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Roleplay Live : The Arahtyin Empire : The Tale of the Black Knight




EricHeymour: *A roar of wind bursts through the tunnels of the cave I speed through them with Natassia over my shoulder. I spread my wings from their narrowed shape as soon as I enter the main area of the cave, this action prings me to a stop and I land gently on the floor, I simply drop Natassia on the floor next to me and await the return of my General as I walk towards my throne, and sit. Begins mumbling to himself and doesnt even notice Ashe is still here*

CharlotteCarrendar: -They say…Legends are but myths, words of cackling old spinsters around the roaring campfires of the darkest glens, but I tell you, that there are legends amongest you. Hark! What is that sound? Yes, the thunder of horses hooves, slamming into the rocky roads that lead to this dark and treacherous castle of doom. A black stallion…over twenty five hands high, a mane flowing long, and a swishy tail, ~swish Swishity swish~…the mount of the Black Knight. We see…we hear the roar of the beast man beneath the armour, forged from the very pits of hell. Snorting, the horse gallops through the chilled night air, its nostrils flaring, hooves stained in dried blood. Through the slits in his helm, eyes of fire, stare out, his face partially obscured, but wait…is he without skin? YES, he is the most evil..most foul…Destructor of Kingdoms, Lover of over twenty thousand maidens, (yes, he’s been busy, and the wielder of the sword of Kraken. Coming closer now…oh ye peasents and small traders. Virgins be locked up, and Knights, you may as well fall on your swords, for the Black Knight…has come for you!- <3>

Xersic: A mere five meters away from the thrones, the ground would begin to crack slightly. Beams of light emitted from the fissure in the ground causing the cracks to widen to about three feet wide and five feet long “I hate this thing, I hate this thing, I HATE this thing!” Cross’ low growling voice shot out from the portal in the ground as he climbed out. the placement of where he walked out was never desierable, but it still got him where he needed to be. His hands, now back to normal, brushed the rubble from his shoulder “Coming out Cistri? Or do I need to fish you out of there?”

Vynasha: A red glow, the size of a human body would appear in the middle of nowhere, within lands unknown, Her form appears slowly, Naked… Just for a moment, from the ground beneath her feet millions of Black Widow Spiders appears crawling up her feet and body, the spiders itself becoming her dress, covering her naked body, becoming her hair and wings, even her crown… All formed by the spiders she controls… On her right hip she held a pouch, inside the pouch were thousands of souls she has collected throughout her years, on her wrist would appears hanging chains, the same chains she escaped from the cave with long ago… She was of no harm for the woman only seek a place to rest, perhaps a place where she might not be feared and accepted, she was indeed unusual, she blinks as she looks upon her surroundings, rocks even held perfectly above her as she begins to walk, her heels were heard from a distance….

NefariousCsitri: Csitri hopped out of the portal quickly. “Oh, don’t tease Cross, I might like it.” She laughed, joking obviously. She considered Cross to be her best friend, her very close friend. He was a strong warrior and a damn good ally. She smiled slightly as she stretched up onto her tip toes. The Nightmare Demon turned to her friend energetically. “We definately have bigger fish to fry my friend, Natassia is the tip of the ice berg, though I was under the impression we were going to kill them all, apparently not.” She smirked slightly. “As long as I get to kill Hellena, that bitch..she will not get away with everything she said to me.” This made the demon chuckle gently.

EricHeymour: *He would lift his head and end his mumbling as he hears the clicking of the heels the new commer wears. He would rise out of his seat to investigate the sound*

CharlotteCarrendar: – Pulling back hard on the reigns, the massive clysdale came to a sudden stop, but then reared up, the Black Knight’s long onyx coat drapping on the ground behind as the horse pawed at the air wildly, its head nodding. Landing back down, it flicked out its tail in protest, as the Black Knight dismounted, right leg swung over as he gripped his saddle. For a few moments, silence, aside from the horse’s snorts in anger. No sign of stable boys, or virgin milk maidens ready to take his mighty steed. Clicking his tongue, his horse walked on slowly now to the stable, as the Black knight sneered beneath his helm. “Tonight…I feast upon the flowers of ripe virgins….for I am…the Black Knight!”- Striding towards the front doors, he boldy mounted the front steps and promptly slammed his powerful gauntlet againest the aging wood. “OPEN THE RUDDY DOORS, YA SCUM!” <3>

