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Easter Special – Death Club Live Role play

A New cold war.

“Don’t Put All Your Eggs In One Basket”



LadyBelz: When the alarms had started blaring, Yavin thought it was a drill so he ignored it at first and continued his patrol. It didn’t even concern him that Boris had been gone nearly an hour, supposedly to take a piss. It didn’t take anyone an hour to take a piss. He shook his head and made a mental note to speak to the Captain of the guards about Boris and his “tendancies”. When the lights went down and the reports started coming over the radio of shots being fired, Yavin went on high alert. He needed Boris and needed him now. Backtracking, glad that because of his patrols, he knew the compound like the back of his hand, he made his way quickly to Yuri’s study. Not wanting to alert anyone to his presence, he made his way around the room using the wall until he came to the fireplace mantel, wherein he encountered a problem. With the power cut, there was no way to open the door to the dungeons. “Fuck!” he swore [in Russian – translate later]. Thinking he’d try and pry the door open, he was surprised to find that the door was already open [meaning Ayalah got out before the lights were killed]. Grabbing a penlight from his pocket, he clicked it on and with his gun aimed and ready to fire, slowly descended.

CharlotteCarrendar:- Ira removed a pistol from his holster, as he followed the stone wall along, that led down a corridor, on its way towards the dungeons. The sounds of gunfire and shouting from above signalled that the remaining guards were in a panic, and were trying desperately to restore power and light to the compound. Ira’s head turned back, the greenish glow, illuminated his sight giving the corridor an eerie feel. He had his objective, first and foremost, and that was to get Ayalah out of the compound and to the airport as quickly as he could. A turn in the corridor, and from memory of the lap top image, he took the turn, and made sure to check first, by peeking around the corner, for signs of Yuri’s men. Heart pounding in his chest so loud it was deafening, he tried to regulate his breathing. Don’t panic. The wolf continued to make ground, each step poised and perfect. He soon reached an opened door, obviously a guard was also on the way down. There was no going back, he went through the door opening, and started his descent. In the dungeons, Ayalah was running, running past cells filled with women that were the pleasure slaves of Yuri. Many were screaming for help, for release, and she refused to stop. She was no saviour, she was the Viper. And only cared about herself. :: Two floors up, Misako had stepped out before two guards and then tilted her head, as she assumed a crouch, the blade held vertical. The stance of a Samurai, just as Ryu had taught her. The Lotus fell silent, and then poised for their attack. <3>

LadyBelz: Yavin paused in the middle of the stairwell, certain he had heard footsteps. He waited, breathing shallow, for the sound to come again. All he could hear was the distant shouting of the other girls begging to be let out. Ignoring that, he continued his descent. He reached the bottom and from memory, went right to check the guards rooms to make sure no one could be hiding there. As he did this, it would ensure that he and Ayalah didn’t cross paths. Gia, the young servant girl who had been instrumental in letting Ayalah know help was on the way, hid in a corner of the cells, her body encased in all black and her own night vision goggles perched upon her face. She held her gun at the ready and watched as Yavin turned toward the guards rooms. She liked Yavin, as he was one of the more nicer guards and would have hated to kill him if he had come across Ayalah before she could get away. As he was searching the rooms, she heard running and turned to see Ayalah running from the direction of the girls’ cells. She quickly gained her feet and went after the young woman. When she was close enough, she reached out and quickly slapped a hand over the woman’s mouth, hoping she wouldn’t scream or fight back.

CharlotteCarrendar:- Suddenly Ayalah felt a small hand, feminine clamp over her mouth and then her body being pulled into an alcove. Furious, she snarled through the hand, her hot breath upon the woman’s skin. The gun in her hand was cocked, however, it’s very hard to shot someone who is right in behind you. At that same time, the sound of another set of footsteps could be heard coming. Possibly a guard, and this is when the penny dropped. A guard would have shot her, why would a woman try to silence her? Holding her breath, she waited for the person that was approaching to come into view. Upstairs, Misako now had the attention of the two guards, who just made her outline in the darkness. “Come on girly. You should not be out of your cage.” Lotus took a deep breath, then started a sprint, her katana whirling, as she went to slash off the right hand of the first guard, with one swift stroke. The guard screamed as his gun hit the stone floor, his hand flipping alongside it, as Lotus went into another spin, and did a vertical slash with her blade, both hands gripping the tsuka, she sliced at the top of the head off the second guard, hoping to scalp him alive. <3>

