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Roleplay Live : Group : The Death Club

Save me from Sanity.

Super Heroes and Cavemen.



MaylionCarrendar: The feeble-minded care, an excellent job for the housewives who are forced by the crisis to get back to work. It is an excellent job for the female macho men who want to show off. The Institute of Prague had an enchanted week behind it. There was a tense atmosphere by Doctor Morolo, but after his arrest the hospital calmed down. Everything went back to normal, but perhaps even better than normal. The patients shuffled through the hallways and more than 35% was even smiling. The nurses passed each other simply nodding and saying good morning without spreading the newest gossip on how Doctor Morolo’s mood was. The mental institute of Prague really had changed, for the better. Jerry walked through the hallway passing some of his favourite patients and either gave them a shoulder tab, or tickled them shortly to make them laugh. But he couldn’t stay long, he had to move on. There was this one patient who he had to see today, like he had to see her every day. Last week was a situation that could never happen again, and therefore when he reached Darlene’s door there were standing two wards in front of the door with their arm crossed, as if they were hiding the leader of Al Qaida. As jerry entered the room and the door got closed behind him he stared at the hospital bed where Darlene was sitting in. Her bed was covered with empty jello packages. Jerry sighed softly while shoving his hand in his white coat pocket. As soon as Darlene raised her head and noticed Jerry a gigantic smile appeared on her mouth while dropping the question she had been dropping the entire week. (Darlene) ‘’ is he coming today?! ‘’. As jerry fished another two jello’s from his pocket and threw them gently on her bed he shook his head and replied. (Jerry) ‘’ No, Darlene. You need to get better first, How’s your chest today? ‘’. Even though Darlene had heard this answer 5 or 6 times she still got slightly disappointed by it. (Darlene) ‘’ My chest is good, right? Can i go outside now? ‘’ Jerry glanced at the double doors that lead to the garden who were locked. He knew she would creepily stand outside in the garden with her hands around the fence the complete day to look out for Kraus. Why did he himself told Darlene Kraus was going to visit often?.. Why did Kraus said the same? (Jerry) ‘’ .. Fine. ‘’ Jerry opened the doors to the garden and helped Darlene out of her bed. Slowly but surely Darlene made her way outside and as predicted stood guard at the fence, waiting for a friend. Jerry had turned around and made his way back to restaurant area to gather more Jello’s. –

CharlotteCarrendar: – Out in the garden, there was a strange looking fellow, who was wearing a lab coat, his top pocket holding a pen keeper, and around his neck a toy stethoscope. On his head was a vintage flyer’s skull cap, that had the loose toggles hanging down, swinging back and forth, as he spun around and then skipped over to a sedated patient in a wheel chair and took out a toy rubber hammer. In a high pitch squeaky voice, he uttered. “I am…Doctor…Tom!….Let’s test that reflex..reflex…*cough*..I’m not sick…I’m a Doctor!” – the patient in the wheel chair did not even respond, to the request, and the mad medic tapped the knee of the patient with his toy hammer. There was no reaction. None at all. The mad medic scratched the side of his leather skull cap and frowned. “Most…intriguing. No reflexes. NURSE…this patient is dead. Next!”- The mad medic spun around and then with a rubber expression, he spotted Darlene being brought out and noticed how she went to the fence. Like she was looking for someone. The mad medic thought he could be of assistance. Striding over, in large silly man style, he came up to the fence, then mimicked how she stood. “Helllo?….Hello?….HELLO!”- He had the oddest face, with extruding front teeth, that were all parted, and dribble pouring down his chin. His right eye was lazy and kept taking off to the right then swirling back, before he blinked rapidly. “HELLO?!” he bellowed and then sucked in his bottom lip. “Hello…?” <3>

