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Role play Live : Group : The Death Club

Parlour Dreams

That’s Amore’


CharlotteCarrendar as Tito and Dixie
iShatteredSanity as Demetrios and the Pizza boy.

CharlotteCarrendar: – The young girl’s eagerness, and exuberance were a warm welcome, from the usual down beat girls, that Tito had tried out before with little success. Ellen glowed a natural spark, though she did appear to be a bit skittish, like that of a nervous deer in a lion park. Ellen was happy to agree to all the terms, of employment on trial, and this made Tito smile. The Italian rose up from his chair, and handed back Ellen her folder, before clapping his hands together.

“I give you the tour, of the Tattoo parlour. So, lika…when you come in tomorrow, you know where to start?”- He went up a small stair case, only three steps to a the platform where most of the supplies were kept in locked cabinets, the walls adorned with great glossy black and white prints of the various clients, and their colour ink tatts. There were two tables, that were designed so that the artist could lay a client down to do their backs. “the tables are operated by remota…control, so that you lower or have higher, so you not hurt your back. And over here. *he walked over to the computers and art desks.* Here is where the magic happens, where we make the prints, on the computer, and then…..this is where your talent comes in, to trace or draw the designs onto the light paper, that we use to make the print, that will be pressed onto the skin, and there you have it…I, Tito, can do the tattoo…okay? okay.” Up here at the back, we have our recliner chairs, to do the arms, and the chests. Very comfortable. My favourite, is to do the breasts. Oh…the women, they shiver, it’s better than a watching Mamma bring out the jelly moulds.” Tito laughed at his own joke, and then headed out to where the lockers were, along with the kitchenette and the toilet facilities, rattling on the whole way of the importance of hygiene. Passing the sound system, he leans to Ellen and says. “You can bring your…ipoda…I like mine when I work. I am..how you say…HUGE fan of the Ol’ Blue eyes, and Dean Martin….they were the rat pack. Class…Style..Sophistication. Lika me! But…looka the time is a pushin’ on, so I say….We meet tomorrow, be here early about eight o’clock.”

Dixie had already finished her coffee, and made sure to clean up her cup and plate, putting them in the sink, while the tour was in full swing. Not wanting to interrupt Tito and Ellen, she slipped out the front, and then made a mad dash for the garage door. Fiddling with the key on the chain around her neck, she got the lock undone, and raised the garage door, to go inside.

iShatteredSanity: -Demetrios had just returned from the assault on the military base. Dietrich had dropped him in the alley where he picked his weapons and backpack and went straight for the storage room and his secret locker. Placing everything back in place, Demetrios locked the locker and exited the small room, heading straight for the garage, the little palace as he called it for him and his Dixie. As he exited the small warehouse, he noticed that the door was open and with Dixie standing there, about to enter. With a smile on his face, Demetrios snuck up behind her and wrapped his arms around her, pulling her in a warm embrace and kissing her head.- “Hey you.” –Demetrios whispered to her ear and smiled brightly.-

CharlotteCarrendar; – Dixie was off in her own little world, the moment she stared into the darkness of the garage. Home. This is the place where she became a woman, it was where they conceived the tiny joy that was growing inside her. To many others, this was just a place to park the bike or car, and few would see the beauty, that she did. Smiling to be home first, thinking she had a chance to freshen up, she felt arms enclose around her. Great powerful arms. Dixie shuddered at first, flinching, but then, she felt the kiss to the top of her head, and the sweet voice of her beloved. “Hey you..” Dixie closed her eyes, wrapping her arms over his and nuzzled her head towards him, as he whispered softly in her ear. “Baby..you’re home.”- she uttered almost breathlessly. Dixie didn’t move, just giving herself as he held her, his warm embrace the only place she wanted to be. <3>

iShatteredSanity: -Demetrios could not have been happier. He was holding Dixie into his arms, the woman that he loved more than anything. The very woman that in a few months would bring his child into this world. The fallen angel with the ink feathers, his Dixie. Nuzzling her neck and taking in her scent, Demetrios let a soft content sigh part his lips, his breath warming up her skin.- “I am home…” –He whispered again, planting a soft kiss on Dixie’s neck.- “And as I promised, this is a pizza night.” –Demetrios said and lift Dixie from the ground, carrying her in his arms like a princess and entering the garage. Hitting the switch with his foot, the garage door closed on its own as he walked towards the couch where he lied her down and leaned over her to plant a kiss on her lips.- “Now, I will go and take a shower. I really need one. Unless you want to join me.” –Demetrios said and winked playfully as he nuzzled her nose.-

