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Roleplay Group : The Death Club

A New cold war.

Strike a match.


Writer : CharlotteCarrendar

Minus six hours to the start of the Ball.

-Uri had gone to great expense, to arrange for a team to come from Japan, especially to prepare Lotus for her final hours. In a special case, that had been brought over, directly from Japan, was the ceremonial Kimono, the one sure to enhance the beauty of his Japanese flower. A trained fitter was sent to escort the kimono, so that when the time came, Lotus would be assisted into getting ready for her Russian debut. Misako stood in her apartment, facing the large bay window that overlooked the Moscow skyline. Her face was stern, since she had opened up solely to Ira of her tragic past. With arms folded across her body, as though wrapping her tight, closing the petals around her, she tried to find solace in her mind. The Geisha now viewed this night as her final act. The curtain was set to come down on the Geisha, whether she completed this mission or not. She understood this. A life for a life. A lotus for a Viper.

In his own room, Ira lay upon the large poster bed, staring at the ceiling. Never before had he been so conflicted about a mission that had been set for him. Thoughts raging, his heart now unsure as to his feelings for Ayalah, now that he knew the truth of her past with Uri. Uri. That was another thing. The vile acts that bastard committed, how he single handily destroyed Misako’s life, and now was sacrificing her to save his Viper. To his right on the side table was two tickets to the Ball. Reaching across he picked them up and stared at them. A masked ball, that would be held in one of the most renowned buildings in Moscow; the Radisson Royal Hotel. Ira tapped the tickets upon his open palm, exhaling slowly. Eyes returning to the ceiling as he tilted his head back. The original plan, was to show off Lotus and entice Yuri to pay heed, and possibly gain entry to his inner circle, using the ideal of buying rights to sexual favours from his “women”, and in turn providing Lotus to the men of that circle that fancied a little Japanese. It could work, in hindsight, but then again, it could fall flat. Decisions. Ira was specially trained for gaining access to the most rigorously secure buildings of the world. His talent was not what was in question, but Uri definitely had two motives to have Lotus perform this mission as he had directed. One was to replace Viper as a new sex toy for the mad Russian, the second, to allow Ira simple access to the compound, should she succeed. Either way, Lotus would be at high risk. She had become disposable to Uri, and Ira now realised this. Ira’s lips pursed tight, as he tossed the tickets to the ball aside. He now contemplated action that would go against the orders of Uri. Ira…was about to go rogue.

A light tapping on Misako’s door, was followed by a small cough. A feminine one. Misako at first did not move, but then realised that it would be the agent assigned to dress Misako, to be ready for the Ball. It would take hours to do, what with the hair and makeup, then the ceremonial dressing . Why did time seem to go so fast? As though the very clocks were spun forward. Lotus was now resigned to her fate. Another light tap. The assistant was growing impatient, being made to wait out in the hall. Misako could no longer delay this, and turned slowly, still in bare feet. The texture of the carpet on her skin, was comforting, but not enough to quell the sinking feeling, as she crossed the floor to the door. Undoing the latches and then the last lock, she turned the handle and saw a diminutive woman, dressed traditionally, and carrying a small bag. She bowed before Misako and then entered silently.

A bell boy wheeled in the large trunk that contained all of Misako’s outfitting, and equipment, needed to turn the simple Japanese girl into a work of art. Crafted by skilled hands, and with her poise and knowledge, she would be irresistible to the men that seek to tear away each petal, and land at their feet. Another night where a foreign man’s hands would seek to use her, for their own desire. Oh the nights she had been taken, again and again. And yet, she mastered detachment, from body, as if her soul could rise up and step aside, then go gazing out at the window of freedom, while her body was nothing more than a puppet. Strings pulled to make a man smile. But every time, that a man took her, her soul crept further away. She knew one day, her soul would not return, and her cold lifeless body would be left for those that cleaned the rooms.

The bellboy was given a tip, and then dismissed without word, Misako closing the door once more, whilst the Japanese assistant started to open the trunk, and piece by piece, start to remove all the fabric of the Kimono, along with boxes of makeup and tools to do Misako’s hair. Hair pins, ornate and antique, were placed out on the dresser, while Misako was gestured to sit, and be ready for the transformation to begin. Misako stared into the mirror, seeing her reflection. Without the makeup and the finery, she was in her mind the plain girl that would not gain a look from any male, just a face in the crowd. In her heart, she felt the first strike of the blade….her time was coming, and she knew it. But the show must go on.