Vynasha: Vynasha continues her steps as she felt the aura of someone approaching which made her stop, the spiders blend in so perfectly from a distance it was barely seen, only up close that is visible…. She would look at the direction of the aura she felt, te beings soul was strong which made her hungry, yet she will not disrespect the home she visits as she then continues her steps but this time very slowly, stumbling upon him……

ModifiedSanity: Rubbing her tired eyes, the pale female trailed up the rugged path in her sturdy boots as a slow yawn broke from her lips. By now she was overly done with walking the entire damn way, but it was her own damned fault for being thrown by her own horse. The mare was most likely on it’s merry way back home, exactly where Khloe was trying to avoid for a short period of time. Flicking back a strand of pearly white hair from her oddly crystalized blue eyes, the apparently young humanoid elemental strode up the advancingly steeper hill with a soft grumble under her breath. Perhaps she would have been able to force her way up the hill by displacing the air around her, but oddly enough that would have taken even more effort than just whining to herself as she trudged up the path into the widely opened caverns before her. “Damned skittish little buggar… ruining my dress… probably fattening up on oats as we speak.” She half muttered, half snarled as she brushed some of the dirt still clinging to her body.

CharlotteCarrendar: – Ripe…sweet, met with the faint scent of a woman’s musk. The Black knight sniffed the air. “Ahaha..they deliver. Good lads.”- He turned from where he stood at the door, and saw the woman’ approaching, ripped dress, a bit roughed up looking, but oh, winter white hair, that had the Black Knight’s loins awaken, as you heard the dull ~thunk~ from beneath his spikey cod piece. “M’lllladddy. Fancy bedding with a legend…for I am..*he suddenly strikes a pose*…The Black Knight!” <3>

Vynasha: Vynasha would look upon the man, his soul was indeed powerful, she felt it before him reaching her… She would bow her head in respect to the man as he spoke, she realized his lips were not moving as his voice echoes within the walls of such a magnificent place… Her spiders were still forming upon her body, her necklace and earrings, her gloves as well, everything upon her being was spiders… She would then look at the man as she stands firm, the last thing form by her spiders was her weapon, Her bow and Arrow which slowly formed upon her back as words would escape her lips…. “Evening My Lord, My name is Vynasha Kynoviz…. My Title, do not speak of it much for I am more of a warrior than a queen, and well… seeking a place to rest if i may?”

ModifiedSanity: Looking up from the ground that she had been grumbling at, the female stared at the black armored and brassy sounding man standing right in her path. For a moment she said nothing, her expression perfectly blank before she took in a slow breath. “…You have got to be kidding me.” She declared in an almost defeated tone. Giving a tiny little shake of her head, she turned directly on her heel and started down the path, her hands shooting up into the air. “I’m going home! Done. I’m done.”

EricHeymour: *Senses three more precenses and looks away from the woman he just appraoched. He looks towards the entrance to the cave and raises an eyebrow in curiosity. He then points back into the cave and hollars into it without turning his gaze.* CSITRI! TEND TO THIS GUEST WHILE i INVESTIGATE THE NEW COMERS OUTSIDE! *He nods to the woman in front of him and walks by her quickly leaving the cave, comming upon three beings outside*

CharlotteCarrendar: – The “afternoon delight” as it were, was not as pleased to see the Black Knight, as he was to see her. As she said, “You’ve got to be kidding me?’ – He replied haughtily, “Yes…I am too good to be true in the flesh.”- He placed both huge gauntlets upon his mighty hips, and gave a good forward hip thrust, where his spikey cod piece made a loud ~DONG!~ Course, the fact the woman was turning away, and trying to make her get away with hands in the air in protest, this only excited the Black Knight all the more. “Fiesty! She wants to play chasey!…Cinamon!…Round up the damsel!”- The horse poked its large head out of the stable and raised an eyebrow..(yes, this horse has one) and then cantered out of the stable and abruptly pulled up in front of the maiden. This would hopefully give the black Knight a chance to catch her up. He strode across the courtyard chortling “Once you’ve had black…you never go back!” <3>