CharlotteCarrendar:- Plucked up off the ground, and swept into his arms, Dem carried her over the garage threshold as it were, kicking the switch that would close the door in behind them. As romantic as ever, Dem never ceased to amaze her. She swung her legs, excited by the idea it was pizza night, and that she had Dem all to herself. Course, she was wearing Tito’s big Harley t shirt, and one of the first things she wanted to do, was get it off. Dem laid Dixie down on the couch, and she wriggled her eyebrows, when he suggested she wanted to join him in the shower. Springing up almost immediately, she reached for the edges of the t shirt and pulled it up over her head, dropping it on the floor. “Last one there is a rotten egg.” She teased and then dashed for the bathroom, kicking off her shoes, and laughing as she tried to reach it first. Getting at the doorway, she made a sultry pose, and slid down a bra strap, biting her lip. “Want to scrub my back?” <3>

iShatteredSanity: -Demetrios could not get his eyes off Dixie. He could not get bored staring at her even after many many hours. She was a gift from some deity to him, a gift that he cherished more than anything else. Still smiling brightly, he looked at her jumping off the couch and taking off her shirt, one that he recognized from somewhere, and dashed to the bathroom. “Last one there is a rotten egg.”, Dixie said and Demetrios chuckled.- “We will see about that missy.” –Demetrios said and began removing his body suit. His right arm first, then the left. Kicking off his boots and taking off the belt he then got rid of the suit from his legs. Once he was done, he looked at Dixie standing on the doorway and looking like a wild cat. “Want to scrub my back?”, Dixie asked and Demetrios smirked.- “That does not need to be said my dear. Now, here I come.” –Demetrios said and dashed forward, jumping on Dixie to tackle her. Of course he did not use full force and if his tackle was successful, he would land on his own back with Dixie lying on his chest. If he was not successful, he would just fall down on the floor.-

CharlotteCarrendar:- The challenge was set, but would he bite the bait. Inching the bra strap down further, she showed a Cheshire grin, then squealed loudly as he made his declaration “We will see about that missy.” She slowly edged into the bathroom, her giggles bubbling up as he began to strip off the body suit, and then his boots kicked free. Each loud thud had her squeal even more, like this was the best game. Demetrios was so much bigger than her, he could easily pick her up and carry her off, but tonight, he ran at her, saying “Here I come” She pretended to avoid, but she really wanted to be hit, and was, being tackled onto the floor. The mirth in her voice as she laughed, she couldn’t help it when he landed on his back, with her laying on top of him. “You win..guess I am a rotten egg…huh?” Her eyes sparkling, when she stared into his. Unable to help herself, she nipped at his lips, showing she wanted nothing but to play on the floor. <3>

iShatteredSanity: -Landing on the ground on his back and with Dixie ling on his chest, Demetrios could not help himself but laugh. He had already forgotten everything that had happened only 2 hours ago at the military base where him and Alexandros managed to destroy everything. Holding Dixie into his arms and caressing her back, Demetrios was staring deep into her eyes, smiling gently.- “Technically we both entered at the same time. So… I guess that there is no loser here.” –Demetrios said and tickled Dixie a little bit, wanting to hear that sweet giggle of hers again as she was nipping his lips. Closing his eyes for a moment, he did not care about anything else in the whole world. He only had eyes and hands for Dixie and Dixie alone.-

CharlotteCarrendar:- The tickling had her giggling all the more, and she wriggled upon him like a slippery fish. There was nothing better than seeing the happiness in his eyes, the way his lips curled up, smiling. This was perfection for Dixie. The world outside, could not view into this place, and see the way in which the two lovers showed their love for each other. The laughter subsided, when she watched Dem close his eyes. He looked to be at peace. So rare for him on the outside. Dixie cuddled into him, moulding her body to his. “Baby…no one can take away what we have. All I need is you, to be complete.” <3>

iShatteredSanity: -Demetrios laughed softly after hearing Dixie’s giggle and feeling her body shaking with his own. The very vibrations from her body calmed him down, relaxing his muscles and getting rid of all the tension from earlier. Then her words. Words of love from her. Opening his eyes and staring deep into hers, Demetrios smiled once more.- “Holding you is the greatest gift that any form of deity can give me. You are my yang while I am your ying. When we are together, we are complete indeed.” –Demetrios said and planted a soft kiss on her lips.- “Though… How about getting that shower? The floor is kinda cold.” –Demetrios said and poked his tongue out while still smiling.-