As the assistant picked up an bone handled brush, and went to step in behind Misako to begin preparing her hair, the door between the apartment burst open and Ira came in, gun drawn at the assistant. “Step away from her, or I blow your head off!” The assistant dropped the brush upon the floor, where the handle cracked, and she bowed stepping back, fearful of why the Israeli was coming at her with a gun. Misako turned her head slowly, her right eye catching sight of Ira, holding the gun with his right hand, the tickets to the ball in the left. He tossed the tickets in the garbage and then with gritted teeth, he snarled at Misako. “Change of plans. We are not going to the ball.” Shocked by his sudden emergence into the room, she creased her brow, and started to turn on the stool. “What are you talking about, Ira? It’s our mission.” Ira re holstered his gun and then took out a box of matches and sliding the box back, a row of matches were in view, he took one out and struck it, the red head bursting into flame, as he then tossed it into the bin. The tickets instantly caught fire, and you could see the yellow of the flames, before they slowly extinguished, with smoke smouldering from the top of the bin. Glancing up from the burnt tickets, Ira simply shakes his head. “Our mission was to recover the Viper. And that is exactly what we shall do. *he then turned his attention toward the assistant and said sternly*…Your services are no longer required. The Geisha will not be making an appearance. *Ira then smiled at Misako and offered her his hand* “She has other plans.”

It had been years, since Misako had been given the choice for her destiny, so to see Ira extend his hand, to take her from the chosen path of Uri and to become what she truly should be, was the greatest gift. One that she would grasp with both hands. Slowly rising from her stool, she brought her chin up proudly and crossed the floor, reaching out and taking his hand in hers, as his steely eyes stared down onto her face. “We are a team, and we do this together, or not at all.” Ira’s fingers interlocked tightly with Misako’s, as both turned to look out at the Moscow skyline. The Wolf and the Lotus; united. The match had been struck, and the countdown had begun.

Minus two hours to the ball.

Ira hung up the phone from their Russian contact, Peter. He was shocked to say the least that Ira was not preparing Lotus to get ready for the ball, but even more so, that neither would attend the ball to seek out Yuri themselves.

Phone conversation:

“Wolf, I take it you will be ready for the car to pick you both up at the right time. Traffic is expected to be bad this evening. I suggest you be ready and waiting in the foyer.” Peter said hoarsely, having had one too many cigars.

“We will need the car, but not to take us to the Ball. Change of plans. I want you to ensure the car has gear required for accessing the compound and also a copy of the plans of the interior. If Yuri is at the Ball, he should have fewer men in attendance at his estate. Lotus and I are going to get Viper back, without having to get into Yuri’s circle.” There was a long pause, as Ira could hear the clink of ice cubes in a glass, since Peter had just downed his drink quickly.

“You are going against Uri’s orders. You know what this means?” Peter asked, curious of what Wolf would say.

“All Uri truly cares about is getting back Viper, nothing more. So, this is a slight detour, and it also means that we do the job faster.” Ira spoke firmly, as in behind him, Misako stood, with her hand placed gently upon his shoulder. “What I want you to do, is attending the ball in our place, and keeping tabs on Yuri’s movements. This should give us more time, to do what must be done. Alert us while we are at the compound, if he should be returning. “

Behind Peter’s desk, he picked up a portrait of his family and sighed, before setting it down again. His family were still in Israel, and Peter knew that if Uri had wished it, he could arrange for Peter to never see his family again. Peter ran his finger over the image of his wife, and then uttered. “Very well, I just so happen to have a suit….although I look like an oversized monkey in it. Hate these formal things. Bah! *he cursed in Russian for a minute, but then resided to his fate* “You are lucky my Friend. I don’t know why you are doing it this way, but I am sure you have your reasons. Your request shall be fulfilled.”

Minus thirty minutes to the Ball.

