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Re: Roleplay Live : The Death Club. GM : iShatteredSanity
January 28, 2013 07:39AM
Roleplay Live : Group : The Death Club
The simple pleasures in life; Dix’s and Demetrios’ daily stories.
Tastes too good to be true



iShatteredSanity: -The eternal bliss; Demetrios holding his fallen angel with the ink feathers into his arms. Feeling the warmth of her naked body on his while the sun was slowly setting. The scent of burned oak wood from the fireplace along with the scent of roasted meat from the oven and the scent of freshly cut coffee that filled the area, they all made the scene relaxing and calming after a wild lunch. And what a lunch, too bad, or too good, that those calories were burned. Thinking about that, Demetrios chuckled a bit and played with Dixie’s hair as he stared deep into her eyes.- “You know, we did not have desert yet.” –He said and winked playfully at her as his hands travelled up and down on her bare back underneath the blanket.- “I would not say no to some fine ‘desert’.” –Demetrios said again with a smile on his face.-

CharlotteCarrendar: – “Desert? So soon after such a meal.”- Dixie chortled,a light teasing tone, when she felt Demetrios’s fingers caress her back. Finding his way up her spine, brought a shiver of expectation. “You know gorging on something so rich as “desert”, will make you sick.”- Another wry grin, and she found herself lost in his eyes. “But…I am willing to have a taste, if you are.”- The holiday had been one, that changed how Dixie viewed her life now with Demetrios. This was heaven, and nothing and no one could take that feeling away from her. She was home when she was in his arms, and complete with his warm and tender kisses by the fireside. Dixie’s own hands wandered down and found his rounded buttocks, which she squeezed roughly- <3>

iShatteredSanity: “I could eat that desert all the time, this is how tasty it is.” –Demetrios said and winked playfully once again, nodding his head and leaning closer to Dixie to plant a soft kiss on her forehead.- “Mmmmm… So tasty…” –Demetrios mumbled while letting soft moans part his lips. His breathing being slow and deep. The breath being warm as it parted his lips and fell on her skin. Oh, how much he loved her. Feeling Dixie’s hand squeezing his buttocks, Demetrios could not help but chuckle in-between moans.- “Oh, you naughty little angel…” –Demetrios mumbled and kissed all the way down to her lips, pecking them for a few times as his hands traveled down on her own buttocks, spanking them and squeezing them.- “Mmm… Yes…” –He mumbled once more as his right hand index finger began trailing the crack line.-

CharlotteCarrendar:- Playful, and tasty, that was how Demetrios’s lips were. Smothering her own, he brought her close to his naked body, still warmed by the fire. Even after the days and nights of lovemaking, this was to be another new experience. “Mmmmm… So tasty…” Dem mumbled, and from Dixie, you could hear the light growls, coming up from her throat. A break of the kiss, and she murmered- “Please Sir…I want some more” Ah yes, that line from Oliver, the boy who wanted more to eat, and of course, now Dixie also shared that hunger, but not for food, but for the sweet kisses from her lover. His chuckles at her boldness, to seize his ass, and take a handful, brought a response, that she was a naughty angel. Dixie replied, breathlessly. “Oh but I can be.”- No doubt in her mind, he had unlocked her cage, and she was set to unfurl her wings and fly. A teasing spank, and Dixie cried out, but one that would urge him on to do more. Wetness building between her thighs, and she ached for his touch. <3>

iShatteredSanity: “Oh, you will get more, that I can assure you young lady…” –Demetrios said while chuckling and massaging her buttocks, spreading them and having his finger trail her crack line. As for her reply to his comment on calling her naughty, he could not help but smirk deviously and lick his lips as his hands squeezed her buttocks a bit rough.- “I certainly hope so…” –He said and pressed his lips against hers. Meanwhile his member of course could not stay put and began to rise and rise till it had reached its prime; not a hard thing to do though since it longed to be back inside its rightful house. It began poking her inner thighs and collecting some of her early nectar juices when Demetrios moved slightly so that it could slip right between her legs and poking her womanhood.-

CharlotteCarrendar:- Demetrios was right where he wanted to be, in full control and with his hands taking her buttocks roughly, prizing them apart, to reveal more of her to him. A shocked look, though mocking, for she simply enjoyed the rough treatment, would have her quickly silenced, as he took another kiss, firm, and full of want. Dixie held her breath, savouring the moment. Eyes closing, kissing back with more feeling, passion rising within her. Dixie wasn’t just wet now, she was dripping, and his head now teasing her opening, had Dixie forcing her chest into his. The tremors travelled across her like a wave. She knew he would not be able to hold back, and she was not about to tease him, or try and pull away. Dixie wanted him just as badly, and her soft murmers, coming from the side of her lips, as her head tilted left. Nailed hands gripping his buttocks, clawing and wanting him to enter her. This wasn’t going to be gentle going. No, this was going to be a good hard fuck. <3>