CharlotteCarrendar: – Dixie nodded, and rolled off him, then got up to stand, reaching into the shower and turning the faucets. She tested the water with her hand, and found it to be just right. Stepping back, she allowed Dem a chance to get up, before slipping off her skirt and bra. “Yeah, I can imagine the tiles are a bit cold. The garage is not heated like that cabin was.” Memories of the nights and days in the cabin always made her smile. Dixie turned to look at her stomach, which was just starting to show, and she turned side on, checking herself out. Happy within herself, she slid down her panties and got into the shower cubicle, reaching for the soap and lathering up her hands. “I shall do the honours first, hun.” <3>

iShatteredSanity: -The cabin, huh? Dixie had a point there. In a moment, the images of the time that they had spent in the cabin in the mountain flashed before his eyes and he let a deep and content sigh part his lips.- “Those were good times.” –He said and slowly rose on his feet.- “But…” –Looking at Dixie who got undressed already, Demetrios smirked.- “What if we move to a similar place? I can have Helena leave my mansion and we will move there. It will be a better place for the baby too.” –Demetrios said while getting rid of his black boxers and shocks, entering the cubicle.- “What do you think Dixie?” –Demetrios asked and coated his hands with liquid soap, starting to rub Dixie’s back and making bubbles on her skin.-

CharlotteCarrendar: – A similar place to the cabin? That would be a dream come true, but home was the garage. Well, at least for now. It was all that she had known. But now the couple needed to think of not just themselves, but the baby too. Dixie thought for a moment on Demetrios’s suggestion about moving into Helena’s mansion, which was really his anyways. “Won’t Helena get mad?” Dixie asked, rolling her shoulders and tilting her head from side to side, as Dem rubbed and massaged the liquid soap on his hands, into her skin. Dixie continued to lather her own hands up for her turn to wash Dem. Looking back over her shoulder, she asked. “I want to go to wherever you are, Baby. You know that.” Turning around and proceeding to work the lather in her hands, into his chest. “Baby makes three..” she said quietly. <3>

iShatteredSanity: “Helena get mad? Nah, I don’t think so. In fact I bet that she has some underground room somewhere in Prague for her and her harem. We will only do her a favour. Plus the mansion is mine to boot. She always knew that one day she would have to get the hell out.” –Demetrios replied and kept rubbing Dixie’s back, massaging her at the same time for some more before Dixie turned around and placing her hands on his chest. Her words were so true.- “You know, you just reminded me of a Greek song by Nikos Papazoglou. The lyrics said something like ‘One plus one make three after getting married’. Of course this is not exactly what it said, but you get my point.” –Demetrios said and closed his eyes for a moment, enjoying Dixie’s touch on his tired body.-

CharlotteCarrendar: – The point was taken. But Demetrios brought up another topic. Especially about the Greek song. One plus one make three after getting married”. Dixie smiled warmly, and continued to massage the soap liquid into Dem’s chest, before moving to his shoulders and then his arms, slowly working her way down, tending to both legs gently, then rising back up and going around him to his back. Dem, was tired, there was no mistaking that. And sometimes, when we are at our lowest, it is the simplest of exchanges, of touch and hugging, that can have a more welcoming affect than sex. As much as Dixie would like to go a few rounds, of doona magic, she could sense that Dem needed a bit of TLC. Rubbing his back in smooth circular actions, she whispered. “If anyone asks, am I Dem’s woman, I say yes. Your name is on my back, as mine is on yours. People can have the lavish ceremonies, to celebrate unity. I rather hear from your own lips, that I belong to you, and that is enough for me. <3>

iShatteredSanity: -Demetrios enjoyed Dixie’s touch. No, he was not just enjoying it, he loved it! Every tiny bit of tension dissipated into thin air as Dixie did her magic on him. Opening his eyes and enjoying both her touch and the water as it fell on him like rain, he looked at Dixie as she spoke, smiling brightly as he wrapped his arms around her.- “Dixie, there is no one else that I want to spend my life with. I love you with all my might. What started as friendship developed into this. And I am grateful. I have you, my angel. And soon we will have a child together. I thank you for being part of my life and I promise you that I will never leave your side.” –Demetrios said and planted a soft kiss on Dixie’s forehead.- “I love you Dixie angel.” –He said and tightened the grip around her, holding her dear into his arms. And when things were going so good, suddenly *GROWL*. A growling sound echoed inside the cubicle and Demetrios whistled innocently while making a funny face.- “That was so not my stomach.” –He said and shifted his gaze from left to right, making his face and the whole scene even more comical.-