The black Mercedes was parked just outside the entrance of the Le Royal Meridien National Hotel. Checking his watch, he grumbled, and then adjusted his cuffs, feeling very uncomfortable about his attire. Suits were like straight jackets to him. And this tuxedo was simply a black version of one. “Why do people wear these things?” he mumbled in broken English, as the doors to the foyer opened, and Ira with Misako behind him, emerged from the building. Peter pushed his bulk off the car and strode over, taking Ira’s hand and shaking it, only then noticing Misako, dressed in a black jumpsuit. Her hair was brushed down, and she looked immaculate, but nothing like the Geisha he had seen before. Impressed, he nodded, and on releasing Ira’s hand, he chortled. “You are so much more beautiful without the paint. But I imagine you are more deadly.”- observing she was carrying a black sports bag, he quirked a brow. “Shall I take your bag?” He asked, extending his hand for it. She offered it up without argument, and watched as Peter approached the boot, pressing the boot key pad on his keys and the boot popped open, with little fuss. In the boot, an array of equipment, with everything from abseiling ropes, harnesses and hooks, to electronic devices, guns, and even some explosives, to be used at the compound. Infrared goggles, for seeing through the darkness, heat seeking devices, bolt cutters; two lap tops, and changes of clothes. There were also air tickets, to fly the three back out of the country, with papers prepared. Closing the boot smartly, Peter then faced the pair.

“This will probably be the last time we see each other. I will be wearing a wire and com when I enter the Ball, and will keep you updated with progress reports. And…*he then took out a small electronic device that had suction pads on its base. “Should I need to get you more time, I simply set this off. It is a remote device that could stall Yuri’s engine from starting. “ Ira opened the back passenger door for Misako, who bowed politely at Peter, and got into her seat. Seeing she was comfortable, Ira then closed the door firmly, before saying to Peter. “As of now, we are off the radar. If we are caught, we will be viewed as possible terrorists, even though we seek to get back one of our own. I take full responsibility for this mission. We will meet again, Peter. Just not here in Russia.”- He smacked Peter’s arm, in a jovial way, showing affection to the over sized Russian. Peter drew Ira into a massive bear hug, slapping his back repeatedly before letting go. “Just a reminder for you. The GPS system contains the location of the compound, so you will be able to find it easily, even on a night like this. I highly doubt that Yuri is expecting this, however, remain cautious. Take care, my Friend.” Ira broke from the bear hug, and gave something of a mock salute, as he ran around to the driver’s side of the car and opened the door smartly. The keys had been left in the ignition, and the car had a full tank of fuel. Getting into the car, he pulled over his seat belt after shutting the door. Drawing back his cuff, he pressed in the time on his watch. It was exactly 6.00pm, the time the ball was to start. The drive to the compound registered on the GPS as being approximately 56 miles, so this then registered the time of arrival about 8.00pm, give or take, depending on the roads and traffic. Turning on the engine, he glanced in the rear vision mirror at Misako, who had been quiet this whole time. He offered a reassuring smile, and then a single nod. The engine purred loudly, as he hit the indicator, and pulled away from the curb. Standing still outside the entrance to the Le Royal Meridien National Hotel, Peter gave a wave, and then hot footed it to his second car, where the driver was ready to take him to the ball.

The ride from the Hotel down the streets of Moscow, and then heading out onto the motorway, were silent. Misako was going over in her mind, how to proceed once they make the compounds outer limits. She was used to being brought into situations, and then becoming the pawn in Uri’s games to bring down politicians and other world leaders, with her sexual prowess and charms. Geishas were entertainers, first and foremost. This operation would tear her straight out of her normal duties. Secretly, she had a dream of what she wanted to do to Ayalah, when she was freed from the Russian compound. Course, it was just a dream. There was no time to think of vengeance at this point. She owed it to Ira, to get the job done.

