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Roleplay Live : Group : The Death Club

A New Cold War




iShatteredSanity: -A day had passed since Demetrios had revealed many cards; that he is the real owner of the club, some of the dark history that only a very few people were aware, and his declaration of war towards Yuri. It was a day that despite letting go of that heavy burden, he felt as if more weight was added on his shoulders. And how could that not happen? Especially after telling Dixie that they would have to live for some time away from each other. But still, it was a day that Demetrios spent with Dixie, trying to forget about what he had said, just like they did in the cabin in Switzerland. And now the next day had arrived and everyone was discharged, except for Ivan and Nikolai who had to stay behind for a few more days. Demetrios had packed his stuff along with Dixie’s when Nurse Lola walked inside the room and looked at Dixie.- [Nurse Lola.] “Miss Dix? Could you please come to see Dr. Warehouse on the third floor?” –The nurse asked and Demetrios looked once at the nurse and once at Dixie, wondering what was going on.- [Demetrios.] “Do I need to be present as well?” –Demetrios asked and Nurse Lola shook her head.- [Nurse Lola.] “That is something that concerns Miss Dix. Dr. Warehouse wants to speak with her first, and it is up to Miss Dix to discuss that matter with you. But I assure you, there is nothing wrong with Miss Dix, the Doctor just wants to offer his advice to the young lady.” –Nurse Lola said with a smile on her face, trying to calm Demetrios down since he seemed to worry.- [Demetrios.] “I understand.” –He said with a nod of his head.- “Babygirl, I need to finish packing my things, you can go first, I will be waiting for you at the entrance.” –Demetrios said with a smile as he planted a soft kiss on Dixie’s lips and spanked her butt playfully.-

CharlotteCarrendar:- Folding her clothes, she heard the soft patter of the nurses scuffs, entering their room, and asking if she could go and see Dr Warehouse. Unsure of what this could mean, she turned her attention to Demetrios, but he had been told that his presence was not required, and it was simply to offer Dixie some advice. Still quite upset about the previous day’s events, and how Demetrios kept trying to be upbeat, and treat his girl like he did in the cabin, the worry she felt eclipsed any chance to show true happiness. “Mkay. I will see you out at the entrance, hun.” Following the nurse back up to the third floor, she knocked on the door, and waited to be given the clearance to enter. The carefree Dixie appeared to have been left behind on their vacation, and this Dixie was a shell of her real self. When the Doctor responded, she turns the handle and takes a seat near his desk Sitting on the edge, Dixie waits for the “advice” <3>

iShatteredSanity: -Dr. Warehouse was sitting on his chair behind his desk, watching funny videos on youtube when suddenly the door knocked. Coughing softly to clear his throat, he closes the window on his computer and said that the door was open. Fixing his robe and tie, he leaned back on his seat and looked at Dixie enter the office. With a smile on his face, Dr. Warehouse rose from his seat and showed Dixie the chair in front of his desk.- [Dr. Warehouse.] “Miss Dix, please, have a seat.” –He said and looked t Nurse Lola who had just entered the office too, motioning her to sit on the seat right next to his chair. Then he sat down on his own chair while waiting for Dixie to take her seat too.-

CharlotteCarrendar: – Unsure as to exactly why Dixie had been called to the office for a chat, she nervously fidgets with the hem of her dress. “You wished to tell me something.”- Eyes shifted from the nurse to Doctor Warehouse, trying to read their faces. But they had a lot of practise at keeping People in suspense. “Was it to do with the bombing, or my bruises?” <3>

iShatteredSanity: -Dr. Warehouse smiled once more at Dixie as she asked him what he needed to talk to her about.- [Dr. Warehouse.] “No Miss Dix, it is not about the bombing, nor is it about your wounds. In fact you will be as good as new in a matter of only days. Just have Mr. Apostolou be a good man and take good care of you.” –The Doctor said and Nurse Lola giggles a bit. Of course they both knew that she was really anxious and nervous, so the Doctor decided to skip the unnecessary fillers.- “Miss Dix. I called you here today to tell you that you have a tumour in your abdominal area.”