MaylionCarrendar: – She embraced the cold fence with her hands while staring at the deserted path that would first lead in the forest two miles and then lead straight to Prague. Darlene was still hoping somewhere in her mind that Kraus would be dressed as superman and fly over the fence. As she was trying to think and focus something annoying was talking in the distance. Something highly annoying.. The voice was way too high, and kept on talking about reflexes, and dead.. And then the annoying being seemed to come her way. As the man stood next to her screaming. “Helllo?….Hello?….HELLO!”. Darlene just moved her eyes in her eye sockets from the left to the right not being sure what the heck she should do, or how to react. She turned her head sideways while looking at this odd man dressed as a .. doctor? She stared at his cap and the his goggles hanging loose, the toy stethoscope.. his coat.. The guy kinda gave her the creeps for some reason but she wasn’t sure why. As he sucked his bottom lip and once again yelled hello, Darlene just turned her body facing his. (Darlene) ‘’ Who are you looking for?. ‘’ Darlene had been placed under a higher dose of medication to suppress her psychotic breaks, and more than ever she could think more straight. But thinking more straight also meant she could pull jokes. Darlene’s eyes suddenly opened up wide.. and kept just staring at the man. (Darlene) ‘’.. There are cave people living in the forest.. They like to kill doctor’s.. ‘’ With a smile being hold back she just whispered quietly to the man hoping he was just as stupid as he looked like. She couldn’t have him next to her while waiting for kraus. What if Kraus suddenly came to the fence.. he would be scared by this man. (Darlene) ‘’.. They’ll kidnap you.. and slaughter you, right?.. If I were you.. I’d run! Now yes?! ‘’ Ironically she nearly believed her own story herself.

CharlotteCarrendar:- Wow…this girl was good. Cave people? Kidnapping and slaughtering Doctors? Suddenly, he broke into a mammoth smile, and those teeth…those god awful stained yellow teeth. They were on full display. He gripped the fence and started to shake it vigorously. “I WANT TO SEE!!…Do they use clubs…do they hit with rocks? Do they…chew on our gizzards? Cause I read that gizzards ARE chewy. You met em? Did they take Doctor Morolo? He…He…He…*letting go of the fence a moment, he then turned around and pointed his ass at Darlene and flipped up his lab coat, exposing a daggy pair of pyjama bottoms. “He…doctored my bottom!” He gave it a quick rub and then smacked it with his rubber hammer. “OUCHIES…I said it hurt…I said it hurt.” Flipping the coat back over, he then stood upright and grabbed the fence again shaking it. “CAVEMEN…GIRLY SAID YOU DO BAD THINGS!!”- he then started guffawing with laughter and hiccupped, as a piece of snot oozed out of his right nostril, sickly green. “I’m a Doctor…I make you sick.” <3>

MaylionCarrendar: (Jerry) ‘’ What the .. ‘’ — He stood in the restaurant with his hands full with Jello while staring outside at the garden. He had noticed the Mad doctor approaching Darlene and now suddenly acting all weird .. — Wait? No patient acted normal, why was he surprised at all? He placed all his Jello on the table and decided to eat one himself while keeping his eye on the couple. Darlene had moved her leg slightly up and placed her arms in front of her body as if she was scared to be hit by a Fire hose. But this wasn’t a fire hose,.. this man was a hurricane. He could even talk more, and louder, and faster than she could. She tried to follow every word he said and watched how he had gripped the fence and started to shake it while showing his god awful yellow bucket teeth. He kept firing questions at Darlene and she tried to answer them. (Darlene) ‘’ yes.. no .. no Yes.. n.. Morolo? ‘’ As the mad doctor turned around to show her his ass and then talked about doctoring his bottom.. and slapped himself with a rubber hammer, Darlene only could think about the name Morolo. As the mad doctor grabbed the fence again and started yelling and have his nose get disposed of his green snot Darlene just waited until he finally had shut up. (Darlene) ‘’ Doctor Morolo is in jail right? With people who will hurt his butt just as bad as he hurt yours.. yes? .. ‘’ Darlene scratched the back of her head and pulled her long white t-shirt further down. Suddenly she knew what it would mean if that fence would come down.. she could see Kraus herself. she suddenly rose her head to The mad doctor and her eyes glistered of something that was called .. ‘’ a plan ‘’. (Darlene) ‘’ Yes ! you can break through the fence yes? And you can see them! ‘’ Now only she hoped that doctor mad was able to get that fence down if he had adrenaline pumping through his body, and do it fast before someone would find out.

