumping, skipping, nearly tripping, Ginger Tom powered on. He had to get as far away as he could. Thinking he had escaped the mad Darlene, maybe now he could be in peace, or pieces, as he ran out onto a motorway. Cars were rushing past on their way to the city, and Ginger Tom was now trying to dodge the fast coming traffic. Like a game of frogger, his chances of making it to the other side were slim indeed. Since when did Cavemen have cars? This was all wrong. Darlene…lied. :: In the staff room, Jerry was now on the floor, complete with a stain showing up on his crotch. Doctor Jackie rubbed her head, feeling slightly woozy, but least the sexual deviant was off her. ‘’ .. I think.. — our break is .. over .. Doctor Jackie.. ‘’ Indeed it was, for the alarms were sounding of some patients escaping. Pulling her uniform down, at the lower part of her lapel, she scoffed at the downed Jerry. “No one shall hear of this, or I guarantee you, that is the last time your balls feel anything.” And with that, she spun on her heel, and marched out of the room. <3>

MaylionCarrendar: – Darlene rushed forwards jumping over stones and obstacles, ducking for low hanging branches. The fresh air felt good against her skin, it also smelled good. Free! .. Free like a bird.. free like Kraus. Free like.. Tom. She saw his cap hanging there on a branch and figured he already got eaten by dinosaurs and cave people.. shame he never found out about spoons.. but Darlene didn’t cared to look for him, she cared for Kraus. Running like the wind feeling like fucking Pocahontas embracing the feeling of power, of freedom.. and of loneliness. No idiots surrounding her, no needles to puncture her skin. No muscle relaxers, no medication, no Jerry, No Morolo, No institute.. no padded room.. No jello! NOTHING. She could start a new chapter of her life and it began right now. Behind her she could hear the voices of nurses screaming Tom’s name and hers. If it would be dark they would grab flashlight and bring out the helicopters and what not.. but she would be long gone before it would turn dark. Darlene smiled, truly smiled.. the world around her suddenly became wonderful, bright colors, happy squirrels running off scared by the running Darlene. She imagined herself being Snow white running to escape evil nurses, and eventually finding a small hut in the woods where seven dwarfs lived.. But the only thing Darlene found was Tom on the motorway dodging cars like dodge ball. She thought he was eaten by dinosaurs.. but that thought had already left her mind 10 minutes ago.. and she was already busy with new thoughts. She stopped near the side of the road to watch how Tom was fighting his way across for survival. Darlene being completely captured by her current mood already forgot what Tom was running from.. Her. (Darlene) ‘’ Wait up! I’m coming with you right?! ‘’ Darlene crossed the road With cars going honk honk to warn her from danger. — Jerry glanced up as Jackie was hovering above him and told him the following “No one shall hear of this, or I guarantee you, that is the last time your balls feel anything.” Jerry moaned softly as a response finding that treat literally amusing and above all horny. He will and would.. whatever it may take.. have sex with doctor Jackie.. Through the back or not.. losing his balls or not.. It was his mission impossible. But the missing patients were now on top of his list. Tom and Darlene.. He knew he shouldn’t have let Darlene go outside,.. And let tom interact with her. Those two were meant to set each other off.. Slowly he crawled towards the door And stood up before making his entrance back in the hallways of the institute. –