CharlotteCarrendar: – Dixie sat stunned. A tumour? That sounded serious. She instinctively brought her hands up to her belly, as she frowned. “A tumour?” Like a cat on a hot tin roof, she was nervous as hell. Her mind was a flurry of information and trying to process this. “So it’s not serious? Like…cancer or…something?” Dixie turned her head towards the nurse, as if to say…”help?” <3>

iShatteredSanity: -The Doctor was still smiling when all of a sudden Nurse Lola’s hand slapped him upside down his head.- [Nurse Lola.] “I swear, will you ever stop playing games with the patients?” –She said and the Doctor turned his head to look at her while rubbing his head.- [Dr. Warehouse.] “That hurts you know. But anyway.” –He turned his head to look at Dixie and smiled again.- “No Miss Dix. That tumour of yours is still small and it will gradually grow, but it is not the bad kind of tumour.” –He said and motioned her blood test results.- “After reviewing your blood test results, we found out that you are pregnant.”

CharlotteCarrendar: – The look on Dixie’s face; one of absolute shock. The Doctor had just said the “P” word. No, not a tumour, in her way of thinking, but an actual baby growing inside of her. A glazed look came over her eyes, and she saw for herself, the blood test results. Normally, when a woman is told she is carrying her partner’s baby, it is a time for celebration, but Dixie just sat there, totally flabbergasted. “I’m..I’m having a baby?” Oh the penny dropped, but she still had to ask the obvious. The timing of this was simply shocking. Right with Dem and Alex leaving in a few days for Russia, and leaving her behind to suffer from Morning sickness. Dixie actually leant forward, and wrapped her arms instinctively around her stomach. She then started to hyperventilate, her pupils dilating. Oh this was not good. <3>

iShatteredSanity: -The Doctor and the Nurse looked at Dixie as she began to panic and they did not know why she was like that. Usually when a woman finds out that she will give birth to a child, said woman is about to throw a massive party or something, but on this case Dixie could not believe it.- [Dr. Warehouse.] “Well, technically you still need more than eight months to deliver, but I don’t understand your reaction Miss Dix.” –The Doctor said and nodded at the Nurse who nodded back and went to stand by Dixie’s side, wrapping her arms around her and pulling her head back.- [Nurse Lola.] “Breath slowly and take deep breaths in. Here, breaaaaath, and exhale.” –Nurse Lola began taking deep breaths and slowly as she held her breath inside her lungs for some time before she exhaled it also slowly.- “In and out, in and out. Slowly, very slowly. Come on, you can do it.” –The Nurse said and patted Dixie’s shoulder reassuringly.-

CharlotteCarrendar: – Dixie’s hands were visibly shaking, and her whole body soon followed suit. The Doctor’s comments certainly didn’t help matters. “The timing of this. I can’t be pregnant. Dem is leaving. I don’t want to be here without him….PREGNANT!” Dixie rocked back and forth as she tried to breath in the manner which the Nurse instructed. Then her eyes widened. What if she had to tell him? Oh no…no. She thought. If he knew she was pregnant, then he would be compelled to send her somewhere, guarded like some…prisoner till he got back. This was a nightmare. “You sure? Please tell me…I ..can’t. What am I going to do?” That was the next question; who was going to tell Dem? <3>

iShatteredSanity: -Both the Doctor and the Nurse sighed deeply since Dixie seemed to have so many thoughts inside her head, thoughts that did not allow her to calm down.- [Dr. Warehouse.] “Yes, Mr. Apostolou is indeed leaving as he said yesterday. I am fully aware of the fact that you two are very close. Like, VERY close. But Miss Dix, you cannot change the fact that the seed has been planted and in about nine months the fruit of your love will come forth.” –The doctor said and stood, walking towards Dixie and placing both his hands on Dixie’s shoulders.- “Miss Dix.” –The Doctor smiled again.- “A baby is the greatest gift. Think about how much it will mean. Also if Mr. Apostolou finds out, don’t you think that he will do his best to finish things as fast as he can to come back to you? How did he call you… Uhm…” –The Doctor paused for a moment and thought.- “Oh, yes! Don’t you think that he will want to rush back to his fallen angel with ink feathers?” –The Doctor said, still smiling and patting her shoulders softly and reassuringly.- “Knowing him he will be overprotective, yes, but sadly you are now part of his life. I cannot tell for sure that you knew about the whole thing from the start, but you did not run away. To me it looks like that deep down you have accepted the fact that Mr. Apostolou lives a dangerous life. And do not worry, I guarantee that he will not do anything to put you in danger or to stay away from you for long periods of time.” –The Doctor said and nodded his head slowly.- “I certainly hope that all this mumbling of mine helped you to realize that this is not the end of the world, but the beginning of a new one. This baby of yours will be the light of a new hope in the darkness around everyone.”