ShouRose1: -not too soon after the bear fell from the girl’s head, she looked down at the little white bear that now lays on the ground, a gentle sigh coming from her lips, hot breath fogging up the see through paccifyer for a moment before she reached out and picked up the small white bear, speaking softly aginst the thing in her mouth, pressed aginst her lips while her teeth sunk into the silicone, but her pointed teeth did not peirce the material, she just spoke gently. Her soft tone becoming muffled “Come here Mister” her child-like slur deffantly showing through as she picked up the toy, now holding it aginst her black top softly and protectivly, watching the one who calls himself the Black Knight make a fool oof himself in silence-

Vynasha: She thinks and looks at her hands, a few spiders crawls over her palms as it was absorbed by her skin….

ModifiedSanity: Another horse, once again coming to disrupt the rest of her day by just handing her over to the… that man. Her crystalized eyes narrowed at the sight, but she remained steady in her path and her shoulders stayed straight as she came right at the horse who cut in front of her. Almost to the point of walking smack into the beast, Khloe dipped under and strode right beneath the horse, coming out on the other side of it with a fluidity that was impressive. Calling out over her shoulder, she almost had a tiny smile on her lips just from the sheer silliness of the situation. “Go chase for a bar maid or something that’ll be more easily impressed by your.. ‘Dong’.” She imitated the sound his codpiece had made, attempting not to laugh along with it.

EricHeymour: *Upon Hearing her speak these words, he enters her mind with a roar and also appears infront of her, his multiple personalities now conjoined as one, enraged. He begins to speak, actually yell at the top of his lungs.* I KNOW WHAT I HIRED!!! I KNOW WHAT YOU ARE!!! *His words are heard both from her hears and within her own mind. they are loud, shrieking* I- he suddenly stops as War takes over again* Stop. *the word comes from his lips smoothly as the anger in his eyes subsides. He walks back to Vynasha.*

CharlotteCarrendar:- “My dong has had many a barmaid, M’lady, and while I do fancy those that smell like rum….I do like the smell of your…buttocks.”- he watches her dart under the horse and away, and this has him roar with laughter. “Last time I seen a woman go under my horse, it was not to play games! You wiley minx…come give ol’ Blackie a kiss” -you could hear him puckering up behind his helm. He then broke into a jog, his sword clattering behind his back, and being he was such a big fellow, he caught her up in a few strides. “Right we do this the hard way or the easy way.” and with that he went to reach around her waist, to throw her over his shoulders” <3>

EricHeymour: *He looks to her, noticing the spider crawling on her cheek and speaks in a deep, commanding, sure voice* I am sorry you had to see that, M’Lady. It will not happen again for the duration of your stay. *He would bow to the woman, and then holds his hand outwards towards the throne room.* this way, Madam.

ShouRose1: -a gentle whimper escaped through the child’s throat as she watched the fool of a knight make it worse for himself. But as he chased her again and made a attept to reach for the female’s waist, the little one quickly stood and made a running dash twards the entrance of the near-by cave, where she saw others standing for a moment. Knowing that if she slipped inside, she might be able to avoid the chaos-

Vynasha: She would nod and follow though she spoke softly… “This is your domain, you may do as you wish my lord”

ModifiedSanity: “Blackie.” She scoffed under her breath, still keeping the steady pace that had increased with the man currently chasing after her “buttocks”. Basically… she was trying to run away from the man, because in all the years in her father’s house, there had never been a personality such as this around to prepare her for it. So the moment his arm circled around her waist, the teenaged woman’s eyes widened and she stiffened up like a board. Her head snapped around to look at him, and her lower lip trembled a little bit before she took in a deep breath and cried out “I NEED AN ADULT!”

NefariousCsitri: Csitri’s head turned at the commotion. “Eh?” She said boredly. She had thought all along the snow-haired lass was an adult. Oops? “Why? Can’t find the bathroom? I don’t think we have one.” It was clear the General wasn’t going to be much help she just stood there in front of the thrones with a null expression, fury rolling around her like a tidal wave.