8.04pm – Yuri’s compound

The black Mercedes slowed to a crawl, as the GPS alerted that they had reached their destination. The estate bordered on the coastline, a grand image, even under the veil of darkness. Lights could be seen beyond the high perimeter walls, and Ira shut off the lights and engine, as the car cruised to a stop, just shy of the boundary. A buzzing in Ira’s ear, followed by the voice of Peter, was welcomed, when Ira placed his hand up to his receiving device. “ I hate parties. Ugh. Wolf, the targets are here, including that one that Ayalah helped kidnap. The Mia, I think she is called. They treat her like dog. Leash and shit. Pathetic. Yuri is playing cards…he should be a while. I try to get closer.” The signal ended, and Ira opened the car door, looking about as he stood on the gravel. Popping the boot, he shut the door quietly, and then tapped on Misako’s window, for her to exit as well. She didn’t wait, she simply opened the door, and tied her hair back, as she followed him around to the back of the vehicle. The air had a nip to it, and she was not dressed for such elements, feeling the cold, she shuddered. Arranging all the necessary equipment in two large bags, he glanced back at Misako, as she unzipped her own bag, taking out twelve shurikun and a sheathed katana. Misako threw a strap over her shoulder, so the blade would be hoisted upon her back. The shuriken she pocketed into a special pouch. Ira slung one of the heavier bags over his shoulder and then handed one to Misako. “I can’t carry both.”- Accepting the bag with a light “oomph” she followed suit, and slung the bag over her back. It was indeed heavy, but the equipment was necessary to do the job. Checking his watch again, ira said. “Just after 8.00pm, the buffet would be serving, so we should have ample time. Come on.” Closing the boot, the pair make their way around the vehicle and trudged off into the bushes, that surrounded the perimeter fence. What they didn’t know was that a laser tracker had picked up their movements, and set off an alarm, inside the compound. The sound was a shrill sound, much like a fire drill, but more menacing. Ira cursed under his breath, and then using his wrist watch, which was giving out a grid of the power installation, he found they were close to the transformer, that supplied power to the compound. Taking out the bolt cutters, he cut off the chains that bound the lock in place, and handing the bolt cutter back to Misako, he tore open the cover, and started to turn off, the power grid, which included the electrified fence toppers. Suddenly, the compound was bathed in total darkness, and the shouts from the remaining guards in Russian could be heard loud and clear. Disoriented and going on the offensive, this gave Ira and Misako the break they needed to simply enter through the now open gates.




Taking no chances, they both donned their night vision goggles, and ran from bushes, to trees, past the ornate garden statues, to get closer to the main building. Once reaching the terrace, where they could see a guard coming their way, Misako got in behind a pillar, dropping her bag down at her feet, then slowly sliding her katana from its sheath. The look on her face. Determination. Kill or be killed. If it was a time to die, she would do so with honour. Blade held vertically, she held her breath, and as the guard ran past, she side stepped out, and then whistled. The guard turned, but only to have the katana slice through his neck, his eyes rolling back, as the blood vessels spurted out a spray of crimson. The heart pumping out more and more, as he fell to his knees. Dead. One down…many more to go. Miskao wiped her blade, on a flimsy cloth from her pocket, then re-sheathed the blade, in a fashion that emulated a noble warrior of Japan. Strapping it on her back once more, she picked up her bag, as Ira took the guns from the guard, and then kicked open the living room glass door. If they were going to make noise now, it may alert Ayalah, depending on exactly where she was. The night goggles allowed the room to become like light. Polished and high valued furnishings littered the room, as the pair made their way through. Doors could be heard opening and closing, while more shouts, rang out. Obviously, they were keen to get the power back on, but also find out who had breached the perimeter. Dropping down his bag, Ira knelt down and unzipped it, taking out the lap top, and quickly opening, it, seeing a plan light up of the interior of the compound. The lower floors were of the dungeons, and it is clear that this may well be where Ayalah was kept. Shutting the lap top and tossing it back into the bag, he got out a utility belt with extra magazine clips, as well as the explosives, a rope for abseiling and another gun, a hand gun. Rising up, he urged Misako to do the same, while the panic gave them a brief amount of time. “We split up. You…take on the guards, as many as you can. I am going down to the underground section and find her. Then we get the hell out of here.” Seeing Misako do as she was told, he gently ran his hand over her head, while she was crouched, and took off out of the room, heading for the lower region of the estate. Misako took a deep breath, and then rose slowly. Suitably armed, with swords, and skuriken, she kicked her bag under a covered table, and strode out the door, going in the opposite direction of Ira. The lotus was about to bloom. <3>