CharlotteCarrendar:- The weight of the world seemed to have fallen upon Dixie’s shoulders. Overwhelming sense of responsibility hit her with full force. She could not be selfish in regards to this situation, nor could she let Demetrios go, without at least letting him know what he has to come home too. He had told her he was doing this so she would be safe. But now, there was another small life involved, one that didn’t have a voice, or a choice in what happened next. The Doctor certainly had a way with words, that was for sure, and if anything, it did calm her somewhat. Almost like a wave came over and stopped the shaking, for now. Giving the wise Doctor a half smile, as that was all she could muster, she asked the nurse. “Can you please go get Dem? He is my love and life partner. He needs to know, I am carrying his child.” <3>

iShatteredSanity: -Both the Doctor and the Nurse nodded their heads upon hearing Dixie’s request.- [Dr. Warehouse.] “Of course. Nurse, could you please?” –The Nurse nodded her head and took her leave from the room where the Doctor kept patting Dixie’s shoulders.- “You are a brave woman Miss Dix. You are the best fit for Mr. Apostolou. I have known him for some time. No, he is not like a son to me, but he is certainly someone that I care about. I don’t know why, it is that air of confidence, that air of responsibility that surrounds him that makes me want to follow him. I cannot explain it, but he is a man of many mysteries, yet a simple one. He is a good man.” –The Doctor said. || Meanwhile Nurse Lola had already arrived in the room that Demetrios waited for Dixie.- [Demetrios.] “Nurse? Is Dixie alright?” –Demetrios asked as the Nurse motioned him to follow her.- [Nurse Lola.] “Mr. Apostolou. Miss Dix requested your presence. Please, follow me.” –She said and Demetrios tilted his head, wondering what exactly was going on. Taking the elevator and walking down the hall, Demetrios walked inside the room right when the Doctor patted Dixie’s shoulders once more and walked behind his desk.- [Dr. Warehouse.] “Mr. Apostolou, I believe that Miss Dix has something to tell you.” –The Doctor said and looked at Dixie.- “Miss Dix?”

CharlotteCarrendar:- There are moments in this life, that you will look back on in quiet reflection. This was one of those moments, as Demetrios entered the Doctor’s office. Dixie closed her eyes for a few seconds, and swallowed hard. Taking two deep breaths, so as not to hyperventilate again, she rose up from her chair, and crossed the floor, standing in front of him. Taking his right hand in hers, she placed it gently upon her stomach and said in a voice that was intimate. “We are…going to have a baby.”- She kept staring up at him, waiting to see his reaction. <3>

iShatteredSanity: -Demetrios stood there, looking the Doctor walking behind his desk and then Dixie who took his hand and rest it on her stomach. “We are…going to have a baby.”, was what Dixie said. Demetrios eyes opened wide in surprise.- [Demetrios.] “B— A baby?!” –Demetrios said, really surprised and not expecting something like that. The Doctor nodded his head and Demetrios wrapped his arms around Dixie, lifting her from the floor and holding her dear into his arms as he kissed the top of her head.- “A baby…” –He said again and a tear rolled down on his cheek.- “Dixie, you are going to be a mother, I am going to be a father. And…” –Suddenly Demetrios stopped and gulped.- “Oh shit, who is going to be the godfather?” –Demetrios asked with a terrified look on his face.-

CharlotteCarrendar: – Picked up off the ground, and twirled, the reaction from Dem was simply priceless to the Doctor and Nurse who would be watching. “A baby…” Dem said incredulously. Dixie nodded, but was still in a state of shock herself. “A baby.” Seeing his falling tear, she kissed it away, and then had to laugh when he asked, who was to be the Godfather. There was only one person that came to mind, and for her, it was “Alex? He cares so much for you, and calls you Bro. I think you should ask him.” <3>
iShatteredSanity: -The Doctor and the Nurse smiled as soon as they saw Dixie’s mood changing and finally smiling as well. The Doctor looked at the Nurse and sighed happily, remembering the time that he had gotten the news about his late wife’s pregnancy.- [Nurse Lola.] “What?” –She said as she eyed the Doctor who shook his head.- [Dr. Warehouse.] “Nothing, I just remembered something.” –But the happy couple was not paying attention to them. Demetrios was flying high above the ground in a sky of happiness. He could not believe it. And upon hearing Dixie’s proposition, he gulped before he replied.- [Demetrios.] “Well… Alexandros is a pervert. Unless you want our child to spend hours on watching hentai, then he is cool. But… Alexandros is a good choice.” –He said and smiled once more as he kissed Dixie’s head.- “But we will need a new place to stay, don’t you think? The garage is not the best place to raise a child.”