CharlotteCarrendar: – Well, it was a pretty easy catch, the girl went as stiff as an iron board with a face to match. But when her lip, the bottom one trembled and she screamed out “I NEED AN ADULT!” the Black Knight came to a stop, in fact it was the kind of words that made a man’s dick limp. “You’re not a woman, e’ gad…you’re a child. Ew. Your flower I do not wish to defile!”- He promptly set her down, and then shrugged, patting her on the head. “Let this be our little secret. Here…have some gold…have my ring…just, don’t tell the authorities” -he begged. <3>

EricHeymour: *He looks to Vaynasha as he sees the unconscious body on the floor and remembers what he was doing. His facial Expression changes to that of a plain look, neither happy nor mad or sad. He was just…plain. He looked to Vynasha and spoke to her* I have some…business to take care of as you have come at a time of war for me. Please, if you would do me the kindness of waiting outside the cave for a while?

Vynasha: Her body stops for she was following him until he had asked her to wait outside, she knew that something was happening and she was not allowd to enter yet… nodding in understanding and respect she steps back and turns, spiders crawling through her hair as she thinks to herself that perhaps she has come in a bad time…. she reaches back to the rocks and awaits a bit, yet thinks it best to return another time…..
EricHeymour: *He would bow to the woman* Excuse me please. *He then rises and walks over to the body, lifting it back over his shoulder and turns to the gapping hole that is the entrance to the throne room. If it could be called a room. He waves his hand at it and as he does, a dark black magical barrier covers it, blocking vision and sound.*

ModifiedSanity: His automatic disgust was a bit insulting, but the relief from him putting her down was much more apparent as she stood still and stared up at him. There was a hint of begging in his tone as she was offered basically anything to shut her trap… and there in was the hole that he went and shoved his foot into. Keeping her lower lip at a strategic pout, Khloe sniffled loudly and then raised an eyebrow at him. “How much are you willing to pay?” This time, her tone was that of a sly woman who knew exactly what she was after.

Vynasha: After waiting a bit, she felt hungry, Her spiders would crawl back down her body slowly leaving her naked as she entered, the glow then captivates her skin as she vanishes within the very air, as she disappears a few of her spiders were left behind as they turned to dust, they are not able to live outside of her body…. {

EricHeymour: *He sits the body on one of his thrones, then, taking his right hand index claw, he touches it lightly to her temple and, after it glows for a short second, he speaks to her.* Wake up Natassia. *still speaking as War*

PrcsNatassiaArythiss: ~She wakes up looking at them wondering why they brought her here~

CharlotteCarrendar: – That cheeky little wench, that definate trickster, her subtle ways, her feminine gaze. She was going to make him pay for his error, and then it dawned on him and he smiled back with a grin. “Well now, I have in my cellar, back at the Castle Drak, a bloody big pile of gold, and treasure beyond your wildest dreams, and you know what, I will give you the key.”- he reaches around his neck and pulls off a chain that bore a gold key and swung it before the girl. “All yours….just let me show you the way, on board my horse Cinamon, and you be the richest girl in all of Bath.” – Would she accept such a tempting offer? <3>

ModifiedSanity: Staring at him blankly, the elemental answered in a deadpan tone. “I’m not supposed to ride with strangers.” She also wasn’t a fool enough even get on his horse, much less follow him to his home. Khloe wasn’t gonna ride anything of this knight’s.

EricHeymour: *He rises from her and turns on a pivot placing his back to her.* You are now a prisoner of War Princess….literally. *He chuckles lightly and then continues* I wish to use you to draw out your sister…Hellenna and the other one…your twin…um…Narkissa, correct? *he begins to pace* Once they come, I will be waiting…and i will kill them before you very eyes and absorb their power as I have done to many before. Then, I will drain you of your will, as my brother Dread replaces what I take with…well, dread. I will make you my slave, to do my EVERY bidding. And when your mother comes, you will watch I slay her before your very eyes as well…*He turns back to her, smilling.*

CharlotteCarrendar: – That out of the way, the girl some harmless stray, he pulled back his hand with the golden key and tucked it away. “Right then, that’s that. Even steven, since you would not be so willing to accept my bribe. Off you go then, go on, go…make a daisy chain, or whatever it is you kids do.”- Dismissing her with not another word, he turned and then marched back towards the castle doors, to see what lay within. His cape of onyx swept up the dirt and he huffed uncomfortably beneath his cod piece. “Prick tease.” <3>

