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Roleplay Live : Group : The Death Club

The simple pleasures in life; Dix’s and Demetrios’ daily stories.

The party’s over



iShatteredSanity: -The call that Demetrios did not answer and the message on his inbox, they did make Demetrios feel a bit uneasy. Sitting back down on the rug, right next to Dixie, he looked at the flames in the fireplace while shaking his head a few times.- “I swear, someone is pulling pranks. It cannot be explained.” –Demetrios muttered and sighed deeply. Surely, Alexandros was more than capable to take care of himself no matter what the situation, but Demetrios had that weird feeling, that tingling and shivering down his spine that something was really wrong. Damn… Vacation was over…-

CharlotteCarrendar: – Dixie was smirking as she lay, dreams of her and Demetrios, and the wonderful trip they had so far. Cookies, Cookies….Cookies. But suddenly she opened her eyes, and looked up to see Demetrios just sitting on the rug, looking worried, and muttering under his breath. Dixie couldn’t understand what could be wrong, and pushed herself up to sitting. “Baby, what’s wrong?”- Course she was still naked from earlier, and she reached for a cushion to cuddle, and somewhat show some modesty. <3>

iShatteredSanity: -Demetrios turned his head and looked at Dixie with a soft smile on his face.- “There is n—” –Demetrios stopped suddenly and sighed.- “Well, there is something. Alexandros left me an incomplete message on my phone. I don’t know exactly what happened, but he never stops his sentence midway unless there is something really serious or dangerous going on.” –Demetrios said and got up from the rug once again, looking for the pack of smokes that he had in his jacket behind the door. He hadn’t smoked a single cigarette for all the time that he was with Dixie, but now he really needed one.-

CharlotteCarrendar: – That soft smile, so adorable, had Dixie blush and she paid attention as he started to say that there is nothing, but there was something wrong. Alexandros had left a message, one that he never finished. Dixie creased her brow, and then watched as Dem got up from the rug and went hunting for his cigarettes, that were in his jacket by the door. Dixie knew exactly what this meant. “We leaving now?” She said after him, but knew that, the holiday was over, and the dramas of Prague awaited their return. Dixie set down the cushion and then got up herself, still a mess from their romantic interlude. “I will go wash and start packing.”- With a nod, she then headed up the stairs, where you could hear the water running. <3>

iShatteredSanity: -Demetrios sighed deeply once more as he heard Dixie speak. Damn, why did it had to happen? To hell with everything… There it was, the packet of his cigarettes. Taking the packet out and turning his head, he looked at Dixie as she walked upstairs. Walking towards the fireplace and using a log to light his cigarette, Demetrios took a deep inhale with the smoke, one that he exhaled slowly in order to savor up the taste of the cancer tube.- “I don’t like this…” –He said. For some reason the taste of the cigarette was too good. But when a cigarette tasted so good, that was not good news. Second drag of that cigarette, still a sweet taste on the tobacco.- “I certainly don’t like this…” –Demetrios said and looked around the cabin before looking back into the flames. And another drag…-

CharlotteCarrendar: – Up in the shower, Dixie was standing underneath the steady stream of hot water, that cascaded down her form. She absentmindedly washed herself vigorously, but all the while, she had a lost look in her eyes. Why now? They had the most romantic holiday, free from the stresses of the Death Club and had made a commitment to each other, no matter what. But she could see that look in his eyes, that there was trouble waiting for them. “Couldn’t be the Russians, could it?” she said to herself, as she turned off the taps, and stepped out onto the fluffy bathmat. “Nah..”- Drying herself off, she went over in her mind, everything that had happened, since she arrived in Prague. Seeing her own reflection, she made a verbal promise. “No matter what, I’m not leaving your side.”- her words meant for Dem, but this was her vow. And she intended to keep it. Getting dresses in jeans, a snow skivvy and jacket, with matching boots and hat, she started to pack up her things, and zipped up her bags, ready to have them taken to the car. Coming back down the stairs slowly, she saw Dem enjoying his cigarette, and instead of being glum, she decided to put on a brave face. “Tah dah..going to knock out the Prague boys. Heh.” She looked something like an emo snow Bunny. <3>