CharlotteCarrendar: – “Break it? BREAK IT!!” Doctor “Tom’ suddenly got jittery and excited, like he was about to commit a great act. He took three big strides backwards, and then started jumping about like an Olympian sprinter, about to do the five mile dash. He flipped his head left and right, wiggling his hands, and then whooping, before turning to the other garden patients, and calling out. “Mexican wave…come on…like on the TELLY…I’m going to fly through the fence..to see the Cavemen!’- A few patients giggled, one burped, and the odd fart. An old lady clapped and then her arms shot up over her head. Frozen as she struck the pose, then fell backwards, feet in the air. Excited by the enthusiasm shown by the patients, he gave Darlene a wink with his lazy eye and then got down into the starter’s crouch, wiggling his sandal behind him, fingers deep into the grass. “On…my marks….get set….and……….and…and…SOMEONE YELL GO!” an old fart up the back wheezed and called out. ‘YO!” and off like a flash, Doctor “Tom” was like a rabbit, barrelling forward, leather skull capped head careening into the fence, which took the weight and then threw him back again. Flying back on his ass, he lay winded, while a few patients cheered his efforts. The lady who was also laying on her back muttered. “Can I put my arms down now?” <3>

MaylionCarrendar: – This man.. un-believable, Darlene stared at him while he pretended to be an top sports man who could bring down a fence of a mental institute on his own.. by just bumping into it. The other patients in the garden were getting loud and started to cheer.. but that would only attract attention. Normally Darlene would be the one being the idiot, but these medication she always refused to take were actually putting her on the bright side of life. But before she could either stop the mad doctor or the other patients from cheering and making noise and acting like the insane ones.. which they were anyway, the doctor had already thrown his body against the fence and was launched back in the grass. (Darlene) ‘’ No-no-no .. we need something better, alright? Get up yes? We need knifes.. and scissors! ‘’ Darlene slowly walked over to the doctor and reached him her hand to help him back up on his feet. Next to jerry another doctor stood.. eating from the pile of Jello that was laying on the table.. Next to him, another three nurses stood. It seemed like the commotion outside had attracted the attention of the staff. But they knew well that fence wasn’t coming down easily. Jerry just realized the staff members were eating from his pile of Jello he had collected for Darlene. (Jerry) ‘’ OI! — Those are my jel- ‘’ (Lupert) ‘’ SHHHHHH .. now look at that… ‘’. Jerry stared outside to surprisingly find the club of insane people standing in a circle while Darlene was waving around with a stick in her hand and pointing to the ground. Outside Darlene had gathered some patients who were mobile, and functioning. They had left out the patient in the wheelchair who was sitting outside of the circle of patients. Darlene explained softly while waving the stick in the air which for her made sense. (Darlene) ‘’ .. The cave men are in the forest yes? This doctor want to make them sick alright? We need to get the fence down. Gather supplies.. alright? Everything sharp! — Gather back here .. when .. when .. ‘’ Darlene tabbed her chin while thinking of something logical for these people. (Darlene) ‘’ Just get back here when you found something, alright? — and act normal! ‘’ She didn’t know how many of the patients actually understood and would follow her. But she had a priority now, a goal again.. And she would use every single one of them if she had too. –

CharlotteCarrendar: – Doctor “Tom” lay, staring up at the clouds that seemed to float effortlessly over head, while Darlene, seemed to be forming a posse of patients, to aid in breaking down the fence, once and for all. He glanced around at all the patients now huddled in around, as Darlene offered a hand up to get him to his feet. Why would a patient help him? He looked at her hand with a dizzy expression, still being slightly dazed from the impact of the fence on his head. After a bit, he took her hand and righted himself, only jumping on the spot and then moving his fingers along his lips making a brum sound. Brum Brum Brum. But back to Darlene and her wild schemes. ‘’ .. The cave men are in the forest yes? This doctor want to make them sick alright? We need to get the fence down. Gather supplies.. alright? Everything sharp! — Gather back here .. when .. when .. ‘’ she paused a moment and Doctor Tom made a barking sound. “BARK!” which was followed by her asking that the patients all act normal. But they all looked at each other. Normal, to the in patients, meant something entirely different. Suddenly they were all walking around, talking to themselves, one was trying to ballet dance, another got down on his hands and knees to eat grass, and then there was the lady in the wheel chair with her arms still up in the sky. “Can I put my arms down?” Doctor Tom sidled up to Darlene and then sniffed her. “What…is that…smell?” <3>