iShatteredSanity: -If one thing was certain, it was that the passion between the two lovers was immense and it began filling the cabin. Soft moans, guttural growls were added in the sweet symphony of earlier. The kiss was just too perfect, and Demetrios could not hold back. His tongue managed to slip inside her mouth, looking for her while exploring each place that it found. And then, both their tongues met. Upon meeting, they both began dancing inside Dixie’s mouth, like lovers under the moonlight. Damn, she tasted so good, and even though it had been only minutes before they kissed, it was as if he hadn’t seen Dixie in a long time. Yes, Demetrios was so madly in love with his angel that each time was just like the first. Closing his eyes he allowed himself to be drifted into the rhythm of their passion, only to open them again as soon as he felt Dixie squeezing his buttocks some more while acting like a kitten that demanded some attention. Oh, Dixie already had Demetrios’ full attention. Not wanting to break the kiss, he growled softly and moved his body only slightly upwards so that the tip of his member could part Dixie’s lips and enter inside her. When that was accomplished, Demetrios only waited for about a second before he moved his hips and thrusted his member deep inside Dixie, the shaft disappearing inside her till her lips reached the base of his member. And then he spanked her buttocks with both his hands pretty rough as he took his member out only to ram it back inside her with force. He repeated the same thing for a few times and each time he spanked her buttocks. Oh, that was so different, but he hoped that Dixie would enjoy it as much as he was.-

CharlotteCarrendar:- The kisses grew, and soon tongues lapping, had fired them both off, like rockets shooting into the sky, where they would explode into rippling bright and spectacular colours, to rain down. Their naked bodies, brought together in harmony of movement, for it was the kiss that sealed the union. Course he had barely entered her, just a hint, a ploy. Did she want it further? God yes. And she gave her answer in the increased power of her kiss, the deepening of her moans, and the kneading of her nails into his buttocks, that clenched at each and every fevered grip. For a young girl, she was capable of holding her own, against her Greek god. His growls showed pleasure, and she was giving into her lust, a slave now till the very end. The hard powered thrust of his engorged member, had her break the kiss only briefly, eyes flying open, and she sucked in a breath, but with her own body, she pressed down, so she could excite herself further, but rubbing her own moist lips against his skin. Course he made sure, he entered her fully, and with the repeated thrusts, she got a good pounding. His balls slapping her ass, now getting wet themselves, from her drizzling goodness. The sharp spanks, made her clench her ass cheeks in tight. And he was sure to feel this, as she locked her inner muscles tight around his shaft. Eyes now daring. Go harder baby. Go harder. Time to break the angel, and extend her wings. <3>

iShatteredSanity: -Oh what a melody for their ears. Soft cries of pleasure, short outbursts of breathing, moans and groans. The result of the love that they both had for each other. Demetrios could not get his eyes off Dixie as his angel was breathing fast and hard while he was hammering her pussy with his cock, each time making sure to go as deep as he could, each time with fiercer than the previous one. His hands never stopped spanking her ass cheeks, not even when they turned red and they began to radiate heat. He was rough alright, but he knew that Dixie wanted it rough as well. She did not have to say anything, her eyes said the unspoken words. Demetrios nodded slightly and kept ramming her. Her juices had already coated his member and balls as they hit on her ass. Oh how good that felt. And then he stopped spanking her asscheeks as his hands squeezed them rough enough to make her let out a soft cry. And then his right hand moved along her crack, his middle finger finding her tight little hole and without waiting, entering her. His finger then turned into a hook and stretched her tight little hole as he was still pounding her, never stopping, not even for a second. Staring at Dixie, Demetrios could not help but admire how his angel was shedding her feathers and using them as a coat for him.-

CharlotteCarrendar: – And how the angel fell from her cloud, the spray of feathers showering her love, as she cried out in passion, to his constant spankings. Her buttocks red now, inflamed from the repeated strikes, and all she could do, aside from kiss his lips, was to bury her face into his neck, her arms wrapped around him tightly, as she took it head on. Dem could feel her, kissing his neck, then biting, to stifle her cries. All that emerged was lustful moans. How hard could he go up inside her? Each time he withdrew and then powered in, she tightened around him, her body seizing his in an effort to drive her closer to orgasmic bliss. Concentrating hard, she then got another shock, when his finger came up inside her tight asshole, that puckered in protest. But he hooked inside, and stretched, teasing. All the while not stopping. She brought her head back, a voiceless cry. Taking up his free hand, she madly sucked on two of his digits, so now he was filling her to the brim, making her delirious, and about to climax hard. <3>

iShatteredSanity: -Truth to be told, that must had been the first time that Demetrios was so rough on Dixie. But despite that fact, Dixie was not protesting against it, she was in fact enjoying herself. Biting his neck and feeling her teeth on his skin, that made Demetrios groan and shiver a bit but still not making him stop. His balls now sticky with her early juices, slamming against her tight ass while he was stretching her tight little hole. He knew that this could be too much on Dixie who took his hand and began sucking two of his fingers. Demetrios could not help but smile. Despite the roughness, Demetrios could see that glow around her. Damn, she was so beautiful. Her feathers falling from her back and showering him, but never losing her glow; she was still his angel, even though she was a fallen one. Demetrios’ breath had become short and irregular, but he paid little to no attention to it. He was lost in the shadowy alleys of lust with the only light being Dixie herself, calling out to him and heading deeper into the shadows. Ahhh… So beautiful… His Dixie…-