CharlotteCarrendar:- Dixie stared up at Demetrios doe eyed, as he said the most romantic speech of his life. And then..”GROWL” Dixie stopped rubbing the soap in, and being held so tightly to him, that sound was unmistakeable. “What the..?” Dixie echoed, and she glanced around, as he made a funny face. “That was so not my stomach.” But…it wasn’t the neighbourhood dog either. “Yes it was….that was you!”- Dixie suddenly burst out laughing, and teased him mercilessly. “Don’t give me that look, Mista…We have ways of making you talk.”- Dixie did a weird German accent, and then smacked his backside hard.” Come on, let’s get dry and order some pizza, before your stomach starts howling at the moon.” Dixie opened the shower cubicle door, and reached for a towel. <3>


iShatteredSanity: -While the mind is strong, the body is weak, is a line that pretty much applied perfect in the situation. No matter how much he tried to hide it, Demetrios was caught by Dixie.- “Oh damn, I am so busted.” –Demetrios said and chuckled playfully. When Dixie spoke like a German general, Demetrios nodded his head and saluted Dixie.- “Sir! Yes Sir! Or Ma’am.” –Demetrios said, just like he did back in the army, and then poked his tongue out of his mouth only to get smacked by Dixie. Letting out a soft laughter, Demetrios nodded his head and turned off the water, leaving the cubicle and grabbing a towel, drying himself and entering the garage again. He immediately grabbed his phone and dialled the number of their favorite pizza place.- “Yes, hello. I want to make an order. Yes, Apostolou, yes. So… I would like 2 supreme special pizzas with extra cheese and tomato sauce. 2 bottles of cola. Hmm… Make them 4. Yes, 4. Then 2 chef salads and 2 Caesar salads with extra sauce in a small bowl. And finally I want … Oh what the hell, 16 slices of garlic bread.” –Demetrios said and winked playfully at Dixie.- “Yes, that’s my address. Alright, I will be waiting. Thank you very much, good bye.” –Demetrios said and hung up the call, tossing his phone on the couch and looking at Dixie.- “They will be here in 20 minutes.” –Demetrios said and tossed the towel away, staying completely naked.- “So… We should get dressed. We can play later.” –Demetrios said and winked playfully.-

CharlotteCarrendar: – Dixie wrapped the towel around herself, and marched out of the bathroom, looking all serious, but really she was just playing. Demetrios went to put in their order for dinner and she was seriously gobsmacked, by how much food he was ordering. I mean, to her, it was like he was going to feed an army. “We are eating for three…not twenty three.” Dixie joked, going to find her winter pyjamas, since the garage did get pretty cold at night. Coming back from her little cupboard, in penguin pjs, she whipped her wet towel, round and round and then smacked his ass with it, chortling. “I can play now and later.”- Course she meant horse play, since she knew that once that food arrived, the only thing on his mind would be, feeding the wolf in his stomach. Dixie flopped on the couch, and hunted for the TV remote, hoping to catch a game of rugby, while they waited for the pizza to arrive. With Dem standing butt naked in the way, she leaned over to her right side, and pointed the remote at the telly. ~click~ “And now…time for men…in tight shorts! Bahahaha…Oi DEM…your blocking the screen.” She then poked out her tongue, cause two could play this game. <3>


iShatteredSanity: -Demetrios was butt naked and standing in the middle of the room, not bothering to hide anything and just teasing Dixie who in return teased him back. Still poking his tongue some more, Demetrios pulled it back in as Dixie got dressed in her pajamas.- “Well… We will have to burn the calories later.” –He said and winked playfully before moving to the side so that Dixie could watch television, but not after striking some body builder poses and flexing his muscles. Then once he realized what he was doing, he rolled his eyes and shook his head.- “I swear, the more time I spend with Alexandros, the more I become like him.” –He said headed to the closet where he grabbed a simple pair of jeans and a black T-shirt that he put on after wearing a pair of black boxers. Several minutes passed and the knock on the door made him rush to the door, opening it and getting the pizzas.- [Delivery man.] “That would be 86 euros, thank you.” [Demetrios.] “Here, 100. Keep the change my man. Have a good night.” [Delivery man.] “You too. Bye.” –The two men said and Demetrios closed the door behind him, heading straight for the couch where he placed the pizza boxes and the bags with the salads, garlic bread and colas on the table.- “Well, you can eat for 2 people. I will eat for the rest.” –Demetrios said and chuckled playfully before opening the pizza boxes and offering a slice to Dixie along with a napkin.- “Eat, you are going to need it for that is to come later.” –Demetrios said and winked. And so the two lovers began eating, teasing each other and playing with each other till they were done. After that, of course the cold did not matter since they became a massive heater that filled the area with such a heat that even the sun would be jealous. Ahhh… Such a good time…-