iShatteredSanity: -Demetrios sat down on the rug, as comfy as he could while smoking the cigarette and staring into those flames. A few minutes had passed since that call and he pondered on calling Alexandros to see what was going on, but he did not, well, not yet. Finishing his cigarette and lighting another one, he could hear Dixie getting ready and packing her suitcases. Tossing the cigarette in the flames, he looked at Dixie dressed to impress and not helping but chuckling playfully.- “Go kick their asses baby girl.” –He said and winked playfully while standing on his feet. Naked as he was, he walked towards her and planted a soft kiss on her cheek.- “I will be back in a few. I need to take a shower as well.” –He said and spanked her ass playfully while making a silly face.- “So good.” –He said and laughed softly as he got upstairs and entered the bathroom, turning on the water and taking a nice long shower, cleaning himself good and trying to think about other things than going back to the drama pool.-

CharlotteCarrendar: – Dixie laughed as Dem told her to kick ass, and she wiggled hers, only to get it smacked. Naked as the day he was born, he came to her and planted a kiss, one so soft, to reassure her all would be okay. She chuckled as he went up the stairs, and even leaned over to admire his disappearing rear. “My baby’s got buns!” She laughed and then took a final tour of the house on the ground floor, remembering all the places that they either made love, or cooked, and spent time just holding each other and whispering sweet words. She let out a sigh, and then decided that they would come back here some day. Hopefully with little ones of their own, to play in the snow, just like they did this week. Running her fingers along the kitchen bench top, she said to herself. “All good things must come to an end.” Dixie then went to lock up downstairs, as upstairs was locked, and searched for the car keys for Dem<3>

iShatteredSanity: -Demetrios took his time in the shower. Scrubbing himself and enjoying the water drops on his skin. That was one of the little pleasures that he enjoyed, something that had made him choose to be an underwater demolition expert in the military. Indeed, he was so calm and peaceful when he was underwater or when he was near water. But anyway. Finishing his shower, he walked outside the cubicle and dried himself really good. Walking inside the bedroom he grabbed some clothes and put them on. Simple black jeans, black boots, a tank top and fingerless gloves. Then he packed his suitcase and looked around. Checking the windows and everything if they were locked, he nodded to himself and walked downstairs. Looking at Dixie, he smiled softly and nodded.- “Shall we?” –He said and waited for Dixie’s response.-

CharlotteCarrendar: – “No time like the present.” – Dixie took her bags, and then opened the door, checking all the lights were off, before heading out onto the verandah. “I’m going to miss this.” – she said with a sigh, but then smiled up at Dem brightly. “But I get to take home the best part.”- With that she took off down the stairs, and started to load her bags into the boot, before going round to the passenger door, and getting inside. The interior to the car was freezing, and she shivered, rubbing her hands together blowing on them, as she waited for Dem <3>

iShatteredSanity: -Demetrios smiled back at Dixie and nodded at her words.- “Indeed. The best of the best…” –Demetrios said and looked around at the dark now cabin and nodding his head. It was really fun for as long as it lasted and he was grateful that Dixie enjoyed her present. Grabbing his jacket and putting it on, he then took his suitcase and walked outside the cabin. The wind was gentle but the damn temperature was really low. Rubbing his hands to warm them up, Demetrios locked the door behind him before taking out his phone and calling the owner to let him know that the cabin was now empty. Putting his phone back in his pocket, Demetrios headed for the car where he placed his suitcase in the back and closed the door. Then he walked to the driver’s door and opened it, entering the car and looking at Dixie.- “Oh my.” –Demetrios paused for a moment and looked at Dixie’s chest, more accurately her breasts.- “I will have no problems seeing in the dark with those headlights on.” –He said and laughed softly as he leaned closer to Dixie and planted a soft kiss over the clothes on Dixie’s nipples.-