CharlotteCarrendar:- Both swept up together, in the sea of bliss, the harmony of the moment, and Dixie submerged into the depths, where she was now holding her breath, as her goal was in sight. Demetrios went hard, and didn’t stop, no matter how much she bit or cried out, for he too was right there with her. His short sharp pants meant one thing, he was terrible close himself. Dixie simply couldn’t hold it any longer, the stimulation had taken her too deep, and she found herself pulling her head back, so he could see upon her face, the rise of the impending orgasm. Her lips parted, and shaped to an “O”, whilst her nails gripped hard, tight into his back. Three last pushes downward, as he went up into her, was all it took. And then, it hit, with a raw power, causing her to let out a shrill cry of his name “DEMMM…MAAAAHHH!” Her muscles constricted, pulsating and using a suction force, that he would not forget, as at the same time, she released a jet of her own sexual juices, more to lubricate, as her opening tightened around him. She was at the peak, sensitive beyond belief. Her eyes rolling back, as her heart stopped…for a few seconds. Dixie left this life..and was a true angel. <3>

iShatteredSanity: -It was true. Demetrios could barely hold back his own orgasm. But how could he? How could he hold it back when he was making love to his adorable angel? How could he hold it back when the stimulation was too much for him to endure it? He just could not, it was impossible for him. Dixie’s cries, her voice, God her voice, just like an angel choir. For a moment, Demetrios thought that he died and went to heaven. Though there could not be heaven without Dixie.- “Dixie…” –He managed to mumble in-between his pants as he increased the pace some more with a single breath inside his lungs. There it was, he was about to come as well. And finally, in an outburst of a loud roar, Demetrios removed his finger from Dixie’s ass and wrapped both his arms around her, holding her tight as he came inside her.- “I LOVE YOU DIXIE!” –That was his roar, not bothering to keep his voice down since after all there was nobody nearby to hear them. Demetrios came hard inside her, feeling his balls reducing into the size of super dried raisins as he kept pouring his semen inside her. It was as if something exploded inside him and the force of that explosion was directed towards Dixie… It was pretty rough…-

CharlotteCarrendar:- From the pride and passion, the heady and forceful nature of their love making this day, the two would collapse together, each leaking fluid, that would stain the fur rug near the fire. Dixie was struggling to regain her breath, her womb filled with his seed. If ever there was a time that she truly belonged to Dem, it was this time. Right now, through the wild passion, in his roughness, she took it and rode in on the orgasmic wave. Now laying back, her head finally on the cushions, and she showed a smile. Gentleness returning, her hand reaching to cup the side of his face, to caress his cheek. His declaration of love, the voice booming in the cabin. Without a doubt, he loved one woman solely. And she loved him right back. Sticky and wet, warm and wonderful. Dixie didn’t want to move. The crackling of the fire in the background, the red orange glow bathed their perspiration soaked bodies. This is how they would remember this retreat. The fires of passion hotter than that in the pit. Slowly Dixie’s eyes closed, and she drifted off, exhausted. <3>

iShatteredSanity: -Both Dixie and Demetrios were already covered in sweat and other body fluids, yet none of them seemed to worry about such trivial things; after all they could put the tub in some good use as well. Hehehe, that would not be a bad idea. Finally catching his breath, he was staring at Dixie with a smile on his face.- “I love you Dixie…” –He managed to say as he cupped her hand and kissed it softly. By now the sun had already set and the only light in the cabin was the fireplace and Dixie’s glow. But, hold on, there was another one. And a sound. It came from the table. It was Demetrios’ phone. Rolling his eyes, Demetrios did not really want to answer the phone, but he knew that he had no other choice. Sighing deeply and cussing under his breath, Demetrios placed Dixie on the blanket and headed for the table where he grabbed his phone. But before he could answer it, the phone stopped ringing. Staring at the screen, Demetrios rolled his eyes once again but then arched an eyebrow. It was the last person he expected to get a call from; Alexandros. With his phone in his hand, Demetrios waited for a few seconds before a message arrived. He had a voicemail. Lying down on the rug, right next to Dixie, Demetrios called the service and waited for a few moments to hear the message. The playback of the message started. “Hey man, this is me. I have some news regarding that Ayalah chick I told you on the message. S—” But suddenly Alexandros’ voice stopped and the call was terminated soon after that. For a moment Demetrios’ eyes opened wide, fearing that something could have happened to Alexandros.- “Shit…” –He mumbled and pondered on calling back. But he did not. He knew that Alexandros was capable of handling himself just fine, so he just put the phone away and sighed deeply. That was not good. Especially after mentioning that Ayalah, the Israeli assassin chick that Alexandros had warned Demetrios about. Damn, it seemed like the vacation was over…-