MaylionCarrendar: – Believe it or not, Darlene felt proud of the bunch of idiots drooling around and acting like they always did. Watching how some patients crawled around on hands and knees, and the old lady who always had been noisy screamed something about her arms.. it gave Darlene a feeling of –.. nope she lost the feeling again. All she could kept thinking about was Kraus behind that fence.. standing there and waving at her, and gesturing her to come out and play in the world outside the mental hospital. The world she once hated because she was surrounded by the rich and the wealthy. . She could literally see kraus standing behind the fence.. His form, he was wearing his superman suit… big muscles, black weavy hair being blown backwards by the wind.. white teeth.. a smie.. his lips opened and closed forming the words ‘’ Whats that smell? “’ but she could actually hear those words coming from next to her. (Darlene) ‘’ Ehh– .. ‘’ She turned her head around to see doctor mad sniffing her. She didn’t actually.. She quickly lifted up her white shirt to look at her shorts hidden underneath it to look for brown stains, but she couldn’t see any. Before she answered doctor mad she turned around again quickly to look at the fence and see if Kraus was still standing there.. but he disappeared. she blinked a few times wondering where he could go. She then threw a glance at doctor mad and wondered what he was smelling. (Darlene) ‘’ .. Jello ‘’ Doctor mad seemed to be a perfect person to escape with together, as long as he believed there were still cave people in the forest, he would want to get out as badly as she did… atleast she hoped he did. (Darlene) ‘’ escape with me, yes? The cave people need you. I do too right? ‘’

CharlotteCarrendar: – Escape? Well, he just tried that and got a headache for his troubles. “They make fences…really tough. I thought I had it. I did. Jello…you smell of Jello? That’s better than Mister Mack, he smells like wet socks.” This crazy character, who was also clinically insane, whipped off his leather skull cap and showed off bright red ginger curls, that seem to come out of nowhere, having all been held down by his hat. “I..have a secret. See? I’m not really a Doctor. I just do that cause…cause…Butterfly!” Suddenly a bright yellow butterfly goes fluttering past and he goes skipping off to chase it, his coat flying about him. “Weeeee…butterflea….Weee…set me free.”- Passing one of the new staff members, who had just come out from the lounge, the Woman wearing a smart white uniform, with a silver badge with her name “Jackie” was observing the patient’s behaviour. There was just..one odd thing about Jackie. She…had a five o clock shadow. “Happy patients…my my. This is what I love to see.”- She was the replacement for Doctor Morolo….or should I say…He.<3>

MaylionCarrendar: Darlene tilted her head to the side while listening at the mad doctor who seemed to be talking more normal now. She knew what happened with patients who were suddenly talking more normal.. they were going to be taken away by tall handsome people who punch you in the chest. As he pulled of his cap she saw his ginger curls bouncing as they fell down. Then he said ‘’ I…have a secret. See? I’m not really a Doctor. I just do that cause…cause…Butterfly!’’ he then ran off to chase the butterfly. (Darlene) ‘’ Wait!.. what secret?! ‘’ Darlene stood up and tried to run after him while pressing her hand against her left boob. There was no other way she could think of to suppress the pain of her broken ribs. She passed the new staff member a bit later when she spoke. ‘’ Happy patients…my my. This is what I love to see. ‘’ Darlene had turned her head around while walking/stumbling/running half behind Dr Mad. Darlene stared at the woman with the .. clear rough tiny hairs on her chin. Darlene stopped and took a better look at the woman. She then turned her head around at Dr mad and tried to make him stop and also look at the fresh meat. (Darlene) ‘’ HEY GINGER, YES?! BEARD WOMAN 10 O’CLOCK!!! ‘’