LadyBelz: Pleased when Ayalah didn’t move a muscle, they stayed that way and through her goggles, watched as a second guard met up with Yavin just down the hall from them. “Yavin, is this drill?” the guard asked. “I do not think this drill, comrade. Get back upstairs, stay alert.” Yavin told him. The other guard nodded and headed off. Yavin decided to check Ayalah’s cell…he had a feeling that was where Boris had run off to. He passed within a few feet of the two women in the alcove, they could have reached out and goosed him. He continued on until he was out of sight and out of earshot. Gia waited a few more minutes before slowly removing her hand from where it covered Ayalah’s mouth. “You are armed, yes?” Gia whispered, the light of the goggles throwing Ayalah’s sweat-slicked face into sharp relief.

CharlotteCarrendar: – The woman’s voice was familiar, as the guard passed just within a hairs breath of them. You are armed, yes?” Gia removed her hand from Ayalah’s mouth, and Ayalah was ready to bite out in rage. “That fucker got in my cell…ugh, I can still feel his saliva on my clit. Ugh.”- she spun around and showed off the gun in her hand. “This is what I got for my troubles.”- she flicked her wrist, and then leered at the girl. “Get…me…the…fuck…out…of …here” Her voice hoarse from not having used it much in the past month. Coming down the stairs, Ira could hear someone coming back up. ~FUCK!~ He swore internally, backing to a wall, and then holding his firing arm out and pointed, ready to shoot the person who came around the winding staircase. :: The man who had just lost the top of his head, was showing off a sliced opened portion of his brain, as he sank to his knees, twitching and bringing up blood and vomit. It was a disgusting sight, as the Lotus went back into a defensive stance, her blade dripping in the crimson blood of her victim. The guard with the missing hand, was flailing about, blood spurting out upon the floor. <3>

LadyBelz : – “Get…me…the…fuck…out…of …here” Gia heard the woman growl. Nodding, she took the woman’s hand and after checking to see that the coast was clear, began leading Ayalah toward the stairs…Meanwhile, Yavin had reached Ayalah’s cell and the beam of light illuminated the dead guard laying in the hall, a single gunshot wound to the temple telling him more than enough. “Boris?” he hissed, getting a firm grip on his gun. He didn’t hear a sound from Ayalah’s cell and grew worried. “Boris? You better be dressed, you sonofabitch!” Yavin growled, stepping over the dead guard. He shined his light into the open door of Ayalah’s cell and froze in stupefied shock. Boris’s sightless eyes stared back at him, a congealing pool of blood turning the left side of his face into a crimson mask. He fumbled for his radio and clicked it on. “T47 to T3, come in!” he hissed. There was a short burst of static. “T3 here, report.” Yavin could not tear his eyes away from Boris’s dead body. “Boris is dead. The girl has escaped…and she is armed.” Yavin reported, tearing his eyes away and heading back toward the stairs. “Copy, T3! Get back up top! We need those lights back on!” was the reply. “I’m heading for the power breakers now. Out!” Yavin took off at a run, knowing that they needed to get things back under control before Yuri returned or they were all dead men.

CharlotteCarrendar: – In the stair well, Wolf could make out the approaching of possibly a guard’s footsteps coming closer around the winding staircase. With his arm stretched out and aimed, at the shadow that was getting closer and closer to his position, he felt the hair on the back of his neck stand on end. This could be Ayalah trying to escape, or possibly a guard. He would not know until he pulled the trigger. But the person was in a hurry, since the lack of power, meant the darkness was the ally of the enemy. Sure enough, as soon as the guard rounded the bend, Wolf took aim and then blasted two bullets, in rapid succession, going right through the forehead of the unlucky guard. The entire back section of his skull was blown off, and splattered, caking the wall behind him with matted hair, skin and skull fragments. The dead guard’s knees buckled, and he fell backwards, going down the few stairs, till coming to a stop, his blood continuing to flow down each step. Wolf lowered his arm and then leapt over the dead man’s legs and continued on to the ground floor, where he was sure to run into…the other guard who called in a report. But where was Ayalah? <3>