SorrowfulDemise: -the rain beat down on the ground furosiusly as the sky flickered with beams of light, the deep bellow of thunder raged throught valley as wind picked up and blew violently against the leafy trees. The male ran through the elements soaked from head to toe his illuminated blonde hair drenched fixed to his pale brow as he ran, his crimson coat flailing in the wind and his black leather boots covered in mud spashed the moisture on the ground as he pelted through the meadow. Looking up he noticed a cave, giving no thought to it he focused his attention there and took shelter. Tilting his head to one side he reached his hand up and began wiping the hair from his brow, turning on his heels his ears picked up the slight murmer of voiced coming within the cave. Feeling uneasy he began to hense forth unknowing of what lay inside, calling out with his deep husky voice he patiently waited for a responce- “…Who goes there…”

EricHeymour: *His smile retreats from his lips and he returns to his plain facial expression* she is of Royal blood…is she not?

PrcsNatassiaArythiss: ~nods at war~ but she still my twin war i couldnt let you do that to her nor the rest but since right now i do not have a say so over the matter ill just sit here ~she looks down at the cave floor~

ModifiedSanity: “Then I’ll have your ring if you really want me to keep to myself about it.” She called after him lightly, raising her hand to her face to check on the quality of her nails. Glancing up from them for a moment to see if she had caught his attention again, she smiled a tiny bit. “Or I could just mention how much you loved my buttocks to the authority.” One thing her little sister was able to teach her, it was how to make a dig at someone. Khloe would have to thank Ray at another time for that, and certainly if she did manage to snag something out of the whole blunder.

EricHeymour: *He smiles at her* You not only have no say in the matter…you have no choice. *He quickly walks to her, raises his hand at her, and swings it down hard upon the left side of her face. she flies across the cave, slamming into the wall across the gap, and then falls to the floor of the lower level, he walks slowly over to the edge and leaps off, landing in front of her. He grabs her by the throat and slams her into the wall, then speaks* You are a prisoner and a slave now, girl. You will do WELL to remember your place.

PrcsNatassiaArythiss: ~She gets on her knees~ Yes master… ~she says it like she didnt want to say it at all~

LynnDarkBloodRose: A young vampire girl enters the castle grounds. Shes scared and lost. She slowly walks up the the castle doors and knocks. “May I come in? I’m lost and very cold.”

SorrowfulDemise: -The enigmatic male made his way deeper into the cave, the sheer rock glistened from the lightning that flashed uncontrollably outside. The voices became louder as he pursued further. His heart began to pulsate deep and hard as he looked up to see five stranges stood about talking on what looked like a plynth, climbing the makeshift stone steps he approached them, taking a deep long inhale and swollow- “…Excuse me were you caught in the storm also?” -He walked towards them slowly with a nervous disposition-

SorrowfulDemise: -Waves his hands in the air as he begins to think he has become invisible-

CharlotteCarrendar: – Now it was one thing to reject the Black Knight, but a whole new ball game, when the cheeky slapper, was now asking for his ring, as payment for her silence. “MEEEH!’- he made an audible grunt, for this was seriously cutting into his time, to seize a woman of girth. “Right, and I will tell you now, you cheeky little sow. That ass of yours be smelling not to rosey, if you keep up this game. You rejected my first offer, and now you wish the Ring of Roxene?’- Upon his gauntlet he did indeed wear a ring, but he curled his fist and then with a punch the doors opened up and he marched on through. “Got some tart selling her wares out in the castle grounds. Sic the bloody hounds on her before I call the Four Mages of Sin!” <3>

LynnDarkBloodRose: Looks around the room in awe. “I’m a young vampire. I saw the recruiting sign”

LynnDarkBloodRose: well my M’ Lord looks like ive came in time. i have the power to heal

EricHeymour: *Sits in his throne and waves his hand* SLAVE! *points to the gound at his feet* COME!