CharlotteCarrendar: – The boy formally known as Doctor Tom, stopped dancing after the butterfly and then spotted the new head of Staff. Darlene also spotted her and then yelled out. ‘’ HEY GINGER, YES?! BEARD WOMAN 10 O’CLOCK!!! ‘’ Doctor Jackie Somersfeld, blinked as she heard the way Darlene spoke. Bearded woman? The Doctor rubbed her stubbled chin and then chuckled nervously. “I have…one too many male hormones. So forgot to wax this morning. Tee hee. Why, you must be Darlene. Yes, I have you on my charts to visit this morning. “ She then extracted a package from her coat pocket and handed it over. “This is for you. From a friend, I believe. “ She then breezed on and started to talk to other patients, while Doctor Tom waddled over and stared at the package. It was brown paper with a string tied around. Inside, was a Superman doll and a comic book. With a tag that said. “To Darlene, from Kraus.” He had thought of her, and somehow, got the parcel through, via Doctor Jackie. “Open it…..might be a bomb!”<3>

MaylionCarrendar: – Jerry had followed doctor Jackie outside with his stomach full of Jello just like his hands. As he heard Darlene screaming about a beard woman he nervously dropped his Jello in the gras . (Jerry) ‘’ Eeeeek!.. ‘’ He quickly re-collected all his jello and stood up straight while claiming a spot next to Doctor Jackie. Darlene stared at doctor Jackie not really thinking about her words were also being heard by the beard women herself. As Jackie pulled a package from her coat and told Darlene it was for her, from a friend Darlene just sprinted towards her ignoring the pain in her chest. Darlene just pulled the package from Jackies hand and stared at it wide a smile. (Darlene) ‘’ Kraus yes? It’s from kraus yes? He’s my friend.. a friend right? .. I never got a package.. I-i-i-i-i-i-i .. for me.. for me .. yes it’s for mee… ‘’ BAM OVERLOAD! Darlene placed her hand on top of her own head while staring down at the package in her hand. She tried to calm herself down but she was getting over excited. Jerry looked with a smile over at Darlene and the mad doctor who came to look at the package. he turned around to follow Jackie and offering her a tour around the mental hospital… and perhaps show her the empty shower cabins for the staff. He heard the words coming from the Mad doc his lips. “Open it…..might be a bomb!” Jerry turned around knowing those words weren’t smart to say. (Jerry) ‘’ Darlene don’t list– ‘’ But Darlene already had listened, and believed it. With a grunt she stuffed the package in dr mad his shirt and moved her arms forwards to push dr mad backwards with some force. She then just jumped sideways hoping to get as far away as possible from the upcoming explosion. As she jumped sideways she screamed (Darlene) ” BOOOOOOOOOOOMBBB!!! ” Jerry shook his head while opening up another jello.. (Jerry) ” please not another meltdown.. ”

CharlotteCarrendar: – Doctor Tom….was shocked that Darlene had shoved the brown package down his shirt, and then pushed him over as she jumped clear. ” BOOOOOOOOOOOMBBB!!! Darlene cried out. Tom panicked and then tried to tear his shirt open, panicking and wailing till he felt the hardness of the Superman action figure. He stopped squirming around and sat bolt upright. Taking the package out of his crumpled shirt, he placed it to his ear and shook it. No tick toc. Hmm. Darlene had taken off, and so, he decided to be brave and open it up. Tearing back the paper, he then saw that it WAS a Superman collectible, an expensive one too. When he took out the comic book, his jaw hit the floor, figuratively. “Oh…my …god….this..is …a…number…356!”- Making himself comfortable on the lawn, he tenderly opened the first page, and started to read the Amazing adventures of Superman, while the other patients, came around to listen. Doctor Jackie chuckled and then patted Jerry’s arm. “See…wonderful patients. Now, how about a tour?” <3>