LadyBelz: As the two women headed for the stairs, there was the report of gunfire above them. Gia froze, waiting, the grip she had on Ayalah’s hand going tight. There was a thudding noise and a dead guard fell at their feet, a large hole in his head. Gia’s gun went up, hoping Ayalah’s did the same behind her. A moment later, an armed man stepped into the light of her goggles and her finger clenched on the trigger. Gia wasn’t familiar with all of Yuri’s guards and assumed he was one, trying to recapture her charge. Gia scowled darkly and took aim. “One more step and I kill you dead.” Gia hissed, the cocking of her gun loud in the near silence of the dungeons…Yavin heard the distant shots and swearing, he headed back toward the stairs at a run, hoping he got there in time to stop whatever was happening. Mentally, he cursed Yuri for making the dungeon halls so fucking long on either side, almost a mile between the cells and the stairs.

CharlotteCarrendar:- “One more step and I kill you dead.” Gia hissed, holding her gun out towards the oncoming Wolf, who heard her all too clearly. He just came into view, still wearing the night vision goggles, and then on recognising the pair, a broad smile broke out upon his face. “Whose afraid of the big bad Wolf, eh? Not you Gia, surely. I see you got Ayalah. Nice. Now, put the gun down, I would like to get out of this mess in one piece.”- Ayalah almost died when she realised who it was. The sound of his voice, was the most beautiful thing she had ever heard. “Ira..”- Ira reached out and gave her face a small slap. “In the flesh….now come on, let’s get up the stairs. Lotus is on her own, with who knows how many guards.”- Upstairs, Lotus now had the attention of another guard, who had heard the cries of the ones she had felled. “Bitch…Yuri will be having you fuck his dogs!” He held up a torch and a gun, and he fired the gun towards her right shoulder. <3>

LadyBelz: Ah, the infamous Wolf. Gia breathed a sigh of relief and lowered her gun. She could feel some of the tension leaving Ayalah upon his appearance, through the hand she still held. “You must go now. There is another guard here and he is sure to have heard the gunshots. I will hold him off as long as I can. They do not know I work for Uri so my cover must not be blown. Go up the stairs, take a left when you reach the top, you will come the servant’s hall. Follow that, it will bring you straight to the garage. Keys for the cars are beside the door. I never saw you.” With those instructions, Gia turned away from them and headed back into the darkness to wait for Yavin. She quickly removed her goggles and slipped a black mask over her head so her face was covered before slipping the goggles back on. She made sure her gun was loaded and found a niche that gave her a full view of the hall leading to the girls’ cells. They could still be heard banging on the doors, hoping to be let free. For now, her only priority was keeping Ayalah out of Yuri’s clutches. She’d worry about the rest later. Rapid footsteps echoed up the hall and Gia, fully known amongst Uri’s men as The Shadow, blended into the shadows of her name and waited…