CharlotteCarrendar:- Demetrios was deliriously happy, and for all the bad things that had happened, this one event, was the blazing light that they both needed, in what was a dark time. It was true, Alex was a total pervert, but surely around their child, he would be a responsible and caring adult. “Well, I trust him, and besides, if we have a son, he is the only one silly enough that I would hire for Birthday parties.” Course, the matter of where to live came up. The garage, wasn’t exactly the best place for a new baby. What with the smell of oil, rubber, machine parts, and cigarette smoke. Dixie thought for a moment, then raised a hand. “What if, we swap with Helena. She live in the Garage with Anna, and…we take the mansion. Only for a few months till we get something more suitable.” –Dixie said with a cheeky wink. The Aussie girl was getting her spunk back.<3>

iShatteredSanity: -Well, Dixie had a good point there. Alexandros was a goof all the time, but he had his moments. And he was indeed a good party planner. Plus the child, if it was a boy, could learn martial arts from Alexandros; which was a plus. Demetrios nodded his head in agreement and he could not hide that sadistic smirk on his face upon hearing Dixie’s proposal.- [Demetrios.] “Dixie… That’s totally what will happen. After all the mansion is mine. It is settled then. The bitch will be out. But before actually living there, I will have to incinerate everything.” –Just the thought of what Helena had been doing to his mansion made Demetrios shiver.- “And now, let’s go back to our garage. We need to celebrate.” –Demetrios said and planted a soft kiss on Dixie’s lips. Dr. Warehouse coughed softly to get Demetrios’ and Dixie’s attention.- [Dr. Warehouse.] “It’s not like we are here, no, please, don’t mind us. But in case you noticed us, you are both free to go. I just want Miss Dix to come and see me every month and every time she feels weird.” –The Doctor said and paused for a moment.- “As for the sex part, my advice is to avoid the rough one. Rough one for the vagina, if you like anal, then go ahead Mr. Apostolou.” –The Doctor said and got a slap from Nurse Lola.- [Nurse Lola.] “You perverted old man.” –She said and looked at the happy couple.- “Don’t worry, he just needs to get his ass kicked. And yeah, as he said, you are both good to go. Congratulations.” –Nurse Lola said and slapped the Doctor’s face again. And it was obvious that the Nurse was going to keep slapping the Doctor, so the happy couple could just go back to its love nest before changing trees.-

CharlotteCarrendar:- Dixie may be losing Dem soon, in the effort to go and rescue Mia and bring the Russians down, but for now, she had him, and his request that they go home to the garage to celebrate the joy of soon to become parents, was the best tonic for a frightened young woman. Dem was right about Alexandros. He was the ideal teacher to their future child, for such things as Martial arts, and no one would be as protecting as Alex. That in itself was enough for her. On suggesting that they take over the Mansion, while Helena enjoy the cold comforts of the garage, Dixie had to suppress her laughter, when Dem made his rather bold statement. “Dixie… That’s totally what will happen. After all the mansion is mine. It is settled then. The bitch will be out. But before actually living there, I will have to incinerate everything.” Everything? Dixie could only imagine what Helena got up to in that large house. Demetrios obviously knew, but barely discussed it, which was probably for the best, since Dix has a bit of the mean green streak, when a woman comes in two feet of her love. “Oh she’s going to be pissed. Ah well, there is Tito in the Tattoo shop to keep her and Anna company. Who knows, he might turn em bi..or something.” A shrug to the shoulders, and then the Doctor tried to gain their attention. It was in the matters concerning their sex life. Dixie knew a little bit about pregnant women, since she cared for her older sister, when their parents worked, and she was having a baby. Number one, avoiding rough sex. Dixie pouted at this suggestion, cause she enjoyed that part of their relationship. But the part that made Dixie snort out loud, was when the Doctor suggested. “ if you like anal, then go ahead Mr. Apostolou.” Well of course, he loved Anal, Dixie knew this for a fact. She remembered walking funny for two days after the last time. “Something tells me our sex life is just going to be more frequent when you come home.” She was probably right about this. <3>