CharlotteCarrendar: – Yes, it was terribly cold, so cold that Dixie was unaware, but her nips were showing up so much through her skivvy, that when Demetrios said, “Oh my.” She wondered what was wrong. “What?” Looking around, like he had seen a deer, or maybe some other animal outside of the car, she had no idea, she had something growing in her skivvy. But he started on about headlights, and this really confused her, till she felt him plant a kiss over her fabric covered nipples. “Dem…oh…Dem.”- she ruffled his hair as he was down there, and felt the sensation of his lips through the fabric. “Baby, are we ever going to get home?” Joking that he was about to do naughty things to her in the car. She couldn’t help it but he totally turned her on with the attention. <3>

iShatteredSanity: -“Baby, are we ever going to get home?”, Dixie said jokingly and Demetrios chuckled.- “Well… You do have a point there. Lets wait till we get back home. Now… That will be half a day driving… Though…” –Demetrios paused for a moment and licked his lips.- “We can always use the back seat for a break.” –He said and winked playfully with his right eye as he turned on the engine. The engine roared as he hit the gas warm it up. Hitting the gas and letting it go was what he repeated for a few times before looking at Dixie again with a smile.- “I really enjoyed our time here. Lets come back here again sometime.” –He said and leaned closer to her once more for a soft kiss on her lips-

CharlotteCarrendar: – It truly had been a marvellous holiday, and to be honest, Dixie thought they had more time, but alas, the real world simply could not be held back forever. Biting her lip as she rubbed her left nipple which was now aching, she nodded that they would get right back into heavy smexing when they got home. But mention of the back seat, brought a glimmer to her eyes, and she couldn’t help but agree. “Definitely, yup…we have to christen the backseat..like we did the kitchen, and the bathroom…and the laundry….and..*the car started as Dixie continued to rattle off the places they had sex*…and the lounge, and the bathroom, and the bedroom. She was counting with fingers, and only came back to earth, when Dem suggested they come back some day. “I had the time of my life.” Moving in close to accept his kiss.<3>

iShatteredSanity: -Dixie had started to list the rooms that they had gotten a taste of their love and he could not help but chuckle every time she mentioned a room.- “It really was amazing. We both needed it. Thank you for sharing those moments with me.” –Demetrios said and kissed her lips once more.- “We /will/ come back here again. Or some better place.” –He said and winked playfully once again as he grabbed the lever to change the gear to the reverse. Hitting the clutch and shifting the gear, he looked back so that he could turn the car. Once the car was in position, he hit the clutch again and shifted the gear on the first one.- “I feel sorry for the poor cleaner.” –He said while snickering and shaking his head. And then, he hit the gas and they left. The cabin became smaller and smaller on the mirror, but Demetrios did not look back.-

CharlotteCarrendar: – Dixie suddenly stopped counting her fingers, and then realised what Dem said about the cleaners. “Oh…oh no. We…kinda made a mess. Well…a few. Heh so long as they don’t have those CSI…blue stick things and goggles, then it will look a lot cleaner than it is in the daylight.” Dixie said brightly with a smile. “You..might want to message the owner, and say…had…a few people over for a party..maybe” –she looked shifty eyed, then started to whistle, staring out the window as the car sped along. <3>

iShatteredSanity: “Well… You do have a point there.” –Demetrios said and laughed a little bit. Now with the engine warm, he turned on the A/C so that the interior of the car could be warmed up and also the blur on the windscreen would fade away.- “Though… He will wonder what kind of party it was, don’t you think?” –Demetrios said and nudged Dixie’s side softly.- “But…” –Pausing for a moment Demetrios could not help but chuckle.- “…we surely did a number on that cabin.” –He said and kept speeding on the highway, though careful not to hit any black ice and have any accidents.-

CharlotteCarrendar:- Dixie felt so alive, to think that she and Dem had done a number on that cabin, literally. Whoever stayed there after them would know for sure, that Dix and Dem waz there. “I think I ….may have left some g strings…in… a few places.”- as much as she tried to look innocent, truth was she was guilty as sin. She started to dance in her seat and sing. “Cause I’m…I’m bad…really really bad!” <3>

iShatteredSanity: -Demetrios could not help but chuckle after hearing Dixie saying that she left some of her G strings in some places. Shifting the gear and accelerating more and more, he shrugged his shoulders.- “They will wish that they had the body to put them on. Poor suckers.” –Demetrios paused to laugh.- “But still, they can use them as slingshots or something. And do not worry, I will get you some new ones.” –Demetrios said and winked at Dixie as he turned his head for a moment to look at her before looking back on the road. The cabin was now gone from all of the mirrors.-