CharlotteCarrendar:- Wolf was still grinning, though he took a step back so he could check down the corridor for the oncoming of another guard. The screams and cries of the other women however, did bother him some and he wondered, would they ever be freed. But they were simply not his problem for now. Gia, ever the professional, gave her orders, as she decided to stay undercover, rather than risk exposure. You must go now. There is another guard here and he is sure to have heard the gunshots. I will hold him off as long as I can.’- Ayalah and Wolf listened carefully to her instructions. She was truly one of God’s angels, in this case, and Wolf took her into a hug, before releasing her to go back to previous location. Watching her go, Wolf seized Ayalah’s free hand and jerked it forward. “Now we go…come on.”- Ayalah nodded and followed him back up the stairs, but she just wanted to follow Gia’s instructions, and not worry about the Lotus. To her, that is what Lotus was there for. A distraction. :: The bullet whistled through the air, and hit Lotus at the top of her right shoulder, causing her to wince and buckle over, losing the grip of her katana, which fell from her hand with a dull clunk upon the stone floor. Seeing the Japanese assassin wounded, the Guard ran at her, ready to tackle her to the ground. <3>
LadyBelz: From the darkness, Yavin appeared in her goggles and she took aim, firing two shots into the dirt at his feet. Yavin stopped dead in his tracks before quickly backing away and taking cover behind the open door of one of the empty cells. He cursed the lights being out as he couldn’t see a fucking thing. Taking a breath and hoping for the best, he took aim and fired into the dark. Gia felt one of the bullets wing past her face, nearly grazing her skin through her mask and she scowled. That bastard had taken a potshot at her! Fuck that! She took aim and fired, embedding two slugs in the steel door he was hiding behind. Yavin heard the pings as metal struck metal and he hit the floor, kissing dirt before he realized that the door had stopped the bullets’ momentum. Now he was pissed. Hunched down, he ducked around the door and fired, just as Gia fired back. The flare from the gun gave away her general position and he fired again. Gia had to duck backward as the bullet struck the wall where her head had been positioned. Now she was well and truly pissed. Meantime, the guards were running about like scared babies, trying to figure out where the shots were being fired from. What none knew was that there were automatic weapons, set on timers, in the bushes surrounding the fence [think “Aliens” when they set the guns up in the hall outside the room they were hiding in]. They were set to fire short bursts every 5 minutes. The Captain had whatever men he could round up firing back and taking cover, but it was hard to see what you were shooting at when there were no lights, not even moonlight. “Somebody get those fucking lights back on!” he screamed.

CharlotteCarrendar: – The pair hot footed it up the stairs, going round and round the twirling stair case, till finally reaching the top, where Wolf was looking to the right direction, where the sounds of gunfire and men screaming could be heard. Lotus was out there fighting for her life, trying to take down all the guards, and he knew he made a promise to her, to come find her once they had Ayalah free. Ayalah, had other ideas. She knew the directions that Gia had given had to be correct, and she said to Wolf. “Come on…Gia said to go left toward the servant’s hall. That is the way to freedom.” Wolf on the other hand, had other ideas. “I promised Lotus, to come get her.” This was when Ayalah raised her gun to his face. “No…you are going to come with me now. My father knew what he was doing sending her. She is the Lotus, and she will do her job. *Ayalah sneered angrily* “Saving me… Now come!”- She truly was the Viper after all. Venomous; and deadly. :: In the other part of the building, Lotus was doubled over, with her left hand unseen. The right shoulder bleeding profusely from the gunshot wound to her shoulder. The guard made the bolt, charging straight at her, when all of a sudden, her head flicked up just enough to see those cold eyes, as she flicked forward her left arm. She released two hira shuriken from her fingers, which found purchase, one in his left eye, the other in his forehead. With blood blurring his vision, he staggered about, as she quickly knelt to retrieve her blade with her left arm. Lotus screamed and ran at him, thrusting her katana right through his chest. Held up against him with her body, he twitched and jerked as she kicked him back off her, and he slid back off her blade. Another down…but Lotus was wounded…and needed to escape. <3>

LadyBelz: Yavin and Gia had been shooting at each other for almost 10 minutes and she was running out of ammo. She needed to get back to her room in the servant’s wing before they discovered her missing. Checking her last clip, she saw that she had two rounds left. She had to make them count if she was going to get out of this unscathed. Peeking around the niche, she saw Yavin hadn’t removed his leg from her view. Taking aim, she fired off her last two rounds, praying they hit their marks. Blood exploded and Yavin screamed in pain as the bullets sunk into his thigh and foot respectively. He fell backward, dropping his own gun in the process and that was her cue to run. She took the stairs two at a time, reaching the top as another guard came into the room to see why it was taking so long to get the lights back on. Without stopping, she drew her blade and sliced his throat, the man dead before he even knew what had happened. Into the hall she ran, coming upon Wolf and Viper facing one another, the gun in Ayalah’s hand ready to fire. “I thought I told you to leave!” Gia scowled, angry at the whole situation. This was not going how she planned. She could hear a guard screaming just down the hall. “It is only a matter of time before they get the lights back on, you need to leave. Now!” Gia pulled a second blade from her belt and threw it with deadly accuracy toward Ayalah. Whether the woman moved or not was another story.