ModifiedSanity: Clucking her tongue softly as he just puffed up and barged through the door instead, Khloe let her hand drop to her side. Definitely a disappointment… although more of an irritation when she heard the knight declaring through the doors about a tart outside. “Stingy AND a liar.” She muttered, crossing her arms over her chest. “AND a grabby, dirty old man.” Not that she could expect much else, but it never hurt to try in the end. Glancing at the ground around her for a moment, Khloe took the time to settle down on the dirt path and pull her knees to her chest closely. All the better for her to appear smaller than she was, and goodness knew she was about to play that card to the best of her advantage.

LynnDarkBloodRose: -bows her head- were u addressing me Sir


CharlotteCarrendar: – The voice of the young maiden out in the courtyard would fall on deaf ears, for he was annoyed enough by her behaviour, and was ready to smash the next woman he saw, then drag her off to some part in the castle and have rough sex with them on the floor. He did however hear, the booming sound of a male, one that was giving some slave girl hell. “Ah Ha. Now that sounds more like it. A man that gets what he wants. I shall present myself and see if he has other loose bits of tit hanging around. I don’t mind sloppy seconds.”- Brash and bold, he made his way forth till coming close to the throne area and proudly brought up his fist, his arm crossed his breast plate diagonally. “M’LORD…I AM THE BLACK KNIGHT!” <3>

VladeTepes: The crack of the whip the cries of the sick and still they continue the beatings they lick. The world is on fire a flame with desire with pain you build it and still it burns higher. Lust it secretes desire it meets across the plain in which it conquers the feats. The fire burns higher with lust and desire the pain it inflicts from the cracks of the whip. Lashes of love, lashes of pain, more and more coming, less and less sane. The blood it continues the slaughtering just. Flesh it shall open, the beast has awoken into the night he stalks with delight at the images of Sade before him. Quicker the hammer, sicker the clamor, as each head is splatter across the dimensions of the floor. Sicker it entices Quicker it devises in the shadows bearing night is where it erases. Faster in the night Sicken than respite more and more cause whimpers delight. In walks the beast faster it meets all of the beings inside with a glance.

CharlotteCarrendar: – Unfortunately for our hero in Black, the King of sorts vanished. ‘Well fuck…where he go?” And the slave girl, well she was a no show. “Curses, foiled again. Hmm…I wonder if the brothel is open this time of night. First the pub for a pie, and a bed for the night.”- So whistling to his horse, Cinamon, who trotted out of the stable, he strode back out the door, and gave the wee girly a sneer. “Hope you shrivel up and die from herpes.” And up on his horse he got, and with a kick in the horse’s flank, he rode off to the Chicka bow wow wow Ranch. “They will remember my name…when they scream that they are a cumin’ for I am Bernard …the Black Knight of Durbin!” <3>

ModifiedSanity: “… Bernard? Seriously?” She answered, mostly to herself since the ass had already left the stable into the poor, unsuspecting world. Jumping up onto her feet quickly, Khloe rolled her eyes over to the door, her exhaustion once again leaping up to take her over. The amusement for the moment was over, and sadly it didn’t leave her any richer for the small amount of trauma commited. Still, to either be wrapped up in accusations for being a hussy or just walking back home, home was once again the better option of the two. With a soft groan, she turned back from the mouth of the caverns, once again trudging on the roads. “Just as long as there aren’t any more damned knights…” She muttered.

VladeTepes: “When I was a youth in Ireland we drinked till we drowned. Now that Im in this old land I puke and drink another round. booze booze give me booze. booze booze give me booze. when i was five in history i found another keg. i chug till i fell to the ground my body nearly dead. i walk on over to this bunney lass and smile big and wide. till i bent right beside her and puked between her thighs. booze booze i need more booze. booze booze yeah! back in time when i was 12 i found meself a barrel i cracked it open and found some scotch the first i ever seen. i fell right in and chugged it up untill i looked around i spoted my old lady and she was being passed around the town. i got right up and turned around the worlds a spinning mess i fell upon my ass and crapped and took a piss. now im drunk and need more booze so buy me another round and lift ya shirts and flash me the girls are bouncing round. booze booze i need more booze booze booze yeah booze booze ill steal your booze anddrink it till i die. -hicup- i found me self a booze of bottle and chuger it down my shoe i bent right over and touched the ground to tie off me mouth…..” -hiccup-