CharlotteCarrendar:- Lotus’s right shoulder had dropped slightly; the blooded wound clearly visible through her torn fight suit. The pain was excruciating, but she had to see past it, if she was going to get out of this alive. Making it past her third victim, she could hear the rapid gunfire coming from outside, along with the shouts of the men, trying desperately to get the lights back on, so they could see their foe clearly. Thinking that Ira must have Ayalah by now, she headed in the direction she recalled him taking, but with all the noise and distractions, she was now incredibly alert to whoever might come around a corner and fire at her. Would Ira leave her to die? :: In the entrance to the stairs, Gia found Wolf and Viper squared off, and let it be known that this was not the plan at all. “I thought I told you to leave!” Ayalah shot a look at Gia and then snarled. “Oh but we are.”- Ira was still in two minds, but then Gia screamed. . “Now!” Drawing out a blade and throwing it in deadly accuracy towards Ayalah, who leapt just shy of it, as it tore the side of her arm. Ripping her skin open. “RRAAWWWRR! I will get you for that.” She then gripped Ira’s arm and attemped to drag him with her up the hall towards the servants hall where she seized the keys to one of the cars. Wolf was protesting. “You can’t do this!”- Ayalah simply laughed. “I bet you fucked her too. Nearly all of Daddy’s boys do.” She then pointed the key at a porches’, which beeped with its lights flashing, and she ran for the driver’s side door. <3>

LadyBelz: The knife zipped by Ayalah’s arm, drawing blood, but the blade imbedded itself into the head of the guard that had been coming up behind her, ready to shove his own blade into Ayalah’s back. Ayalah for her part grabbed Wolf and dragged him to the garage, his protests futile. Gia watched them go, but at the name of Lotus, turned back the way she had come to look for the famed Lotus Flower. If Ira had promised to get Lotus out, then Gia would take his place and do just that. She removed her blade from the guard she had killed and went in search of Lotus. It was then the lights came back on, their brightness ripping through her night vision goggles. With a scream, she ripped them from her head, covering her eyes with her hands. “Fuck!” she hissed. She was now vulnerable. Luckily she had kept her mask on, hiding all her facial features except her eyes. But any guard who saw her now would assume she was one of the ones who were attacking and shoot her on sight. Feeling her way, she found a place to hide until her vision could correct itself. The wait was excruciating. Five minutes later and the spots slowly faded from her view until she could see again. Checking the hall, she eased out of her hiding spot and went in search of Lotus.

CharlotteCarrendar: – It was like God himself had flipped the switch and all the lights and power returned to the compound. Wolf ripped off his night vision goggles, as the sirens sounded loudly. “FUCK!” There was nothing for it, and Ayalah had already got in behind the wheel of the Porsche. “I will leave you behind, you big Dope.”- she snarled, as she started the engine. Part of Ira wanted to kill Ayalah himself at this point, but he had almost completed the mission, and now, he had to chose. Tossing his goggles away in anger, he got into the car beside her, just in time, as she threw the car into reverse and floored it, the car’s tires screaming as the car rocketed out of the garage and then did a 180 degree spin, spewing out vast quantities of burning rubber fueled smoke. Laughing madly, she hit the accelerator and the car took off down the drive, past the numerous guns that were firing from the bushes. Pinging sounds heard against the outer metal of the car, as she headed for the gates and freedom. Ira tossed his head back into the head rest and grit his teeth. He hated himself more than ever, and wondered, if she would ever forgive him, if Lotus got out alive. :: Back in the compound, the sudden burst of light had Lotus come to a halt. “Oh no..” Time was not her friend. Out in the open now, she was a sitting duck. Madly she ran back into the room where they first came in and grabbed back up her bag that she had brought with her. Everything she needed to make an escape. Still wounded as she tried to place the bag on her back, she staggered for the balcony entrance, where she did a right turn, and started running for the cliff face of the compound gardens. It was the only way. <3>